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Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
Kings of War is the 2-player fantasy miniatures game where epic armies clash on tabletop!
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    1. Matthew Taylor

      Wait, what! Hold on does that mean everyone has their books...Hey! Mantic Games did you forget me?

    2. Missing avatar

      NickCord on

      @Paul as per mantic in the Vanguard comments section it is just delayed as they had to go with a new developer because the first dropped the ball.

    3. Paul Mullis on

      Looks like the app isn't 'appening after all....

      ...I'll get my coat...

    4. Missing avatar

      BrotherGlacius on

      And now 7 months later, and still no word on the App. What the heck Mantic?

    5. Richard Anderson on

      did I miss the App getting released?

    6. Missing avatar

      NickCord on

      @Elhanko I've patiently waiting for the app too. I heard it's already out for the iPhone.

    7. Missing avatar

      Elhanko on

      Undead army is painted and had fun gaming with them
      If only I could write a list on the tube?... hint hint

    8. Steve Stevenson on

      I'm painting up my forces I nature army for a 1200pt game in a few months at the moment. Want it to be close to true model count as possible on multibasing.

    9. Missing avatar

      NickCord on

      I'm just getting around to building more of my kings of war army in the for of the undead elite army. So far today I built the vampire chick(can't remember her name), 3 werewolves, tyrant king blaine on rapter, and a balefire catapult. Next onto the 10 wraiths. What have you guys been up to with KOW.

    10. Missing avatar

      NickCord on

      Is the app going to be available in the google play store. Short of the iPod I refuse to buy crapple products.

    11. Steve Stevenson on

      That's... not great tbh. Future app projects might need to go elsewhere. Not normally one to say anything but for a project that was due to be completed a year ago or more... not great service from them really.

    12. Matt Gilbert on

      Devs say they can work on it later this month. We will get the updated version out as soon as we can.

    13. Roguebaron on

      They've posted on FB that the App is available on Apple, but it still has bugs. The app is in the store though.

    14. Roguebaron on

      Another new kickstarter starting, and this one still not completed. Sorry Mantic, You need to finish the App for this, which was almost ready at the end of July, before I will back you a second time.

    15. Paul Mullis on

      @Matt Gilbert: good news on the app. Great to hear it.

    16. George Adsett-Knutsen on

      @Will I'm sure they'll reimburse you if you have photo proof... Shouldn'a happened though.

    17. George Adsett-Knutsen on

      @Roguebaron Not seeing an app on the DB2 KS...

      Had almost forgotten about the app so glad to get update.

    18. Missing avatar

      Matthew Ekstein on

      I got my Ronaldo the bard and something extra to make the wait worthwhile...use the ticket system and speak with Zak. He sorted me out. Now to finish FoN starter army and wait for warpath stuff!

    19. Matt Gilbert on

      The app is almost ready. Just fixing a bunch of data issues (wrong stats and things) in it and waiting for the Dev team to say they have done them all.

    20. Missing avatar

      James Wheeler on

      Nathaniel was a great help. Use the ticket system and they will get you squared away.
      Thanks guys. Good luck to anyone still missing items.

    21. Steve Stevenson on

      Also wanting the app

    22. Roguebaron on

      Some kind of update on the app would be nice before dreadball launches. I'd have a hard time supporting a second kickstarter when this one still has unfinished issues, especially since I can see them offering an app in the dreadball kickstarter as well.

    23. Rob Buchler on

      Have now received my missing Blaine figure, putting this small (for me) KS to rest. Now to take his raptor and give it to my awaiting Orc warlord!

    24. Diego Jauregui Schwarz on

      Any news about the army list creator.

    25. Rob Buchler on

      Mantic has now responded to my missing figure issue, and hopefully it will be coming across the pond soon!

    26. Eclipse Miniatures on

      Finally got all my missing and broken stuff for KoW and Dungeon Saga.

      So now are we just waiting on the app?

    27. John McMillen

      Wow... kinda quiet here.

    28. Rob Buchler on

      Still waiting on my Blaine figure.

    29. Paul Mullis on

      @Onu Still no sign or mention of it. To be honest though, unless it is significantly improved over (say it works offline for instance), then its no big deal really.

    30. Onu on

      what happened with the army builder app???

    31. Missing avatar

      Leoncoeur on

      I've finally received my last of thebmissing DS & KoW2 items.
      Thank you Mantic, especially Zak!

      All the best to you all.

    32. Missing avatar

      Will Pike on

      I'm still waiting on some of my KS items. Also the incorrect pledge/item costs was written on the package I did receive, consequently I am heavily out of pocket, all due to Mantic's silly mistake. I should not have had to pay any duty on my package.

      I'm sickened.

    33. Joshua A. Hatch on

      @ John - enjoy your freedom!! Lol.. I actually contacted the people who live at my previous address and they have not recieved or returned anything from Mantic, for me, or anything else along those lines.. so I have no good explanation for what has happened.... still waiting for reply to my Ticket... but it is the weekend.. so hopefully hear something this week.

    34. John McMillen

      @Joshua A. Hatch
      I think June was the original target date for the FoN retail release.

      Unfortunately, if it was delivered to your old address and the people there didn't try to send it back, I don't know how this will play out because the package was delivered to the address you provided. Keep after them and hopefully they can get this fixed for you.

      As for me, I am finally out of here. I just got the last missing pieces from my pledge. It may have taken a while but considering some of the extra stuff that ended up in my boxes I'm pretty happy.

    35. Joshua A. Hatch on

      @ John - for some reason, I had it in my head that June was a target date.. so honestly, I wasn't even looking for it... sadly right after backing a bunch of the Mantic stuff, I moved 1300 miles away and haven't been playing any Mantic stuff ... now I'm just curious where my box may have ended up...

    36. John McMillen

      @Joshua A. Hatch
      EMail filters are your friend. I find it useful to have one folder for all emails from KS, and another for things like and pledgemanager,com.

    37. Joshua A. Hatch on

      I feel a bit late to the party... I just realized last night (as I was wondering about the status of my Deadzone and Warpath KS packages) that I never got Wave 2 of my Kings of War.. no Abyssals, no Forces of Nature... hmmmph... ticket submitted... didn't realize this stuff was suppose to have shipped months ago... fabulous... ugh.

    38. John McMillen

      Good question, I forgot about the army list creator. I wonder what the status of that reward is.

    39. Diego Jauregui Schwarz on

      still are missing the creator of army lists and chess clock
      Or where you can download?

    40. John McMillen

      I finally got my Blaine yesterday. Now just need to get a correct set of greater earth elemental arms and heads and I'll finally be able to check this KS off as complete.

    41. Diego Jauregui Schwarz on

      Thank you, today tI received the box
      mantic thanks to this kickstarted

    42. Kris P on

      @ John and Remko, yeah my bad :-/, I forgot about the Greater Earth Elementals..

      I'm still waiting on my FoN army myself, along with wave 2 & 3 of the Deadzone KS...

      Forgive my frustration..

    43. John McMillen

      Correction: the Mega Force would come to a total of $286. That's still $86 more than the KS Mega Starter.

    44. John McMillen

      @Kris P
      Did you also notice that the FoN Mega Force costs $75 more than the KS FoN Mega starter? So that's $75 more for 20 Naiads ($30), 5 Centaurs ($30), 1 Centaur Chief ($20), and the Green Lady ($20) MINUS 2 FoN Greater Earth Elementals ($50 each) and 1 Druid ($11). So to make the two even, the Mega Force would cost an extra $111 for a total of $386 while the KS Mega Starter would only cost an extra $100 for a total of $200.

      Looks like the KS FoN Mega Starter was the better deal.

    45. Missing avatar

      Remko Heeneman on

      You forget the KS mega army came with two greater earth elementals which total $100 US when bought from their web store. Something tells me you are getting less "ripped off" than you think you did. ;)

    46. Kris P on

      The best bit of all for the Forces of Nature mega army pledgers, Mantic's pre-order Mega Army has 20x extra Naiads, 5x FREE Centaurs and the Green Lady.

      Mantic would want to be adding Free Centaurs and extra Naiads to the KS mega armies, lest they really want to rip us off. Especially for those whom had to pay extra for rest of World shipping when it would've been FREE from their online store...

      Great Job Mantic, keep up the good work... :-/

    47. Michael Swinson on

      Today I received my final pieces. My great appreciation to Zac and Mantics new ticket system with tracking. Communication was constant and accurate , even down to an email advising my ticket being closed a few hours after delivery received.

    48. John McMillen

      @Eric Tighe
      I got an email on Wednesday that my King Blaine was finally being shipped. Still waiting on correct arms and head for my rock elemental. Apparently they won't be available till FoN is available for purchase and not pre-order.

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