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Inspired by the visionary comics by Mike Mignola, Hellboy: The Board Game is a thrilling co-operative experience for 1 to 4 players.
Inspired by the visionary comics by Mike Mignola, Hellboy: The Board Game is a thrilling co-operative experience for 1 to 4 players.
12,716 backers pledged £1,454,343 to help bring this project to life.

Hellboy versus the Fork Lift Truck

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Calling all BPRD Agents,

Hope you're all doing well. Today's update was meant to be a spectacular showcase of a prototype copy of the game, however as you'll see in a moment that hasn't quite gone to plan. 

However, the good news is that Panda has now started production on the game - in fact they started towards the end of October - and everything is looking good. We'll hopefully have an update direct from Panda shortly, so you can see exactly what's going on from the production side of things.

As part of the production process, Panda produced a mock-up of the retail version of the game that we were hoping to show off at Essen a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, some of Panda's stock had a run in with a fork lift truck and some games were squished. Sadly, Hellboy: The Board Game was on of those :(

 That is what a game looks like after it has been run over. However, some pieces were spared destruction and we're able to show off a few elements in today's update. Bear in mind that this is the retail box. The Kickstarter Edition is going to be more than twice that size!

This is a handmade prototype from Panda to give us a better idea of what the final game will look like. Some elements - like the spot finish on the box and linen finish on the tiles - are not part of the prototype. So don't worry, if there's something you see that isn't quite right. That'll all be sorted for the production version.

 The damaged box :(

 Agent cards

 Card tiles - with a side on view to see how thick they'll be. The linen finish isn't on the prototypes card tiles at the moment

 Case Files - each of the Case Files will be sealed in these 'candy packs'. This means the first time you open them, you won't know how the Case File will play or what enemies you'll be facing. Exciting stuff!

 Deck of Doom cards - these are standard playing card size.

 Dice - during the course of the Kickstarter (and thanks to your feedback) the colour of the dice were changed to make them more colour blind friendly. The pips are also different shapes to make them more easily recognisable during play

 Encounter Cards - explaining the randomised contents of each room. These are mini cards.

 Enemy cards - stats for minions and bosses. These are standard playing card size.

 Tile Sheet - showing you some of the tokens and room tiles from the core game

 Requisition Cards - these are mini cards

 Rulebook - a couple of example pages from the rulebook

 Tutorial booklet - when you first play there's a tutorial mission to learn the ropes

So, there you have a damaged but still very exciting prototype of the retail game. We're expecting to receive a new (and hopefully undamaged) version of the game in a few weeks. Once we've got that, we'll have a more substantial unboxing.



We've saved this until last, but there are still some of you that have not completed the pledge manager - despite the deadline passing some months ago. Today is your absolute last chance to finish the pledge manager, which can be found here.

With production now started, we need to finalise production numbers. If you have not completed your pledge manager by November 8th there is no guarantee you'll receive your pledge, which would be very sad :(

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    1. Jonas Agápito R. de Medeiros e Oliveira on

      It's looking great! Almost everything is very beautiful and in the exactly mood of the comics. I don't know if the colors of the dices could be better. But I do think the enemy cards could have Mignola art instead pictures of the minifigures. I think it would be better. And that's my only concern.

    2. Chris Grimes on

      You should have everybody autograph that box. Label it the Forklift edition. Auction it for charity.

    3. Missing avatar

      JesusDel on

      @Mycroft22 I agree with you, the Doom Deck was good during campaing, and still is

    4. Mycroft22 on

      @JesusDel I agree with Macabre Fantasy, your version of the cards look amazing! I haven't really looked through the rules yet, but if as you say it doesn't matter if the image is on the back of the cards then I think you nailed it.

      I also wanted to say that I DO love the look of the Deck of Doom cards above. I think making them look like they are pulled from the pages of a comic book is very cool. Really, all of the cards look great, it really is only the Enemy Cards that I think need improvement if there is still time.

    5. BloopidyBloop on

      @Also: Mistakes such as...?

    6. Missing avatar

      aldo giannotti on

      talking from somebody that works in the sector i have to admit that i see a lot of graphical mistakes in what we are showed . Its a pity given the fact that Hellboy is such a a perfect all round graphical product. At least i´m confident the game will play great!

    7. Cyberdwarf on

      @mantic : can you give us the exact size and the number of the different cards in the game for a pledge with the box full of evil ?

    8. Macabre Fantasy on

      @JesusDel Those cards look great! That would be an excellent solution! Satisfies both the need to accurately identify the mini as well has having artwork that, if not exactly depicting the mini, at least is more flavorful than simply a picture of a grey figure. Nice job on the graphics as well.

    9. Missing avatar

      JesusDel on

      Just in case there's still time, here is a quick idea for a more visual friendly Enemies Cards. Mantic, have you considered to have the miniatures in the backs of the cards, like many other games do? I think there's no need of just one back image, as far as I can read in the rulebook.

    10. pagoda79

      Correction: they did say if there’s something that isn’t quite right it could still be fixed. Maybe there’s time to improve the dice!

      If not, like I said, I’m still excited for the game. I think the adventure will be fun!

    11. pagoda79

      Also just a note that I haven't seen anything from Mantic about whether or not it's too late to make any changes anyway. Wish they'd communicated a bit more along the way. I feel the dice, for example, could have easily been "fixed" with backer feedback if we'd seen them earlier. Now it seems like they're pretty far along in the process. I'm still excited, but man I spent a lot of money on this game and the dice just look a bit cheap in my opinion.

      Well, as long as it plays great, I'm going to enjoy it, and I feel optimistic about that still!

    12. pagoda79

      Long time no see around here! My thoughts:

      -I'm fine with the blister packs. Yes, envelopes would be easier for theme/storage, but I'll probably just be sliding them into a box after opening anyway, and I like the idea of the case being sealed until you're ready to crack it open.
      -Also wish it wasn't an image of a mini, but given the volume of minis and the fact that James modified each mini type to act separately, it makes sense that the enemies need to be differentiated, and so a picture of each mini type makes sense. Not my favorite, but there's lots of great art elsewhere. Just stick a sample mini over the image until they activate and you're good to go.
      -The black and blue dice look great. Yellow, orange red . . . yersh. Maybe I'll explore some custom dice once I see what they look like in person. This is a bit disappointing after how much I like everything else.
      -On the whole though I'm pretty excited. Those card tiles are THICK!

    13. Mycroft22 on

      First, I agree with the dice being a little disappointing.

      Second, I would definitely prefer original artwork on the enemy cards, as opposed to digitally coloring them. A big reason I backed this was because I was excited to paint all those beautiful minis. Having someone digitally color in the minis on the cards will be weird for anyone who wants to paint their minis in their own way. You will either feel obliged to just mimic what they look like on the cards, or have pictures on the cards that don't look like the minis they represent. I wanted the original artwork to inform my painting of these minis instead.

      But aside from those two notes, I'm super excited by everything else I see! Can't wait!

    14. DaveTypo on

      I too wish they had little eenvelopes, however onces they're opened I'm not sure if I'd use them again anyway. Aside from any environmental concerns.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jelle on

      The mini's on the cards look better in print then they did on the mockup I saw.
      The dice indeed aren't great colour wise.

      As long as the game plays good I'm fine with both.

    16. Taylor Lussier on

      I wanted to add that despite my critical comment earlier, everything besides what I mentioned looks amazing. It fits the theme nicely, I'm super excited and can't wait to play! You're doing a great job :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Patrick Curtis on

      even when its run over it still looks so nice...much unlike that squirrel i ran over with my jeep

    18. Captain_Kiwii on

      @mantic Hello there, would it be possible to get an answer to my private message please?

    19. Missing avatar

      JesusDel on

      @Gordon I see your point about preventing confusion for different miniatures types, but that was never a problem for many other games (for instance, Massive Darknes features illustrations for cards, and miniatures on board). But I don't agree when you say that some decisions were in order to make the game easier to play. There are a lot of ways to improve legibility and playability of cards, but they use none: use of colors or icons to help visualize information, or even a bold type for the title of habilities (not even that!). In my opinion this is not a good job.

    20. Missing avatar

      GamerF on

      Everything great except for the dice.
      Please change them. They look horrible!!!

    21. Taylor Lussier on

      I agree with the dice sentiment, they're not great. With the exception of the iron cross pipped ones, I like those.

      But to me, the bigger flub is the card backs. Those are just boring and employ terrible graphic design. Also, aren't there better representatives of an encounter than Hellboy Jr.?

      Anyways, I seriously hope they're just mock ups and not the final designs.

      I'm sorry it lost against a forklift though! That must have been tremendously frustrating :(

    22. Eric

      @Paul I completely agree. At the very least, they should be digitally colored to look better. This game is a game based on a comic book. Awesome art on everything should be a given.
      In my opinion, these how I'd rank these options:

      Best: Original, awesome artwork with the same pose as the minis
      Okay: Digitally colored minis
      Worst: Gray minis

    23. Isaiah Hoffman on

      I completed by pledge manager months ago but kinda wish I added some stuff. Can I still do that today?

    24. Paul Benson on

      I have no problem with changing the dice colors to be more friendly to color-blind players, but the orange and red dice are WAY too close in color, especially should you be playing under sub-optimal lighting conditions. Osprey Games recently made a similarly poor choice in the player pieces for Cryptid, which has one color as light blue and another light teal. When I brought that game in to my FLGS last week, that was an immediate observation by the players(and one I'd immediately noticed upon opening the game).

      I'm a bit disappointed in the unpainted miniatures on the enemy cards as well. Maybe they could at least be digitally colored? While I definitely prefer original artwork, I agree with the idea that having the exact miniatures on the cards helps to differentiate different miniatures quickly for placing them on the board during a game.

      I hope that these are issues that can still be addressed...they may seem minor, but they will keep a good game from being great.

    25. Eric

      @Gordon That makes sense about making it simple to know which mini to use for each mini. Typically other games use art that is the same exact pose of the mini so that it's easy to figure out. I think that would look a million times better and it would still make it easy to figure out which mini to use. Even having the character "painted" over, essentially turning the mini into a small art piece that looks exactly like the mini, just in comic book form, would look infinitely better. Just having a gray blob looks unpleasing to me and I've never backed a game on kickstarter that did this. I thought this problem has already been solved.

    26. Gordon Williamson on

      @Eric, it is possible that the picture of the mini on the encounter cards is there so that you know which mini to put in the encounter. It may be to help prevent confusion for different miniatures of the same time (different types of Frog Monsters or soldiers with different weapons and abilities)... just match the mini on the card with the mini you have and so on. While this can seem amateurish, it can help players new to the game. Making the game easier to play, especially for new players does tend to trump any other concerns.

      Simply put, you can have some of the best original art in a game, but if it isn't easy to understand, then people aren't going to play it no matter how good it looks.

      Now, to be fair, a game can be complex and still easy to play... it really is a balancing act, and I think the miniature picture on encounter cards can be a good balance (so that players know which minis to use) between easy of play and the beauty of the product (with all other cards having amazing artwork).

      In the end though, I believe this is still a prototype and thus is subject to change. It is possible that they just don't have all the artwork in yet and used the minis as a placeholder. Either way, I think it is still a little too early to tell what the final product will be like until full production is completed.

      As long as the game play is exciting, I'm okay with some of the cards having pictures of minis on them... mostly for the reason I stated above. It may not be to everyone's taste, but if it makes the game easier to learn, then I can live with it.

    27. Red L

      Are the mini cards mini American or mini European? (Makes a big difference in sleeves) Hoping they are a standard size...

    28. Manuel Tants on

      I really appreciate that the character sheets have rounded corners, so they won't bend as easily.

      ... and I'm also looking forward to seeing the 'hole in the floor' token in action. :D

    29. Mini Mee


      On many levels.

    30. Eric

      The monster cards still have a picture of the minis instead of real art? That can't be final right? It looks incredibly amateurish and it's not what I paid for.

    31. Krzysztof A.E. on

      "Hellboy versus the Fork Lift Truck" is that new scenario? 😂 😂 😂

    32. BloopidyBloop on

      Agree with @Marcel. I don't necessarily love (or even understand) all the design choices made here but it is what it is. Like they said, production has started so there's no point in asking for changes. All that said, I'm still very excited for the game!

    33. Leberschnitzel on

      I love the thick cardboard and the artwork!
      The dice look horrible though :( And the monster cards having pictures of the minis and not artwork really breaks the artistic consistency, that makes it even worse than the dice imho.
      Otherwise I'm pretty happy with that first mockup! I hope the dice or at least the enemy cards can still be changed :)

    34. Marcel, Fuji Koro Dreaming Monk

      Although I was the most vocal proponent of coloring the dice in the styles of the agents with subtle swirls of secondary colors to 'class them up' a bit (cuz they do look a little cheesy) I rest with the choices made and accept your game as it is. Good job everyone. Moving on...

    35. Missing avatar

      JesusDel on

      A bit disappointed with the dice (easily the ugliests I'll have in my entire game collection) but also with some design decisions in the cards. From my point of view, the enemies cards looks like a first draft, with no icons, colors or visual helps for the characteristics and habilities. And unpainted minis as images? Really? :S

    36. OATS

      Please fix the dice! There was nothing wrong with the ones shown during the campaign.

    37. The 4th Jawa

      I'm a bit baffled by the dice colors as well. You say it's more "colour blind friendly", but as a not color blind person I find these harder to distinguish. I Also don't understand why the BPRD die needed to change from black to blue. The black version made the icons look far more in tune with the Comic-look.

    38. Jason J on

      if the card does warp (and I agree, if packed properly it should not) it's not usually to do with the sea journey but more likely the atmospheric conditions at the factory when they were made being different to the conditions in your home. (likely more humid in the factory)
      To fix any warpage out of the box, simply stack the tiles and place a reasonably heavy weight on them to hold them flat. Then wait a few days. That will allow the moisture in the card to even out and the card should end up flat again (as it almost certainly was when it started out of course).

      I've fixed countless boards for games this way.

    39. Miikka Lehtonen on

      Wow, with cardboard as thick as that, I really hope the factory does a REALLY thorough job of drying them evenly and sealing the containers for the long sea journey. I've had some really bad experiences with thick cardboard warping like crazy, for instance with Space Hulk 3rd Ed.

    40. Brian Rose

      Yeah the dice are good awful ugly. I'll be getting a custom dice done so I can toss these. I would be to embarrassed to take those out in public!

    41. Lostizzet on

      Count me in for the envelope. I thought each case has one stylish envelope where we can put the cards back after play :/
      And I would be more happy with art on the enemy cards.

    42. Missing avatar

      Chris Werner on

      I'm sorry, but I'm pretty disappointed with the dice. They look terrible. I can barely differentiate the red and orange.

    43. twrchtrwyth on

      One more for an envelope for the case files cards, for environmental and sorting reasons. What size are the case files cards, mini or standard? When you say mini do you mean the same size as the mini cards on Mansions of Madness and X-Wing?

      Everything looks great, although I agree it shouls be art on the enemy cards no pictures of the models.

    44. Brad Hermann

      Agree about the envelope. How would one easily sort the cards back into specific cases for replaying a mission? Those packs do not look reusable...

    45. Missing avatar

      Patrick on

      Components look top-notch, although the dice don't really speak to me... Might be the use of simple primary colors. And as a nitpick, I would have put the "Range" and "Ranged attack" stats next to each other, at the bottom of the two stat columns; the order of the stats seems a bit illogical as it is.

    46. Felix Poortman on

      I saw this in Essen on the Saturday, and yes those tiles are thick! Also the production quality minis looked amazing

    47. BloopidyBloop on

      I also think they should be in envelopes if at all possible!

    48. Karl on

      Am colourblind - excellent idea for the dice!

      Re the case files- PLEASE try and put them in an envelope and not plastic. Better for the environment and so much nicer aesthetically!

    49. The 4th Jawa

      Looks like the enemy cards have pictures of the miniatures, which would be a shame as it breaks the style of the rest of the game :/
      Otherwise looking great :)