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DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game - fantastic miniatures, great game mechanics and amazing sci-fi imagery - it ends today!
DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game - fantastic miniatures, great game mechanics and amazing sci-fi imagery - it ends today!
2,539 backers pledged $728,985 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Vegabond on

      Mantic, any chance of us getting the Captain cards as a pdf download here too? I didn’t back the new Kickstarter, but I’ve already ordered the retail upgrade so I can start playing 2.0.

    2. Brage97 on


      Can any of you please reply to my mail. I'm still missing stuff I paid for 4 months ago and you're not answering any of my PMs, writings in Updates or the mail I wrote through your webpage. Please reply; this is very frustrating and disappointing. :-(

    3. Ernster on

      If anybody is interested:
      I have Dreadball that I would like to unload

      $150 Striker
      $20 Completion est season 1
      $85 Completionest Season 2
      $85 Completionest Season3
      $15 Keepers Season 1 BOGOF
      $8 Keepers season 2 BOGOF
      $15 Keepers season 3 BOGOF
      $10 Season 2 Rule book
      $12 Nameless Spawn
      $12 Alpha Simian
      Total $412.00
      I added Season 3 rulebook $10
      Total would be $422

      All unused,unpainted, and unassembled.

    4. Stilettoblade

      Hi Mantic. I'm gonna post here in addition to the direct message I sent. Your comments make it sound like the missing stuff should all be resolved. I have not yet gotten either my missing parts or any communication about them. Could I please get an update?

    5. carcharodon carcharias on

      Hi all
      This isn't for me, so anyone out there fancy taking my Striker pledge? Got everything EXCEPT coaches, cheerleaders, gabe and the mvp's. Any decent offers considered, otherwise it's painting practise mins... msg me to discuss further.

    6. Willem-Jan Bertram on

      All the products have been completed now, so save for sorted out missing stuff and perhaps an update/errata to the digital files stuff should be all sorted out now!

    7. Missing avatar

      Louis Bojko on

      Will there be any more updates actually relating to this Kickstarter other than advertising for future Mantic Kickstarters going forwards? As far as i can tell, everything relating to DB has now been completed (The last of which was the MVP stats)

    8. Bradley Lawson on

      @mantic, great thanks :)

    9. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @ Bradley - Will do!

      @ Azazel - we're working through the missing bits at the moment. AFAIK all DreadBall missing items have gone.

      @ Brage97 - the new form isn't for questions, it's for reporting missing bits. Please use the contact form for asking questions, or message us via the KS message.

    10. Bradley Lawson on

      Sent you a message over ks, know you're busy with extreme but please read when you have a chance thanks

    11. Azazel A on

      Still missing items. And they're hoping for *more* money from DBX before this one is finally fixed up?

    12. Brage97 on

      @Mantic: I see the new form to use for questions.
      Do I have to send in my question one more time via that page? We already had a discussion going via the KS-mail. Have you stopped answering questions from there. Or are you backlogged again? Smfh...

    13. ray bans

      ok found it .
      BEST place to place a message with what you are missing in orders.

    14. ray bans

      Anyone missing things, best to contact via their website contact form, as that is what they will be looking at. There was a link to it on one of the updates, but I can not find it right now.

    15. ray bans

      If you contact Mantic, they will send you a copy of what you ordered.

    16. Eric on

      Does anyone have a listing of shipment contents from the season 2 shipment ?

      Also, Is there a way to look back and see how we spent our pledge and what add-ons we chose ?

    17. Dorthonion on

      Just when you thought it was safe for your wallet, more Dreadball comes along.... oh well...

    18. Missing avatar

      GJP on

      Hello Mantic,

      I was in contact a month or so ago with Sara(?) and someone else about the stuff I still had missing. I am still missing:

      Season 3 Rulebook
      A cardboard Dreadball pitch
      a pack of Clear Hex Bases (24 or 48)

      I had an email sent to me saying the Season 3 rulebook was going to be in the mail, but I still have not received anything yet.



    19. Missing avatar

      Tequila on

      @Mantic, missed downloading Season 3 digital rulebook, care to provide link? I also sent a query to you in December regarding one missing figure from KS shipment, no reply yet...

    20. Dorthonion on

      I like the Yndiji MVP - very well painted.

    21. David Yellope

      I haven't received my replacement S3 book yet (original shipment didn't have it) hope I haven't missed out :)

    22. Vinsssounet on

      Salut Oooook ;)

      No the S3 upgrades aren't delayed, you should have had them.

      Stilettoblade > you need to use that missing parts form ! Works for you too Ooook.

    23. Stilettoblade

      I've been emailing and KS messaging for over 5 weeks about things missing in my S3 shipment (that aren't the delayed items).
      Could I please get some kind of response, Mantic?

    24. Ooook on

      I received this week the alternate poses, but there is no Nameless in the package.

      Are the S3 upgrades delayed ?

    25. Missing avatar

      Wee Kong Tshien on

      I received my S3 figures 2 months ago and there are 4 figures missing. Email Mantiac and until now not even a reply. Some more, some figures have broken limb. Very disappointed.

    26. Vinsssounet on

      I received my S2 boosters yesterday. They are just now dispatching them, so it's not time to worry at all ;)

    27. Mr_Church on

      Anyone have a clue as to when I can expect to get my Season 3 book and remaining upgrades? When should I start worrying? When should I just buckle down and purchase them at retail? Something like that.

    28. Tasker on

      @Mantic... Devils advocate time. But isn't that what the stretch goal was for? To make the moulds to make them out of plastic?

      Regardless of how many people ordered them. The stretch goal was met so shouldn't they have been plastic?

    29. Robin Lees

      @Mantic: Just downloaded the Creating Dreadball file from Wargame Vault, and there appears to be errors on pages; 7, 8, 26, 40, which all have "Chearleader" header which blocks either text or artwork on the listed pages.
      I'm not sure of there are other errors.

    30. Missing avatar

      Mike Gingold

      @ Mantic - you can say whatever you want to make yourself feel better. The fact of the matter is that ALL backers should have shipped before any retailers. I won't even address the metal minis issue since you keep contradicting yourselves depending who posts. I also saw today that your deceptive behavior is carrying over into deadzone. That now has metal minis and the street date is before many backers will get their product too.

    31. Jean-Paul van Tongeren on

      @Mantic- are you guys taking a look at the new alternate pose models? Because i think you will hurt a lot of fans with those models. Simply said there are loads of mistakes in these models. I think i can only use about 80% of the models. But you guys are still selling them on your website. I dont give a damn about a refund or something for these models. But because i really love this game i hope it will not be damaged by these kinds of "rush" mistakes.

    32. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @ Vinsssounet: "it was said it was to avoid delays, then that it has nothing to do with delay, but purely with production cost."

      Actually, it's both - and perhaps a case of too many cooks.

      We were fearful of delays and when we looked at the numbers, the Season 3 upgrades hadn't really sold enoughto jusitfy a plastic tool.

      @ Draccan - the intention was always to do them in plastic and yes, at the last minute they were put into metal, compounded then by late communication that they would be metal, which we apologise for. I'm really sorry that you've been left disappointed, and as we've said to everyone, if you are unhappy with them we can either swap them for something else or get you a refund.

      @ MIke - Our manufacturer then failed to send us the stock we requested - yes, we had the information, and yes we ordered enough. Another order had to placed and that's why they're late.

      The vast majority of backers would have recieved their Season 2 upgrades before stores did - to those that didn't we have apologised - believe me, I understand the frustration and I am really sorry if you haven't had yours yet.

    33. Missing avatar

      Mike Gingold

      @ Mantic - I am pretty tired of the excuses from Mantic regarding how there was no way they would know they would run out of Season 2 upgrade packs. That is the most ludicrous statement I have ever heard. The pledge manager tells you how many copies you need for your backers. The backers should get their before stores - no exceptions or excuses. If people added the Season 2 upgrades to their pledge during the final pledge manager, those people should have to wait. The people who backed it from the beginning and paid you September 2012 should have all their models now. That is not the case.

      Oh and by the way, when you say only a few retailers got them before the backers..... That is definitely not the case here in the USA. No more Mantic kickstarters for me. I cannot wait to see what changes are made during the Deadzone shipments.

    34. Draccan on

      @Mantic - when you say: " and we have always presented the information as accurately as we can, at the time we released it"
      I have to say that is not true at all. I think you really misled people with the Season 3 miniatures. I opted for everything and is now stuck with dozens of metal minis mixed with plastic because you (in the last minute) chose to swap the keepers and extra poses for metal. Highly disappointing for me and I have lost faith in your company.

    35. Jason Moquin on

      @Vinsssounet.... indeed. Seems like they grew faster than they were prepared for. It happens. And when you're beholden to overseas supplies for your product, it can be doubly hard to meet expectations. I have to say that Dreadball is an amazing product. I've been playing Blood Bowl since it first came out in 1987(yeah, I'm pretty old now, I guess) and have to say that I've come to enjoy Dreadball every bit(if not more, sometimes) as much as BB.

    36. Vinsssounet on

      Well I wouldn't be as hard as Clay ;)

      The only thing I found shady was the metallic miniatures being weirdly hush-hush, and official explanations contradictory (it was said it was to avoid delays, then that it has nothing to do with delay, but purely with production cost).
      This could have been bad intern communication for all we know.

      I'm pretty sure Mantic is still learning from mistakes, big or little, and things can only go better if they follow their costumer-oriented business approach.

      Seems like the company size is also a bit short currently, considering they can't answer e-mails on proper delays right now, and will have to shut every communication down to ship Deadzone.
      I guess it comes with being an expanding company. I'm sure new faces will join the party along the way and complete the company.

      Future will tell us, but right now I still have a good deal of faith to give Mantic !

    37. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @ Clay - Unfortunately we couldn't predict that we would run out of the Season 2 Alternatives and we have always presented the information as accurately as we can, at the time we released it.

      The moment we knew they weren't going to be ready for Q2 we informed people they would be later - the vast majority of Season 2 Team Upgrades went out to DreadBall backers as part of the 3rd shipment, only a small minority are left to do. A few sets were sent out to retailers yes, because they were released that month, and only because we thought we had the stock - the moment we realised, we sold them out, so only a few retailers got them - they are not in anyway available at large through trade, and we can only apologise for this.

      It has taken us longer to get the items in than we would have hoped, having come over from our manufacturers aboard, but they are due in the warehouse shortly and will be shipped out as quickly as possible. I'm scheduled into the warehouse to pick and pack them myself, because I want to get you guys your stuff and haven't been able to do that without the stock.

      We are sorry for the delay and as a gesture of goodwill we put out the discount code in good faith, because whilst we've got about 95% orders picked, packed and completed, and everyone happy, there is still that remaining percentage ourstanding and we are doing our utmost to get this done because we don't want to be talking to you about the last item of a really very large package not having been shipped yet, we want to be talking to you about that last-ditch score you made, or how many Marauder Orcs you killed in a single game. We want you to be having fun with the game.

      Jake is writing the Backer MVPs and once they are done we will post them up - he's also writing Mars Attacks and the Deadzone supplements too.

    38. Clay LeBrun on

      I feel like Lando Calrission “This Deal’s getting worse all the time”. In update 128 you congratulate yourself for finishing the “Earlier this week we passed a huge milestone. We shipped the last DreadBall Kickstarter!” how can you say that in good conscience when you have yet to send out all the product. I am sick of this I have been waiting for nearly two months for you to ship items that were paid for at the end of the Kickstarter on September 30th 2012. Now you are saying that the missing components will not likely to be in till December Second, then time to sort and pack and delivery time I will lucky to receive my missing pieces before the end of the year. If you look at the Kickstarter page the boosters were supposed to be shipped in the Second quarter. Today is Nov 26th, The letter I received on Nov First said we would get our shipments in weeks not months. I am still trying to wrap my head around how you thought it would be a good idea and fair to not save out the items that people bought over a year ago, instead you sent to stores and people who ordered them on later surveys. Did you think that because we tried to support you at startup we were the most loyal and you could abuse us the most, without losing customers. I think we can directly link the poor outcome of Mars Attacks to how poorly you handled the delivery of Dreadball. And it is almost and insult to offer a 10% discount on purchases from the store where we will have to spend more money to get any benefit at all. And it does not escape me that the new star player and any further new items will not be out until the discount has expired. I really enjoy the Mantic products, I like the style and the rules. But enough is enough. It seems that you wrote things to placate us, knowing we would not get our shipments till long after the promised time frame. And why can’t you be more forthcoming about what is going on the not knowing is adding to the frustration. And finally where are the rules for the backer MVPs are we going to have to wait months like we did for the rules for Gabe. All in all I love your game but your business practices have a lot to be desired.

    39. Ernster on

      @Mantic, thank you.

    40. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @ CrazyBaldHead - sorry, we are working through our email backlog, we will get you a response ASAP.

      @ Tim - we are expecting to receive the out of stock items by the start of next week at the latest and will ship them out then.

    41. Ernster on

      @Tim, I commented on that too. I could have just got it on line sooner.

    42. Tim Crothers

      Any kind of time frame on when we finally get the rest of our stuff? Pretty sad I can buy the game at the local game store but not get any response on when I can expect to receive the rest of my order. The crappy fulfillment is why I didn't back Mars Attacks. I figure I'm better to wait and buy it in the store than kickstart it since I'll get it quicker that way.

    43. CrazyBaldHead on

      I'm at 20 days since first contacting Mantic about missing bits from my Season 3 shipment. I know they're just toys, and I'm not losing sleep over it, but this is not what I expect from Mantic. Historically, their customer support was awesome. Now, not so much.

    44. Missing avatar


      Yeah go an email response today to something sent 2 weeks ago - was just to alert them hotmail was saying their message was dangerous, so be aware hey may have sent you something that has been blocked from reaching you.

    45. Carlos Sandico IV

      Dear Mantic : Please reply to my message. There is something that you must address.

    46. Jason Moquin on

      I received a response yesterday by a very nice fellow by the name of James. Apparently they are extremely backlogged on emails and both Sarah and James are trying their best to catch up, but they are obviously in the **** right now. I'm sure they'll eventually get to everyone, but it's certainly slow going for them.

    47. Vinsssounet on

      I also have a few stuff to check with Mantic but I'm waiting to see that period of non-answers to be over. It seems presently is not a good time to contact Mantic.

      I think they would unburden themselves of a ton of e-mails if they posted an update regarding the missing S2 boosters and S3 rulebooks, with an expected date. The little note inside the Wave 2 said it would be in our mails within weeks. Well it's now over a month. So, sure, there are weeks in months, but also in years and decades ;) When you speak in weeks, you understand "less than a month". So it may really be time to update us, dear backers !

    48. Stilettoblade

      I'm also 10 days now waiting on a response about my missing parts. Mantic, is there any chance we could get an update here on what date's messages you are working on currently, so we can get some idea how long we'll have to wait?

    49. Ernster on

      Season 3 rulebook that is.

    50. Ernster on

      Anybody get their season 3 yet?

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