Hellboy: The Board Game

by Mantic Games

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    1. pagoda79

      Fantastic sculpts all around!

    2. Orlando_the_Technicoloured

      Do like the snazzy helmets on the skeletons (although Minion C needs to try harder)

    3. Jack

      Left-handed undead is nice to see :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Duncan Fegredo on

      Having drawn these undead creatures I’m thrilled to see them interpreted in 3D, great stuff!

    5. Missing avatar

      Joe Humbert on

      So I'm torn between ordering the two expansions separately or the one big box. I'm currently doing the two separately. Can someone from Manic tell me if all of the extra extra stuff from the Kickstarter will fit in the original box plus the two expansion boxes or if only the big box will accommodate everything? If not I'll probably pay the extra 5 pounds for the second big box, but I will miss the box art from the two expansions

    6. old beetle on

      So is it confirmed that the end date is the 13th and not the 16th as previously reported?

    7. Missing avatar

      Eph&Pveith on

      Some of my favourite minis in this game. I'll happily buy this in retail later - since the oni and floating heads weren't available as singles in the pledge manager and we didn't want any of the other items this would have been our only addon. It's cheaper for us to buy this at retail than to pay shipping for one item. Consider one sold for after the campaign. :P

    8. Luke Murthwaite on

      @Joe Humbert if you don’t get the big box then you miss out on several stretch goals that come with the BFoE.

      Validmir Giurescu + Confruntation
      Igor Bromhead + Enemy Card
      Oni + Enemy Card
      Floating Heads + Enemy Card

      These things will be at retail, but they’ll be a lot more than the £5 extra that BFoE costs.

      Everything will fit neatly in those two boxes. If you do get the two separate box expansions you won’t need to put anything else in them (and I doubt there will be space) as the KS Exclusive core box will have all the stretch goals in.

    9. Missing avatar

      Kevin Ross on

      Wow! So much to love here! Love the undead minion sculpts -- once again makes me wish Mantic would have given extra batches of minions for the excellent Mexico and Darkness Calls as they did with the core set, Conqueror Worm, and BPRD Files. Or at least made such available in the pledge manager.

      Plus! A third witch! More great sculpts.

      Plus! Duncan Fegredo!?! Loved your work on Hellboy -- Darkness Calls was one of my favorite Hellboy stories, and a lot of that was due to DF's art.

      Dammit, now I'm psyched up again for a game that won't arrive for another year yet!

    10. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      End date for the pledge manager IS August 13th - so sorry for the confusion.

    11. Missing avatar

      Steve Richmond on

      The campaign is looking great, but my situation has changed. I want to cancel my pledge and be refunded but I don't know how. Please help

    12. Rustam Hasanov

      Dang! So pumped for these! They look fantastic!

    13. Cary Harrison

      @Joe Humbert Get the big box. The box art for both expansions will be included as prints. (I was on the fence for same reason until that was mentioned). :) And you get the extra stretch goals.

    14. Sean "TheShellFace" on

      @steve i would contact mantic directly, either through PM's here on KS or mantic's support email: support@manticgames.com

    15. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @steve - please contact support@manticgames.com

    16. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      I like those undead minions. I too would have bought some more of those if they had been an add-on.

    17. Taylor Lussier on

      Still no Ualac v. Hellboy diorama base render huh?

    18. euansmith

      That's a nice little Undead Themed warband for a game like Frostgrave.

    19. Mini Mee

      Simply stellar! Thanks for the update!

    20. Missing avatar

      Stephen Green on

      Amazing, cant wait till they are in my grubbey hands!! Great job on all the undead, witches, and other desirables...

    21. Lynnae Tracy

      Why the change in dates for the pledge manager? If it is going to be the 13th instead of the 16th, we may need to cancel our original pledge as well.

    22. Sean "TheShellFace" on

      @lynnae it wasn't a change in date, it was always planned to close on the 13th, they just put the wrong date in the first update (most likely because the start date was the 16th) i do think its strange they would close it 2 days before lots of people will be getting payed though