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Dungeon Saga is a classic adventure board game where mighty heroes battle evil monsters in a tight and twisting fantasy dungeon!
Dungeon Saga is a classic adventure board game where mighty heroes battle evil monsters in a tight and twisting fantasy dungeon!
5,963 backers pledged $1,057,975 to help bring this project to life.

Rooted to the spot!

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Congratulations folks!

We’ve just unlocked a corker: Solo Play and Fully Co-op are now enabled with the addition of awesome A.I. cards for both the heroes AND the Necromancer!

Now you can take to the dungeon on your own and play against a game-controlled opponent, whether it be as the heroes or as the forces of darkness. Or of course, if one of you doesn’t want to play as the Necromancer, you can team up against the game with friends or family. The wife and kids will soon be swashbuckling their way through shambling zombies in no time.

However, just before we get to the next stretch goal -

Gabrielle Erailc update

The fine folks from the mighty Geek and Sundry have gotten in touch and we’re engaging with them about licensing opportunities for the Gabrielle Erailc character.

We have a great history with licenses including producing Mars Attacks - The MIniatures Game as well as Judge Dredd characters and Gabe and Tycho from Penny Arcade. We hope that we’re able to make something really cool off the back of this discussion!

In the meantime, as part of this discussion we’ve been asked to remove Gabrielle from the pledge level for the time being, which we will do in a 2-for-1 swap with brand new characters so you're not missing out – because what’s a quest without a barkeeper and his trusty dog?!

KICKSTARTER EXCLUSIVES: Hordin Goldstone and Gnasher

All the best adventures start in the local tavern and Hordin Goldstone was the star of our pre-Kickstarter campaign, helping you decipher the password to the Dungeon Saga blog and taking over the reins of our Facebook page.

Hordin used to be an adventurer like you, until he got an arrow in the knee (come on, you knew that one was coming at some point! :p). He brings with him immense knowledge of the Dwarfen tunnels and comes with a keg of his famous Goldstone special ale, which is said to imbue special magical effects…

Hordin is accompanied by the Dwarf Mastiff Gnasher. Fans of Dwarf King’s Hold will remember the Mastiff for being particularly handy against the Undead, whilst fans of Kings of War will know that Dwarfs often use Mastiffs as throwing weapons, launching them into unsuspecting enemies and watching the carnage erupt. We can only imagine what mischief Gnasher will get up to in Dolgarth alongside Hordin.

Hordin and Gnasher are both Kickstarter Exclusive models included in addition to your boxed game in the pledge level and also come with exclusive special missions in the Kickstarter Exclusive Dungeon Journal.

We’ll keep you updated on how the licensing goes but whatever happens, Hordin and his dog will remain in the pledge level. We’ll keep you posted on the outcome!

Right then – new stretch goal time isn’t it?

New Stretch Goal

$315,000 – BONUS HERO: Kapoka, Dryad Druid Shapeshifter

Dryads are a long-lived race. They have cared for the forests of the world since time immemorial, and it is rare indeed to see them outside of their wooded realm. Kapoka is one of these few exceptions, his home having been brutally vandalised by an Orc and Goblin army which passed through it. Furious, Kapoka took his leave of the forest to track down the Orc warlord responsible. His natural magical talents rival those of any human druid, and he is able to heal his allies and visit magical destruction on his foes with equal ease.

Kapoka marks a new phase of this Kickstarter campaign.

When the initial funding goal got hit we had a great dungeon crawler on our hands with loads of cool extras like the Adventurer’s Companion, Dungeon Journal and Keldan figure. Since then we’ve been piling stuff into the pledge level as the funding we’ve achieved has allowed us to tool new undead and hero models for the boxed game, as well as exciting new game modes like Solo Play and the A.I. cards, and new Kickstarter Exclusives.

Kapoka however is different: he is not going in the boxed game.

Instead, Kapoka heralds in the first expansion for the game, which has a working title of Dungeon Saga: The Warlord of Galahir. It will see new monsters, new Dungeon tiles, new scenarios, cards, counters and more, in a low-cost Optional Add-on that allows you to go beyond the Undead and play through an all-new adventure with your heroes!

However, we’re not done with The Dwarf King’s Quest boxed game yet and as the funding becomes available, there are some components that we would love to upgrade to plastic. There is also some new stuff that could become possible to add-in.

With that in mind, this second phase is looking very exciting indeed and could open up the doors for a world of new free goodies and more.

If we break this stretch goal, we will produce Kapoka and add him free to your pledge of Dungeon Master ($100 and Early Bird).

Kapoka is a shapeshifter and brings about the Druid class, meaning you’ll be turning nature against your enemies and transforming into nightmarish, animalistic alternate forms. A bear would be quite fun, no?

Kapoka can also be used to represent a male Dryad character in your own adventure.

And finally...

What an exciting 7 days this has been - thank you to all of you who have joined and please keep spreading the word. We really appreciate your help and support.

We'll be back a little later today with the first focus on the Undead.

Until then adventurers!

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    1. Eoghan "Ahab" Page on

      @KBowz me too, we may see her back but I wouldn't hold my breath

    2. KBowz on

      The look of the Gabrielle figure was what made me decide to back the game. I have so many dungeon crawl games they tend to blur, but I'm always looking for new minatures and I really liked the way that female wizard looked.

    3. Eoghan "Ahab" Page on

      Just to add to that both the elf and halfling females could pass for males, maybe if I see the minis in my hand it will be clearer that they are indeed female

    4. Eoghan "Ahab" Page on

      Most people seem rather indifferent to the Gabrielle mini, I seem to be her biggest (well most vocal at least) supporter, despite not knowing the character she's a homage to.
      It was actually her mini that made me pledge my initial $100, though that has been reduced for the time being anyway
      Mantic had to remove her image due to licensing rights but I'm sure her pic is floating around in cyberspace. I too would like to see more female characters (I prefer painting females) and won't be increasing my pledge by a single cent until we get some

    5. HE'LL YEAH on

      Where's this gab mini, I missed. :(
      Can't comment till I see it but would like to see both genders of each race with all the types covered.

    6. Eoghan "Ahab" Page on

      Yay finally some more support, have to agree with @Bjorn I'd rather a model who looks like an adventurer at this stage, the bartender would be a nice bonous mini when we have 10 or 12 real adventurers
      Still keeping my fingers crossed for a female Mage

    7. Grzegorz Gacek on

      Dwarf bartender is nice, but I really hope that female wizard will be back. Not necessarily Gabrielle, though it looked like a nice mini.

    8. Björn Magnusson on

      I rather have a female wizard instead of a Dwarven bartender. Hell, I can't think of a reason why I would want something as specific as a dwarven bartender in a dungeon crawler.

    9. Jimmy Trinket

      Did someone say there will be 3D furniture? :D

    10. Eoghan "Ahab" Page on

      I'm sure they'll try alright but I fear they'll change the design completely and go with the more traditional long robed female wizard or worse still go along the same lines as the disco dancing male wizard already in the box. Though as there only seems to be a few of us out of over 2000 who have a real problem with her loss I fear it won't be a priority, so I won't get my hopes up

    11. Eoghan "Ahab" Page on

      Haha @Scott I'm sure you can :P

    12. Scott Hewitt

      I can be very graceful when I want to be :P

    13. Eoghan "Ahab" Page on

      Also a lot of people here refer to the Gabrielle mini as being very generic, so there must be similar minis already on the market, I'd be much obliged if someone could point me to where I'd get a mini in similar attire and pose. I may even stop complaining lol

    14. Luke Howell-Williams on

      @Eoghan- I'm sure they'll try and replace her with a generic female wizard of some sort, maybe just with slightly different details to avoid the issues with G&S.

    15. Eoghan "Ahab" Page on

      Well I'm guessing I'm in a vast minority here, everyone seems to love the dwarf and his fat dog (if it's not a German shepherd it's not a real dog lol)

      I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed that mantic can do something to please everyone

      Though the other kickstarter I'm considering putting my money into instead ends sooner than this one so hopefully sooner rather than later

    16. Carl Woodrow on

      I'm with a number of the others here; no idea who Gabrielle is supposed to be, nor care in the context of this game. I'd rather you swapped her out for the Barman and Hound anyway, much more interesting.

      Liking the Dryad also.

    17. C on

      Prefer the dwarven barkeeper and mastiff. Despite the popularity of the tavern in RPGs, tavern miniatures are difficult to find!

      I don't watch G&S, but I'm sure fans would like to see the entire cast as an add-on. While Felicia Day is the obligatory hot female, some of the rest of the cast as adventurers would be uniquely uncommon sculpts.

    18. Eoghan "Ahab" Page on

      Somehow @scott I don't think your likeness will give us the female Mage we want lol

      But do keep us updated mantic, I'm really hoping to reinstate my backing soon

    19. Steven Ford on

      Just replace the sorceress with another generic looking sorceress. What's the big deal? Why waste money licensing such a generic looking character? I wasn't even aware she was based on another character. She could have come from any of a thousand different fantasy franchises for how how original she was.

      Personally, I'm much happier with the dwarf and his dog. And the new dryad looks cool.

    20. Scott Hewitt

      If it continues to be an issue, Gabrielle can stay gone as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure those resources can be put to use on better things.

      Also, if a replacement is so desperately needed, I hereby give Mantic all rights to use my likeness in game free of charge and with gratitude.

      See how easy that is?

    21. Kenna

      Keep us updated on Gabrielle, please? That figure was the reason I checked out this KS in the 1st place. Maybe G&S will allow a whole series of Guild minis? I'd love Codex and Tinkerballa!

    22. Luke Howell-Williams on

      +1 to the dwarf having an axe in his hand, and maybe even having strapped a bit of old leather armour on too?

    23. Luke Howell-Williams on

      The description of them throwing the mastiffs could quite easily be ignored... Instead just decide that your dwarf points at a target and the dog chases it down, simple! :)

    24. Eoghan "Ahab" Page on

      And that's why I don't play KoW, I just use the minis in other systems :)

    25. Maledrakh

      Oh yes, the dwarf use throwing mastiffs.
      anyway a mastiff should be handy in eliminating bone piles so the skeletons cant be raised again.

    26. Maledrakh

      A dog called Gnasher? Has someone has been reading Beano?

    27. Eoghan "Ahab" Page on

      Please don't let the dog throwing thing be true!!! At least give him an axe and ideally some armor too!!

    28. JaegerNoon on

      I assume he will throw his dog as they do in the KoW game.

    29. VorpalPoolNoodle on

      2 hopes for the bartender: 1) the dog is a separate miniature, controlled separately and 2) he stows the mug on his belt and gets a trusty old Axe from his adventuring days. Otherwise I dig the unarmored apron look.

    30. Eoghan "Ahab" Page on

      Most fantasies don't allow wizards wear amour so I don't expect wizard minis to wear it, it's more so the lack of a weapon on the dwarf I don't like (also the fact he's a dwarf lol)

      As I said before @Megatron it's a case of each to their own. And my opinion is that I prefer the Gabrielle model, you're entitled to your opinion also

    31. JaegerNoon on

      Gabrielle was wearing a little white dress with knee high boots. Were we supposed to be coming armour?

    32. Eoghan "Ahab" Page on

      Well said @Matt give us the same model with some minor changes to the face and colour change and problem solved

      I really can't see how most people prefer a mini that has a cup for a weapon and an apron for armor, but each to their own I suppose :)

    33. Matt Drake

      I absolutely agree with the people who A) had no idea Gabrielle was supposed to be from somewhere else (and I still can't figure out who, even after some rather pointed Internet seraches) and B) don't care and just want a female wizard. Like rollntider said, give her black hair and a blue gown and forget the license. If the almost-celebrities at Geek & Sundry aren't flattered, who needs 'em anyway.

    34. Eoghan "Ahab" Page on

      Glad to see I'm not alone on this one :)

    35. rollntider on

      ugh, my favorite model is now gone. I really liked the female wizard. Paint her hair black and use a blue gown... problem solved.

    36. Luke Howell-Williams on

      @Robert- Totally agree with you, never heard of them myself, but if they do a bit of promo on their end and it draws in more pledge $$$ then it could be a great move for the KS.

    37. Robert Mills

      +1 as add on Codex [+ guild figs] should draw in the $$$
      I do hope we get a generic female Wizard added to box however

    38. Matt Gilbert on

      Well I'm all for getting lots more backers :)

    39. Night Haunter on

      The Beano wish to engage in discussions about the dog called Gnasher...

    40. JaegerNoon on

      Well Rob you might be right I mean money is money in KS and i would quite like to see 3D furniture and if someone from G&S makes that happen then I'm all for it.
      Though it might make a better add on rather than something included in the box that way they could do all the guys/girls/whetons?

    41. Robert Mills

      Well over 2 million more people, than this KS has, have.

      Id love to have Mantic draw in people from outside the normal group and doing stuff like the G&S tie in, would be good for Mantic and maybe this KS imo

    42. Matt Gilbert on

      I'd never heard of G&S either...

    43. Robert Mills

      @Matt love the idea of a tavern rumble

    44. Robert Mills

      @Megatron I didn't suggest 2 million would drop $100 but I know some people would, just saw someone bid $1000 on a signed poster so its not a stretch to suggest people would be tempted by this. After all most fans are gamers - the Guild was on Xbox and G&S has tabletop which sells games to folks via the power of Wil Wheaton

      Anyway I guess we shall see if G&S cut a deal with Mantic

    45. Matt Price on

      I also fall into the barkeep awesome! Would really like to see more female heroes, but we'll get there, ya? Druid cool too.

      But could you add a tavern scenario? Heroes are recuperating, counting their gold... BAM! Chaos erupts! Skellies everywhere!!!

    46. JaegerNoon on

      -Suggests that 2 million fans will buy a $100 boardgame because of a parody figure of a character they that is blinkered

    47. Mictlan

      Well, I'm interesed to know if the bulldog is going to be an independent character or a companion

    48. Last Grimm on

      Think the general feeling is to drop her and stick with the barman , then redo a new SG for a female cleric/mage and move along , can only see it going as an optional buy if they do agree something so keep it in your own setting :)