Hellboy: The Board Game

by Mantic Games

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    1. Krzysztof A.E. on

      Crap!!! Now I want that diorama!!!

    2. ARIAKAS on

      And now I am glad to have taken Johann's Spectral form! Looks fantastic!

    3. Missing avatar

      Stephen Green on


    4. Tonberryking on

      Damn... That spectral form looks reaaaally nice. I should've taken it. I guess it's too late now?

    5. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      I see a Hellboy bust back there in the pic?????????
      Is that available?

    6. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      Wow it's the character marker, looks like Abe is back there too

    7. Zeron von Gotingen

      I should have taken the Johann spectral form... damn...

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      Brian O'Koon on

      I think the Hellboy bust is one of the target priority markers that were unlocked as streatch goals. There should be 6 in the set.

    9. Taint

      Love both Johann pieces, wish I had ordered them!
      I didn't realise the Ualac piece was a full diorama; very nice looking base, glad I ordered this one at least :) Can't wait to paint it.

    10. Demetrios on

      Will Panda‘s involvement have an effect on the type of plastic you’ll be using (hard plastic like for Walking Dead)? I really hope not.

    11. J Dean

      Spectral form looks great, too bad you didn't have the image available during PM, I would have gotten it then.

    12. Matt Gilbert on

      @Demetrios - the Walking Dead models are PVC, not hard plastic. The Hellboy models will also be PVC.

    13. Alexandre Goh

      Cool, more miniatures! ^^

    14. Eduardo Guimarães on

      crap, i did not get the spectral form, and now i want it. you should have showed this before closing PM, you would get more buyers :D

    15. Deriman Franco on

      This is awesome! Are those skeletons part of the furniture box? Now I'm going to regret not getting those.

    16. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      Mantic advise the Johann extras will available from the website on launch!

    17. Rustam Hasanov

      Love the Spectral Johann and the suit! Very happy with new details on Ualac too!

    18. Missing avatar

      Alex Kryuk on

      I don't even remember spectral Johann. How can I get it now?

    19. NetoD20 on

      I remember getting trnslucent Johann, but I don't remember getting the crumpled suit. Is there still time to alter my pledge?

    20. Dexter Frankenstein

      I thought the translucent Johann was just a translucent version of the core sculpt. If I had known it was unique and in two pieces, I would have definitely added it to my pledge.

      How about reopening the Backerkit survey and giving us a week to add him to our orders?

    21. Kirkstarter

      I've got to agree that you should open the pledge manager for a shot at the newly revealed figures. The molds aren't even made yet! I think there time enough for that.

    22. Missing avatar

      David Parks on

      Like everyone else, I got the impression that the optional Johann was just a translucent version of the core sculpt and I'd also like to request the opportunity to add it to my pledge, if it is at all possible.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jack Holbrook on

      I made the call not to get the Johann sculpt and now regret it. Honestly can't remember if I didn't know it was a different sculpt or not, but I will say if the pledge manager is opened back up I also would add one.

    24. Missing avatar

      GamerF on

      As a quick solution to this issue with the re-oneness of the PM, give it for free to all backers
      A nice present for our fidelity

    25. Dark Hex on

      +1 more for briefly opening the pledge manager!

    26. CarloM

      I like much more the new proportions of Ualac!
      The first one was too "human proportioned" (a part horns, tail, snake skin and the overall devilish look of course...), this one has a big barrel torso like drawn by Mignola

    27. Mark

      Yes! Open the pledge manager! Me wants!

    28. Sean "TheShellFace" on

      @NetoD20 the empty suit marker comes with the translucent/ghost Johann :)
      also, i feel bad for those who didn't get the johann, though it was mentioned in the PM and campaign that it would be a his more "human" form, it would have been nice to have a WIP shot of the model (something more noticeable than text) hopefully mantic can open the PM back up!

    29. Missing avatar

      Richard Jones on

      Damn, should have got that johann

    30. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      For those that missed out on Johann, we will make him available via our website when the Kickstarter ships. Unfortunately we can't re-open the pledge manager once it has been locked down.

    31. Jason S. Cope on

      Great update.
      But, did I miss something? My credit card just got a hit from Mantic for $38 US. I haven't done anything with Mantic save backing this kickstarter. So, kind of curious why I just got hit with another charge.


    32. Missing avatar

      Bondage Games on

      Looking forward to this. One for me and one for a friend (assuming they didn't pick one up for themselves)

    33. unseen Giraffe on

      I seemed to have missed Johann as well.

    34. Dexter Frankenstein


      Sounds expensive to order directly from your website when the minis haven’t even been produced and would add zero shipping cost to our existing orders.

      I have seen a number of creators who use Backerkit, reopen backer pledges to allow for extra items or to fix problems. Please contact Backerkit for assistance with this so we can complete our pledges as we would have if the Johann mini were accurately marketed. I’ve also had a creator open up a second survey that was then linked to my original survey in order to correct an error.

    35. Missing avatar

      Desmond Auer on

      I,m with Dexter on this one, since I was wavering on getting it... bur after seeing the render, definitely want! surely it should not be that hard to re-open the backer pledges and then add it to our already stuffed-to-the-gills set...and as pointed out , won't affect postage at all...a definite bonus...