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Inspired by the visionary comics by Mike Mignola, Hellboy: The Board Game is a thrilling co-operative experience for 1 to 4 players.
Inspired by the visionary comics by Mike Mignola, Hellboy: The Board Game is a thrilling co-operative experience for 1 to 4 players.
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Design update from James. Manufacturing update.

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Calling all BPRD Agents,

Today we've got something very special, designer James M. Hewitt has got a thorough update about how Hellboy: The Board Game has been developing since the Kickstarter finished all those months ago. 

You can read the blog by heading here.There's lot of information about the game's development in the blog, including a few sneak peeks and some important clarifications about scenarios/confrontations. 

However, the main thing is that James is over the moon with how development on the game has gone and is now champing at the bit to start work on Wave Two. Everyone that has been involved in playtesting has had an absolute blast, so we're confident James and the Needy Cat crew have made something very special. 


While James has been busy putting the final touches to the first wave, our manufacturer Panda is getting ready to start production too. Following various discussions - and due to the sheer number of copies Panda is going to have to produce - the shipping date is going to move from February 2019 to March 2019.

Delays are always disappointing but we want to ensure Panda has enough time to make the Kickstarter as awesome as possible. Also, we wanted to give you this information as soon as possible. Sorry that the date has slipped but the extra time will be worth it!

We're expecting a sample in from Panda towards the end of this month, so we'll make sure we post up some pics to show you what it looks like.

In the meantime, was anyone at NYCC at the weekend? Did you see that trailer?

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    1. Leif on

      @Josh i only started backing KS games this year (save a couple small ones in the past) and sadly it seems to be a common problem. it is at least nice to have project creators that share why/how long the delays are happening. it is also quite fair to say that mantic were not expecting the sheer volume of backers on this project and the number of stretch goals, upgrades and the like are a huge factor in production delays. stay strong and let's just hope we get the best damn superhero/investigation team board game of all time

    2. Josh O'Neal on

      This is the second board game I've backed on KS and ... wait for it... second one delayed. I fully expect this to be delayed again because of Chinese New Year.

    3. pagoda79

      Thanks for the communication. I read and loved the blog post. A delay only means I might be a little more caught up on mini painting (it's now a full fledged addiction, by the way, even if I'm not very good).

    4. Mike Watson on

      I was at NYCC at the weekend and I saw the trailer. It was great!

    5. Missing avatar

      Thomas Sudbrink on

      Thanks for the update! :)

    6. Danny Shafer

      Hell, boy I'm stoked for this one!!!!

    7. DaveTypo on

      @bloop I agree the game is looking amazing. I loved james’ last post

    8. BloopidyBloop on

      The game just continues to look better and better by the way!

    9. BloopidyBloop on

      lol wow are people salty on here!

    10. Narfle the Garthok on

      I was at the panel, it looks NUTS. I'm glad it got pushed back a little, almost as if it's going to come out right around when the movie is out, and right before the final issue.

    11. Missing avatar

      Ian White

      Gee what a surprise mantic can't stick to a timeline!
      I think we'll be Lucky if mantic deliver in the second quarter of next year.

    12. DaveTypo on

      I appreciate you guys being upfront. Although, I had a feeling, considering the manufacturer didn't appear to be selected until last month.

    13. Hackareatech

      @Mantic We are saying that we don't believe that you will have the product on a boat in January, so it will slip past CNY, then they will finish in March (at best), and end up on a boat by April. Travel 6 weeks on the water, 2 weeks for distribution to start, so backers receive first product no earlier than mid to late June. We have faith in you delivering a quality product, just not anywhere remotely close to the original estimate. I'm personally fine with it, just stating the outcome as we have seen it happen so many times before.

    14. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      For those talking about Chinese New Year - we're well aware of that. Panda will finish production in January 2019 and the games will be on a boat during Chinese New Year. It normally takes around six weeks for them to travel around the world to the various shipping hubs.

    15. Missing avatar

      Gary on

      Is Panda in China? Because they have that new year thing then and it tends to shut the country down for the entire month which extends the delay.

    16. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      The only surprise here is that they are telling us now and not in March. I never expected it to be on time and don’t expect it to arrive in March.

    17. Missing avatar


      Thanks for the update. Delays are unfortunate but if it makes the game and its components better then I can wait. I've got plenty of games to play in the meantime.

    18. CK Lai on

      Mantic delays a KS? Say it isn’t so! Shocking. Absolutely shocking.

      Yeah. Delays of up to a year aren’t uncommon with this bunch of amateurs.

    19. Missing avatar

      Florian G on

      Is i_t normal that we don't see any trailer ?

    20. Josh Worley

      So by March 2019 you actually mean April 2019, right? February will be lost to CNY, which means it will take the workers most of March to get caught up...

    21. James M Hewitt Collaborator on

      Surely mega-awesome Hellboy professionals like us should have access to the trailer, yeah? Yeah?