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Inspired by the visionary comics by Mike Mignola, Hellboy: The Board Game is a thrilling co-operative experience for 1 to 4 players.
Inspired by the visionary comics by Mike Mignola, Hellboy: The Board Game is a thrilling co-operative experience for 1 to 4 players.
12,716 backers pledged £1,454,343 to help bring this project to life.

Add-on Wednesday: Hellboy in Mexico Expansion

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

This is a big (and exciting) update, so strap yourself in…

Today we’ve got something very special for Add-On Wednesday – a brand new expansion! When we started developing the Hellboy board game we always knew we wanted to take inspiration from the core Hellboy storyline. We wanted to start with Seed of Destruction before moving through to Conqueror Worm and perhaps even take a stroll to Darkness Calls and more… but that’s for another day ;-)

We did the same thing with our hugely successful Walking Dead: All Out War game. Here we progressed through the storyline, offering new narrative-based scenarios, characters and gameplay elements.

However, if you’re a fan of the Hellboy comics you’ll know that Hellboy often goes off and has his own weird and wonderful adventures outside of the main timeline. Whether it’s fighting against floating Japanese heads, ventriloquist’s dummies or iron-shoed goblins, Hellboy has some pretty wild adventures away from the BPRD.

Among our favourite series of stories were those collected in the Hellboy in Mexico collection. These told the tale of Hellboy’s five-month ‘drunken weekend’ in which he teamed up with luchadores to fight vampires, wore some pretty interesting outfits, got married and drank a lot of tequila! We loved the unusual cast of characters and the opportunity to create a miniature of Hellboy in a wrestling costume was too good to pass up.

The only problem was, it didn’t really fit in with our future retail plan of working through the storyline, like we did with the Walking Dead. But the beauty of Kickstarter is that we can sometimes do something a little bit crazy – and an expansion based around vampire-wrestling luchadores drunk on tequila certainly sounds a little bit crazy!

So, we are delighted to officially unveil the Hellboy in Mexico expansion. This expansion includes two new scenarios, four new playable heroes, new items, five new types of enemy, a terrifying new boss, new Mexico-themed tiles and new Deck of Doom cards. The Luchadores will offer a lot of variety when it comes to your agent options and will work together to overcome obstacles. Hellboy will also have different stats to reflect his time in Mexico.

Remember, you can also use the enemies here when creating your own missions with the BPRD Archives expansion. So you could have some undead soldiers menacing you in a mansion before facing Rasputin in the end of mission boss encounter.

An important thing to note is that Hellboy in Mexico won’t be a standard retail release. It will be produced as a one print only LIMITED EDITION to celebrate the fantastic support we have received so far on this campaign. This means we’ll print enough copies to fulfill the Kickstarter backer and retail pledges. We’ll also overprint some extra copies so we have some to sell at shows and other events. So just to be absolutely clear, Hellboy in Mexico is NOT a Kickstarter Exclusive - but if you want to guarantee you’ll get one then this is the safest place to get it – and at a discounted price as a thank you to all our backers to boot!

Anyway, enough of all that, let’s take a look at what you get…

 Let's take a closer look at those miniatures too...

Luchador Hellboy
Luchador Hellboy
Giant Vampire Bat
Giant Vampire Bat
Undead Soldier
Undead Soldier
Undead Mounted Soldier
Undead Mounted Soldier


1. Click 'manage my pledge'

2. Increase your total pledge amount by £35

3. Relax and think about Hellboy wrestling vampires

4. After the campaign closes we'll email out the pledge manager. This is where you can choose what optional extras you want to receive. Any extra money you've pledged during the campaign will become credit to spend during the pledge manager phase and you can add extra funds too. We currently estimate the pledge manager will be open from the middle of June to the middle of July.


Please be aware that Hellboy in Mexico will ship separately to the Agent pledge and will be part of Wave Two. Any additional shipping charges will be calculated in the pledge manager. This is a secondary shipping wave that will ship in July 2019.

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    1. Marcel 'Arcubal' Claxton

      Obviously, I cannot comment on the final parts of this expansion as it has not come out yet, as of this writing.

    2. Marcel 'Arcubal' Claxton

      @Mantic - I just read Hellboy in Mexico and, seeing that it's an anthology of stories, I was wondering if the Mexico Expansion for the game will contain Case Files related to just the 1st story (with the Mex. wrestlers, demon turkey) or to more/all of the stories in this collection?

    3. Cyrano on

      I would like to see more case files for this expansion... a little on the fence because of that..

    4. Gavin (Gofur) Hunter on

      Reckon I want six spare mounted undead soldiers to make an awesome undead cavalry unit for my KoW army.

    5. Krzysztof A.E. on

      Superb add-on!!! Would love to get extra minions from this expansion as the models are simply: Fantastic!!! Keep up good work Mantic Games!!!

    6. Caleb Priester on

      Wishlist (for Hellboy in Mexico stretch goals):
      - Hellboy's Wife with scenario
      - The Coffin Man with scenario
      - Frankenstein Monster from House of the Living Dead with scenario
      - Tupo as a substitute baddy similar to "He's got a gun!"

      Any or all of these things would make me so happy! I love the House of the Living Dead story!

    7. Sean "TheShellFace" on

      @jon the original plan was for 3, but i believe through SGs we now get 6...? whatever the case, conqueror worm only has 1 case file, so 2 in the mexico expansion sounds pretty good to me!

    8. Jon Simpson on

      @dave typo I thought core game has 6 ? files seem like the heart of the game to me..

    9. Meszaros Zoltan on

      I really like the minions in the expansion, but having only 2 case files to use them is not too much.

      (yeah, I know we can use them with BPRD Archives, but at this point we don't know how easy/viable to do that)

    10. Missing avatar

      John Halcrow

      Looks great, but really needs the evil turkey.

    11. Benjamin Maskell on

      I would also love to see the vampire turkey make an appearance in this. Soooo good though!

    12. Bruno Kenj on

      chupacabra haha

    13. Jacques Capesius on

      If every there was an expansion geared towards me, this is it. SO IN.

    14. Claymore Nash on

      I've never read Hellboy in Mexico, so I was hoping there would be a chupacabra. Bummer.

    15. Gavin Meakings on

      @Mathias. The models are based upon how the vampires appear in this comic storyline. Whilst they do look a little on the zombie-side they are true to the source material.

    16. Mathias Rossie on

      Hmmm the vampire looks like a zombie to me...

    17. Kristijan Krpina on

      Great looking expansion, £35 added to my pledge!

    18. DaveTypo on

      @Jon the base game is only three and conqueror worm is only one. I'm guess they'd get the most use from using the BPRD expansion, the various doom decks and even swapping out confrontations.

    19. Jon Simpson on

      Curious though, considering the material available why only two case files ? :)

    20. DaveTypo on

      @sam it’s a limited run so retail may be hard. But I agree it’s a great value

    21. Mark Tweedale on

      If anyone hasn't read Hellboy in Mexico, I recommend you check it out:

      Hellboy spends May to October of 1956 in a drunken blur fighting all kinds of monsters. He even meets the Frankenstein monster at one point. (Really surprised there isn't a Frankenstein minifigure in this expansion...)

    22. Missing avatar

      Sam Swearengen on

      I'm curious what will be the retail price for this expansion? I've already added it to my pledge amount, but just wanted to ask because it seems like it has more material than the other expansions offered.

    23. Sean "TheShellFace" on

      @phil "BUT, I can't help but wonder what HB episode opportunity will be passed over/missed out for there to be room for this quirky cute add-on. I'm starting to worry about what we won't be able to have
      Mixed feelings, so many awesome characters that could be SG or addons, want them all..." the plan is for the game to have a long lasting retail life, so anything we miss in the KS will probably be seen later on

    24. Mark Havener on

      I love this. And I don’t even like luchadores. :)

      I was kind of hoping to see his wife too, but it’s a fine update even without her! Vampires and undead warrior minions! Yes! The conquistador armor on the undead warriors really makes my day. :)

    25. Lawrence Odum on

      Are you using the same printing company who made the minis for Walking Dead?

    26. Missing avatar

      Gary on

      Easy no buy for me... reminds of that crappy jack black film... and that's enough to put me off.

      Can't please everyone though...

      Maybe there will be something interesting next wednesday.

    27. Anthony M Mackenzie on

      Oh my goodness, yes. This is excellent.

    28. Not the Guy you are looking for... on

      @Sergey yup, I mentioned that we knew one of their names in both of my comments, just didn't want to spoil anything for those who haven't read HB in Mexico 👍

    29. Charles Lee Ray on

      Awesome. Funds added

    30. Sergey Vlasenko on

      @Not the Guy you are looking for...

      His name was Esteban :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      "Luchadores vs Nazis" warming to it so long as Luchadores can pile up nazis and fatty can sit on them to take 'em out of the game...

    32. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      This is a charming concept, I like it, it offers a unique perspective on HB.
      Wrestling vampires is a sport in itself, cunning special moves could make it a radical departure from the mainstream game - I'd encourage that option
      MM is on board - massive endorsement

      BUT, I can't help but wonder what HB episode opportunity will be passed over/missed out for there to be room for this quirky cute add-on. I'm starting to worry about what we won't be able to have
      Mixed feelings, so many awesome characters that could be SG or addons, want them all...

    33. Not the Guy you are looking for... on

      I hear ya, but HBs gun was never mentioned by name until the movies and Mantic isn't calling it The Samaritan in the game. I don't disagree with wanting them named (or at least call the one we know Esteban), but I won't be surprised if they aren't either :)

    34. Missing avatar

      SergeantWoodweaver89 on

      Ay caramba, awesome idea ! Just backed this campaign only to play "Luchadores vs Nazis" ^^

    35. Mark Thelosen on

      ...This is one GREAT add on......

    36. Brad Hermann

      I’m sure they don’t in the comics but if we’ll be playing as them, and have Mr. Mignola on board here... maybe we can get some names to help tell them apart? 😏

    37. Not the Guy you are looking for... on

      If I remember correctly, the luchadores don't have names mentioned in the comics. Eventually a name for one of them is mentioned, but that's after (spoiler happens).

    38. Clayton Scholefield on

      Fantastic! ...but no vampire turkey? ;)

    39. Simon Strike (Bisonator) on

      Totally frickin awesome! Take my money! 😊

    40. Brad Hermann

      Will the Luchador agents be more detailed or simply known as Luchador? (Will there also be a way to include them as allies if playing solo as Hellboy? In the same way that Kate and the Dr are also able to help without being full fledged agents? Would be cool with the theme of the expansion.)

    41. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      D-Boy Superbacker
      7 minutes ago Report spam

      @Mantic - To echo Sergey's question, will it be possible to add this on in the pledge manager rather than during the main campaign?

      Yes, you can add it during the pledge manager too.

    42. Blue Mina on

      @Derrick Marais - Yes! I would love to see a single demon turkey included as one of the minions! And what about the Coffin Man as a second boss?

    43. Tomasz Rospondek

      Damn... great one :D

    44. Marcel 'Arcubal' Claxton

      Mucho Gracias, Amigos! Definitely a superb Add-on! Rock on!

    45. Captain_Kiwii on

      @Mantic Games

      Any chance to do a all in one shipping?

    46. Missing avatar

      Stephen on

      Just ordered Hellboy in Mexico! Can't wait.

    47. Barry Duran

      Love it! I would recommend a re-sculpt on the vampire, but it's fine as is - just a bit on the dull side for that sculpt. Otherwise, awesome!

    48. Derrick Marais on

      Where is the turkey?