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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.

The Great Unbagging


With shipping making great progress, we've taken a brief break from the warehouse to crack open some bags of models and give you guys an easy-to-follow guide to what everything is! Each picture is labelled with the bag that it corresponds to, as referenced on your packing sheet. This is going to be quite a big update - please read it carefully if you think you've got anything missing! 



This bag is just referred to as "Enforcers" - it's the bag of regular Warpath Enforcers which we've sent in the interim while we work on the hard plastic ones (as stated in Update #117. Sometimes the fit between the legs and the torso needs a little encouragement, but it's all good - bung both parts in some hot water for a few seconds and press them together, and you should find they fit beautifully! (If you've never done this before, we did a little guide over at our blog.) It's worth noting that one of the left arms is slightly longer than the others (the one on the far right in the photo above) - this is for the Burst Laser (the big gun on the right). Also, note that you get six sets of arms for five troopers - this gives you a bit of variety when putting your team together. 

"DZ Enforcers"
"DZ Enforcers"

This bag is listed as "DZ Enforcers", and contains all the exciting new bits! From left to right in the photo above, you've got the Captain, (with a choice of two heads - visor up and visor down), the Engineer, two Sentry Guns, the Assault Enforcer, the Enforcer with Missile Launcher and the Sniper. The Engineer and Missile Launcher heads are similar, but the Missile Launcher has a longer stem. Note that in the photo above, the Assault Enforcer's arms are in contact - it might look like one long mega-arm, but they are in fact two separate ones! 


"Plague 1"
"Plague 1"

 This bag is listed as "Plague 1", and contains all the big stuff from the Faction Starter! From left to right, you've got the Stage 1A, three Stage 2As (crouching, standing and leaping), and two Hellhounds. The Stage 2As' arms don't have connectors; this means they're technically interchangeable, but it also means it's can be tricky to get them matched up if you want to build them as intended. Hopefully the picture above will guide you!

"Plague 2"
"Plague 2"

The "Plague 2" bag contains the Faction Booster parts - from left to right, that's the Plague Teraton (Zombieton? Terrorton?), the Plague Swarm, the Mortar Team and the Stage 3A with Grenade Launcher. A couple of points to note: that small piece next to the Teraton's head in the picture is... well, it protects his modesty. It covers his personal area. For want of a better word, it's a codpiece. Also, that spiky plate above the arms in the photo fits into the matching connector on his left shoulder. 

"Plague Extra 1"
"Plague Extra 1"

The "Plague Extra 1" bag contains three Stage 3As - one with a Heavy Machine Gun and two regular troopers. All three heads are on one sprue, along with the left arm for the HMG. I've been told that in some cases you might need to use a bit of hot water or a bit of modelling putty to get the HMG guy to stand straight on the base. 

"Plague Extra 2"
"Plague Extra 2"

 Finally, the "Plague Extra 2" bag contains two more Stage 3A troopers. Nice and simple - nothing to add here!


"Marauder 1"
"Marauder 1"

This bag is "Marauder 1", and contains a Goblin Sniper and two Ripper Suits. The Goblin is an easy two-piece miniature, with only the head separate. The Ripper Suits are a bit more complex, but it breaks down easily. Each one consists of a body, a head (there are three to choose from) and a pair of arms. The arms are entirely interchangeable. You can then assemble one suit with ranged weapons (shown in the middle of the image) and the other with combat weapons (shown on the right). Most of it’s pretty modular, but the Rotary Cannon for the ranged suit needs to attach to a left arm. There are two ammo belts for it, depending on which left arm you use, so you’ll have a spare left over – don’t worry, this is entirely normal! If you can’t get the fit quite right, dunk the belt in hot water and it should work fine. Also, the Hammerjack (the three components in the bottom-right of the image) has the option of being assembled retracted or extended, so you’ll have another piece spare. Finally, there are some bits of detail which can be added to either suit (top right). 

"Marauder 2"
"Marauder 2"

The chunky "Marauder 2" bag contains most of the contents of the Faction Booster. From left to right, that's the Commando Sergeant, the Hulk and the Guntrack with two weapon options. The first two are pretty straight forward (don't miss the Sergeant's holstered pistol!), and the Guntrack doesn't take too much work. In the bag, you'll probably find that your Guntrack chassis has already been pushed together to make it fit - I'd recommend pulling it apart as it will be easier to clean up any mould lines. Once that part's together, the gun cradle (towards the top of the image, above the goblins) should fit into the space at the back. You shouldn't need to glue the gun in place, so you can paint up both options and keep them interchangeable. Finally, the driver fits onto the front-left track housing of the building; have a look at the photo in your faction deck if you're stuck!

"Marauder 3"
"Marauder 3"

"Marauder 3" contains two identical Commandos, a Captain and two Mawbeasts. The miniatures in this bag should go together without much fuss at all – just don’t forget to add the Hrunka knives (top left) to the Commandos! The only thing worth mentioning is the Commando Captain; he goes on a 25mm base but doesn't have an integral round base, so you’ll need to flip the plastic base upside-down. Also, you may need to use some hot water to get the him to stand flat on his base – check the link under the Enforcer heading above if you don't know how to do this.

"Marauder Extra 1"
"Marauder Extra 1"

 The "Marauder Extra 1" bag contains a lone running Commando, which is really easy to put together – just make sure you trim the small piece of plastic attaching his left foot to the base, otherwise you’ll have to deal with it when you come to paint your models.

"Marauder Extra 2"
"Marauder Extra 2"

The "Marauder Extra 2" bag contains another Goblin Sniper and a Commando. The sprue of parts in this bag should be pretty self-explanatory – most of the bits are for the Commando. We recommend sticking the Hrunka Knife in place first, otherwise you’ll have to squeeze past the guns. Finally, note that the Goblin’s head is on the sprue with the Commando bits.

"Marauder Pyro"
"Marauder Pyro"

The "Marauder Pyro" bag just contains a single miniature, in several parts. We recommend dry-fitting the arms and fuel tube (i.e. without glue, using a bit of blu-tac or something similar) before you stick them in place, as you might need to use some hot water to get the fit perfect. 


"Rebs 1"
"Rebs 1"

The "Rebs 1" bag contains most of the Faction Starter - from left to right, that's the Teraton Brawler, two Grogan (one with a Desolator, one with an Onslaught Cannon), two Drones and the Rebel Commander. As with the Ripper Suits above, you might need to use a bit of hot water if the ammo belts on the Grogan don't fit easily. 

"Rebs 2"
"Rebs 2"

"Rebs 2" contains the Faction Booster contents - that's the Kraaw, two Zee Scavengers, the TK-Zero Weapons Team (Sphyr loader and human firer) and Judwan medic. Note that the Sphyr's head is in two parts - it's easy to look at the hammerhead piece and wonder what it is if you don't know what you're looking at! 

"Rebs Extra 1"
"Rebs Extra 1"

The "Rebs Extra 1" bag contains two human Rebs plus the crouching Yndij trooper - these appear in the Faction Starter. 

"Rebs Extra 2"
"Rebs Extra 2"

Finally, "Rebs Extra 2" contains the running Yndij and the Sorak trooper. During the tooling process, we had to rethink how the Rebs were laid out in order to get them produced, and as such the faction starter now contains four humans and one Sorak instead of three humans and two Sorak.

And the rest...


 This rogue's gallery of a bag is generally only found intact inside your Deadzone box as part of your Strike Team pledge - otherwise, you'll have them packed individually. From the left, you've got Oberon, Nastanza, Freya, Simmonds, Blaine, Wrath, the Survivor and Recon. The sprue in the top-right corner is for Wrath, and holds his sword, his pistol arm and the two straps that hang down over his shoulders. The sword goes across his back - don't miss it out! Other than that, be careful with Oberon's toes and Recon's knife, as they're delicate parts!

"Random MVP"
"Random MVP"

As well as all the rest, you'll have a single DreadBall MVP (like a Mercenary, only a bit less shooty and a bit more sporty!). It could be any one of the miniatures shown above - the model itself doesn't matter too much, it's just so you can play the bonus scenario we mentioned back in Update #34

Phew! There we go - a breakdown of more or less all the miniatures we've sent out! Your packing sheet will tell you how many of each bag you're supposed to get. If you think you're missing something, check it against the pictures above then complete an Order Query Form to let us know. With the Christmas rush coming up, and the rest of Deadzone still shipping, our warehouse team's crazily busy at the moment, so we expect missing pieces will start shipping out in January. 

Thanks for reading!

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    1. Missing avatar

      M Rummler on December 21, 2013

      Have to say I'm quite happy with everything so far.
      Scenery is a bit more difficult to fit together than I had anticipated but still works well, and doesn't come apart easily (with enough of the connectors fitting in the holes... which is the difficulty I am referring to).
      Haven't had any break yet.

      Looking forward to the cheap sorak & yndij to add to my already decent sized rebel force.
      @David J. Blood do you not like the very different, (the term alien comes to mind), design of the sorak or does the model just not work well? (I haven't put mine together yet).
      If it's a problem with the model (proportions etc...) then I'll be disappointed, but generally I like the odd design (the legs look like another, larger set of arms & hands...), then again, I haven't actually seen it together...

    2. David J. Blood on December 20, 2013

      Last night, I assembled the Rebs. I have to say, with all the controversy here about the "missing" Sorak, I am glad they only gave me one, because that is the stupidest looking alien I have ever seen.

    3. Eric
      on December 19, 2013

      @Emery I've got the same concern, there's a lot on my slip thats says 2014. That being said, Mantic seems to be responsive to customer complaints so I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt atm. I'd advise tucking the slip into a safe spot so if an issue does arrive you've still got it to show them if needed.

    4. Emery Calame on December 18, 2013

      I must admit that I do worry about hand notes on a packslip. I worked in a revolving warehouse for a while and we did quickbooks with carbonless copies(which we kept as a backup). A hand note doesn't indicate that those notes ever made it to anywhere but the modified packslip. The system could show all the "ships in 2014" stuff as fulfilled for all I know. An edited packslip would be much more reassuring than pen notes on a laser printed A4 packlsip.

    5. John Sullivan on December 18, 2013

      I received my package on Friday but left Friday nite for a week and have not been able to go through the box yet. Talk about torture.

    6. Matthew Leahy on December 18, 2013

      I somehow ended up with extra 'Reb Extras' but I don't seem to have 'Reb 2' with the specialist figures. I don't know if I messed up on my pledge or not- the number of figures, the invoice, the packaging, the home page listings (Rebs2 is listed as Rebs Booster there, Rebs Specialist elsewhere) makes for a confusing mess. I'm concerned my wave 2 stuff will be messed up since a lot of it isn't even shown on the invoice.

    7. Emery Calame on December 18, 2013

      @ Marc Piwinski All Asterians and Forge Fathers products except for the metal warpath figures are in the second shipment, along with the Enforcer's boosters, the special extra characters, the AI deck, etc.

    8. Emery Calame on December 18, 2013

      So are we still getting a resin alt posed reb leader and an alt posed resin 1st gen plague if we spent $500 total? I ask because I got an extra regular 1st gen plague and rebel commander. Have the special reward ones been dropped and replaced with just extra regular ones?

    9. Eric
      on December 18, 2013

      Yeah, I've been trying to piece together the same way, except for the Enforcers, the labeling seems to be 1 for the specialists and 2 for the Booster (Which also matches up with the shipping reference.) My problem is that I seem to be short packs in several factions and want to be sure what I am missing before I send a message to their support, part of the problem being the Enforcers/Plague aren't listed under the strike team package.

    10. Kenny Ng on December 18, 2013

      Thanks Eric, if it helps, I'm using the front page of this kickstarter to check which is supposed to be the faction booster etc...although its not as accurate (not sure which is Captain, etc), I get to count how many pieces are missing :)

    11. Eric
      on December 18, 2013

      @Kenny Superglue would be what to use, don't think plastic cement will work well as they are composed of Mantics own formula of Resin/Plastic (Restic).

    12. Kenny Ng on December 17, 2013 do you glue the pieces together? Superglue or plastic cement? Or some other glue that I don't know about?

    13. Eric
      on December 17, 2013

      Can we get a breakdown of which packs are supposed to be in a Strike team, Faction Booster, Faction Specialist etc? The breakdown that came with the package is not really helpful and kind of disorganized.

    14. Randall Davis on December 17, 2013

      Got my package yesterday and it is missing 4 bags of minis from the pledge and a few d8. The packing of my box was a bit odd too... the book was stuck in between some terrain sprues and now has some gouges/dents in the cover. Not a huge thing but sucks to get a new book that looks used. Hoping I can get my missing models soon!!

    15. Tony Hopkins on December 17, 2013

      I've not had my delivery yet but I've been hearing that PULLING the connectors out leads to frequent breakages, but that PUSHING them out from behind is much more reliable. Try pushing them out with the nib of a ball point pen for example.

      I'm worried about the breakages being reported. I'd talked to Mantic extensively about the re-buildability of the terrain and how important it was for the terrain to last and be strong enough (like the old Necromunda bulkheads). All the while I've been assured by Mantic that they were going to produce really durable terrain focused on rebuildability... so I hope the reported breakages are down to user inexperience/carelessness and can be easily avoided with better technique. *fingers crossed* as I've spent a LOT on terrain in this KS....

    16. Stephen on December 17, 2013

      Cameron I am having the same problem and have already broken some as well If anyone has any advice please it would be great to hear!

    17. Cameron W. on December 16, 2013

      Is there an easy way to take apart the scenery after connection? I've already broken two connectors and I don't want that to ever happen again.

    18. Dominique Dufour on December 16, 2013

      OK think i can't hope to get it before christmas. If at last i could now if my order was processed and/or receive a shipping notice :-(

    19. Marc Piwinski on December 16, 2013

      Oh, forgot the Asterians Starter. (take them as an extra.)

    20. Marc Piwinski on December 16, 2013

      So what´s missing... Let´s take a look- it is a lot:
      1. Free Faction Starters, 1 for each Assault Team (2 in Strike-Team-Pledge)
      - Forgefather Starter
      - Marauders Starter
      2. Plague 2 (the Plague Teratron, Swarm, Mortar Team, 3A with Grenadelauncher)
      3. Marauder 2 (Commando Sergeant, the Hulk, Guntrack)
      4. Extra 1 Marauders 1x
      5. Rebs 2

      :( So much :(
      Query filled in. Hope you get a hand on it.

      Thanks Mantic- wonderful game, wonderful minis! Can´t wait to play :D

    21. Wakoun on December 15, 2013

      After sorting everything out:
      - Recon has his knife broken, a plague swarm also has parts broken (were goes what for that?) but I found the tiny pieces so the glue will be my friend.
      - No "Rebs Extra 2" in my box, I even spilled the foam peanuts to be sure :(
      - The now classic "only 6 dice"
      - 1 acrylic activation counter missing based on the content from the webstore
      - and last but not least, I think I'm missing a connector sprue, but not sure. How many are there in a Strike team?
      My calculation is: 2 Core World BZ from Strike team + 2 Landing Pad BZ + 1 fortification BZ = 5 sprues.
      I got 4, so if they snap by fear, I sure hope I have what was planned.

      So... Query filled.

      The Teraton and his Plague cousin are very nice.

    22. David Lee Seymour on December 15, 2013

      @James I went back to my emails received from the mantic manager confirmation page. =)

    23. Missing avatar

      James Szymborski on December 14, 2013

      How do we get to the list that has what we ordered? I honestly can't remember and this box is stuffed full with awesome goodness.

    24. Matt Houghton on December 14, 2013

      much prefer 2 humans and 2 sorak to 4 humans and one sorak, for both looks and game balance. real blow for me... as i really like the sorak mini.

    25. Fennek
      on December 14, 2013

      Got mine, everything present and accounted for, even my favourite Dreadball MVP which promptly went AWOL. Hope the cat didn't get him...

    26. Jason Windedahl on December 14, 2013

      @Michael Beeman... Yeah... I had a laugh with a coworker when I showed her that on FedEx with my own shipment... And to my glorious surprise... It showed up an hour earlier than they said it would... I was floored...

    27. Jason Windedahl on December 14, 2013

      Will the mercenary cards be shipped with the second batch of stuff?

    28. Krazus on December 14, 2013


      thanks very much for a very useful update... my stuff is still secreted away somewhere until xmas day. so when the time comes i have some nifty instructions and a few handy hints and tips.
      Excellent job so far. thanks for all your efforts... I am leaning very quickly, this being my second kickstarter, that not only can you not please all the people all the time. there are some people you will never please, and complaining online is all they know.

      I have a great box of goodies, I have a couple of changes to the type of uints coming, but not to the quantity, in fact on top of all the free stuff you have thrown my way, because the hard plastic enforcers were not quite up to your standards, you told em to go away and perfect it, and in the mean time you threw out to all of us 'extra' enforcers with the promise of still sending us the hard plastic ones when they are ready...

      I dont think some people realise just how much is riding on you perfecting your hard plastic process for miniatures... I was at your first lecture at the open day and listened intently as you explained that the secret to unlocking warpath is being abe to produce stunning had plastic minis...

    29. Missing avatar

      zorper on December 14, 2013

      My stuff just got FedExed from the UK to here in Denver. Stuff is loosely packed, but everything is in great shape. I need finish my inventory, but it looks okay so far. I'm assuming that they had standard boxes, thus the one box with the two boxes in side. The way it was packed minimized the movement of the minis and terrain. Made sense to me, but I guess others need to find something to complain about. Thanks Mantic!

    30. Jason Windedahl on December 13, 2013

      I can safely say that whoever packed my box did not know the first thing about packing boxes... The most comical find was that they put a completely empty brown box inside as a space filler... And dumped all my extras loose inside with packing peanuts.... PUT EXTRAS IN THAT EMPTY BOX... As a result my signed litho was shredded in the box... Sad really cause I frame those for each kick starter I back...

    31. jon s nelson on December 13, 2013

      my order arrived and i can say i am happy it does not look like it was "raped by a bear" during shipping. from what i can tell, without opening up the baggies, everything is as it should be.

      my question is for anyone who has started putting theirs together, or for mantic: do i have to use superglue, or can i use my testors model master plastic cement like i do on GW hard plastic minis.

    32. Missing avatar

      James F McCoy on December 13, 2013

      I still haven't gotten a tracking number or anything myself. Its making my paranoid.

    33. Dominique Dufour on December 13, 2013

      Still no news about my first shipping / order (all terrains stuff) to Ottawa, Canada ?!?

    34. Missing avatar

      Tony Gryskiewicz on December 13, 2013

      I'm a little disappointed that I get a human rather than an alien. Human miniatures I have in abundance as well as assorted space elfs and space dwarfs, but really cool aliens are hard to come by. That was what tipped me going with the Rebs rather than with the enforcers. But it's kick starter and I understand that sometimes things change.

    35. John Sullivan on December 13, 2013

      I don't really know if I care about the swap of and alien for a human or plastic for metal, but what I can tell you is that Mantic has some super fast shipping going on. My box left Nottingham yesterday around 4:30 PM Great Britten time (11:30 am eastern US) and it is already on a truck to be delivered to my house in small town Cadillac, MI by Noon today. How ridiculous is that. 24 hr shipping from GB to Cadillac, MI USA. Can't wait to go home at lunch.

    36. Missing avatar

      Frank-Thomas Stormo on December 13, 2013

      The big box finally arrived - and all in one piece :)

      Overall I'm pleased with the packaging. Looks like Mantic shipped my Assault + a lot of terrain pledge in a sturdy box made to hold 6 Deadzone starters. I probably will need a day or two to do an inventory, but at a glance everything seems in better shape than expected from some of the posts here.

      I've noticed a few bits fallen of some of the terrain sprues (most commonly from the fortification sprues) and one of the Antenocitis bundles boxes seemed in rough shape, but otherwise nothing thats making me worried.

    37. Vegabond on December 12, 2013

      Put me in the camp of not wanting extra humans in place of the cool aliens. :(

    38. David Lee Seymour on December 12, 2013

      Overall I'm extremely pleased with my shipment and contents, although the outer box had me worried at first glance due to it's post-shipping condition. =) The only thing I was unhappy with was the decision to drop the extra ripper arms as I actually WANTED those lol, wasn't really upset as far as the rebs swap. Everything seems to be in order except for the obvious omission of my 3 chovar, but maybe they'll be coming later? Theres a note here that my extra scenery sprues will be 2014 and I know there will be another manager later, but will there be anything showing us what should still be shipping IN our individual orders?

    39. Buzzsaw on December 12, 2013

      The problem with the simple rubric of "well, that's kickstarter for yah!" is that while these problems are, indeed, not uncommon, Mantic habitually takes the wrong track in addressing such problems.

      As Tasker points out, In Dreadball the first inkling many people had that they were not getting the models they paid for in plastic was when they opened packages with METAL models inside.

      As I pointed out below, Mantic made this change "During the tooling process". The tooling process was before packaging. Before they arrived at the warehouse. Before the models were transhipped. Before they were packed at the factory. In other words, it was quite some time ago.

      Yet now is the first time many of us hear about it. Is it a BIG thing? Depends on the person. But it is also the LATEST thing, and that's a problem.

    40. Missing avatar

      Don P on December 12, 2013

      Tasker - I don't mean to single your comments out. I'm probably responding to accumulated rage I've seen here and across multiple forums. Mantic can definitely improve in some areas. Cheers

    41. Tasker on December 12, 2013

      Also. It really easy to take written text as being grumpier than it really is. lol

    42. Tasker on December 12, 2013

      Oh don't get me wrong. I'm happy with 99% of what i've got. And as I said. I love Mantic. But for every 2 good decisions they make they seem to go out of their way to totally balls up another.

      Most of peoples bitching would be prevented if Mantic just told us earlier about stuff and explained the reasoning behind it, instead of leaving it untill after the last second or making up some crap excuse.

      Still. At least they aren't even remotly as bad as CMoN.


    43. Missing avatar

      Don P on December 12, 2013

      Tasker - I'll chock it up to different expectations, then. I couldn't be happier with the Mantic Kickstarters - warts and all. There is no way we'd have anything close to the games or the model ranges they have produced without them. You have a pretty impressive pile of minis and terrain at your disposal. I hope this tempers the dissatisfaction with what changed or was not included.

    44. Tasker on December 12, 2013

      Alsi. Damn that lack of an edit button. lol

    45. Tasker on December 12, 2013

      also @Don P... If they put up a stretch goal to produce something out of plastic and that stretch goal is met. Then that means that regardless of how many people actually order that item those that did should get the item in plastic. Not fecking metal. The money has been achieved so unless Mantic have seriously f***ed up their sums. THe product should be plastic.

      With Dreadball though we got a crap load of lead ( which i'm not 'too' fussed a bout personally. ) BECAUSE ONLY A FEW PEOPLE ORDERED THOSE ITEMS.


      Regardless of how many people ordered them. The stretch goal was met so they have been bloody plastic.


    46. Tasker on December 12, 2013

      @Don P... Gripes aside. I love most of what Mantic does. hell i'd say I was almost a Mantic fanboy. But to say they opened the box and had a WTF moment is just naive. They said they had to change what was included because they were changing how they were doing the tooling. That means they knew about the switch WAY BEFORE the product had even started to be produced.

      Why the hell couldn't they have told us then?

      I'm not saying they're being malicious but doing it once is a cock up, doing it over and over is unforgivable.

    47. HK 47 on December 12, 2013

      Guess I won't be receiving my stuff before the weekend, a pity.

    48. Missing avatar

      John D Prins on December 12, 2013

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't the Rebel booster bundle supposed to contain a Teraton Brawler and 2 Grogans? Canada Customs ate my package invoice so I can't check against it. I have one of the Rebs 1 bag but with the booster bundle I should have 2 Teratons and 4 Grogans total, not 1 and 2.

    49. Daniel Cassidy
      on December 12, 2013

      i just had a thought from read the comments 1 i am now too worried for my mars attack pledge which i dropped $200 on and right now with this i am seriously regretting that.
      2 and this is the big one we, myself included thanked mantic for this clarifying update but really why and Why was it even required maybe I'm just too used to GW cos when i get a box of models off them their are a list of contents and instructions in them and even flames of war and plastic soliders when i moved away from GW had instructions and pictures of assembly and contents why didnt we just get something like this with the bags of models. and i think like a few people have said the best thing about this was the building structures but i didnt back this project for buildings i backed it for rebs and a game to play rebs with quickly and in a fun way what i thought and hope will be a better and more fun and easy to play infinity style skirmish game

    50. Tony Pecorelli on December 12, 2013

      "Should Mantic be on the hook for a financial loss because one of those ideas didn't prove popular or couldn't be brought properly to fruition?"

      That answer depends on who you are. My answer is yes. Businesses lose investors one by one, not usually all at once. It depends on how much risk an investor is willing to take on and what their breaking point is.

      I am certainly over all happy with what I've received, but I'm also certainly less likely to invest at the level I did previously or at all. To me, that's business and it happens every day.