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More violence, intimidating sponsors and all-new teams, Xtreme is a whole new way of playing Dreadball - The Futuristic Sports Game!
More violence, intimidating sponsors and all-new teams, Xtreme is a whole new way of playing Dreadball - The Futuristic Sports Game!
2,482 backers pledged $575,755 to help bring this project to life.

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Xtreme Wave III is now shipping


The news you’ve all been waiting for – shipping time has arrived!

Shipping – The Plan

Shipping started on Monday and will likely finish around the 2nd or 3rd weeks of July. This time period means that we can focus on getting these orders right first time.

We are starting with the Rampage pledges, before moving onto the Frenzy pledges second as we waiting on a few final printed components to complete these pledges. Those are due at the end of next week.

Mission Control has now been updated with all of the current information.

Customer Service

Please note that we have over 2500 packages to ship out in the next three-four weeks. We will continue to keep you updated with how shipping is progressing, but please do not email us to ask where your package is.

Please only message us if your package has not been delivered by the following dates based on the regions below:

  • UK/EU - 31st July.
  • US/Canada/Rest of the World - 7th August

Our experienced shipping team will be doing their best to ship as accurately as possible, but these are large, complex orders and there’s a lot of them – unfortunately sometimes mistakes happen or things get broken.

Please take the time to carefully check what you receive against your packing list and if there’s something missing please let us know by filling out the missing items form here.

We will start reviewing any forms submitted on the 3rd August, and shipping soon after.

What can I expect?

Wave Three contains over six months of retail releases, including:

DreadBall Season Five

Note that we will be shipping Season Five to our retailers at the same time as shipping the Kickstarter.

With the exception of the Perestia Prime Correctional Facility, the remainder of the Wave 3 shipping is either exclusive to the Kickstarter or as much as 6 months ahead of retail-release.

DreadBall Season Six

DreadBall Xtreme Xpansion

Judge Dredd

And more besides!

There is an awful lot of DreadBall coming your way!

DreadBall Going Forward

Once you’ve got your package, you’ll want to get your teams on the pitch as quickly as possible.

Later this year we will be releasing an organized play pack, and a dedicated DreadBall website with a full rankings system, as well as updated FAQs and Errata to support the community. More details on all of this to follow.

There will also be a DreadBall themed Open Day on the 21st November at Mantic HQ, and of course there’s also the DreadBall Regional Tournaments and the North American DreadBall Circuit events that you can participate in.

And finally…

All of the writers, designers, artists, and sculptors have worked tremendously hard to get DreadBall Xtreme produced and ready for shipping. We are exceptionally proud of the hard work that has gone into making it all a reality, and we cannot wait to get all of it into your hands.

Thanks for your patience whilst we’ve got all this made, and whilst we get it all shipped out.

The Mantic Team

Player Manual Download


We are building up to the bulk of the DreadBall Xtreme shipping, which starts in the next couple of weeks (more accurately, the week commencing 22nd June).

This week we offered up an update on the DreadBall Xtreme Player Manual – as part of that update we said that a section of the rules would be available to download now.

Instead we’ve run off a PDF of the whole book so you can have a look at all of the rules in the Player Manual whilst we get the Mantic Digital version made.

Download: DreadBall Xtreme Player Manual

Take a peak, give them a try and let us know how your games go when trying them out. Bonus points if you take photos and post them on our Facebook page.

All-Star Teams

One of the questions we’ve been asked this week is about the digital All-Stars MVP rules.

The All-star rules were a really neat concept so rather than make them digital content, we've actually printed these rules in the Player Manual.

As a result, ANY Sponsor can now make up an all-star team of MVPs - which is really cool!

So, what does that mean for Eclipse? Well, this move – making a better book - did make Eclipse kind of lose her cool thing. So we worked hard on what would make her special again, and so she’s been upgraded to a Challenge Cup MVP along with the likes of Alo-khan, Blitz, Hexan and Eko’o.

This’ll mean you’ll get to play with the player on the pitch, with full rules presented in the Challenge Cup. Now she'll be playing ball in The Gauntlet, the Maenon venue.

Using Eclipse and Ardia Shi’lek as sponsors:

This doesn’t mean that Eclipse cannot still represent a Sponsor.

The Player Manual includes rules for building your own, and there is an example "Build your own sponsor" in the Player Manual, which is Ardia Shi'lek. 

Using these rules, there's nothing stopping you building Eclipse or any other MVP, Coach, Cheerleader or DreadBall model as a sponsor - giving you more choice and flexibility in how you use your figures.

We hope that you like this improvement to the rules and Eclipse – and we hope you enjoy reading the Player Manual rules!

Xpanding Xtreme



We are rapidly approaching the shipping date for the third and final wave of DreadBall Xtreme – and the bulk of the shipping. We are expecting to ship the first Rampage pledges the week commencing 22nd June.

Mission Control has now been updated and shows that we are just waiting for the final bits of print to finish up in design and proofing, before a quick print turnaround and transit back to the warehouse to coincide with the Deluxe DreadBall mat and the Customizable DreadBall Tiles arriving.

Speaking of which…

The Xtreme Xpansion set was included as part of Rampage pledges and up, and builds on two of the most unique facets of DreadBall Xtreme: the variable pitches and building your own team aspects.

Here is the art for the Xpansion cover:

Xtreme Xpansion

The Xtreme Xpansion turns up the violence to 11 by making the DreadBall pitch itself even more dangerous. The 24-page full colour rulebook includes rules for using the customisable pitch tiles and new and deadly traps. You can build your own pitches, or choose one of the six different variants we’ve suggested in the rulebook.

There are also rules for using the Medi-Bot in Xtreme, as well as four new DreadBall Giants…

 DreadBall Iron Ancestor

 DreadBall Krastavor

 DreadBall Sann-Gar

DreadBall Chovar

These can also be used as GIANT MVPs in original DreadBall using the rules in the DreadBall Season 6 rulebook.

Xtreme Player Manual

The DreadBall Xtreme Player Manual has turned into an 80-page full colour expansion book. It has one aim: to allow you to play Xtreme with any DreadBall Player.

It includes rules for six sponsors, each with their own personalities and preferences on which type or race of player they’d include in their DreadBall team. You’ve already got Blaine and the Warden – here are the remainder:

Rathmar, Kraato Gon, The Shojuun and Dr Kain.

These sponsors allow you to build a team from any DreadBall player.

If you wanted, every single player in your team could be different…

There is also a section which includes all of the stats and rules so that you can play any DreadBall team in Xtreme. We’ll be sending out the rules for this during this week so that you can get and try it out.

And finally…

It’s been a massive job getting three full seasons of DreadBall ready and what amounts to two expansions for Xtreme, and we can’t wait to get these in your hands. We’re really proud of all of the work the team has put in, and we hope that comes across when you see the finished goods.

Let us know what you think of the new bits and pieces above in the comments – it won’t be long until they are in your hands.

Xpanding Xtreme



Here are our Day 4 Reveals for DreadBall Xtreme:

Player Manual

DreadBall Xtreme offers many unique bits of gameplay, though nothing quite as dynamic as choosing which players go into your team.


In Xtreme, you will assume the roles of a Sponsor: either Blaine or the Prison Warden Rasulov. 

With the Xtreme Player Manual, this system is vastly expanded…

You can play any DreadBall team in DreadBall Xtreme

The Player Manual contains rules for building your own Sponsors, and we’ve built a selection of custom Sponsors with all of the necessary traits to use the current DreadBall team compositions in DreadBall Xtreme.

What this means is that the Xtreme Player Manual includes everything you need to play an existing DreadBall team in DreadBall Xtreme, in one simple book.

You can build your own team from any player in the DreadBall range

There are 4 new Sponsors outlined in the DreadBall Xtreme Player Manual. Along with Blaine and the Warden, each of the new sponsors has their own unique personality and preferences when it comes to building a team.

These are called Groups.

The Player Manual also includes all of the rules and stats for every different type of player in DreadBall – including MVPs and Giants. These DreadBall players are assigned Groups and three different costs, depending if there relationship with a Sponsor is a Stranger (0 matching groups), Ally (1 matching group) or Friend (2+ matching groups).

Depending on the number of matching groups a Sponsor and a DreadBall player have determines the player’s price in MC.

For example, the Shojuun has the following groups: Outcast, Psycho, Vicious, Cunning and Vat Brother.

These groups mean that you can create and play with a team that includes...

1 x Phantasm MVP

2 x Kalyshi Strikers

2 x Hobgoblin Jacks

That's a pretty odd-ball team, but an interesting mix of special abilities presents a very difficult - and very different - challenge for your opponent. It also only one example of the many different combinations you can create.

Xtreme Xpansion

In addition to the Sponsor system, DreadBall Xtreme offers up a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.

This is achieved in a multitude of ways.

Firstly the pitch layout is dynamic, meaning at the start of the game you randomise the pitch layout. This dictates which are the active Strike Zones.

These randomised maps also dictate the second dynamic aspect of the pitch: Scenery.

In DreadBall Xtreme the pitch is littered with crates and broken pieces of debris. Before the game these crates are often booby-trapped with explosives, turning the pitch into a deadly battlefield.

This offers an exciting new challenge to DreadBall as the way you position your players becomes more important than ever.

Once More into the Pit

In the same way the Player Manual takes the sponsor system to the, er, extreme, there is the Xtreme Xpansion expansion box which furthers the concept of unique pitches.

Variable pitches

DBX games take place in a vast array of different areas, of all manner of shapes and sizes. Whilst the organisers often try to find somewhere that at least vaguely approximates a normal arena, part of the challenge for the players is that the shape and size of this temporary sports venue will be unfamiliar. While the basic game allows for a certain amount of flexibility, this is still within the framework of a fixed overall size and shape.

This set includes 14 customisable pitch tiles made out of sheets of quality 2mm thick card. These can be assembled in a huge number of different ways to provide an almost endless selection of different DBX arenas for your games.

There are six suggested layouts in the book, including The Ortiz Folly and The Deredo, and rules for building your own.

The Xtreme Xpansion also contains rules for all of this:

It’s a Trap!

Traps that go boom are all well and good, but is that the limit of the devious minds of the Sponsors? Of course not.

Now sponsors can make use of Riot Foam, Force Pulse and Zzzzzap! traps on the pitch too.


Medi-bots are expensive. Even if you’re not buying one, it’s a costly enterprise to steal and then hide it. They also have a nasty habit of being recovered by the authorities as the bots have numerous tracking and identification devices hard-wired in. The accepted process in modern DBX is to steal one just before you need it, and then abandon it after the match before the security forces move in. Temporary jamming of the ident signals is possible, and this usually buys the Sponsor enough time.

Hiring a medi-bot is a new choice for spending your Sponsor’s Extras on, and can be used in a regular DBX game or a custom one.

Multi-Player Games

When you play on variable pitches, you can choose to have more than two teams in play at once. This makes for even more anarchic games.


In the DGB leagues, it took years for Giant players to be allowed on the pitch, with all the commercial considerations of the likely injuries to be caused, the position of sponsors perceiving unfair advantages and a whole raft of other concerns. When they finally were allowed to play, they transformed the game in many ways, mostly for the better.

The coaches and sponsors in DBX had no such considerations to make, and giant players have been a feature of the underground sport since its very inception. Indeed, it was clear from the outset that the larger and more violent players were a clear boon in a game where the life expectancy of the average player was utterly irrelevant to the main aim of sponsors – making money. If a player could be found who was likely to do more damage to the other side and maybe even be resilient enough to be used again, then so much the better.

And finally...

There will be a competition in our final blog post of the day. Keep an eye out for it a little later on.

We hope you like what you see above.

Taste of the Extreme


Afternoon 'ballers.

Today on the blog we are having a a public reveal of DreadBall Season 5 to the wider community who may not yet have seen all of the shots posted on this Kickstarter.

We are also inviting you to let us know what you think of DreadBall and DreadBall Xtreme, and what we can do to better the support the community, in-store and club leagues, and competitive play.

You can take a look at it here.

We appreciate that you may have seen most of this content if you regularly read the Kickstarter updates. This post is the start of our retail promotion of Season 5 and we do try and show you everything first.

However, we wanted to make sure you had something you wouldn't have seen before too.

DreadBall Season 6 - Koris team:

Check out these MVPs out on the pitch:

And finally... the Medi-bot on pitch with the Ada Lorena.

Tomorrow we will take a look at the customizable Xtreme pitch in action as well as the first details of the Player Manual. We know that this book is highly anticipated as it will allow you to use your DreadBall teams in Xtreme.

Until then, we really hope you like the shots above, and have checked out the blog too.