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Inspired by the visionary comics by Mike Mignola, Hellboy: The Board Game is a thrilling co-operative experience for 1 to 4 players.
Inspired by the visionary comics by Mike Mignola, Hellboy: The Board Game is a thrilling co-operative experience for 1 to 4 players.
12,716 backers pledged £1,454,343 to help bring this project to life.

Add-On Wednesday is here! Resin miniatures for painters and collectors! Plus, a new stretch goal...

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Calling all BPRD agents,

It's Wednesday and you know what that means: Add-on Wednesday! However, before we get to that, there are some other important things to deal with. Firstly, overnight you unlocked a new stretch goal.

 This means that the Information Gathered token has now been upgraded to a 3D book and the clues gathered tokens have been upgraded to BPRD logos. So, what's next?

 We're just around the corner from upgrading the Kickstarter Edition box and should blast through this goal in absolutely no time.

 Following that, BPRD Agent Sidney Leach will be ready to join the gang. Sidney will be a Back-up Agent and playable agent, so you can play a BPRD-only team, should you want to. He has the ability to detect and manipulate metal, so will certainly offer something different from the standard agent.

 Our next stretch goal is another component upgrade that's been requested numerous times in the comments. A key part of Hellboy: The Board Game are the clues that you'll have to gather during the course of a mission. Originally these were just going to be cardboard tokens, however with this goal we'll upgrade them to 3D plastic tokens. Please note, the designs above are absolutely not final (and will have more of a distinct Mignola-vibe) but give you an idea of roughly what you'll receive. 


Wow, this is turning into a long update. Anyway, the latest Add-On Wednesday is here! Just in case you've only joined the campaign recently, every Wednesday we add some optional extras to the campaign that people can choose to add to their pledges. Last week we had the Hellboy in Mexico expansion and today we've got some fantastically detailed resin miniatures that are perfect for painters or collectors.

But what's a resin miniature? Well, rather than the standard PVC plastic miniatures, which are made in China, resin miniatures are all handmade by our expert team here at Mantic HQ in Nottingham. Resin miniatures capture the crisp detail of our sculpts slightly better than PVC plastic and are very popular with miniature painters who like to carefully pick out every detail.

Since the Kickstarter began we've had numerous requests from backers and those interested in backing if we could offer the option for resin miniatures, so we're happy to oblige! We've tried to group them into sets to ensure you save money based on buying individual miniatures but also to make sure it's logistically much simpler when it comes to packing. Although, we have made sure that Hellboy is available on his own, as we're sure he will be very popular! Anyway, enough waffle, let's take a look at what's on offer...

 First up is one that's useful as a gaming piece, rather than for painters (and is VERY cool). One of Johann's abilities is 'Projection' which allows him to leave his containment suit and explore a different area of the board. Normally this is represented with a token but with this set you'll get a translucent ectoplasmic projection of Johann and an empty suit marker to show where he started. This is a cool little optional extra that was suggested by one of our playtesters.

Below are the rest of the resin miniatures you can choose from. Please bear in mind you are already receiving the majority of these as part of the Agent Pledge in PVC plastic. We're offering these sets for miniature painters and also for anyone who just wants to purchase the miniatures on their own.


If you're just getting started with miniature painting, then we can recommend the Army Painter series of paints, so we're happy to offer these as an optional extra (just in case you want to start painting the moment your miniatures arrive).

 As the name implies this is a great entry point into painting. This set contains all the colours you'll need to paint your Hellboy set and (most importantly) it does include red!

 If you want to throw yourself in at the deep end, then the Mega Paint Set should really set you up for life!


If you want to add any of the Optional Extras to your pledge, it couldn't be easier. 

1. Click on 'manage my pledge' and increase your overall total by the amount required. For example, if you want translucent Johann, increase your total by £10

2. Relax and enjoy the rest of the campaign

3. After the campaign closes we'll email you the pledge manager. In the pledge manager you choose what optional extras you want to receive. Any extra funds pledged during the course of the campaign will become credit to spend in the pledge manager or you can add extra funds directly into the pledge manager. We're currently expecting to send the pledge manager to backers in late June/early July.

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    1. Sam Russell 3 days ago

      @Mantic for backers who didn’t take the Johann add-on, anyway we could rectify this and have him ship in our wave two?

    2. Marcel 'Arcubal' Claxton

      Note that the Clue tokens are called Clue counters now and that the KS version comes with 10 mini/micro miniatures instead of the cardboard tokens, listed in the rulebook. I can't speak for any of the resin figures, other than the single one I got: Spectral Johann, which looks great, although in need of some serious trimming...

    3. John Turner on

      how about a master set of all the resins so we don't have to get duplicates?

    4. diversionArchitect on

      + would love translucent form to be out of the suit. Would also love an empty suit 3D token.

      Curious what unassembled means for this figure. Does that affect the stability vs plastic? I’d prefer pre-assembled translucent plastic for gameplay if resin is a worry for being brittle.

    5. Scott Bates on

      Ben over at Watch It, Paint It also has a really nice resin painting tutorial. Much better then what they did at Next Level painting in my experience. You get to see the whole thing and not just partial.

    6. ODYNH on

      I really love that we contribute a lot to the final product of board game aspect and components. It will be nice for retailers to have a beautiful board game visually and with plastic 3d game components than just cards.

    7. Jonathan Toon on

      Any chance an "All In" option might be offered for all the resin miniatures? For me, it's hard to pick out a few of them, because I'll feel like I'm missing out on the others. An all-in option with a slight discount may make it more tempting, rather than an a la carte system.

    8. Jeremy Powell on

      Nothing for me to add on to my pledge today BUT I would certainly add on a Johann if the sculpt were different (human form)!

    9. Rob Burch on

      Wow, this is getting expensive, but so damn awesome.
      I'll likely be painting the PVC miniatures anyway, but to get resin ones would be epic.

      Will they be made available as separate releases after the game is released?

    10. Missing avatar

      lee williams on

      I don't know much about paints but is this a good deal for the small paint set?

    11. Brtol on

      You guys are doing soch a good work I have to read Hellboy agein :D this
      game looks so cool

    12. Pablo Alessandro on

      Any chance to get the army painter wash set? In a great add on for painters

    13. Chris Baginski on

      @ Mantic

      Please dont *replace* the translucent Johann with his human form: the translucent containment suit will allow me to paint the suit opaque and keep the head translucent!


    14. Caspar on

      Manic Games
      "With Johann - we're going to look at replacing it with his human form, rather than the suit."
      Great news if this happens will be getting this add on.
      Also +1 for ghost Lobster Johnson transparent resin

    15. Rocket Pig Games on

      Nice option thanks!

    16. Tiffany Vincent on

      I would love to see a photo of a real resin miniature next to a PVC miniature (I realize they won't be Hellboy since these haven't been produced yet). Seeing the super crisp renders makes me forget that these aren't going to look like that after production.

    17. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      Resin varies in consistency, these are robust shapes and resin would have to be dreadful to chip in play

    18. Drew Campbell on

      I would like to add my support for a Ghost of Lobster Johnson mini and agent card, cause why not?

      Also, with the amount of people who seem to want all of the resin minis, a complete bundle seems like it would be a good idea. And another idea would be a mix and match set, where you just pick any four minis you want. I understand that offering them each individually would be too cumbersome, but a mix and match might encourage more people to buy if they aren't interested in certain minis, or maybe want multiples of some.

    19. Shawn Palmer on

      Wow. I was not expecting so many options. Wow.

    20. Drew Campbell on

      @Tonberryking I'm pretty sure all the pictures of minis within the campaign are of the PVC minis, unless they specifically say they are a resin picture. Oh and I think they said the painted example minis are also resin.

    21. Tonberryking on

      Can we have an example picture of a PVC miniature? Just to compare with the resin miniatures.

    22. Missing avatar

      Lytesabre on

      @Mantic, I'd also be very interested in a translucent Lobster Johnson

    23. Cary Harrison

      Haven't decided on the others, but I may well splurge for Johann, especially if the final model is his human form as that was my first thought too.

    24. Missing avatar

      JesusDel on

      Great, thanks!
      And think about the 3D plastic empty suit marker, please. It would be AWESOME!

    25. Missing avatar

      Iceeagle85 on


      You can play with resin miniatures, companies like Forgeworld make resin miniatures for miniature wargaming and if I'm not mistaken Mierce Miniature also uses resin for their wargaming miniatures.

    26. Clint Lee Werner

      @Jeremy - Resin is a material that captures detail far better than PVC. That said, it trends to be much more brittle. As display pieces, resin can't really be topped, but as gaming pieces they're a bit too fragile for my tastes. Focused on gameplay, you're apt to get careless when handling them and then accidents happen.

      Very glad to see the Kraus alternate. That is one I think I'll pick up. Anybody considering painting translucent models, the best thing to do is just hit them with a wash to bring out the details. That will also retain the translucent look.

      Now, since a translucent Kraus is in the offing, any chance of doing the same from Lobster Johnson and maybe having a back-up agent card for his ghost?

    27. Missing avatar

      Richard Conium on

      As someone that is also being drawn into the world of miniatures, and really not known the difference between resin and PVC in terms of a game model - Looking at translucent Johann description I can see it says it 'requires super glue to construct', does that make the model 'weaker'?

      Is it possible to produce a translucent PVC model as well for those who want to use it exclusively as game piece?

    28. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      With Johann - we're going to look at replacing it with his human form, rather than the suit.

    29. daniserran0 on

      I'm a painter, not a gamer so my question is: will there be a pledge just for add-ons or do I have to get the game to get access to them yes or yes?

    30. BloopidyBloop on

      @Jeremy Moore - I'm still new to all this as well! It can be daunting for sure. But from what I've read, resin holds detail slightly better but is also more delicate at the same time. If you drop a pvc mini, all will be well but if you drop resin, it might break. Resin is mostly for painting and displaying rather then actually playing with.

    31. Ryan Smith

      I would buy the resin Johann if it was not a containment. I appreciate these add ones, but I think we would see more movement with add-ons that increase actual content, similar to Hellboy in Mexico. An expansion for Hollow Earth, Weird Tales, 1947, etc could prove valuable.

    32. Jeremy Moore on

      As someone who is completely new to the board games and minitatures, I’m kind of lost on how resin pieces are better than the quality pvc models being included. I know that resin is a denser material but are there any other bigger reasoning behind going for it.

      I didn’t realize the black hole I was jumping into with this game, lol.

    33. Eyne Nacht on

      +1 for someone(thing) else"

    34. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      To answer a few questions here:

      1. Horned Hellboy will be available in a separate set... perhaps fighting against someone(thing) else so you won't get duplicates of normal Hellboy and Pancakes Hellboy
      2. These do no replace the PVC miniatures, you'll get them in addition to the standard ones
      3. Dean - that Next Level video is a resin sample

    35. pagoda79

      Oooh, transluscent Johann in human form would be perfect. That goattee with a body fading into a blur? That would be cool.

    36. Missing avatar

      R Walsh on

      If adding these resin mini's to pledge is this to replace their PVC counterparts with resin, or will I end up with a PVC and resin copy for those that I order?
      Also, will you be making an all-in resin bundle, so we save some money by not doubling up on some of the resin sculpts?

    37. Missing avatar

      dean on

      Just so I'm clear. Would the Hellboy in Next Level Painting's video be the resin Hellboy or the PVC plastic. I'm trying to understand the difference in detail.

      "Resin miniatures capture the crisp detail of our sculpts slightly better than PVC plastic"
      I have never bought any miniatures from Mantic. Is there a huge difference in detail?

      This is the video that I referenced.…


    38. Peter Ruggles on

      I second everyone else saying that translucent Johann should be in his human form. And I too would love it if the empty suit market was 3D.

    39. Missing avatar

      diner nautiyal on

      are these gonna be kickstarter exclusives?

    40. Dark Horse on

      +1 translucent Lobster with new agent card please. Makes way more sense than translucent Johann

    41. Mark Havener on

      @Matt - good point about Human form Johann...and don’t call me Shirley!

    42. Drew Campbell on

      +1 for translucent Johann in human form. Also, this may be a little much, but I think it would be cool to have a 3D plastic empty suit marker for him too.

    43. Mark Havener on

      Very interested in Johann. Congrats Mantic, you just pulled more money out of me for a resin miniature!

    44. Mrchewy2k1


      For Johann; Do you have an idea what the Empty Suit token will look like? Is it also resin or is it just a cardboard token?

    45. Missing avatar

      JesusDel on

      Any chance to see a PVC ectoplasmic Johann as a SG?

    46. Missing avatar

      Marko Galiot on

      Resin Hellboy Collection is for me :)
      Not sure if I will be getting anything else, maybe Resin Core Agents.
      Any chance of getting Baba Yaga in resin?
      Will any other figures become available in resin?

    47. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      There's something special coming for Horned Hellboy, don't worry...

      Also, regarding the shipping, these will be shipping as close as possible to wave one.

    48. Matt Williams on

      How about a translucent Lobster Johnson with different agent/backup card for the Lobster's Ghost

    49. Missing avatar

      Andrea Caroli on

      I have a question, to have the ultimate security, if I add the resin miniatures to the pledge I will receive both, the PVC and the resin one, I receive both? In this way I can use the PVC for the game and paint my resin copy for display?


    50. SPECTRE_01 on

      @matt @mantic good idea, translucent johan should be his original human form. Also, all in resin pack please! No need for doubles.