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Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
2,747 backers pledged $366,547 to help bring this project to life.

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App Update & Kings of War: Vanguard


Hello Kings of War fans,

We realise it's been a while but we just wanted to let you know about a couple of things. Firstly, we realise that we haven't been able to deliver the Kings of War App that was promised during the Kickstarter. We've been through two developers who started work and then unfortunately dropped out without warning (much to our frustration) and we're currently working with a third developer on getting it finished. We're sorry it's taking so long but the new developer is confident they can complete the project.


Secondly our current Kickstarter for Kings of War: Vanguard comes to an end at midnight November 17th. Vanguard - just in case you aren't aware - is a warband-size skirmish game that has links to Kings of War. The outcome of your games in Vanguard can actually be tied into your larger games of Kings of War, e.g. success in Vanguard could give you an extra magical artefact.

Vanguard comes with a 128-page rulebook packed with new scenarios, detailed rules for campaign play in which your warriors will gain new abilities/equipment and starter warband lists for the following Mantic armes:

  • Abyssal Dwarfs
  • Basileans
  • Dwarfs
  • Elves
  • Empire of Dust
  • Forces of the Abyss
  • Forces of Nature
  • Goblins
  • Nightstalkers
  • Northern Alliance
  • Ogres
  • Orcs
  • Trident Realm of Neritica
  • Undead

We're also funding plenty of brand new miniatures that can be snapped up as part of the amazingly good value $150 Giant Pledge (which comes with four warbands, a massive plastic giant and loads of scenery) or an individual warband costs $45. You can take a look at the warbands below...


 The Basilean Warband includes brand new hard plastic Men at Arms, which can be used to build spearmen, swordsmen and crossbowmen. You can also buy them as a regiment for just $20.


That's right, we're finally producing miniatures for the terrifying Nightstalkers! The core troops will be formed by the hard plastic Scarecrows/Spectres. This set can be used to create the shambling Scrarecrows or the ethereal Spectres. Plus, it can even be combined with our existing hard plastic Zombies and Ghouls to create Doppelgangers!


 The Forces of the Abyss are getting a boost in the Vanguard Kickstarter with new troops, monsters and champions that you can use to lead your regiments/troops. You can also buy the resin miniatures on their own for $20.


 Oh boy, this is a big one - the first new faction introduced into Kings of War since Uncharted Empires. The Northern Alliance is a mix of humans, elves and monsters that live in the Winterlands. You can learn more about the Northern Alliance over on the Mantic Blog. As well as being introduced in Vanguard, we'll also be producing a Kings of War army list for the Northern Alliance too. We're currently well on the way to unlocking the resin Ice Elemental...

$20 18cm TALL GIANT

 Finally, a number of army lists in Kings of War feature a Giant, so we're pleased to announce that we're producing our own plastic giant and, even better, it can picked up during the Kickstarter for just $20. In the future we'll also be making resin upgrades available so you can customise your giant for your particular army... like the Frost Giant upgrade kit that's currently available on the Vanguard Kickstarter.

Thank you for supporting Kings of War, without your help Kings of War wouldn't be the hugely popular mass battle game that it is today. Vanguard will help to introduce more new units into KoW and also help recruit even more players into the fold to ensure that Kings of War continues to grow and develop long into the future.




Hi guys! As you know every now and again we like to update you on a Kickstarter we think you might find interesting. Well, our friends over at Awaken Realms are running a campaign for scenery right now – and they are in their final 20 hours!

From their Kickstarter page:

AWAKENING is a project for everyone that loves beautiful models and fantasy worlds. With your support we want to create the best terrain pieces available on the market. We aim for amazing design, breath-taking details, and affordable price - all cast in the best quality resin you can find on the market.

There is an incredible range of fantasy and sci-fi scenery on this Kickstarter, such as a Demonic Wasteland for your Forces of the Abyss army to march through, Cthulu, Sci-fi, and Steampunk themes, plus all manner of battle banners, floating crystals, portals and even ancient fountains.

No matter your budget there’s a pledge level to suit every need – the most popular being the £40 level, that gets you a bucket load of top quality resin scenery.

If you’re interested you can find out more details on the Awaken Realms Kickstarter page here - there are less than 20 hours left to back if you're interested in picking up some great scenery for your battlefield.

Important Customer Service Update


As Ronnie mentioned in his blog post, I am pleased to announce we are setting up a new message system to raise our level of customer support, ensuring you get the level of service you expect, and deserve.

The new system will allow us to better manage your questions and you’ll be able to check how we are progressing with your query. To enable this, every query opened will get a ticket number to help you check on it, and our customer service staff can provide updates for your ticket – so no need to keep sending emails anymore to chase us up. We will use the new system to replace the current email contact form and missing items forms, consolidating them in one place.

We need a short period of time to change over to the new system, and will be turning off the old contact form and missing items forms today (Wed 27th Jan). The new system will go live on Monday 1st February, and there will be an update to let you know when this happens. If you have any new missing items or queries you need to report, please wait until the 1st February to report this on the new system.

Some important points!

  • If you have already submitted a missing items form – we have it! Please do not submit another one using the new system. We are constantly working through the missing items forms and will continue to do so until they are all complete.

  • If you have emails waiting to be answered – we will do so! We will continue to work through the queue and make sure we get back to you all.

The new system will also have a support FAQ area which we will update continuously, building up a great resource. Your query might be answered without having to open a ticket in the first place :)

So great new for us and, more importantly, you, our customers. This is all part of our ongoing work to continuously improve the service we provide, and I want to thank you all for being patient with the team and myself as we make these big changes.

Many thanks,

Zak – Customer Experience Manager

Wave 2 has shipped!


Hi Guys,

We're happy to announce that last month we successfully completed shipping of the 2nd Wave of Kings of War 2. This means that every wave 2 parcel we promised to send has now left us, either being in transit or having arrived already. We've been seeing some fantastic images of painted models for these already, so some of your are clearly too fast for painting.

Many of you will notice that we have a big announcement going live today and that things will be getting very busy around it.

At this point, we are working through any issues as I speak. The customer service team is currently 100% dedicated to sorting out any issues that you have and this will not change in light of the announcement. There are five people working tirelessly to answer queries and dispatch missing items and although we know that some of you are still waiting on replies or items, we will get to everyone and have everything sorted out.

If you have any missing items when you have received your pledge, then please fill out this form.

If you are waiting on a wave 2 parcel, then please do not contact us until the 25th of January - this will give your parcel ample time to arrive in the post.

Thank you for your patience, please keep posting the photos of your beautifully painted models.

The Mantic Team

Kings of War Wave II Dispatch Has Now Started!


Merry Christmas everyone - Wave II Kings of War is now being picked, packed and shipped!

If you did not order any Wave II items you will not get a Wave II package.

To celebrate we’ve released the link to the free PDF version of Kings of War: Destiny of Kings to all Living Legend backers and up.

This link will be in your Kickstarter Messages Inbox. Please allow up to 24 hours for the email with the link in to arrive.

The link will take you to the Mantic Digital store where you can download the free Destiny of Kings PDF to your library. You can also upgrade the Destiny of Kings PDF to an enhanced eBook edition for just $7.99. You get it two months earlier than the general public and for less than half the price!

Now you’ve got the book, and soon the models, you can get building for our summer campaign due to start Q2 2016 :D

Wave II shipping information

We have just over 1000 packages to send out, and we’ll keep you updated on how we get on.

We expect to have all of the packages out of the building by the 31st December, and expect them to have all arrived before the 25th January 2016.

Please wait until Monday 25th January 2016 for your package to arrive before emailing in asking where your order is, or submitting a missing items form.

Please note that whilst our customer service team is active over the Christmas period, response times will be longer than normal.

The Wave II shipment

For the full list of what's included in Wave II, click here. If you did not order any of these items you will not get a Wave II package.

Here are some more previews of what you can expect:

Forces of the Abyss Succubi

Forces of the Abyss Lower Abyssals

Forces of Nature Salamanders

Forces of Nature Naiads

And finally… the Abyssal Fiend! 

Many thanks for your patience and support whilst we’ve got these packages together and shipped out. We look forward to getting you them as quickly as possible!

App Attack

With Kings of War Wave II now getting out, the final components of the Kings of War Kickstarter is the Kings of War App – including Army Creator and Chess Clock. It’s been tested and improved as a result, and the final stages are to get it into the Google and Apple App Stores.

Look out for the Kings of War App coming soon :D