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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.

First shipment and terrain sprues


As people are starting to get their hands on Deadzone, some people are asking what everything in the big brown box is - entirely understandable, as there's so much in there! Being the helpful souls that we are, we're going to put together a few updates that talk you through it all! 

We aim to show you how what you ordered through your survey corresponds to a) what's on your packing slip, and b) what's in your box. This will help you check you've got everything.

Today, we're starting with Terrain, but before we do that - let's have a quick recap on what it is that's shipping in the first package:

Deadzone Boxed Game, including all of the counters and cards you need to play.

Faction Starters – Enforcers, Plague, Rebs, Marauders

Faction Boosters – Plague, Rebs, Marauders (NOT Enforcers - these are shipped in 2014)

Faction Booster Bundles – Plague, Rebs, Marauders (NOT Enforcers - these are shipped in 2014)

All individual models in the above sets

8 Plastic Mercenaries – The Survivor, Recon Unit N32-19, Blaine, Nastanza, Wrath, Doctor Simmonds, Freya, and Oberon

2 Premium hand-cast metal Mercenaries – Helfather and Chovar

Random DreadBall MVP

Warpath Heroes – Enforcer Captain, Forge Father Huscarl, Forge Father Thorgarim Hero and Marauder Warlord

Scenery – Core Worlds, Fortifications, Landing Pad, Accessories and Connectors

Antenociti’s Workshop Urban Detailing Bundles

Gaming Mats


Faction Dice

Acrylic Counters (If you've ordered these you will be getting both the Standard and Plague pack)

Resin Equipment Crates

Battle Foam Bag (may ship separately)



Paint Sets

Everything else - including the Enforcer Faction Booster - will be shipped in the second package (so please don't email us and tell us you're missing it).

Cards for the mercenaries will be made available digitally at the earliest possible convenience.

Right then, onto the terrain contents:

Core Worlds Battlezone 

Each Core Worlds Battlezone is made up of the following sprues:  

4 x Terrain Sprue 1:

2 x Terrain Sprue 2a:

2 x Terrain Sprue 2b:

2 x Terrain Sprue 3 (Accessory Sprue):

1 x Terrain Connector Sprue: 

Landing Pad Battlezone

Each Landing Pad Battlezone is made up of the following sprues:

3 x Terrain Sprue 4.1:

 3 x Terrain Sprue 4.2: 

 1 x Terrain Sprue 6.1: 

1 x Terrain Sprue 6.2: 

Plus: 1 Connector Sprue, as shown above. 

Fortifications Battlezone

Each Fortifications Battlezone is made up of the following sprues: 

3 x Terrain Sprue 5.1: 

 3 x Terrain Sprue 5.2: 

Plus: 1 x Terrain Sprue 6.1 and 1 x Terrain Sprue 6.2, as shown above.
1 x Connector Sprue, as shown above. 

In addition to this, depending on how many Battlezones you ordered, you might have additional Accessory Sprues (Terrain Sprue 3). Check the Add-On Guide for full details!

We hope this is helpful - we'll put up some shots of the miniatures, how they're bagged and which components go with what next week.

And finally...

Please note that we are still incredibly busy shipping and that means all hands on decks. During this busy period we are unable to efficiently cover the comments, so please please – if you have an urgent message, contact us via the Kickstarter private messages and we will do our best to get back in touch, though response times may still be a little while. Thank you for your patience!

Marauders take on the Enforcers - buildings painted by Paul Scott

This is a huge project, bigger than anything we've ever done - to the point where one warehouse wasn't big enough, and we've already filled our new warehouse with Deadzone! We're working as hard as we can on quality control to make sure that the orders we pick are correct.

As a result we expect that 95% to 99% of the packages we send will be spot-on, but if you open your delivery and find that there's anything missing, we've got a simple solution! Just follow this link to our shiny new Order Query Form and fill it in; this will give us all the information our warehouse needs to get your order sorted out. Easy!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Boyden Elder` on December 24, 2013

      how do you check to see if it is shipped

    2. Kenny Ng on December 22, 2013

      does anyone know how many sprues the Strike Team package is supposed to get?

    3. Wilson Mezriky on December 20, 2013

      i comment on anyone in Australia got there package yet well mine came today :)

    4. Wilson Mezriky on December 19, 2013

      any one from Australia got there package yet??

    5. Mark Johnson
      on December 16, 2013

      Oh and not having boxes and blisters for it all also saves on packaging $$, when we're paying bugger all for all these extras anyway.

    6. Mark Johnson
      on December 16, 2013

      Regarding the whole plastic wrap instead of blister bags and boxes - I've seen this before in Kickstarters and actually prefer it myself; the packaging could be significantly larger if everything were box or blister packed. As far sprues details coming loose I had 1 part loose and it was one of the sprues in the Deadzone box itself; pretty tops after flying half way around the world to Australia! Very happy camper here :)

    7. William Shepherd on December 11, 2013

      According to the new email that FedEx just sent, mine will be delivered sometime tomorrow! Win.

    8. Dreadknot69 on December 11, 2013

      Mantic, please contact me asap. My shipment has been stuck in a warehouse for a few days because they need something called a Power of Attorney or some such.

    9. Vegabond on December 10, 2013

      Mine just shipped to MO today? Agh!

    10. Mark Handford on December 10, 2013

      Including pics of what should be in the game box too; which terrain sprues, which models, etc. Thanks!

    11. Mark Handford on December 10, 2013

      More pics of what should be included would be nice, including which bags of minis and which parts should be included in each bag. I just started putting together my Enforcers and am already missing 3 heads and a few arms and guns. Also no Connector sprues for the terrain from the Strike Team pledge or Fortifications battlezone.

    12. Darsc Zacal on December 10, 2013

      @Craig. It's already been stated that no retailer shipments have gone out. Only Backer shipments.
      However if someone backed the Kickstarter who also happened to own a store, then yes their shipment would be sent out with the rest of the backers which is why you could be seeing some sets in a few stores.

    13. Craig M Brooks on December 10, 2013

      The Fedex label was printed for mine the third. Still no shipment. I see retail stores have started receiving their orders. Sad to know the Kickstarters did not go out well before the retail world got their boxes. I am so excited to get the "brown box".

      Just disappointed in these types of decisions.

    14. William Shepherd on December 10, 2013

      I am betting that they are still to busy packing and shipping orders. I say this because mine is still listed as not shipped. I hope that once they get caught up, the video will come pretty quick.

    15. Jake on December 10, 2013

      So Mantic, where are the rest of the updates that 'talk us through' what we are getting?

    16. wouter
      on December 10, 2013

      I received my shipment today. It was quite some fun to search everything between the packaging material. Why was not everything in the box? Plenty of space there.
      Everything look great by the way. And compared to many other KS's it feels quite nice to get my pledge (or at least part of it) with no delay.

    17. DA SILVA Marc-olivier on December 10, 2013

      I got my shipment today, here in France... I have pleged for an Assault team, but I have only received one Strike team pledge??? I'm very disappointed, :(

    18. The Inner Geek on December 10, 2013

      I got my shipment yesterday and started going through it. Overall it's lovely. I do wish there was a straightforward list of what should be in the box based on my individual pledge and what is still to come.

    19. Adam Canning
      on December 10, 2013

      @ Corey those are what I meant by ribbons.

      @Bruce I believe you are right about the Dreadball mvps.

    20. Bruce W Skakle on December 10, 2013

      Having been a consumer in this industry for the last 19 year i want to say to all the naysayers that the level of packaging i just removed from my first shipment was spot on.

      All available space not filled with wonderful new toys was filled with packing foam. Some scuffing of the BAGS that some of the minis were in but so far no obvious damage. Book is in perfect condition, all 4 rubberised mats are perfect as is the paper one.

      I dont appear to have anything missing however,are the marauders meant to have 3 faction decks?

      Also, whats the deal with the 2 roman legionaire lookin robot things? Dreadball mvp(s)?

      The only downside for me is the lack of an enforcer booster bundle this shipment but it was explained in the video so i knew about that.

      Anyway, i cant wait to get all my other pretty little toys next year.

      Thanks Mantic!

    21. Riptide X-7 on December 10, 2013

      What about the AI deck? Is that second shipment?

    22. Corey Wells
      on December 10, 2013

      @Adam I think the drone was in the smaller bag with the heads. It was loose from the tree either way. I can see those other items being something like ribbons. Looking closer at the illustration of Wrath, it looks like his cloak has parts hanging in front of his torso. Maybe those go to that..?

    23. Darsc Zacal on December 10, 2013

      Received my shipment this afternoon. Like the others, the box contents were loose but don't appear to be damaged.
      Unfortunately I am missing a substantial amount of what I ordered.
      The three extra Deluxe gaming mats I ordered were missing. So was one of the Medical bundles I ordered, and I'm completely missing my Landing Pad Battlezone. No sprues for it at all.
      Very frustrating.
      The minis are very confusing to try to sort out. I'm hoping for a more detailed update for them like the one we had for the terrain sprues. Once those are sorted I'll have to contact Mantic about my missing items.

    24. Adam Canning
      on December 9, 2013

      @ Corey. IIRC that sprue had Wrath's Sword and the pair of ribbons that attach to the front of his shoulders. Possibly also the small spherical recon drone?

    25. Corey Wells
      on December 9, 2013

      Something I just thought of after I checked some of my Marauders: use the available faction decks to check what miniatures you have. I know this can't be done with ones that haven't printed yet, but the Rebs, Marauders, Enforcers and Plague are available.

      Additionally, one of the bags contained the stretch goal bonus figures here:…

      Except the zombies and Dreadball MVP. Though a couple of the poses are different than the illustrations, I believe I matched up all the parts to each figure in that image. Though, there is an little tree that contains what I believe is one of Wrath's arms, and there's 2 or 3 other things on it that I can't make out. Kind of soft molding on it.

    26. Great Wight Games on December 9, 2013

      Yeah, December 3 also. On the 4th it got changed to "Shipping the 5th" but never actually shipped. I'm worried too. I would be sad if preorders get pushed out before kickstarters as well. To be fair, it's their own darn fault I'm so antsy...if they just made a less interesting and less awesome looking game people wouldn't be so pushy :)

    27. William Shepherd on December 9, 2013

      @Christian in PA. I am also in PA and my tracking info originated on Dec. 3. It is still saying nothing. Mantic is shipping via FedEx international priority according to my tracking email and that takes 1-3 days according to FedEx. So as long as it ships by Tuseday, we will get it before retail stores get theirs. My only worry is that it took longer than anticipated and retail orders got pushed out first so they can sell stuff by Christmas. We may be waiting a bit longer if that's the case.

    28. Corey Wells
      on December 9, 2013

      Details for what's included in the retail box - excluding KS extras - is on the box bottom. You should have a sort of "packing list" with checkmarks next to the items that made it into this shipment. With those, this update, and the previous one with the video you should have a decent idea of what you got.

      Granted, unlabeled bags make it very difficult to identify the specific miniatures. I understand not wanting to open them until you're ready to assemble. I could say that's what Ziplocs are for, as that's my plan. But, having at least some sort of tag - like A1, A2, B3, etc. - that could be matched up to a posted list, would have been very nice.

      I am new to miniature gaming, but I have seen plenty of miniature blister packs in game and model shops. And I've received miniatures this year from two other backed projects. Part identification and instructions seem rare in retail miniature (rare as in the ones I've always seen have had none.) And the other projects were a mixed of bagged and loose miniatures. That's why I said this is one of the best packages I've received so far.

      Considering that there were probably multiple people doing the packing, I can understand how there might be some variation in how items were packed - like where my book and other paper items were protected by the deluxe gaming mat, while others' seem to not have been.

      There were no loose plastics besides the scenery sprues. And as I posted earlier, these are of such hard plastic with thick stubs - that I can't imagine any coming loose in shipment. I really can't see that happening. And as far as them not being in bags: I've gotten a lot of plastic scale models - sprues of parts. It's been about 50/50 as to whether part trees are wrapped or loose in the box. In fact, Fine Scale Modeler reviewers often note if they are wrapped, kind of indicating it's not the norm but rather something special.

    29. Night Haunter on December 9, 2013

      I picked mine up at the open day and it was all fine. Thanks mantic.
      Sounds like some of you are more excited about complaining than enjoying what you have got.
      "I think I'm missing stuff but I really can't tell".

    30. Corey Wells
      on December 9, 2013

      I want to say about a week. At least, that's how it felt. But, looking at the dates, it was only about 4 days.

    31. Great Wight Games on December 9, 2013

      Hi all, quick question; can someone who got their package give me a rough idea how long it took for their package to go from "information received" on the FedEx website to actually shipped? I'm at a week now and I just need to have some reference to calm my excitement. I'm in the US, PA.

    32. Joseph Mallen on December 9, 2013

      I have my big brown box here and its an absolute mess. I have all these new toys and I can't work out whats what, and whats supposed to be in the core set. There is no detailed inventory of that box, and much of the bonus stuff is inside there too. Any chance we can have a piece by pice guide some time, preferably with pics? I think I'm missing stuff but I really can't tell. Now I have to open every single little bag and risk loosing arms etc as I'm not ready to assemble everything today.

    33. Scott Whaley on December 8, 2013

      mind you, having never bought anything from Mantic before, i have discovered through the comments of others and the new Order Query Form their awesome reputation to make good any mishaps with the in-bound deliveries

    34. Scott Whaley on December 8, 2013

      5% of 4306 is quite a few backers who may be disappointed with the condition of their order. fingers crossed i won't be one of them. my good wife will be stowing the big brown box away when it arrives until either Christmas gets here or I succeed in talking her into letting me do a quick inventory :)

    35. Darren L Webber on December 8, 2013

      Yes, I have continued checking and also missing four dice... and the cardboard counters... so my package was messed up.

    36. Darren L Webber on December 8, 2013

      Hmm, I have to admit, more than a little disappointed with the shipping.

      My product arrived Friday, and I have started to just have a proper look at the figures..

      Some of them look like they were kicked about the factory floor, and stamped on hard. I think I am missing figures and parts of figures, but it's hard to tell because while parts are not clearly labelled its difficult to work out what's missing. One of the goblins is missing front of its gun, the other is pointing the gun at 45 degrees. The heavy armour thing, that seems to have melted and is missing bits... I have to admit that if there's meant to be a base for every figure, then I am missing about twenty figures....

      I did try to put six figures together, before noticing the missing arms, misshapen heavy armour, etc.

      I will chase up about replacements,

      One of the problems was there was no packing in the box and so it is possible that the contents were damaged in transit. (The sealed bags however, still show damaged parts)

      Book looks like it's been slid across sandpaper or the factory floor... and the edges seem to have been flexed with a mallet.

      Scenery sprues are amazing. I was impressed, I just wish I had ordered more.

      I think I am missing components, and some need replacing.... how do I get these.

    37. Adam J Marquis on December 8, 2013

      C. Rayvon, I agree with you that there wasn't anything in the KickStarter proper that said the shipping would be loose product, but to write so much and so passionately about it marks you as a hysterical baby. Seriously, is there nothing important in your life to be concerned about?

      Anyway, I use UPS exclusively and am unfamiliar with FedEx, is it normal for my tracking page to still be on "Shipment information sent to FedEx" after a week?

    38. Missing avatar

      Kevin Bates on December 8, 2013

      I ordered additional gaming mats, were these supposed to come with this shipment or in a later one?

    39. KZ (KingZombie)
      on December 8, 2013

      Is there a place where we can go check the status of our pledge? I'm in no rush.... I just wanted to see if there was a tracking number.

    40. Colleen Rayvon on December 8, 2013

      Simon Brown,
      Your post, "It has been clear from the get go that the backers would be receiving loose product rather than slick packaging." No it wasn't, show me anywhere in the KS project where it says that we are just getting loose items. Mind you; I've made many pledges on KS; and have NEVER had anything; including miniatures, arrive in such conditions as has been posted on here - this is my factual experience MR. Brown; not opinion.
      Furthermore; you (obviously) did not understand my reference or you make assumptions based on ignorance. I did not say that psychologists are marketers nor that they are sales consultants. I said that marketing is based (in part) psychology. I have a marketing degree; to earn the degree; I had to take courses in psychology, sociology, and in social psychology... You can say what you want; I am speaking of facts. You are giving an opinion. There is a big difference.
      Fancy packaging isn't necessary; fancy packaging if for marketing. However, it does not exclude the idea that (as posters mention below); shipping all of these items should AT THE VERY LEAST; have some common curteousy; like - include a list of what pieces each model or sprue, should contain - how else are we supposed to know if we have all of the pieces that have broken off sprues or broken apart.? Or even separate things into plastic baggies; so that if they break apart; we can still locate the bits easily - would have been another option. Either way Mr. Brown... it isn't wrong, to want or expect ANYTHING you paid for & had shipped, to arrive in the same condition in which it was put into he box. If their items arrive in less than the whole condition that they were fit into the box; means that not enough consideration was given to the buyer, nor the contents... thus; my comments on sending a message of being less important/valued. Based on postings below; that not everyone's pledges were packaged with the same consideration/inconsideration. I'm glad for those of you who have had your items arrive in good condition.
      I'm merely speaking up for/about those who have had items arrive in a way that seems like the packer(s) didn't really care about the condition upon its arrival. Why shouldn't we be able to expect common shipping practices - even on KS... especially from a company that ISN'T just a new upstart.

    41. Corey Wells
      on December 7, 2013

      I received my box Tuesday afternoon, California time. I will say that it sounded a little bit like loose Legos when I carried it in.

      I still need to go through and check things against the packing list and my survey copy.

      The extra sprues of scenery are loose in the shipping box, yes. But, despite the sound of them rattling against each other, I've seen no damage. These are extremely hard plastic. I have a pair of sprue cutters, but don't know where (probably in storage.) But, I do have a pair of sturdy, Titanium scissors - and still had difficulty cutting from the parts tree the two pieces I tried. That's how strong these things are.

      Additionally, the flat wall pieces show no signs of scratches or blemishes from knocking together in shipping, or my handling of them since - and I've been putting them in and taking them out of a tight storage space. So far, they are holding up.

      The metal bonus figures were in bubble-wrap baggies, the excess baggie material then rolled tightly around them. They are in better condition then many blister pack figures I've seen.

      The plastic figures are in sealed plastic bags, like what was shown in the video on the previous update. While some of them look like the will need a little cleanup from the molding process, I haven't seen anything that looks like damage from packaging/shipping.

      Would I have preferred the spare scenery to be gathered in one or two sealed bags - maybe. My biggest complaint for the extra stuff loose in the shipping box would be that there were some extra bases for figures just floating around among the packing peanuts. It would have been nice to have those in a baggie. But, in the end, this seems minor.

      On to the boxed game. First, despite damage to many of the edges and corners of the shipping box, the game box looks fine. It's a pretty sturdy cardboard. Sturdier than the old Axis & Allies box from the Eighties, which was significantly sturdier than standard board game boxes like Monopoly.

      Again, yes, things are fairly loose in there and without any box inserts. At first, I was worried about this because of soft items like the game book. In mine at least, those items were separated from the scenery sprues by the deluxe gaming mat, which appears to have provided excellent cushioning and protection for the softer items.

      The game book is in great condition, and beautiful. You know the kind of cover that will show finger smudges, making you wish you had cotton gloves to wear when reading it. But, this is about shipping, so further "review" of the book will need to be elsewhere (for short - it's really good in my opinion.) Anyhow, because of how they stacked the items in the box, there was no visible marring of the book until I got my hands on it.

      The paper mat, as well as the other paper/card items (I believe pledge extras) look fine, being protected by the deluxe gaming mat. As I'm currently in clinic, I can't verify, but I believe the Mantic Points postcard had a little damage corner. Not a deal at all, as it will likely get much more damaged when it's mailed for redemption.

      The dice were loose. I'll want to get a Ziploc or drawstring bag for them.

      The figures are in sealed baggies, like the extras in the shipping box. The scenery sprues are loose, but I didn't notice any obvious damage, though I haven't examined them as closely. I can't imagine them fairing any differently, since they are the same things.

      The biggest issue would be the counters sheet. Some of the counters were already popped loose (I still need to check that the are all accounted for.) One pretty much fell out of the sheet when I picked it up. I'm taking it that this means that they cut the counters almost all the way through, I'm choosing to consider this a good thing. It means they will be easy to remove from the sheet without tearing the images. It's fairly thick cardboard, so would likely have some tearing when popped out if they were pre-cut shallowly. I've had that experience with games in the past. I'll want to get a Ziploc for them, though I also will be ordering the acrylic counters. Anyhow, I don't think it would matter how the game box is packaged, the counters would likely pop loose if they are cut as thoroughly as I think they are.

      Last (if I've remembered everything) are the faction decks. These are basically shrink-wrapped, fairly standard. I haven't gone through them yet, but there were no obvious signs of damage. I'll want to get card boxes for them to keep them together - probably the corrugated cardboard boxes used for collectible cards.

      Some assembly instructions would be nice, at least for the basic scenery included in the retail box (the book doesn't have any.) Come to think of it, I didn't look at the bottom of the box to see what might be printed there. As far as assembling the figures - I'm new to the hobby, but what I've seen so far, included instructions are not common.

      I'm personally not in a rush to get assembling and painting. I want to, but I have other things to take care of first. I suspect (and hope) the Mantic will post instructions/videos covering assembly of the scenery (in-depth) and figures - when the shipping rush is done.

      This is my first "big pledge" received. I would consider the packing adequate overall. I don't know about the retail box, as I don't know how, even if, it will be different on store shelves. My materials were well protected by the deluxe mat. If that's not normal for the ones going on store shelves, then I do hope they use inserts to hold things in place. For my shipment, that was unnecessary.

      For the Kickstarters and Indiegogos I've received so far, this is one of the best packaged. I've had two mailing tubes that I couldn't complain about. My other two miniatures games I've received didn't included any retail packaging, even the one that included two "Starter" sets. While adequately protected with foam/bubblewrap (and some in sealed plastic bags), they were basically loose figures/trees in shipping boxes.

      Oh, I don't remember how many, I think more than two, there were sprues of discs of a different plastic and different gray than the scenery - in the shipping box (maybe the retail box has some, too. I don't remember.) I didn't know what these were. Thinking the might be some sort of hatch covers, though there were a lot of them, and didn't notice any round hatch-holes in the scenery. While the didn't look right to be figure bases (still don't quite), I found them for sale in Mantic's shop. They are bases.

    42. Nat Lanza on December 7, 2013

      Simon, fancy retail packaging would indeed waste money here, but are poly bags so precious that Mantic couldn't have put the scenery sprues in some before tossing them into the box?

      There is middle ground between full slick retail packaging and the soup of packing peanuts and loose components we received.

    43. Morat on December 7, 2013

      Going to have to chip in to call the previous comment absolute nonsense, (except for where it deals with damaged stock). It has been clear from the get go that the backers would be receiving loose product rather than slick packaging. So I've been delighted that we all -did- get a very robust Deadzone retail box as well as the lovely things in it.

      I and I'm sure most others embrace Kickstarters entirely -because- they're not the slickly marketed guff that big companies spew out for the sheep. Kickstarters have to genuinely sell a product on it's merits and branding (thank goodness) counts for less.

      I very much doubt Mantic will ever take the advice of a psychologist on how they should package things, I'd see -that- as a massive waste of the money I've paid them adding nothing of value.

      We all want complete intact miniatures to play with. Wasting money on fancy boxes to put them in , in no way increases or decreases the likelihood of damage at the hands of the courier/postal chimps. I am quite certain that Mantic will replace anything you've received that's arrived damaged as soon as they can.

    44. Colleen Rayvon on December 7, 2013

      I met some of the staff for this company at GENCON; and found them very polite and considerate:) However, if I undersand correctly; unless we pledged on retailer bundles; our items will probably arrive loose - without a box or even a blister pack. AND that because of this; sprues are arriving with pieces broken off of them, minis are arrive broken or missing pieces.... If I may say - this is UNACCEPTABLE. Firstly; we didn't pledge on broken or incomplete items - we pledged on items we see on this project & its updates; including FULL/COMPLETE SPRUES & models with all of its parts.
      Secondly; the message you are telling pledgers - by willy nilly throwing items into the box; be it throwing extras into the main box set, or by throwing them into the big brown shipping box without product packaging - is that NON-RETAILER BACKERS aren't valuable enough to warrant a full & complete packaged product. Essentially, your lack of care & professionalism in shipping our non-retailer items... is being dismissive of the importance of our backing. And for those that don't get the connection -; marketing & sales is directly related to psychology. Marketers study habits & emotional triggers so that they can decide on how to get a potential buyer to feel like they have to have something that they don't need.
      Finally, if it came down to it - I'd rather have packaging, complete minis, & and full sprues rather than random extra bits; of which there aren't any directions for in the first place...

    45. Crimsonsun on December 7, 2013

      I forgot about the extra accessory sprues with the battlezones I though I had been given a load of bonus ones though I still ended up with an extra accessory sprue and an extra sprue 1 so I am not complaining. I got six battlezones in my package yesterday with another 3 ruined ones to come and those mats are lovely got a beautiful 4x4 table coming together!

    46. Blindside on December 7, 2013

      Is that some of the ruins scenery in the bottom pic???

    47. "DUMP" on December 7, 2013

      I'm in for about $780 on Assault Team with this survey and no notice yet. Hoping they have worked out the packaging bugs a little when they get to mine. Quite an operation for such small company. I figure it will take at least a week to get them all packed and out the door. Maybe they could talk to the Reaper guys and get some pointers as to how to get it done with the fewest errors.

    48. J. H. Kirkham on December 6, 2013

      @Brent. Im in Dallas Tx, I recieved my package yesterday, but I paid for courier service, so in the first batch out.

    49. Andrew Kozma on December 6, 2013

      @Brent S
      I'm in Texas and received a FedEx e-mail on Sunday (IIRC), but it hasn't been updated with any actual shipping info yet.

    50. Missing avatar

      david sharp on December 6, 2013

      Glad this is happening, my order arrived and so far all I can work out is that I'm missing quite a few bits. Working out exactly what has been sending me daft. Now at least I can go through the terrain, and hopefully the figures soon to send off an order query form. Have to say sadly the packaging has so far been the only weak point of this kickstarter - basically thrown into a box and taped up.