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Dungeon Saga is a classic adventure board game where mighty heroes battle evil monsters in a tight and twisting fantasy dungeon!
Dungeon Saga is a classic adventure board game where mighty heroes battle evil monsters in a tight and twisting fantasy dungeon!
5,963 backers pledged $1,057,975 to help bring this project to life.

Dungeon Saga novel now available - read an extract!

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Hi everyone,

Just a quick update to say a digital version of the Dungeon Saga novel should now be available in your libraries! We're sorry that the novel took so long to reach you... unfortunately the original author let us down, so we had to start from scratch, which significantly delayed the whole thing.

 However, the new author John Roberts has done an absolutely fantastic job and has created a particularly atmospheric take on the Dungeon Saga adventure, featuring the main characters going up against the evil Mortibris. It certainly sent chills down our spine!

Here's a quick extract for those yet to read it:

Deep in the dark belly of Dolgarth he writhes, bathed in the light of his weirdfires. Their sickly glow washes over him as the elven powders burn within them. Sorcerous, narcotic smoke drifts about his face and he breathes deeply. Lines and eddies of power crackle across his brain as his tongue seeks out his dry lips. His moan echoes in the darkness as his body rises, tense with the shimmering potential of magic. Then he slumps once more into the throne and he exhales.

He can feel them. Tendrils of awareness shake through his new domain like strands of spider silk stretching from dead to dead, all the way down to his languid mind. One is a magician. He can sense the familiar pressure of the young man’s currents rippling against his own. The other is an elf, the bright flare of her life radiating in the gloomy puissance of his awareness; his power. It was greater now than ever.

Mortibris let his eyes crack open. He smiled as he saw the Tome clutched in dead, fleshless hands. The dead crouched in the centre of his array of weirdfires, nursing the book as though it were as delicate and fragile as a newborn lamb. Mortibris was not yet bold enough to risk touching it himself. Instead he closed his eyes once more and let his awareness drift into that hollow skull and from its black pits he peered. 

Horrible stuff... in a good sense, that is.


Also, just in case you've missed it, we're currently in the final days of the TerrainCrate Kickstarter. This is a campaign to fund a range of plastic, fantasy scenery that's perfect for adventure games like Dungeon Saga.

 We're currently approaching the $500,000 mark and have unlocked some awesome scenery pieces, as seen above. The furniture was always one of the most popular aspects of Dungeon Saga, so we're delighted to be able to make more!

Don't miss the TerrainCrate Kickstarter, it ends on Sunday!

Dungeon Saga available in Spanish

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

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Star Saga countdown! Five reasons to back Star Saga

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

It’s been an exciting few weeks on the Star Saga Kickstarter and as we approach the end of the campaign, we wanted to give you an update and explain why you should jump on board.

The Star Saga Kickstarter campaign now features:

  • 90 Miniatures
  • Five Kickstarter exclusive characters and an exclusive campaign
  • Rules for using Warpath characters as minions
  • A Veer-myn expansion, with two new expansions just around the corner
  • Brand new Nameless miniatures

But just in case you need more great reasons to back, here are five of the top reasons to support Star Saga on Kickstarter

Sci-fi Dungeon Crawling!


This is a genre that we don’t think has been explored to its full potential and Star Saga aims to change all that. You’ll be blasting lasers down corridors, placing sentry guns, hacking computer terminals, facing off against a deranged psychic Chovar, hunting down futuristic equipment, uncovering secret plots, desperately trying to stop security alarms and taking on horrific Plague experiments.

Even better, the experience will never be quite the same, as you can play campaigns with different mercenaries, thanks to Star Saga’s points-based selection system, while the evil Nexus Player will have to adapt their plans on the fly thanks to the random action/event cards. This means the replay value is superb.

Create your own Mercenaries


Along with the core game, the Star Saga Kickstarter comes with the brilliant Character Creator expansion. This detailed book explains how to create your own character by choosing their race, attributes, bonuses and even spectacular feats that can dramatically change the outcome of a mission.

Thanks to the Character Creator you’re not limited to those mercenaries included with the pledge. In fact, you can use any miniature in your collection and create a mercenary that perfectly captures their appearance… a goblin sniper, a Brokkr engineer or Asterian Overseer.

And why stop there… what about a time-travelling physician? A bounty hunter that likes to shoot first (allegedly)? A lord of the stars? The choice is yours… if you’ve got a miniature, you’ve got a merc.

The Eiras Contract is just the beginning…


Also included in the Kickstarter pledge is the Mission Creator. This is for those people who love to craft their own adventures and write their own action-packed storylines.

Even better, the Mission Creator includes a Bestiary with a wide selection of races from the Warpath universe, which allows you to use them as enemy units in your own campaigns.

So, if you already own a massive collection of Asterians, Marauders or Forge Fathers, for example, this means you’ll be able to get even more fun from your miniatures by using them in Star Saga. As gamers, we don’t always have time for a full-on game of Warpath, so Star Saga will scratch that sci-fi itch when you want to dig out your favourite minis from Deadzone or Warpath.

The Nameless!


Need we say more? The Nameless have always been one of our most popular races thanks to their appearance in Dreadball, along with Project Oberon in Deadzone. So we thought Star Saga was a fantastic opportunity to not only give them a leading role in the Kickstarter exclusive campaign, The Fear in the Darkness, but also flesh out their background too. Who would like to see them as a Deadzone faction too? Well… only time will tell!

Veer-myn, Rebs and Nameless expansions


We’ve already funded Retake the Blackstar Station, which is an expansion starring the Veer-myn aboard a space station but earlier this week we unveiled two new expansions that will be unlocked at $325,000… so we need your support to make sure we reach them.

The Devil’s Betrayal features a raid on a Rebs base, as Francesco ‘The Devil’ Selvaggio encounters some characters from his past, who aren’t too pleased to see him. Meanwhile, Terror in the Deep introduces two new mercenaries and a Nameless boss in this action-packed adventure that takes place in a biosphere underwater.

Even better, once funded you’ll be able to grab all these bundles – along with the Beyond Eiras Mission Book – for the fantastic price of $75.

What are you waiting for? Check out the Star Saga Kickstarter now!

Gamebook update, Black Fortress, novel update and Rules Committee

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Hi backers,

It’s about time for an update on your Dungeon Saga digital content:

2nd Adventure gamebook

Winter’s Knight, the second Dungeon Saga gamebook is being written by Tom Pike. It’s currently being playtested and once Tom has updated it based on player testing and the art is done, we can move on to making it available for you digitally.

Also, rather excitingly, the first gamebook has been physically printed and will be available to buy in December! We’ve had 500 of these printed alongside our first Warpath novel and will look at a way to have Dungeon Saga Kickstarter backers have first access to this initially limited run.

Black Fortress Campaign

This has been written and is currently being uploaded and then prepared for distribution. It should be available to you very soon! As soon as it’s added we will let you know.

Dungeon Saga Novel

This project was started but unfortunately we're sorry to say the author we commissioned has let us down and abandoned the project, so this has not been completed. We are now looking at our options for a solution to resolving this situation. As soon as we have more information on this we will let you know.

Rules Committee

In case you missed the previous update ( we are looking to form a Rules Committee for Dungeon Saga. We already have successful RCs for our other game systems and we’d like a team to work with us to support Dungeon Saga in the same way. With their help we will make sure we have good rules support and new content for Dungeon Saga for years to come.

More details about how to apply for the RC are here:

Rules Committee, Star Saga & Revised DS Rules

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Hey Everyone.

We recently announced the formation of a Dungeon Saga Rules Committee!  

As some of you may know, a number of our games are supported by a hand-picked elite team of gamers from the community who form these rule committee groups. For each game, the committee advises us on playtesting, new game content and rule changes, and more.  

Over the years these groups have proved invaluable to the creation of our games, serving as a conduit for suggestions, feedback and requests from our fans. They help support our games in ways only they could!  

If you would like to be a part of this very special and elite group for Dungeon Saga, and be engaged in the ongoing support and development of your favorite Dungeon Crawler, please read on!  

Please note that we are only looking for a small team so we need to make sure that each member has the skills we need to make it successful. If you are interested in applying for the Dungeon Saga Rules Committee, email with the following details:  

1. A brief description about you and the games you play, why you want to join the RC and why you are the right person. 300 words max please!  

2. How long you have been playing Dungeon Saga for with your gaming group.  

3. Any fan-based material you have created (with links).  

4. A small example scenario you have created for the game as an example of your work. The scenario should have a narrative introduction of up to 250 words.  

The closing date for application for the DS RC will be October 14th, 2016 and the chosen members announced shortly afterwards. And who knows – if the DS RC proves a success, it might expand into Star Saga too! Good luck!

Moving on, I'm sure by now many of you have seen our latest game launched on kickstarter this week, STAR SAGA: THE EIRAS CONTRACT.  It is very much a successor to Dungeon Saga, built on the same core rules as this game, but with refinements and updated rules to give it a sci-fi theme, and improve issues discovered in Dungeon Saga.

We recently released the Alpha Rules for Star Saga, which you can download HERE.  

Since posting these rules, and the playtest video that accompanies them, our backers have provided us with some great feedback.  There have also been many calling for us to port over some of the refinements to Dungeon Saga.

...and that's exactly what we'd like to do!

Once Star Saga is complete, we plan to create the Dungeon Saga Rulebook: Revised Edition, bringing in all of the refined rules we are developing for Star Saga.  This will be available to ALL backers of both Star Saga and Dungeon Saga as a FREE download.  

Right now though, we invite everyone to download the Star Saga alpha rules and test out the game for yourself!