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Inspired by the visionary comics by Mike Mignola, Hellboy: The Board Game is a thrilling co-operative experience for 1 to 4 players.
Inspired by the visionary comics by Mike Mignola, Hellboy: The Board Game is a thrilling co-operative experience for 1 to 4 players.
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Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

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Manufacturing update from Panda

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Calling all BPRD Agents,

Today we've got a quick update from Panda, our manufacturing partner. However, before we get onto that, we just wanted to show you a couple of pictures to demonstrate how big the Kickstarter Edition is compared to the retail version. There is going to be a slight change in dimensions but this is pretty much what you can expect.

 Hope you've got enough room on your shelf! Anyway, let's hear from Panda about what's going on with production...

"Dear Backers,  

Below are a few notes from us on the progress of the game. 

As you have seen in the last update, we have been working on a pre-production copy of Hellboy for Essen SPIEL, but sadly it had an accident on its way. Luckily this is not the copy we will be using to approve the game before starting mass production. Since we have given this copy to Mantic there have been a few final revisions on the print files and we incorporated all those changes in new versions of the pre-production copies, both for the Kickstarter and the Retail version of the game. Those games will be send to Mantic in the next days and as soon as they are approved we can press the big red button and start with the production on the printed components. 

Expect more pictures soon, but please keep in mind the components shown will still be mostly handmade and there are some differences in comparison to a mass-produced copy. For example, all punchboards are laser cut and not die cut.

The miniatures are progressing nicely, the first steel molds are finished, and the remaining molds will finish in the next week. We have started the production on the miniatures and will send first samples of actual mass-produced miniatures as soon as they are finished to Mantic. Those first mass-produced samples need to be approved though before we fully commit to the production of the miniatures.

The dice molds are finished as well, and we will send samples of the first mass-produced dice with the pre-production copies. And same as with the miniatures, as soon as those samples are approved, we will start with the production of the dice. All other simpler plastic components like the wound counters and action cubes are already in production.

And last we have finished the design on the plastic trays and are working on samples for those as well to make sure all miniatures and components will fit nicely inside the box.

The next big step for Mantic now is to review and approve all those samples, so that we can start with the production on all remaining components. Everyone on the team is aware of the Chinese New Year deadline and we will work as hard as we can to get your games on the boat before the deadline.

Best regards, Kathrin, Chris, Emma, Adam and the Panda Game Manufacturing Team" 

Hellboy versus the Fork Lift Truck

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Calling all BPRD Agents,

Hope you're all doing well. Today's update was meant to be a spectacular showcase of a prototype copy of the game, however as you'll see in a moment that hasn't quite gone to plan. 

However, the good news is that Panda has now started production on the game - in fact they started towards the end of October - and everything is looking good. We'll hopefully have an update direct from Panda shortly, so you can see exactly what's going on from the production side of things.

As part of the production process, Panda produced a mock-up of the retail version of the game that we were hoping to show off at Essen a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, some of Panda's stock had a run in with a fork lift truck and some games were squished. Sadly, Hellboy: The Board Game was on of those :(

 That is what a game looks like after it has been run over. However, some pieces were spared destruction and we're able to show off a few elements in today's update. Bear in mind that this is the retail box. The Kickstarter Edition is going to be more than twice that size!

This is a handmade prototype from Panda to give us a better idea of what the final game will look like. Some elements - like the spot finish on the box and linen finish on the tiles - are not part of the prototype. So don't worry, if there's something you see that isn't quite right. That'll all be sorted for the production version.

 The damaged box :(

 Agent cards

 Card tiles - with a side on view to see how thick they'll be. The linen finish isn't on the prototypes card tiles at the moment

 Case Files - each of the Case Files will be sealed in these 'candy packs'. This means the first time you open them, you won't know how the Case File will play or what enemies you'll be facing. Exciting stuff!

 Deck of Doom cards - these are standard playing card size.

 Dice - during the course of the Kickstarter (and thanks to your feedback) the colour of the dice were changed to make them more colour blind friendly. The pips are also different shapes to make them more easily recognisable during play

 Encounter Cards - explaining the randomised contents of each room. These are mini cards.

 Enemy cards - stats for minions and bosses. These are standard playing card size.

 Tile Sheet - showing you some of the tokens and room tiles from the core game

 Requisition Cards - these are mini cards

 Rulebook - a couple of example pages from the rulebook

 Tutorial booklet - when you first play there's a tutorial mission to learn the ropes

So, there you have a damaged but still very exciting prototype of the retail game. We're expecting to receive a new (and hopefully undamaged) version of the game in a few weeks. Once we've got that, we'll have a more substantial unboxing.



We've saved this until last, but there are still some of you that have not completed the pledge manager - despite the deadline passing some months ago. Today is your absolute last chance to finish the pledge manager, which can be found here.

With production now started, we need to finalise production numbers. If you have not completed your pledge manager by November 8th there is no guarantee you'll receive your pledge, which would be very sad :(

Design update from James. Manufacturing update.

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Calling all BPRD Agents,

Today we've got something very special, designer James M. Hewitt has got a thorough update about how Hellboy: The Board Game has been developing since the Kickstarter finished all those months ago. 

You can read the blog by heading here.There's lot of information about the game's development in the blog, including a few sneak peeks and some important clarifications about scenarios/confrontations. 

However, the main thing is that James is over the moon with how development on the game has gone and is now champing at the bit to start work on Wave Two. Everyone that has been involved in playtesting has had an absolute blast, so we're confident James and the Needy Cat crew have made something very special. 


While James has been busy putting the final touches to the first wave, our manufacturer Panda is getting ready to start production too. Following various discussions - and due to the sheer number of copies Panda is going to have to produce - the shipping date is going to move from February 2019 to March 2019.

Delays are always disappointing but we want to ensure Panda has enough time to make the Kickstarter as awesome as possible. Also, we wanted to give you this information as soon as possible. Sorry that the date has slipped but the extra time will be worth it!

We're expecting a sample in from Panda towards the end of this month, so we'll make sure we post up some pics to show you what it looks like.

In the meantime, was anyone at NYCC at the weekend? Did you see that trailer?

Manufacturing Update & Johann Spectral Form Render

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Calling all BPRD Agents,

It's been a while but we're back with a couple of exciting pieces of news. Firstly, we're delighted to announce that Panda will be manufacturing Hellboy: The Board Game. We were extremely impressed by the work Panda has already done on Scythe, plus Mechs Versus Minions and many others, so partnering with them on Hellboy was a no-brainer. You can read an update from Panda below.

Secondly, we've got a render of the resin Johann that was available as an optional extra. Apologies we didn't get this in time for the pledge manager phase but it was going through the sculpting/approvals process because it was added late in the Kickstarter. Anyway, you'll be able to see it below.


Dear Backers,

In Panda’s 11 year history we have printed thousands of games, many of which feature intellectual properties. Hellboy, however, is one that is especially exciting to many of us on the team. Some of our employees have been avid readers of Hellboy for years, from his first appearance in the San Diego Comic-Con Comics #2 to today. To participate in bridging the gap between Hellboy comics and tabletop gaming is both exciting and an honor.  

At Panda we pride ourselves on being gamers first, ensuring the games we produce are of the highest quality because that's what we want on our own tables. We have complete confidence that you're going to love Hellboy's production quality once you have a copy in your own little hands of doom.  

We have been working on the first print files and started with our design verification process. We will carefully check all files, detailing to Mantic any issues that might prevent us from printing the game to the highest standards. Once all print files are approved, we will create a pre-production copy of the game. This copy is a very high quality prototype that gets reviewed and approved before we start the presses rolling on thousands of copies. We're sure you'll see pictures of this copy in the weeks to come.

Besides the print files for components like the box and cards, we've also been making samples of all other components, such as the dice and miniatures. Below is one of the first finished tooling masters of all the miniatures that will be featured in Hellboy. These resin pieces get reviewed, and if approved, will be used to create cavities in large steel moulds that will be injected with molten plastic thousands of times to create the final miniatures. The tooling masters are an important checkpoint!  

We'll be working with Mantic to provide regular updates on the process and status of production over the coming months, to help keep you informed while patiently waiting for your copy of Hellboy.  

Best regards,

Kathrin, Chris, Emma and the Panda Game Manufacturing Team


Below are renders of the Johann in spectral form that was available as an optional extra. The spectral form will come in translucent resin, while the crumpled suit will be grey.

 Oh, also just realised we weren't able to show the diorama base for the Hellboy versus Ualac resin set during the pledge manager phase either. So here's a look at the render for that too...

 The base is based (ha ha) on the flames and effects in this panel.

 Next time we'll have a production update on all the printed elements of the game.