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Lead your team to victory on the bloodstained pitches of the greatest sport ever played in this fast paced board game from Mantic!
Lead your team to victory on the bloodstained pitches of the greatest sport ever played in this fast paced board game from Mantic!
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DreadBall Roster Sheet & Rankings Website

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Hi DreadBallers,

It's been great to see so many of you receiving your pledges and posting pictures of your games on social media, particularly the DreadBall Fanatics Facebook Group. The vast majority of pledges have now been sent from the warehouse.

Unfortunately, due to a problem with the pledge manager data provided to us, we were short of a handful of rulebooks. This means a few of you may have received a note saying 'book to follow' on your pledge. What's more, there are a small amount of Jack pledges that we have been unable to send because we haven't got the rulebooks.

However, the good news is that the extra books have been ordered and we'll be able to complete these pledges very soon. We're extremely sorry for this delay. If you are short of a book, please remember that the PDF rules and cards are still available to download from a previous update.


We've seen a lot of questions regarding the Team and Captain Cards. So we wanted to clear up any confusion.

Team Cards - at retail, we'll be including a team card with the teams. These cards are simpy used as a reference for stats, which Kickstarter backers have in the book. They contain exactly the same information you have in your books (it's actually the same page but without the page numbers on) so you don't require them to play if you're a Kickstarter backer. However, just in case you want to receive Team Cards, we'll be making these available to purchase on the Mantic website in late March and we'll let you know once they're available.

Captain Cards - the Kickstarter included the Captain Cards for the Ninth Moon Tree Sharks, Draconis All-Stars, Matsudo Tectonics and New Eden Revenants (at the Striker and above level). We will be producing the Captain Cards for the remaining Captains in late March. Like the Team Cards we'll be making these available to purchase on the Mantic website and will ensure that Kickstarter backers receive a discount code if they want to pick them up. Each deck will contain 10 cards and we're currently planning to split them into seasons, alongside a big bundle to pick them all up.


Apologies for not sending this over sooner but here's a roster sheet so you can track the progress of your players during leagues. You can download it here.


Finally, a quick update on our rankings website. Something we've always wanted to do with DreadBall is create a website where people can see who is the best player in the galaxy.

We're delighted to say that a brand new rankings website is currently in development and will go into closed testing towards the end of January. The official launch of the rankings website will be March ready for the retail launch.

We'll keep you posted on its progress and will send over some concept shots soon.


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    1. barry morgan on

      I think we should at least get pdfs of stuff at retail so we can print them out rather than having to constantly share the rulebook.

    2. Missing avatar

      Dominik Pintera

      I have opened a ticket about updating the shipping address before Christmas and I've had no response yet, can you help?

    3. Robert J Uccello Jr

      @Peter Pasker Look at the cards that you got. In the bottom-left corner of the cards there will be a symbol of some sort. If it is just a 'DB', then it's a normal DreadBall card. If it is 'DBU', then it is an Ultimate card. If it has some kind of shield, or a little stick figure or something else, then it should be one of your Captain cards. You might also have Azure Forest cards in there, too - those look like the Yndij head in profile.

    4. Peter Pasker on

      "the Kickstarter included the Captain Cards for the Ninth Moon Tree Sharks, Draconis All-Stars, Matsudo Tectonics and New Eden Revenants (at the Striker and above level)."

      I did not see any Captian cards in my Pledges.

    5. Michele Maritan on

      So, since i still haven't received my Jack pledge i guess i could be one of the late shippings. But since there's no way for me to confirm this, is there a date after which i can assume my pledge will be shipped later? Thanks.

    6. Cynthia Snead

      Ok, based on the updates and comments here, I have two concerns: Do we not have the most updated version of the rulebook with our pledge? If so, why not? Also, add me to the list of people disappointed in not getting the team reference cards with the pledge even though it comes with the retail version. That seems like either a cash grab, or they just weren't ready yet when the box was. I dislike being expected to shell out even more cash for these after paying what I consider a premium price for what is essentially a board game. Other than that, I am extremely pleased with my all-in pledge and its quality.

    7. Alistair Graham on

      I really don't understand this. Can someone explain? Are the original teams effectively unplayable without the Captain Cards? Are they balanced as long as both players aren't using the cards?

      I went for steiner under the belief that that is what I needed to make use of my previous purchases.

      Is this not the case?

      Has dreadball 2 ended up being a "Sunk Cost Fallacy" for me?

      I'm not being snarky here, I genuinely don't understand.

    8. Willem-Jan Bertram on

      @Valerio - Just search the inbox of the email you used for 'dreadball 2 receipt' and the summary should show up.

    9. Mike Norris on

      I am a big fan of Mantic, but this update really disappoints me. This is the exact reason why there should never be a retail version and a kickstarter version. There should only be ONE version.

      Have you guys even tried to use the rulebook to play the game? Have you guys had to pass it around going from page to page to see team and captain stats?

      If you want ot have a rulebook only, great, have a rulebook. But have a reference sheet we can either tear out or copy that has ALL the team stats, and ALL the captains and mvp on one sheet.

      Don't expect us in the middle of our rush to have to constantly flip from page 158 to 185, over and over in the middle of a rush.

      P.S. How do I know those page #s will have th same team info by heart? I am sure you can figure it out when you look at them.

    10. Steven Martens // DJ Wax on

      I backed the MVP pledge and still haven't received an email with tracking code... when will I get this?

    11. Andy The Sane on

      Despite the fact that we have the team "cards" in the rulebook, it's a bit cheap to include them in the retail box, make reference to them in the rulebook and yet not include them in the Kickstarter box and ask us to pay extra for these...

      Other than that, I am very pleased with my pledge - looking forward to getting a few games in.

    12. Frank Wille on

      Thanks for the update! I trust the 'follow-up' rulebooks will contain the updated version of the rules?

    13. Missing avatar

      valerio on

      I don't find the email where are the all item I buyed in add on, anyone can help me?

    14. Fabian Roth

      Thanks for the update! Still, we would really, really appreciate it if you could post an download-/printable errata sheet for the rulebook. Thanks!