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Inspired by the visionary comics by Mike Mignola, Hellboy: The Board Game is a thrilling co-operative experience for 1 to 4 players.
Inspired by the visionary comics by Mike Mignola, Hellboy: The Board Game is a thrilling co-operative experience for 1 to 4 players.
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Manufacturing update from Panda

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Calling all BPRD Agents,

Today we've got a quick update from Panda, our manufacturing partner. However, before we get onto that, we just wanted to show you a couple of pictures to demonstrate how big the Kickstarter Edition is compared to the retail version. There is going to be a slight change in dimensions but this is pretty much what you can expect.

 Hope you've got enough room on your shelf! Anyway, let's hear from Panda about what's going on with production...

"Dear Backers,  

Below are a few notes from us on the progress of the game. 

As you have seen in the last update, we have been working on a pre-production copy of Hellboy for Essen SPIEL, but sadly it had an accident on its way. Luckily this is not the copy we will be using to approve the game before starting mass production. Since we have given this copy to Mantic there have been a few final revisions on the print files and we incorporated all those changes in new versions of the pre-production copies, both for the Kickstarter and the Retail version of the game. Those games will be send to Mantic in the next days and as soon as they are approved we can press the big red button and start with the production on the printed components. 

Expect more pictures soon, but please keep in mind the components shown will still be mostly handmade and there are some differences in comparison to a mass-produced copy. For example, all punchboards are laser cut and not die cut.

The miniatures are progressing nicely, the first steel molds are finished, and the remaining molds will finish in the next week. We have started the production on the miniatures and will send first samples of actual mass-produced miniatures as soon as they are finished to Mantic. Those first mass-produced samples need to be approved though before we fully commit to the production of the miniatures.

The dice molds are finished as well, and we will send samples of the first mass-produced dice with the pre-production copies. And same as with the miniatures, as soon as those samples are approved, we will start with the production of the dice. All other simpler plastic components like the wound counters and action cubes are already in production.

And last we have finished the design on the plastic trays and are working on samples for those as well to make sure all miniatures and components will fit nicely inside the box.

The next big step for Mantic now is to review and approve all those samples, so that we can start with the production on all remaining components. Everyone on the team is aware of the Chinese New Year deadline and we will work as hard as we can to get your games on the boat before the deadline.

Best regards, Kathrin, Chris, Emma, Adam and the Panda Game Manufacturing Team" 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 on

      really? Wow !
      It means that next year I'll have TWO beasts in my house: Hellboy and Nemesis.

    2. Sean "TheShellFace" on

      @Gozilla2121 the "liz box" is actually just a side view of the beast of a box :D

    3. Missing avatar

      Gozilla2121 on

      Great !
      What is the Liz box for?
      Expansion? SGs? Add-ons?

    4. Mark Bisignano on

      Ho-Lee!! When looking at the pictures of the box, I wasn't really sure what I was seeing. I thought the second set of pictures were of an expansion or something. Then I realized that was showing how deep the box is!!
      So I say again, Ho-Lee!!

    5. Kevin on

      Ask for a refund.....

    6. Walt 'Whitman' White on

      I'm pretty damned excited in a big box of everything Hellboy, but man oh man is that black and red box art just perfect.

    7. Eric

      Are cards going to have actual art on them? I did not like the look in the last update, especially since this game was very expensive to back. I expect more for that price.

    8. Sean "TheShellFace" on

      for all those asking, there's a picture on facebook of it sitting on a kallax (sideways, don't know if it'll fit facing forwards)…

    9. Dennis Beebe on

      the size difference is INSANE

    10. Missing avatar

      Robert Brown on

      Can’t hardly wait. Gonna make a space on the shelf right now. Maybe add some support to the shelf while I am at it. Move over Conan the big dog is moving in.

    11. DaveTypo on

      @gerry must be the other side. I believe we’ve only seen the left side which hopefully still has Hellboy. I’m personally hoping for a horizontal design

    12. pagoda79

      Dang that looks great!

    13. Missing avatar

      Tom Freson on

      What is the actual size of this bad boy?

    14. Mini Mee

      Keeping with the theme I will sign off on this update and await a final sample.

    15. Missing avatar

      Gerry Turnbull on

      Is that box art of Liz new ?

    16. Sjeng the orcish Herald on

      Oh lord I hope it'll fit in my new Kallax shelf... O_O;

    17. Stéphane Renaut on

      The obligatory mention of the Chinese New Year :)

    18. Jonas Agápito R. de Medeiros e Oliveira on

      Yeah! That would already have a special place in the shelf, now the place will be so well filled! So nice, guys!

    19. Cory James Sullivan on

      @Mantic when can we expect to see what the Igor Bromhead mini will look like?

    20. Missing avatar

      Sigurbjörn Björnsson on

      Well thats a box. Gonna be the grown jewl on by boardgame shelf. Cant wait awesome news an pics