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DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game - fantastic miniatures, great game mechanics and amazing sci-fi imagery - it ends today!
DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game - fantastic miniatures, great game mechanics and amazing sci-fi imagery - it ends today!
2,539 backers pledged $728,985 to help bring this project to life.

Forge Fathers are in! Now, I smell a rat...

Forge Fathers are in - thank you so much!

That's now two free Forge Father figures added to a pledge of Jack or Striker!, and the Gorim Ironstone MVP included free with every Forge Father team!

Not only that but we’ve also added the Skittersneak Stealers team to the optional extras as an add-on in anticipation of the next stretch goal!

$90,000 – Reek Rolat and Veer-myn

This goal is all about the Veer-myn!

The Veer-myn team is mostly made up of Strikers, though there are Veer-myn Guards (not pictured)

Not only will we add two Veer-myn Skittersneak Stealers players to Jack and an additional two players to the team included in Striker! but, if we pass this goal, we’ll also be able to produce Reek Rolat – a Veer-myn MVP – and unlock it on the chart!

Early work-in-progress concept art

Reek Rolat is a Veer-myn Guard MVP and his full rules can be found in the DreadBall rulebook.

BUT we won’t just produce Reek Rolat – we’ll also include him free with every Veer-myn team included in your pledge:

- If your pledge already includes the Skittersneak Stealer team - you’ve pledged Striker! ($150+) or you choose Veer-myn for your choice of team at Guard ($30+) – you’ll get Reek Rolat absolutely free!

- If you add the Skittersneak Stealers team to your pledge through the Extra Add-ons at the bottom of the main page then we’ll include Reek Rolat absolutely free! Simply increase your pledge by the appropriate amount and let us know what you want via the survey we’ll send out after the Kickstarter has closed on the 30th September and we'll include your free figure!

Exciting stuff!


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    1. Andrew Hayford

      There will be more benefits to pledging striker down the line... I can pretty much guarantee.

    2. Craig Johnson on

      That's a good point, Barry. In fact, since the $140 version of Striker has sold out, you'd actually save yourself $10 buy pledging at Jack level and adding the Forge Father and Veer-myn teams as extras. The only thing you'd miss out on is the digital "Creating Dreadball" book. There needs to be more incentive to keep me at Striker.

    3. Missing avatar

      Barry Gingell on

      Hi Mark. My point is that you could add the Forge Fathers team and the Vermyn team to your pledge for $20 each. It all seems to work out the same in the end. I was just hoping that the Striker people would get a few more figures as a thanks for the extra commitment, not exactly the same.

    4. Malochai, Exiled in Torment on

      Barry; the Jack level reward will get TWO Forge Fathers and Veer-myn, whereas Striker (which already gets 8 of each) will get another 2 (bringing the team to 10) plus the characters (Gorim Ironstone and Reek Rolat)

    5. Missing avatar

      Barry Gingell on

      Update 5 said:
      "...will we add two Forge Father Midgard Delver players to Jack and an additional two players to Striker! ."
      I read that as 2 to Jack and 4 to Striker. Is this incorrect? If not, thenStriker is not any better than Jack when bought separately. Will Striker be getting some better rewards?

    6. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @mikespike - who says they're real rats...
      @Richard - don't worry, this is just concept art, it's not the final pose :-).
      @Jonathan - you do indeed. A Veer-myn team is 6 Strikers and 2 Guards. We just don't have pictures of the Guard models yet, but we'll get some posted soon.

    7. Jonathan Haythornthwaite on

      Those Veer-Myn are my favourite DB models so far! Quick question, do we get a few Guards in the Skittersneaks set? Cheers! J.

    8. Malochai, Exiled in Torment on

      I don't think Rolat is the only 'Guard' class Veer-myn... It says ''there are Veer-myn Guards (not pictured)"

    9. Richard Clark on

      Don't mind the gas masks myself but I think if Rolat is the only Guard class Veermyn his pose would be a bit more "Bring it!". Misguided or not as a big fish in a small pond (my knowledge of mutant rat culture may be lacking here) he would probably be a bit more full of himself. Striker is the place to be so I'm getting him free anyway but a wee tweak could go a long way.

    10. mike 'comes at night,mostly' spike on

      Any chance of some ver-myn without that awful 'gas mask'? be nice to see some rat faces, currently they could be anything...