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Lead your team to victory on the bloodstained pitches of the greatest sport ever played in this fast paced board game from Mantic!
Lead your team to victory on the bloodstained pitches of the greatest sport ever played in this fast paced board game from Mantic!
1,684 backers pledged $183,853 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Brimat on

      Ahh, ignore my last question. Just scrolled down and when reading former updates i spontanously remembered. :)

    2. Donovan Stroobant on

      I would like to thank Mantic for sending my pakkage to my old address instead of my new one.
      Now I will need to contact the shipping company to get it.
      I hope that all my additional packets will atleast get to my new address instead of my old one.
      Because I really dont want this kind of running around to get something. I warned you guys that I changed my address and my old one is still in the system.

    3. Brimat on

      Got mine yesterday. The minis are nice and clean. Made a test game, rules are improved and the new teams play with interesting tricks. Have to play all my other teams next to see, how they changed. :) Good work, Mantic. Do we get a rules pdf?

    4. Missing avatar


      no tracking mail for me on this one, but dreadball did show up today.
      It's annoying when you don't know when stuff like this is supposed to arrive.

    5. Missing avatar

      Colin Marshall on

      Still not got anything, not even a FedEx email. When should I start to worry that nothing has arrived?

    6. Brian Borth on

      @Benjamin Nicholson Call Fedex

    7. Joseph Le May

      Hi there!just got my pledge and my DBU items are all missing (and other stuff besides). Please advise. Thanks!

    8. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Nicholson

      Looks like even though I updated my address the package is going to an my previous address. I can’t seem to find a way to on the FedEx website to update the delivery or have them hold it for me for pick up. Anyone know what to do?

    9. Jack Harrison on

      Good morning! Fedex said they’d delivered my package on Friday, but they’ve delivered it to my old address despite my updating it with you over a year ago when we moved! Luckily we are still in contact with the people living in our old flat, but they haven’t recieved it, and the name of the person who signed for it isn’t either of them or their neighbours!

      Could you please help me with this logistical mystery?

    10. Jundle on

      Just checked my email and saw some shipments (via fedex) from mantic to my correct address! yay! but it looks like one of the shipments has been cancelled. What the dillio?

    11. Jundle on

      Is there a way to find it what address you have on file for me? I have moved and want to know if I sent you my correct address

    12. Maccwar on

      Is it just items that were added as extras that are being shipped separately? Should we have the DreadBall Card Deck from the Jack pledge in this shipment?

    13. Matt Gilbert on

      Yes Jack pledges are being shipped. All pledges are being shipped - it's only those few add-on items that are following on in a few weeks.

    14. Mortaneous on

      I just got a tracking email from FedEx a few hours ago

    15. Missing avatar


      Is there going to be any tracking e-mail or a deadline so we know when we need to contact ?

    16. Richard Heath aka Yith on

      @Mantic are the Jack pledges (i.e. not the complete game) being shipping in this current block of pledges?

    17. Matt Gilbert on

      Yes it’s just the extra ones. The core game contains a card deck and roster pad so everyone gets that anyway.

    18. Geoff Burbidge

      I've seen people have received rosters and cards, it this just extras that will be shipped later?

    19. Missing avatar

      Gerry mcCabe on

      just got home to find it waiting for me and rifling through the boxes at the moment. Great quality and the sculpts are superb. Better yet the pre-coloured plastic means I don't have to worry about painting one mini a decade. They'll be on the table before 2018 arrives :)