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Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
2,747 backers pledged $366,547 to help bring this project to life.

Add-on Wednesday is here!

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

It’s a double-update for you today since a) we’re close to breaking the initial number of backers that the original Kings of War campaign generated, and b) it’s Add-on Wednesday!

So let’s tackle that backer number first shall we?

BONUS 1569 Backers - Kickstarter Exclusive "Map of Mantica" and Poster

1568 people backed the project making the original Kings of War campaign in 2012 a roaring success. In just 5 days we’ve nearly matched that, so it’s only right we celebrate!

One of the great goals in the original campaign was a lithoprint of the Mantic Map. 

In an act of nostalgia, when we break the 1568 mark, we will enhance the Kings of War Map of Mantica to a whole new level of detail. We will then print a limited Kickstarter-only commemorative run of this brand new Map of Mantica and add it free in every pledge of Living Legend ($50) and up.

The reverse side of the map will be a poster featuring the new Kings of War 2nd Edition artwork.

We think this great looking piece of art will look great up on the wall, and really celebrates this milestone with something very fitting.

Add-on Wednesday

Welcome to the first Add-on Wednesday!

For those of you who don’t know, every Wednesday during a Kickstarter we release a crop of great value extras we think you might want to add on to your pledge. It might be gameplay aids or some hobby bits and pieces – these are things that don’t need funding but can get you extra value from the campaign.

And if there’s nothing that takes your fancy, well there’s always next time.

So here's what we have got on offer today…

NEW! Army Dice - $10 for 10 custom engraved Army Dice

We’ve got 9 different sets of dice with specially engraved army logos on the “6”

That’s right, there’s a set each for Abyssal Dwarfs, Basilea, Dwarfs, Elves, Forces of the Abyss, Goblins, Ogres, Orcs and Undead. Let us know your preference on colours in the comments!

NEW! Battle Dice - $5 for 50 Dice

For Kings of War, you need a lot of six-sided dice – whole handfuls of them! This add-on is there just to get you lots of plain simple white dice, for a great value-for-money price. Can’t argue with that, can ya?

NEW! Kings of War Army Painter Paint Set - $25

All of the classic colours (and a brush!) to get you started painting your Starter Armies.

NEW! Movement Trays

Ah yes, movement trays. Our friends over at Warbases have got a fantastic range of MDF movement trays for your armies.

As every army has a different mix of miniatures with 20mm, 25mm, 40mm and even 50mm based miniatures - which can be configured in different ways - we've simplified how you choose your movement trays.

Below are 3 easy bundles so you can get the trays you want for your armies:

For example, if I have an Undead army, I might choose:

- 2 Horde Trays for the 40 Skeletons and 40 Zombies.

- 2 Regiment Trays for the 20 Ghouls and 20 Revenants.

- 2 Troop Trays for the 10 Wraiths and 3 Werewolves.

Alternatively, I might decide to use the two spare Troops Trays with the 20 Ghouls, giving me a second Regiment tray to split the Skeletons and run them as units of 20. Total flexibility!

To clarify the descriptions:

- Troops - 10 Infantry, 5 Cavalry or 3 Large Infantry

- Regiments - 20 Infantry, 10 Cavalry or 6 Large Infantry

- Hordes - 40 Infantry, 20 Cavalry or 12 Large Infantry

For a list of base sizes for each of the units available so far, click here.


You don't need to make your choices until after the Kickstarter has finished - if you are unsure on what trays you need for your army, don't panic. You can always add them on later and we'll be happy to help you work out what you need.

Pledging and selecting Optional Add-ons

To get an Optional Add-on, click “Manage my Pledge” in the top right corner of the Kickstarter page and input the total value of everything you want. For example, if you’re at God of War ($150) and want an Abyssal Starter Army ($50), you would enter $200 as your total pledge.

When the campaign has finished, we will send you access to an automated Pledge Manager. On here you will input your choices and let us know what you would like for your pledge.

And finally...

We’ve introduced the new $1 Adventurer pledge level.

This pledge level is to make a clearer step-on for people who only just want the add-ons, whether that’s the exclusive Blaine on Gramakh or just an army.

Please help us spread the word and we'll be back very shortly with a new stretch goal...

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    1. Missing avatar

      David Fisher

      @Mantic - if you use the same pledge manager for this as you did for DB Extreme, you may want to check it handles the $1 pledge amounts correctly. I only pledged in Extreme for add-ons at the $1 level and the pledge manager deducted $1 from the pledge amount before allowing add-ons. I wasn't too fussed about adding the extra dollar in the pledge manager payment stage, but some people might be if you promote it as below.

    2. Missing avatar

      David on

      On the dice, are they 12mm per edge?

    3. Euan Bennet on

      Really pleased to see you teaming up with Warbases! I've got my Undead army based on their 'mdf with holes in' style trays that Greg mentioned, and they are excellent. Can't recommend Warbases highly enough.

    4. Missing avatar

      Nick on

      Nice work Mantic, some thought has gone into this KS and it is appreciated.

    5. Missing avatar

      Adrian Lovegun on

      Please add dice for the Twilight Kin! (The rules for them will be in the main book yes?)

    6. Greg Hendry on

      Mercy Mantic! I canny spend anymore before or after Christmas! How about a colourful Mantic Splat dice option too? While we are on the subject of suggestions I cant believe you went with Warbases and didn't put up any of these options… very nice for those of us planning on buying one of the older sets with the built in base nudge nudge wink wink ;)

    7. Alan

      Ooo! Purple *AND* Undead? Right now I'm just interested in the new Abyss figs but I could handle an Undead purple set of dice for only $10!

    8. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ Sarah - Undead :)

      @ Alan - Great!

      @ DyN - If enough people want it, I'm sure we could add a couple of extras sets next week.

    9. Missing avatar

      David on

      Although we may not have the figures yet, could we also have a set of dice for the Forces of Nature in preparation for the (hopefully near) future?

    10. Alan

      @Mantic -- Sounds good. I'm now one of the visible backers. I love Add-On Wednesdays!

    11. Sarah on

      I love those purple dice! It's a shame that you can't put them as twillight kin, but they would work for forces of the abyss ?
      What is the symbol on the purple dice , out of curiousity?

    12. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ Alan - You don't need to pledge the $1, just change the $1 to the value of the add-ons you want. Selecting no reward is no different to the $1 level - it's just that quite a lot of people don't realise they can do that, so the $1 level makes it more obvious.

      We are hoping to have each faction a different colour :D

      @ Tris - probably towards the end of the week :D

    13. Alan

      So, if we want to save ourselves a buck, can we just choose the "No Reward" option and pledge the add-on amount we want? Is there really a difference between "No Reward" and $1 Adventurer? Do "No Reward" pledgers actually count towards backer numbers? I'm sure that we do want to hit 1569 backers!

      I really like the look of the purple dice. They are my favorite. Which colours are available for the various factions? Are you hoping to have each faction a different colour?

      Abyssal Dwarfs - red (abyss) or brown (dwarfy), so redish-brown
      Basilea - white / "flesh" / purple
      Dwarfs - brown(-ish)
      Elves - green (woodsy)
      Forces of the Abyss - red
      Goblins - green(-ish), maybe lightish greeny
      Ogres - green/brown
      Orcs - darkish greeny
      Undead - black (or white?)

    14. Big Fat Fred

      Quite impressed with the free map!!! Ta very much, mantic.

    15. Tris Moran on

      @Mantic, nice addons and I am happy to see the $1 pledge, any news on a the Retailer Pledge?

    16. The D of D&E on

      Those purple dice, I must have them!

    17. Leon on

      I don't normally go for custom dice as have so many dice already but these ones do have me interested!