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Dungeon Saga is a classic adventure board game where mighty heroes battle evil monsters in a tight and twisting fantasy dungeon!
Dungeon Saga is a classic adventure board game where mighty heroes battle evil monsters in a tight and twisting fantasy dungeon!
5,963 backers pledged $1,057,975 to help bring this project to life.

Saving the World

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

So with that done, it’s here.

The big one.

Never in our wildest dreams did we think we’d make this one.

Careful plans were laid – data and analytics were studied.

And you defied every one of our expectations.

Thank you.

You've beat the first day total.

You've beaten demons.

You've crushed the dragon.

We are approaching the end of what we have left.

A million is too easy for you guys. Let's go on one last push...

New Stretch Goal

$1,025,000 BONUS HERO Valandor

One of the greatest heroes ever to have walked the world, Valandor had one terrible secret which he hid from all around him. Originally a Celestian, his soul was split in twain during the God War, the good essence becoming the mighty warrior mage beloved of all who knew him, and the bad coalescing as the fearsome beast known as Ba'el. Many times they would clash over the years, until finally, Valandor was able to slay his 'brother', casting his mortal frame into the Abyss and capturing his soul in a complex ritual recorded in the Tome which carried his name.

Now, Mortibris has discovered the tome, and his meddling has released this evil beast to stalk the world of the living once again as a half-dead creature. Valandor, ascended to a higher plain after the Great Flood, has decided that he can remain above mortal affairs no longer. He has come back to the world of men one last time, to vanquish his evil twin for ever and take back the Tome before it can do any more harm. He will stop at nothing to accomplish this, even if it means his own complete destruction.

If we hit this stretch goal, we will produce Valandor - a mighty hero to fight back against the darkness, and the Undead Demon Lord Ba’el.

We will include him FREE in pledges of Dungeon Master ($100 and Early Bird).

Furthermore, we will write a set of scenarios that feature Valandor leading a party of warriors against the tide of monsters that have inflicted the world of Mantica, in a bid to defeat Ba’el and his hordes.

Valandor brings our story around full circle, completing the heroes in your pledge.

Let's get him.

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    1. Marc Hutsebaut

      1,000 dollars to go. I'd respectfully ask you to shut up and take my money, but I'm afraid you've taken all I have already. Good job, guys! And referring to Glenn Harrison below: yes, it's HeroQuest days all over again, bionic stylee!

    2. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    3. Stephen Barr on

      Wow, my first sojourn into Kickstarter and I am so thrilled really hope everything goes to plan with this game. Really looking forward to next August

    4. Barman

      Agreed, he needs wings... and a beard.

    5. Robert Mills

      So a giant figure on a 50mm base by sound of it - an immortal magical fighter type?
      Would have preferred this earlier in the SG list but pleased to be getting another free mini

      Roll on $1million +

    6. Torkel on

      Ok, so apparently Valandor is a huge, ogre-sized angel. Which makes his fluff text make a whole lot more sense as well.
      And which makes this stretch goal very very cool, in my opinion. Great way to bring the huge undead creature into the story as well!

      I hope he'll have wings!

    7. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    8. Missing avatar

      Liam Granbery on

      *** personally, I think I would have preferred more villains. Like a dark kaos warrior, kaos cultists, an animated golem, vampire lord or something equally epic.

      I have high expectations for the long term replay ability, the quality of the quests and future expansions.

    9. Alistair Graham on

      Pssst, Underwater cave themed dungeon please :)

      Lots of potential awesome mechanics there. - Rising tide, maybe rows of tiles get cut off every turn. Waterfalls, lakes blocking part of tiles.

      Potentially some fantasy themed 'Nameless' opponents for it too?

    10. Esper on

      Casually, I was listening to this when I opened the Update:…

      ...and it made the reading absolutely epic xD

    11. Missing avatar

      Liam Granbery on

      I am trying to imagine Granny Weeble getting her knickers in a twist over this kickstarter nearing a million.

    12. jogPLC on

      It's a big ask at this stage...

    13. Brandon Myers

      Gonna agree about something at 1 million... 36k in 2 hours.....more power to ya if ya get it but I dunno

    14. Plague Beast on

      Legendary will have wings ;)

    15. zbv500 on

      yes, the 1million strech would have been nice, the new goal is not really epic, and compared to that the goal of 1,025,000.- is too high at this stage.
      however, all in all a nice game, it will cost me a lot but hopefully give me and some friends a lot of hours of excitement...

    16. VorpalPoolNoodle on

      A higher plane? Or literally a sweeping area of grassland set on a plateau?

    17. Torkel on

      Valandor's art looks like his Legendary form. He'll put the other basic heroes to shame if he shows up all posh like that :(

    18. Kristian Ignatov on

      1,025,000 is such an ugly number though...

    19. Alan

      Sounds like a great tie-in for a skirmish game. Not sure he's a good place for a 1st level character to start. But that fig would be AWESOME for a higher level fighter so I like how he can be used for many difference aspects of the game.

      If we just can't get him here, we might be able to unlock him with the Pledge Manager!

    20. Nakano

      Where did the Black Fortress Princess got lost? Night for now. I'll see morning what all got unlocked. PS. Wings for hero would be fitting!

    21. Michael Melbourne on

      Not as epic as I thought it would be, but I'm looking forward to this.

    22. Leonardo Poni on

      great looking figure but please , secret stretch at 1 MIL