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Inspired by the visionary comics by Mike Mignola, Hellboy: The Board Game is a thrilling co-operative experience for 1 to 4 players.
Inspired by the visionary comics by Mike Mignola, Hellboy: The Board Game is a thrilling co-operative experience for 1 to 4 players.
12,716 backers pledged £1,454,343 to help bring this project to life.

Introducing the Darkness Calls Expansion and 'The Box Full of Evil'

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

BPRD Agents, we have a mission for you,  

We wanted to do something special to finish the add-on Wednesdays, and in recognition of the amazing support we've had we wanted to say an extra special thank you to all our backers (without killing the postman!). 

So here is what we have planned... 


When we started out with the Hellboy project, we always wanted to progress along the timeline and pick out key moments from the Hellboy storyline. The core game starts with Seed of Destruction, before progressing to Conqueror Worm. Along the way we meet the likes of Baba Yaga and Ualac, and while there are so many great mini stories, and fantastic characters, we wanted expansions to be big deals in the Hellboy storyline.

'Darkness Calls' stood out as the next key part of Hellboy's tale... and also gave us the opportunity to create a whole new theme of bad guys, and offer fresh gameplay opportunities.

• The undead army that Hellboy fights will be brand new minions, while the iconic Koschei the Deathless will form the ominous end of mission confrontation and a pair of undead witches are mini bosses

• Alongside this you’ve got a new hero: Henry Hood. He is the undead witchfinder that fights alongside (and against) Hellboy. He poses the opportunity for some interesting gameplay mechanics because he’ll be tough against witches/undead but will potentially attack Hellboy too. Meanwhile, back-up comes in the form of the wolf that helps Hellboy in his battle against the undead

This all comes in a brand new £35 expansion, which you can add to your pledge, featuring:

Remember, everything above can be combined with the contents of the Agent Pledge, so you can create a mission where the BPRD team has to battle undead hordes before tackling Koschei. Or perhaps Baba Yaga is leading the forces of the undead against a Young Hellboy and Professor Bruttenholm. This is a chance for you to create your own 'what if' storylines within the Hellboy universe.


But wait, there's more...

As you might know from our various updates, the Agent Pledge box is absolutely crammed with goodies, including upgraded game tiles, new miniatures, 3D tokens and lots more. It’s already weighing in at way more than 3kg/7lb! It is going to be the biggest box we’ve ever sent out for a Kickstarter – and that is down to the fantastic support we have received from you. However, this does mean we’ve almost reached maximum capacity in the core box (although there are still a couple of exciting surprises heading your way, don’t worry).

But we really want to give all our backers more minis and more cool stuff, but to do it without delaying the core pledge, by adding extra tools or more weight… we need an extra box.

Enter the 'Box Full of Evil'! This brand new optional extra will contain the limited edition Hellboy in Mexico expansion, and the new Darkness Calls expansion, PLUS it will have room for some extra miniatures that we unlock through new stretch goals!

The Box Full of Evil will be a Kickstarter exclusive box, that'll be designed to have all the miniatures from both expansions in organising trays (just like the Agent Pledge), plus room to store all the cards and tiles, so you'll be able to keep your Hellboy game materials in just 2 boxes. It will be a one-print box that’s only available through the Kickstarter.

It can be added to pledges as an optional extra for £75 (approx $100). This means if you've already opted for the limited edition Hellboy in Mexico expansion, you'll just need to up your pledge by £40 (approx $53) to get this and the new expansion too. What's more, to kick off the new Box Full of Evil stretch goals, here’s one of the characters you’ve been asking for since day one: Vladimir Giurescu.

When the total reaches £1,160,000 we’ll add the awesome Vladimir Giurescu miniature to the Box Full of Evil. At retail Vladimir Giurescu will have an MSRP of £14.99, so the Box Full of Evil is already saving you cash and you get everything in cool, Kickstarter exclusive packaging.

Let's have a closer look at the new miniatures too:

Koschei the Deathless - this was one of Mike Mignola's favourite miniatures of the campaign.
Koschei the Deathless - this was one of Mike Mignola's favourite miniatures of the campaign.
Henry Hood - the new 'hero' in Darkness Calls
Henry Hood - the new 'hero' in Darkness Calls
Vladimir Giurescu on horseback
Vladimir Giurescu on horseback


1. Click on 'manage my pledge' and increase your total by the amount required, e.g. £35 for the Darkness Calls expansion or £75 for the Box Full of Evil

2. There won't be an option to choose the optional extra immediately but your overall pledge amount will increase

3. After the campaign finishes we'll email all backers a pledge manager. This is like a survey where you can choose the optional extras you want to receive. Any extra money you've pledged during the campaign will appear as credit to spend in the pledge manager or you can add extra funds to the pledge manager in order to make additional purchases 

4. Hooray! You've now chosen your optional extras! 

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    1. Missing avatar

      paul tan on

      Thanks - in case - my HP 65+ 81805777

    2. Gavin (Gofur) Hunter on

      You can add it on in the pledge manager.

    3. Missing avatar

      Lisowsky on

      it's too late to pay? I want it too

    4. Gavin (Gofur) Hunter on

      @Mini Me
      The BFoE will have art prints of the original expansion box art in it.

    5. Mini Mee

      I don't understand. So to get all the SG figures I have to buy BFoE but I lose out on the individual art boxes and get this black and white blob on the cover. But if I go for the individual boxes of Mexico and Darkness calls then I don't get all the SG minis but save $5?
      Can't there be some method of being "all-in" without buying the 2 expansions plus the BFoE?

    6. Missing avatar

      Syd Stryfe on

      For those asking about BFoE backing, as far as I understand the Kickstarter process and the projects I've previously backed, there is no way to officially allocate your funds/select which add-ons you want until the back-kit goes out from Mantic after the initial funding period ends. Completing the backer-kit survey allows Mantic to know what you've purchased and it gives you the option to purchase more if you choose.

      In other words, you can add the funds now, which boosts the overall pledge amount to unlock stretch goals, but nothing is officially selected on your pledge beyond the basic agent selection until you answer the back-kit questions/survey to select your optional add-ons and extras.

      Therefore I see no reason you can't add the BFoE during the back-kit survey. That's my take from previous experience. That's where you confirm and select your options.

    7. John Angelo on

      Thank you, Cafalump.

    8. Missing avatar

      Cafalump on

      John, they stated in an earlier comment we only get the BFoE box, and not the separate Mexico and Darkness boxes.

      A question for Mantic, that many people seem to be asking: Do I need to back BFoE before time is up in order to get it, or will I be given the option to add it via the Pledge Manager later? I really want to get it, but as people have pointed out, £170 is a lot to drop in one go.

    9. John Angelo on

      Was it ever answered if we pledge for BFoE, will we receive the packaging for the two, small box expansions, Mexico and Darkness? Thanks.

    10. Missing avatar

      francesco algostino on

      i update my offert for "BOX FULL OF EVIL" for a total of 170£. how do you understand, than i whant this and not for example a resin mini? tx

    11. Missing avatar

      Mike Lovell on

      Hi all, probably a silly question, but will the Box Full of Evil Box be B/W as seen here, or full color?

    12. Andrew Potter on

      I can’t believe Mantic is making Henry Hood a playable agent. Rob mentioned that a new agent would be available in this expansion. I knew it was probably Darkness Calls with Koschei and the undead army, but I just couldn’t figure who the new agent would be. I never even considered Henry –the idea is just so out there, but I'm so exited for him now. Thank you, Mantic!

    13. Missing avatar

      dean on

      My mistake, I meant Darkness Calls Expansion. I've never been so confused with a KS campaign

    14. Missing avatar

      dean on

      I'm a big fan of collecting minis. The sculpts of Koschei the Deathless, Henry Hood and Vladimir Giurescu on horseback look fantastic.

      I'm not clear on a few of the other items in the box of evil.
      Are there photos of these anywhere?
      15 Undead miniatures.
      1 BKUP agent (photo of a card with a wolf on it)
      2 mini bosses

      Will these be minis or just game cards?


    15. Jeff Wood on

      Adding stretch goals to add-ons instead of the basic pledges? Really? This is getting to be a bit expensive to get a complete package. I'm seriously disappointed in Mantic.

    16. Missing avatar

      Patrick Bloomer on

      Really unimpressed with Mantic on the Box Full of Evil. I have backed Mantic KS in the past and they often get me to the point where I question why I am still backing the campaign.

    17. Demetrios on

      It must have been answered before but I can’t find it anywhere... could I add the box full of evil to my pledge at the pledge manager? 170£ in one go is a bit tough for me :)

    18. Bryce Robinson on

      Sorry. Meant box of evil! 😬

    19. Missing avatar

      Jelle on

      Any idea on the retail price for Darkness Calls?

    20. Bryce Robinson on

      +1 to what Jack said about paying for the box of darkness later when the pledge manager opens.

    21. Casey Dopson on

      I find it kinda rotten that the Box of evil is made up of two 35 expansions yet its 75 - basically charging us for stretch goals. Shouldn't the box be cheaper to encourage backers to get both expansions rather than one? or the same price as to not be charging us for stretch goals? wouldn't that just make them add ons at that point?

    22. Missing avatar

      Shane Coburn on

      +2 Syd

      Agree with Syd and Taylor, I would love to add the box full of evil, but missing out on the individual boxes and Mike's artwork might be a deal breaker.
      Any chance of getting some further clarification on how the box full of evil will be laid out?

    23. Jack Swiker on

      Question: I'm not sure I can get this add-on yet, am I able to just add the extra money later when the pledge manager opens up? I'd like to just back the core game for now and then decide later in PM. Thanks for any help

    24. Missing avatar

      Duncan Fegredo on

      Another vote for Gruagach, I loved drawing that little pig guy!

    25. Rustam Hasanov

      So thrilled with the sculpt on KoscheI! Please, pleeeease make Gruagach one of the minions for the expansions.

    26. Taylor Lussier on

      +1 Syd

      Yes, exactly! I like to display all of my expansion boxes even I have room in the core box for them. Mignola's art is beautiful, we shouldn't be robbed of two boxes just because we wanted a big one for extra minis.

    27. Missing avatar

      Syd Stryfe on

      I would really appreciate being able to have the retail art boxes for both expansions, Darkness Calls and Hellboy in Mexico included with the Box Full of Evil. Personally I like to be able to organize/store expansions in their original boxes. I will unfortunately be hesitant to go in on the Box Full of Evil if it doesn't include the separate expansion boxes.

    28. S Buntenbach

      +1 Taylor
      @manticgames please answer

    29. Mark Havener on

      Best Add-Ons yet!

    30. Taylor Lussier on

      The retail boxes for the Darkness Calls and Mexico expansions really should be included in the Box Full of Evil. It's silly that you would have KS exclusives to entice collectors and completionists but then make us choose in the end. And although my wallet is barren already, if we could have the actual Box Full of Evil box itself as an add-on I would be okay with that. I - and probably every other collector here - just really want all of the boxes with their expansion thematic art.

      Don't make us choose, please. I just had a liver transplant last week and can't take this stress, Mantic!

      Also I'm going to post this in other threads until the issue is acknowledged.

    31. Heather Close on

      I don't think I've ever been this excited to spend over $300. I love the expansions and can't wait to play this game.

    32. S Buntenbach

      Will we get the Art Box if we bye the big box

    33. Kevlar on

      Oh I see the next SG will be for Agent pledges. We good.

    34. Kevlar on

      So if the core box is full now from SGs, all future SGs you will be required to add the Box Full Of Evil? That seems like a box full of something else...

    35. Missing avatar

      Manuel Gracia on

      Love the big box, thanks!

    36. Missing avatar

      Aaron Edmiston on

      Welp, my wife is going to kill me. *Increases pledge amount.*

    37. Missing avatar

      Iceeagle85 on

      Nice miniatures and the box is also a great idea but I really dislike it that you make Stretch Goals for the Box Full of Evil.

    38. Missing avatar

      Stephen Dondershine on

      So if we get the a Big Box we have to wait for wave 2 to get anything? Considering KS tendency to slide that could be an extra year of waiting while others already have their base game.

    39. Reju on

      @Jack : Clever marketting ?
      I call that dirty tactics.
      Keeping SG like giurescu (+ the japanese heads), popular SG so much people asked for so long, to try to force backer into buying the whole thing isn't fair.

      I still have to think to pro and cons, but I really consider concelling my pledge now :-(

    40. Missing avatar

      Stefano on

      ... Why the next SG is a minis for an add-on only? It sounds silly

    41. Sergey Vorobyov on

      Ehh, too much for my wallet:( Will have to refuse from campaign

    42. Millan Gonzalez Olasolo on

      @mantic Maybe is a stupid question, but the Agent Pledge is in one box only? I mean, the core game, The Conqueror Worm and BPRD expansions, the bonus minions and SG will be in the same box? To be honest, personally I prefer that there is differentiation between the game, the expansions and the SG.

      Apart from that, congrats for the campaing. It has been an amazing experience.

    43. Mark Thelosen on

      ...Way to go Mantic, you have been able to squeeze £200 out of a total non gamer...pure on content and execution...I'm going full in here...!

    44. Missing avatar

      Claude Gingras

      Seesh, I have to keep an excel file now to remember all the options I want to take.

    45. Captain_Kiwii on

      So cool, all in here I come! Depending of the Shipping fees though =p

    46. John Peters, you know, the farmer on

      So if I get BFoE, I can fit everything in two boxes instead of 3+? I'm in if only for that!

    47. Jack

      Much more interested in this expansion than Mexico or even the Nazis and Frog monsters in the core. It's clever marketing to tie the expansions together with the add-on stretch goal but nothing is going to make me want Hellboy in spandex!

    48. Mark Winnington on

      Henry Hood? OK, interesting choice when in the same volume you have Harry Middleton, the Leshii or even Vasilisa...

    49. Missing avatar

      Doug G

      So I can either lose the standard boxes and get the KSE box and the extras or keep the standard boxes and lose the KSE box and the extras that come with it. Maybe you should add a completionist to your team before making decisions like this.