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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.

News, gossip and freebies!

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Hi there,

It’s Ronnie here! I know everyone has been waiting for some information of where we're up to with Deadzone - so here we are with a monster update!

As you would expect the biggest Kickstarter we have ever done has thrown us a whole new set of challenges, but so far we look to be wrestling all of them down to the ground, putting our Peacekeeper armoured foot on their throats and firing some slugs into their heads!

First up, my apologies to those of you whose questions we’ve missed over the past few weeks. We were holding out for the results of some of our tooling and shipping info before I could give definitive answers. That info has now arrived, boats are loaded with 5 containers of plastics and boxes - and we can now give a clear update on where we are, and what will be happening.

So, let’s start with what we can’t do!

A while after the Kickstarter ended we looked at converting the resin plastic Enforcers into hard plastic, yet at the moment we can’t do that to a quality I am happy with. We have been working non-stop at making hard plastic organics at a standard that can compete (and beat) the best out there. Over the summer I tooled a hard plastic set and, whilst it was a step forward in quality, it was not up to where I want it to be. We have since then been working with a new technique – and we are very optimistic, but we have been optimistic before and we fell just short!

During the Kickstarter we said the zombies were going to be on sprues, in hard plastic. We have been using them as the test case and the early progress looks really encouraging. If we’re not happy with the results, we’ve got some time to get them fixed – and we will remake the tool – so we can look at alternative methods before sending them out in wave two. That said, we’re quietly confident.

Work-in-progress Zombie

If the method works well on the zombies I will ensure everyone gets all of the Enforcers they ordered in their second shipment, along with the Forge Guard and the Asterian Cyphers in hard plastic. If it is not up to the quality we expect, I will keep all those kits in resin plastic as was originally planned in the Kickstarter, and we will put the Peacekeepers into Resin Plastic as well. If anyone has added extras because they were hard plastic we will of course offer the option of exchanging those for other items or a refund. I don't expect any of that will be the case, but I just want to cover all the bases.

So what does that mean? Well it means I wasn’t ready to commit the finest troops in the entire Corporation to an unproven tooling method, and possibly have quality issues.

In Update 103 the plan was to take the basic troops for the Enforcers - Rifles, Assault Blades and Heavy Weapons – from the Enforcer Faction Starter and tool them as a multi-part hard plastic kit instead of resin plastic. This new kit would have still made the same models, but would have used the different plastic. As we are still waiting on the results of the zombie tooling, we are now past the point where we can get this tooled in time for the initial launch.

However, we don’t want to have to delay the launch for not having the basic Enforcer troops, so to replace the four models that would have come in the original promise (the three figures with heavy rifles and one of the figures with an assault blade) I am going to add a free pack of 5 resin-plastic Enforcers to every Kickstarter Enforcer Faction Starter (including the Faction Starter included with the pledge levels) allowing you to get on with playing the game immediately without having to wait for the new sprued plastic figures to arrive.

These figures include components for heavy rifles, an assault blade and a burst laser heavy weapon. They are totally free and in addition to whatever you have ordered. The hard plastic Enforcer sprues will be sent along with your second delivery when they are ready and a standard you can all be proud of.

A small minority of people who have selected individual figures may be affected by these changes and we will drop an email to anyone who is, and see what they want to do. This also applies to anyone who has paid for shipping on their second shipment – as you’ll now be getting one regardless due to the extra Enforcers, so we will be in touch to discuss how it affects you – you might be able to add for more minis instead!

So – if the bad news is more free figures, the good news must be really great!

Let’s cover that now…

The Marauders

We have added a Marauder Pyro to every Kickstarter faction starter free of charge.

This balanced the game better (and gave away another cool models) and gave a more rounded force for the Marauders. In relation to this, the faction starter lost the duplicate arms for the Ripper Suits. This was both to make room on the tool and because it added little during final testing. It turned out that the Marauders got some pretty hefty pieces of extra kit anyway – you won’t be disappointed when you see the finished Hulk and Goblin Guntrack!

Limited Edition Alternate Survivor

We are making a metal limited edition of the Survivor model in a new pose available as an exclusive pre-release model for the launch through our trade partners. He will not be available to buy separately – except of course to Kickstarter backers ☺ If you want him then he can be added in the second survey which will be with you around March-April next year, along with anything else that gets added to the range.

Shipping Update

The vast majority of the models are now on their way to us, and they’re looking fantastic. We were not happy with some of the first batch, so we reworked the mould and ran it again. We’ve seen the results and we're very happy with them. We haven’t had a chance to get any photos just yet, but we are flying in some of the production pieces and will get images out as soon as we receive them. In the meantime you can check out our recent DreadBall releases for an idea of the quality you’ll be getting – it’s the same material that we’re using for the Deadzone figures.

DreadBall Big Mech

DreadBall Alpha Simian

Now, no matter how many models we have, everyone always wants more, so how about a couple of new factions?

Head on over to the Mars Attacks Kickstarter a little later, where you’ll find that we’ve now unlocked a set of faction decks to use the Martian and Human forces in Deadzone. Want to play Enforcers against Martians? Now you can! We have set it up so if you just want the Deadzone bits you can pledge for those with the models without having to buy the game (but why would you!).

If you are into DreadBall you could pick up a team too! Exciting - and a bit random! So if you feel like popping on over and supporting us we'd be real appreciative.

But what about the Scenery?

And now onto more things to make you happy – scenery! It’s not been an easy journey, but as you’ll see from the video below, this scenery works better than I’d ever dreamed it would. The building tiles look amazing and we have had a few pre-production copies in the office to paint up. In final testing they have clipped together wonderfully. We’ve pushed really hard to get a push-fit connector system. This involved reworking all of the scenery tools, and completely remaking the connector mould three times! However, we’re now there, we believe this scenery is going to be a massive part of our sci-fi range, and many people’s gaming tables for years to come. Thank you for helping make it possible!

We now have the final tiles for the scenery - but instead of us writing about it, just watch this...

Once we have enough scenery sprues we’ll get our resident hobby guru Dave to put some together so you can see some examples of the incredible kits you’ll be able to build.

Back in the office and away from the tooling, we’ve been having plenty of fun with the rest of Deadzone. Jake has been pulling together a tight set of rules for multi-mat and multiplayer games ready for next year’s compendium (in between his work on Mars Attacks), and the sculptors are working on the last few bits for the second shipment! It’s all things Forge Fathers this week – the Brokkrs are all done and ready to be sent over from the sculptor – we’ll sort some pics when they get here – and everyone’s favourite, the Iron Ancestor, is getting an upgrade…

From the painting table...

Our talented painters have been slaving away too – look what he’s been up to…




Doctor Simmonds


Recon Unit N32-19

 The Survivor

And finally...

We are now pulling out all the stops and aiming to start shipping Deadzone in the first  days of December. For any of you that are UK based (or further afield if you are being brave) you could come to the Open Day and collect your pledge personally and be one of the first to have it. Your backer ticket gives you free entry to the Open Day, so make a day of it and get a Deadzone demo too! Also anyone who paid for Courier shipping will be the first pledges to be despatched, and then we will quickly roll through the rest of the orders.

There’s plenty more information to come in the next few weeks, so please keep an eye on your inboxes. As always, drop your comments and questions below and let us know what you think!

Thanks for supporting us, best wishes,


PS - And if all that wasn't exciting enough, digital PDFs of the Deadzone Rulebook will be with you next week.

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    1. Richard Calvert on

      Definitely the best info to wake up to hung over!

    2. Missing avatar

      Carl Lewis on

      Will the Ukomo be coming to Deadzone at some point.

    3. Sielle

      Any word on the Rulebook PDF?

    4. Coops AKA Dale on

      Ronnie states in the update that if there is going to be a shipping issue that affects anyone they will contact them directly to arrange something. This may include you.

    5. Missing avatar

      rognon gabriel on

      Sorry if the question has already been asked but if our pledge doesn't include second shipping (the strike pledge with two rebs starter) will the 4 remaining enforcer be shipped for free? or do we have to pay the shipping price for the Europe (France more precisely)?

    6. J. H. Kirkham on

      Thanks Shaggy. Im new to miniatures, but I think I picked a good project to start on.

    7. Shaggy on

      Superglue mate (cyanoacrylate) just bog standard superglue :)

    8. J. H. Kirkham on

      Ok. I need help. What kind of glue do you use for metal figures?

    9. Missing avatar

      David Porter on

      I only ask as all the dreadball stuff hit shops weeks before I got my kickstarter stuff. WEEKS

    10. Murrell on

      @David - No, unless they get it from a retailer who also kickstarted and they get their shipment before you do.

    11. Missing avatar

      David Porter on

      Just seen the lastet mantic blog- deadzone is up for pre order- but....
      @Mantic- does this mean non kickstart customers will own the game before us humble kickstarters??

    12. Shaggy on

      I think that they were always going to be restic, at least I never read any different......

    13. Björn Magnusson on

      So what about the Enforcer booster models?

    14. J. H. Kirkham on

      @Anyone. This may be a stupid question, but, Mantic says below that a BZ set will have 24 tiles (including the accessories and half walls). Is that per Bz? I know the Strike Teams comes with 2 core world BZs. So that means 48 tiles right? If thats true, then im getting 96 with the Assault team alone, much less what I added on. I cannot wait.

    15. James 'Maz' Marsden on


      Thanks for that. Big help :)

    16. The Other One on

      @Mantic- thanks for confirming the situation re Open Day tickets (and answering the question re battlezones) :)

    17. Dorthonion on

      It is great to see how stable the terrain section are even in a very basic assemblage. With a bit of judicious experimentation, I am sure there will be all sorts of enigma variations possible.
      And the BIG BOX looks terrific.

    18. Daniel Smith on

      @ wondering about the enforcer issue, just had the following message from mantic via pm on here.

      Hi Dan

      Thanks for getting in touch!

      You're not getting screwed over in any way. The models that were always going to be in restic still are, and haven't changed - the Captain, Sniper, Engineer and Sentry Guns. In response to not being able to get the hard plastic tooling done in time, we have put the Missile Launcher and one of the assault blade models onto the same tool, so you'll be getting these too.

      That leaves 7 trooper figures with various weapons, which were made up of 4 sculpts and 3 duplicates. We were hoping to swap out all 8 troopers for two sprues of 5 hard plastic figures, and this is still what we hope to do later. For now, we've sent you a bag of 5 figures that replace the 4 different sculpts you were going to get, and you get the Burst Laser thrown in too.

      In short, of the 14 figures you were going to get, you're getting 12 now and 10 later - 8 more figures than you were expecting :-).

      Let me know if you need any more information.



      Hopefully it will all work out in the end as long as all tooling goes to plan....doesn't mention burst lasers or incinerators on the sprue, but I didn't ask anything specific about them anyway.

    19. Missing avatar


      I like the video comment - "perhaps the biggest we will ever do" - a note of relief? Exasperation? :)

    20. James 'Maz' Marsden on

      I agree it is the right thing to do. I'd just like to know what the enforcers are going to start with. Theres been some guesses that are along the same lines as mine but none of it is official

    21. New Hampshirizer on

      Yes to taking the time to insure quality hard plastic production. Good show, Mantic.

    22. Reorder on

      I really have faith that Mantics math is correct on the bonus 5 they are giving us. That said I want to see more on the scenery! Lets see some ruins LPs and fortifications please! That vid was amazing showcase for the scenery line. As far as the painted minis go, thanks for a shot of Recon and Nastanza. They were 2 models I had little interest in and now am very much looking forward to.

    23. J. H. Kirkham on

      @Mantic. Can someone please just type up a quick answer to all these questions about what will be in the box for the enforcer faction so we can stop seeing all the educated guessing? It cannot take that long. I don't mind all the convo, but, I'd rather hear about how cool the scenery is, or how great the painted examples are... PLEASE!!!

    24. Coops AKA Dale on

      I was wrong just now. This is the quote from update 103 in regards to the hard plastic enforcers

      "The Enforcer Hard Plastic Sprue contains 5 Enforcer Bodies with enough parts to arm them with Heavy Rifles, Assault Blades and Pistol. You can also build an Enforcer Sergeant, Enforcer with Heavy Weapons (Rocket Launcher, Incinerator, Burst Laser) and you have the bodies for the Enforcer Defenders. All other Enforcer Miniatures (including Sniper, Engineer and the Defender Shields and Shotguns) remain sprueless Plastic Resin."

      So it looks like in fact we miss out on nothing but 2 assault enforcers and 1 rifle enforcer in the first shipment. And gain an extra burst laser!

    25. Timothy Kennedy on

      also well be getting two of the new sprues, totalling ten guys, not 1 iirc for the starter, covering them all plus two extra, so ineffect its 7 free, two plastic and 5 restec

    26. Daniel Smith on

      @ Spark - I think you missed my point about the 4 models you mention. It should be 7!

    27. Timothy Kennedy on

      daniel the 5 man box give the option to have 4 gunners and an assult man, with the option to upgrade to a burst laser

    28. Coops AKA Dale on

      @ james
      Im pretty sure that anything in the picture of the enforcer sprue is delayed. So in my humble opinion what we will be getting for enforcers 1st shipment (free warpath ones included) will be:
      Captain in styrian armour
      2 x Sentry guns
      1x Assault enforcer
      1x Burst laser enforcer
      3 x Rifle enforcers

      All the rest of the enforcers including those in the faction booster (minus possibly medic) will be second shipment. These include:
      3 x assault enforcer
      4 x riflemen
      2 x shield/shotgun enforcers
      1 x burstlaser/incinerator
      1 x enforcer sgt.
      1 x rocket launcher enforcer

      Or enough parts on the hard plastic sprue to build all them at least.

      This seems right to me. That covers every enforcer model in the faction starter and booster. Plus the 5 free warpath ones. Does that make sense? Can mantic confirm? Please?

    29. Neil Collins on

      everything except the the four mentioned models was always going to be restic.all the specialist models always were going to be restic, it was only the basic troopers that were getting hard everything will be restic until the new sprue is tooled.

    30. James 'Maz' Marsden on

      Also there was an option to purchase an additional enforcer with heavy weapon (burst laser/incinerator iirc) which i took, now, does the warpath enforcer replace that? Also will i somehow get an extra body to fit my heavy weapon onto, as i paid extra for an extra model that now everyone who is getting enforcers os now getting the option to build free of charge?

      Im not suggesting mantic are up to no good, i know them to be a great company and the move to offer extra enforcers is very welcome i just want to know what i will be getting when i open the box.

    31. Daniel Smith on

      @Spark - but you have already stated a full set includes 4 rifles and 3 assault blades which by my count is 7 models. The 5 free models only make 4 if them (3rifles, 1 assault) so where is my 4th rifle model and my additional 2 assault blade guys? Additionally the sprues are planned to include rocket launchers so do I get a restic model with wave 1 or will he be part of a sprue with wave 2. Even more importantly when we get the sprues of enforcers how many do we it 2 as is logical to make sure that all our enforcers are "deadzone"?

      So in answer to "have I read the above update" yes, but it unclear and doesn't include all the necessary information as many of us have stated

    32. Missing avatar

      Brian Dyer on

      Thanks Mantic for the 5 extra free models. Great customer service. I don't personally see the confusion. We're getting 3 guys with assault rifles, one assault blade and a burst laser in shipment 1 instead of the plastic equivalents that will arrive in shipment 2 next year. The contents are in the picture in the update. This is a bonus and I don't feel ripped off or that anything shady is going on. In fact, I think Mantic have been up front and honest and remember they're now out of pocket for over 10000 extra models roughly.

    33. Neil Collins on

      have you read the above update?

      "so to replace the FOUR models that would have come in the original promise (the three figures with heavy rifles and one of the figures with an assault blade)"
      "I am going to add a free pack of 5 resin-plastic Enforcers to every Kickstarter Enforcer Faction Starter (including the Faction Starter included with the pledge levels)"
      "These figures include components for heavy rifles, an assault blade and a burst laser heavy weapon. They are totally free and in addition to whatever you have ordered. "
      "The hard plastic Enforcer sprues will be sent along with your second delivery when they are ready and a standard you can all be proud of."
      seems crystal clear to me.

    34. James 'Maz' Marsden on

      Yeah that was my conclusion as well Daniel. It'd be nice to get it confirmed

    35. Daniel Smith on

      @ Sparkikus - have mantic confirmed that to you or is that your own working out? It seems illogical to me that mantic would sculpt 2 restic enforcers with assault blades and then add them to the hard plastic would make more sense if they could put as much as possible on there as they planned (rocket, rifles, assault blades, sgt options etc) and just give us multiples of the sprue - if that were the case then it would seem that we're going to be short changed on models with the first shipment until plastics arrive with the second.......this is what mantic really need to confirm to remove any confusion!

    36. Neil Collins on

      this is line up for the enforcers now:

      enforcer captain
      x3 enforcers with assault blades
      x4 enforcers with heavy rifles
      enforcer with rocket launcher
      x2 sentry guns
      enforcer sniper
      enforcer with burst laser

      + four hard plastic enforcers in the second shipment (x3 heavy rifles and one assault blade)

    37. J. H. Kirkham on

      I wish I could go to the open day, but its a little far from Texas.

    38. James 'Maz' Marsden on

      Also can we get a close up on blaine, is he wearing full helmet or just a face mask

    39. James 'Maz' Marsden on

      I think a run down of exactly what will be in the enforcer starter that will be winging its way to us would be a good idea

    40. Daniel Smith on

      @ Mantic - and the enforcers ;) clarification please?

    41. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      Open Day Tickets - you can provide your email address on the door and we'll tick you off the list. We are aiming to give you everything possible on the day, and anything that we don't have on time will be posted out as normal :-).

    42. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      BattleZones - the contents of these has not changed, and you will still be getting approximately 24 tiles per set (or the equivalent taking into account half tiles and accessories etc). The only difference here is the way that they have been tooled, which some of you may have noticed in the video - each sprue of 6 tiles plus accessories has been split into two halves - roughly one with four tiles, and one with the other two tiles and the bits. It's these halves you're seeing :-).

    43. Magnor on

      Might just be me, but if you look closely at the retail version picture you'll see what looks like 5 Warpath enforcers (incl. sgt and laser) plus one new assault guy and all the specialists (incl. missile guy). Seems to fit in with what we've been told (so it looks like we are getting the missile launcher AND the burst laser.

    44. Frederic Ramirez on

      @Daniel smith : as far as I understand, the sniper was also planned in restic, so for the game we are just swapping the missile launcher with the burst laser in the initial shipment (getting models from the warpath range).
      Also note that those 5 models are in addition to the plastic ones that are just delayed, so in final we will get all that was planned plus those 5.

    45. Frederic Ramirez on

      @Jonathan : correct, restic models require superglue, they are not the hard plastic that the glue that you describe works on

    46. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Holt on

      @timothy - thanks for the info.

      The only type of glue that I use now is the one that supposedly 'melts' the two plastic pieces together (no clue what the name of it is).

      When you say that restec models require superglue I would assume that means I need to get the superglue as this 'melting' glue won't work?

    47. Dave on

      Yeah I personally don't think there's anything untoward going on but Mantic do need to get on top of it before the rumour mill goes much further into overdrive.

    48. EvilDan on

      I'm fairly certain Mantic are not ripping us off. They've been about as up front as they could be about what's happening and why, as a previous poster said, probably 2x as many sprues for box fitting reasons is my guess. But clarification would obviously be welcome.

    49. Dave on

      Yes please Mantic, a clarification on how many tiles are now in a battlezone etc ASAP would be very nice!