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More violence, intimidating sponsors and all-new teams, Xtreme is a whole new way of playing Dreadball - The Futuristic Sports Game!
More violence, intimidating sponsors and all-new teams, Xtreme is a whole new way of playing Dreadball - The Futuristic Sports Game!
2,482 backers pledged $575,755 to help bring this project to life.

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Kickstarter Weekly Update


Hi all!

Welcome to the first weekly Mantic Kickstarter update.

The purpose of this update is to keep you informed with all of the latest goings on and insights to all of our projects - and bring you plenty of cool previews and sneak peaks too! Who knows what you mind find ;)

This update covers, in the following order:

- DreadBall Xtreme 3rd Wave Shipping

- Deadzone

- Dungeon Saga

- Kings of War

Have a read and let us know what you think in the comments.



Dreadball Xtreme Wave 3

Shipping is well under way for Frenzy backers... and we've increase the team with some extra experienced shippers in to ensure we get it all out as accurately and speedily as possible.

Pickers hard at work
Pickers hard at work


Pledge Manager closing date: 27th July 2015 at Midnight BST.
This is your only chance to confirm your Kickstarter shipping address and update your pledge.

Last Chance for Lockdown

During the Kickstarter we launched a spectacular deal called Lockdown - it included all the rules and scenery you need to play, as well as several boosters so that you got practicularly all of the new miniatures from the Kickstarter.

It's an insane deal - $600 worth of kit for $215 - and one we'll never be able to offer again. We recommend upgrading your pledge to LOCKDOWN if you can because you'll never be able to again.

Industrial Scenery

Tooling is well underway with all of the plastic kits, and this week we had the first test shots of the Industrial Scenery through from our manufacturer.

Stewart got busy building some up which you can see below.

Deadzone Scenery
Deadzone Scenery
Deadzone Scenery
Deadzone Scenery

Dungeon Saga

Offered right at the end of the Kickstarter, we've got the first resin masters of the Vampire and Funny Bones in from our manufacturers - and Ravenna makes an appearance too.

We grabbed a quick shot before they are given to the painters...

Vampire, Ravenna the Witch and Funny Bones
Vampire, Ravenna the Witch and Funny Bones

 Kings of War

Shipping is due to start soon and in this updates we've got some shots of the Wound Markers and the Token set to show off!

If you missed these in the Pledge Manager or wanted to get more of them then you can pick them on on pre-order through the Mantic Store

Acrylic Counters
Acrylic Counters
Acrylic Counters
Acrylic Counters
Damage Trackers
Damage Trackers
Damage Trackers
Damage Trackers

And Finally...

As always thank you very much for you support - let us know what you think in the comments.

Until next week!

Wave 3 - The Final Batches and some changes to Updates.


Those of you who have seen Mission Control will have noticed a slight change on Friday in that the final parts are listed as in the warehouse.

This means the final stage of shipping is here and we will be going ahead at full steam to get these shipped out, whilst still keeping the quality of the picking as high as the initial batches.

Cards and Tokens
Cards and Tokens

I also just wanted to apologise for adding the wrong date last time to the Mission Control. I had the expected delivery as 27-Jul-2015 not 17-Jul-2015, (that was wishful thinking due to annual leave - Rich)

As before we intend to start with Australia/New Zealand and then move on to US/CAN, RoW and EU.

Lastly some news on Updates that some may have already seen.

From Wednesday we will be moving to a weekly update that will cover all of our Kickstarter’s in one play. It will have more info about what’s going on, sneak peeks behind the scenes and info about how close the KS is to shipping.
If you have backed multiple KS with us – you’ll also only need to open 1 email – everything will be covered in 1 place. We really hope that will give you more info about the projects you’ve helped make happen and how they are developing.

In the Mantic way we will trial this and take on board the feedback.

Thanks again for all of your support,

The Mantic Team

PDF Rulebook Digital Editions



We’ve now sent a private message to you with download links to the PDF digital editions of the remaining books. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for the message to come through.

The message contains links to:

- Season Five

- Season Six

- Xtreme Xpansion

- Challenge Cup (including cards and map)

We hope you like them!

Next Update: Shipping Progress

DBX Wave 3 Shipping update


Hi guys,

Time for a quick update. We've shipped about a third of the final orders now and Mission Control has been updated.

As you can see below we have Season 5, 6 and The Challenge Cup in the Warehouse so things are happening behind the scenes and moving forwards.

Dreadball Season 5, 6 plus The Chellenge Cup
Dreadball Season 5, 6 plus The Chellenge Cup

We're getting these books wrapped up and processed into web-friendly PDFs - those will be with you soon!

Customer Service

A quick reminder to please only message us if your package has not been delivered by the following dates based on the regions below:

UK/EU - 31st July.
US/Canada/Rest of the World - 7th August

If your delivery arrives and is unfortunately missing anything please complete the Missing Items Form.

Thank you all for your support.

The Mantic Team

Xtreme Wave III is now shipping


The news you’ve all been waiting for – shipping time has arrived!

Shipping – The Plan

Shipping started on Monday and will likely finish around the 2nd or 3rd weeks of July. This time period means that we can focus on getting these orders right first time.

We are starting with the Rampage pledges, before moving onto the Frenzy pledges second as we waiting on a few final printed components to complete these pledges. Those are due at the end of next week.

Mission Control has now been updated with all of the current information.

Customer Service

Please note that we have over 2500 packages to ship out in the next three-four weeks. We will continue to keep you updated with how shipping is progressing, but please do not email us to ask where your package is.

Please only message us if your package has not been delivered by the following dates based on the regions below:

  • UK/EU - 31st July.
  • US/Canada/Rest of the World - 7th August

Our experienced shipping team will be doing their best to ship as accurately as possible, but these are large, complex orders and there’s a lot of them – unfortunately sometimes mistakes happen or things get broken.

Please take the time to carefully check what you receive against your packing list and if there’s something missing please let us know by filling out the missing items form here.

We will start reviewing any forms submitted on the 3rd August, and shipping soon after.

What can I expect?

Wave Three contains over six months of retail releases, including:

DreadBall Season Five

Note that we will be shipping Season Five to our retailers at the same time as shipping the Kickstarter.

With the exception of the Perestia Prime Correctional Facility, the remainder of the Wave 3 shipping is either exclusive to the Kickstarter or as much as 6 months ahead of retail-release.

DreadBall Season Six

DreadBall Xtreme Xpansion

Judge Dredd

And more besides!

There is an awful lot of DreadBall coming your way!

DreadBall Going Forward

Once you’ve got your package, you’ll want to get your teams on the pitch as quickly as possible.

Later this year we will be releasing an organized play pack, and a dedicated DreadBall website with a full rankings system, as well as updated FAQs and Errata to support the community. More details on all of this to follow.

There will also be a DreadBall themed Open Day on the 21st November at Mantic HQ, and of course there’s also the DreadBall Regional Tournaments and the North American DreadBall Circuit events that you can participate in.

And finally…

All of the writers, designers, artists, and sculptors have worked tremendously hard to get DreadBall Xtreme produced and ready for shipping. We are exceptionally proud of the hard work that has gone into making it all a reality, and we cannot wait to get all of it into your hands.

Thanks for your patience whilst we’ve got all this made, and whilst we get it all shipped out.

The Mantic Team