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DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game - fantastic miniatures, great game mechanics and amazing sci-fi imagery - it ends today!
DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game - fantastic miniatures, great game mechanics and amazing sci-fi imagery - it ends today!
2,539 backers pledged $728,985 to help bring this project to life.

Things are getting big around here…

With the deadline for the final DreadBall survey quickly approaching (you've got until September 1st), we’ve got a special little update for you today.

Sorry, did I say little? I meant HUMUNGOUS – and not least because it’s all about the Giants!

Alpha Simian


Big Mech


Nameless Spawn

We’ve been blown away by the work the sculptors and painters have done on these guys, we think they’re great. They’re also fully useable in both the regular version of DreadBall and DreadBall Ultimate – so there’s no reason not to have one!

Also don’t forget that you can pick up the Ultimate Pitch and the MDF and Acrylic Upgrades to turn your Quadrant Zero and Co-Prosperity Park Arenas into their Ultimate equivalents on the survey too, and they come with the DreadBall Ultimate Cards and Counter Sheets.


We’re a little swamped with messages at the moment and we will answer your queries as soon as we can :)

Thanks for your patience!


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    1. Joseph Prozinski

      @Jason Moquin

      This is the last shipment. Everything that hasn't yet been shipped and produced will be sent in this shipment. If you don't get something with this shipment, which you should have received, you'll need to contact Mantic to resolve it.

      I like all the big models, there is nothing wrong with Alpha Simian. I think the proportion issues are coming from some perspective distortion issues with the photo. I bet in person the proportions will not look so bad.

    2. Missing avatar

      Isaac Wingfield on

      I see the GIANTS cost $12/each now, any word on how much they will cost later?

    3. Jason Moquin on

      Hello, good people! Does anyone know if this next shipment is going to include everything that was left from the end of the Kickstarter? I think we still have the alternate poses for many teams, the new teams, prone markers, and the Ultimate items(multi-hex players, 3rd rulebook, etc). Am I forgetting anything? Not sure. Thank you!

    4. Happy Sunshine on

      Alpha looks OK but Barricade still looks like a shitty toy to me!!

    5. Jason Moquin on

      Have to agree with some of the other folks. All of the sculpts look great except for Alpha Simian. It's a REALLY bad pose and the body proportions look off-kilter.

    6. euansmith

      Its a shame about Alpha Simian, he could have been a really sweet figure, but seems to have fallen foul of the Curse of Mantic Mediocre Modelling. Dozer is pretty nice, Barricade has turned out very well, the Big Mech is excellent and the Nameless Spawn (though less C'thonic and tentacular than I'd hoped) looks pretty sweet (though from the angle of the photograph, his right hand appears to be a hand rather than tentacles).

      But poor Alpha Simian has looks like the work of a gifted amateur. The exposed body parts have an awkward and rough finish at odds with the slick armour and his face it totally expressionless. Given that he is a large scale, centre piece miniature, I'd have thought more could have been done with his sculpting.

    7. Damien Smith on

      Do these come with bases or are they separate? Are there any images of the Alt sculpts or the prone figs? Do the Acrylic Upgrades get engravings?

      Inquiring minds want to know!

    8. Craig Fleming on

      Holy crap, the Dozer model looks absolutely stunning! I want to add him to my order - how do I go about adding more, since I just paid the PayPal thing?!

    9. Joel Schipper on

      If I selected a different multi-hex figure than the one I actually want now that I see the pictures, is it possible to change my request?

    10. Timo Lemburg

      Okay, I'll be more specific at the acryc pitch question: My goal is to get 4 arms (for 2 simultaneous 2-player matches) and the possibility to play an Ultimate game. What do I choose for the best?
      2x Acylic Co-Prosperity plus one Ultimate Upgrade?
      I thought the Ultimate Acrylic set for $130,– has everything I need except for a fourth arm. So my question was if it is posssible to get one single arm.

      Keep up the really great work, guys! :-)

    11. Martin Sugianto on

      Love the Dozer!!!please show us the size comparison picture

    12. Blindside on

      Have to say I really like this lot. Considering barricade got a lot of abuse during the kickstarter, I think he is one of the best! Fantastic paint jobs all round...

    13. Boris Pöhlmann on

      I'm happy with all of these except the Alpha Simian, whose hands seem way out of scale. Especially Dozer looks very appealing.

    14. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @ Omphalos - quite right, update amended!

      @ Timo - if you already have a Co-prosperity pitch you are only missing one arm. There is a one arm option on the survey.

    15. Missing avatar

      Omphalos on

      @Tim King : Strange ! I thought the deadline for the last survey was now september 1rst. This last KS new still mention that it's (still) up to the end of this week.

    16. moocifer on

      Great. I can make an informed choice now. :)

    17. Timo Lemburg

      Wow, very cool sculpts!
      One question concerning the acrylic Ultimate pitch: If I don't miss anything this very cool thing only misses one "arm" to also use it for two regular two player games, right? If so, do you offer a single "arm"?