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Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
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A Bard's Tale

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

And we’ve done it. That’s our Kings of War total smashed. Now we’ve hit this stretch goal, we will include Ronaldo the Bard in every pledge of Living Legends ($50) and up!

He’s also now available to add-on for $8.

Next up: Abyssal Fiend!

The Abyss is home to all manner or vile and wicked creatures, and fiends are no exception. While these bestial creatures vary wildly in shape, size and specific capabilities, they are united in being utterly lethal and terrifyingly evil. Champions amongst the forces of darkness, they are thankfully rarer than their smaller kin, and utterly terrifying to face in battle.

The Abyssal Fiend is a brutish monster, an elite, hard-hitting unit capable of immense feats of crushing strength or which can be upgraded to fly or use magic.

If we hit this stretch goal, we will produce the Abyssal Fiend – a monstrous prince of darkness that comes with wings, different weapons and head options to customise your figures.

With this model funded, you can add it on to your pledge for $25.

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    1. Rova on

      > different head options

      Please do one with a head like this... where horns curve downward and menacingly frame the face...

    2. Nicholas Jenness on

      Agreed, I did get a lot of dwarfs for a good price in this but they did get left out a bit more then the other races, greater elemental is cool but it didn't come with the dwarf pack.

    3. Missing avatar

      Will Pike on

      Need more dwarves...

    4. Jacob Tothe on

      You earned an internet.

    5. Jacob Tothe on

      "The Gamers: Dorkness Rising" - pile of dead bards. Please?