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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.

Withdrawal Symptoms!

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

My my, it’s been less than one week since the Deadzone Kickstarter has finished. Now we’ve had time to exhale, given our fingers a rest from all of the typing and allowed our graphics wizard time to recharge his super powers, we’re back with a new update!

Work started on all of the new Deadzone stuff the moment our funding goals were met, meaning we’re already getting renders and photos through from our team of creatives.

Just check out this Work In Progress Zombie Sculpt:

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

About the Survey

We’re aiming to release the survey the week commencing 17th June.

On this email you’ll be able to tell us what you’ve pledged for as well as purchase any additional products. Once the survey deadline has been hit, we’ll then send out any invoices.

Thank you for your patience.


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    1. Leonardo Poni on

      loving the zombie and looking forward to spend some more cash!

    2. Gavin (Gofur) Hunter on

      I am soooooooo desperate for my survey! I need something to take the edge of the DT's

    3. Björn Magnusson on

      A bit bulky and it has sausagefingers. But it looks pretty damn sweet.

    4. Scott Whaley on

      zombie looks great!

      i was looking over the concept sketches and wondering about whether or not the balance was accurate with 1 civilian, 2 troopers, and 2 scientists in a set of five. would anyone object to switch the civilian numbers for the scientists, making 2 civilians, 2 troopers and 1 scientist? not sure how i feel about a zombie horde being made up of such a large number of scientists when it may be more fun to have more civies and troopers.

    5. Gary Thomson

      @ Mark Bisignano. I think you are right - although that does make me a lot less happy with the back of the right hand - I had assumed knuckles, wrist and upper arm smoothness were due the glove. I'd like some more texture - tendons etc like the neck and feet on the bare arm/hand.

      It still doesn't explain the huge left glove though - before he "grew" long arms with giant hands the glove must have been enormous.

    6. George

      I don't have any issue with the proportions, seems to fit with mutating consitant with the plague in deadzone.

      My only criticisms 1) for what they are worth and 2) not sure there is anything to do about it is that the head and ears combined with the feet are saying classic wolfman to me. It is probably because it is greyscale and once you have rotting flesh on the face etc it will be more zombie like. I like them though-nice departure from the standard fare.

    7. Mark Elster on

      As a zed freak these will be very well received for this 2000AD and my Halo stuff as the basis for flood infected. Lovely!!!!

    8. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    9. Greg Hendry on

      I think this is my most favourite zombie model ever. Looks like its singing that Mariah Carey classic. Can't Liiiiiiive if living is without yooooooooou.

    10. Missing avatar

      Ralph on

      @Craig - the right foot appears to have the shredded remnants of both a sock across the instep and the overlying boot leather over the ankle/heel. He didn't take the boots off, the feet erupted through them, and there are still scraps left on one foot but they've fallen/rotted off the other.

    11. Mark Bisignano on

      Very cool. @Murrell @Gary as I see the sculpt, the right hand is a hand not a glove. You can kinda see his "lifeline" on his palm, veins on the back of his hand. The left hand still has the glove on, up just past his elbow. You can see the enviro-suit sleeve on the right elbow/arm but it's covered by the glove (gaunlet?) on the left. Puny little ears. Maybe some protrusions/suit ripping down the back would be nice.

    12. Paul - Dragon Tamer of Brimstone on

      Zombie looks great!!!
      How long do we have to respond to the survey as I will be away that week?

    13. Krazus on

      mine was constructive criticism about the model... it was posted because mantic posted a picture and asked what we thought.

      Id rather not have people then flame about broken records and such. jeez...

    14. Craig Johnson on

      Great rendering overall. My only criticism would be the bare feet. He's in, what appears to be, some type of environmental/flight suit complete with gloves, but he decided to kick his boots off first? I could buy having one foot bare, or a boot half ripped off. Can't wait to see how these turn out. The market definitely needs some space zombies. Even if you changed nothing on this model, I'd still be happy buying multiple boxes of them.

    15. David Lee Seymour on

      PERFECT, don't change a thing Mantic =) I don't get how everyone here is forgetting these aren't normal zombies, they're plagued mutants in the Deadzone. The LAST thing we need is MORE GENERIC zombies. YOU CAN GET THOSE ANYWHERE < PEOPLE.

    16. Martin Dickson

      Nice. Not only does he want your brains, he has the tools to get access. :)

    17. Chris Lange on

      @Mantic How long will the survey be active?

    18. Gary Thomson

      Love the pose and the general feel. As some have mentioned the arms look to be odd - too long. and too big.
      If I am seeing correctly the fingers have burst out of the right glove - as have various protrusions (looks good), however the left glove is intact but seems to have grown (with room to spare) which makes it look uneven.

    19. New Hampshirizer on

      To build on Murrell's point about the kit being multipart, is there any chance we could get some zombie hands with guns?

      Ordinarily, that wouldn't make any sense. But some people might use the Zombies for spare 3rd gens, or for Dark Legion type troopers in other systems. I wouldn't put a priority on it - I'd focus on the classic Zombie trope clawed hands and simple melee weapon stuff first - but if you have extra room on the sprue and could sneak in a gun hand or two, that would be nice.

    20. David Wright on

      @mantic I've heard it couple times in the general Comments from users, but I wanted to check with you guys. Will be able to add stuff a second time around the second shipment? I intend to add stuff for the first shipment, but I wont have enough money to get everything I want in the first shipment. Thanks

    21. Murrell

      Some of the critism is fine.......others just sound like a broken record who you can never please. Just like "The orx shouldn't look like apes" comments that proved people ignored the Dreadball sculpts (which were apelike and look fantastic) the plagued are definitely mutated with muscle roided out and exoskeleton armor forming. So there should be some crude protusions, and should be some contrast with sizing not making up to a human's physique.

      Ears do seem scrawny, though the positioning isn't as far off as stated if you look at the zombie's jawline

      One hand looks like it is ripping through/fussing with a glove and the other looks like it is still inside of one. The only issue I have with the visual is the one that isn't torn looks like it also has wiggle room, so shouldn't be so large. It needs a stretched/tight look and feel to go with mutated hands.

      So it's consistency with the visual that needs improvement. Some things that might also be neat, in particular if it's a multi-part kit, is "damaged" body parts. Chunks already taken out by a previous encounter. I'd also suggest to expand how the top is beefier then the bottom with some having one arm beefier then the other, or one leg. If the proportions were a little more chaotic, it might help people understand they aren't supposed to be accurate proportions.

    22. Angelic Despot

      I agree with the others about the proportions. Even if they can be explained by the plague, it's still better for the models to look cool.

      Also: we've got Mantic special Deadzone themed 3rd gen plague models. The point of doing space zombies was to make space zombies. It doesn't matter if 3rd Gen figures look out of place in any other gaming system or setting, but space zombies should look like space zombies in any setting.

      The deadzone fluff may be different to the usual 'dead guys who don't stay dead' but the models should look like what people want from space zombies - which I'm not aware of anyone else making. If you do them well, the market for them will surely be huge! (As, I believe, it was for the Kings of War ones.)

      I like the concepts a lot, and I like concept of this model too. The head looks good (except for the ears), the suit looks great. I think the lack of boots helps show that this is a zombie and not just a guy in a space suit. Although I think it would be good to have a nice mix of some with and some without footwear It's just the proportions that need adjusting. Shrink the arms and body down to how they were in the concept sketches and these will be brilliant!

    23. Ap Albert on

      Will the peackeeper armour be available?

      @N.E. Regnat: Oh, come on! They are zombies xD

    24. Missing avatar

      Ralph on

      Looking great! Very close to the concept sketch, but I preferred the way the concepts had normal to even emaciated arms with mutated large clawed hands. The feet are perfect this time, I'm not getting the boot fetish people have - no boots is consistent with the rest of the range (feet on the 3rd generation are also bare on almost every model), and sensible because these AREN'T run of the mill space zombies, they are plague mutated zombies. Having a unique look is fantastic and fits the game, keep the spikes and other idiosyncrasies that make them DeadZone plague zombies, not generic undead guys in spaaaaaaace. Boots on one of the 5 (like the concept art) fits the theme properly.

    25. Grim on

      Good start but:
      1. the arms seem way too long, please correct this!
      2. hands seem way too big unless they are mutated - in that case the gloves make no sense
      3. ears are too small and seem to be positioned too low

    26. Missing avatar

      faust_33 on

      Nice job! Way better than I was anticipating. Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't have ordered a box of them. Could always swap them out as '3rd Gen'.

    27. Lucas Ray on

      Happier with these than I thought I'd be. Glad I bought 4 boxes, they are looking better than the 3rd gens.

      Can't wait to see more of them. Also can't wait to see the enforcer peacekeep artwork.

    28. Coops AKA Dale on

      Oh my! Its zombie gordon freeman! Enviro suit and all! Yay!

      Loving this mantic. Don't change a thing!
      But to assuage the concerns of some, maybe put boots on some of them?

      Also I remember it being said there would be more scientist and military types than civilian. Why? Surely more civvie zombies than others makes more sense?

    29. Missing avatar

      chris hbt on

      His hands are too big the gloved hand the same size as the other one? Glove is out of proportion for a normal body - do gloves get infected too or do zombies make gloves ? ;-)

    30. Rich on

      Looks fantastic, much better than I expected!

      Considering the price these are being given away at I think it's incredible the quality of it.

      Looking forward to seeing more, I know the final hurdle might feel as though it's passed but any additional hype built could well make a considerable difference come the survey's to ensure we're not going into them on a down having heard very little.

      Just my thoughts of course :)

    31. igillies on

      I have to say that I like them. Wish I could get more.

    32. Anthony on

      I pledged with no rewards just for these zombies, Im happy with the render. Verry happy. Looking forward to seeing more.

    33. JaegerNoon on

      I would like to see his clothes a bit more tattered just to show that he has been through a bit.
      other than that looking awesome!

    34. mister c on

      I really like this. As for the boots, if he was wearing them it wold be less obvious he was a zombie.
      Looking forwrad to seeing the others.
      i believe the sprue is for 5 zombies? We have seen sketches of three of them, will there be other designs as well or will there be some duplication?

    35. Phil & Amy Atherton on

      I have to concur with others here overall a very nice design but it does seem to share a few of the elements that the Basilean range has which aren't that great, namely the large arms/hands and small facial details.
      Now as a Plague Zombie it can get away with these however if this is a design trend that will appear across more miniatures it needs to be reigned in a little.

    36. New Hampshirizer on

      Hey guys -

      Given that this guy is a Plague Zombie, I really don't have a problem with any of his proportions or what clothing he's wearing or missing.

      In fact, I like this guy so much I could definitely see swapping him in for a Plague 3rd gen, who's proportional warping goes too far for my taste.

      Sorry Mantic, I have no trenchant critique this time. I love it! Please do get as many 3-D renders and photos of finished sculpts up as you can prior to the survey going out. It will definitely help shape my purchasing decisions and inspire me to buy more. If that Rebs Kraaw sculpt is done, as seems likely from an e-mail I got from Stewart a while back, please put that guy up!

    37. Luke Howell-Williams on

      Very nice! Personally I probably would have preferred a more withered hand myself but I get why they're big and it still looks super cool so all good! ;)

      @Mantic- Are we likely to get a rough estimate of what will be in each shipment before the survey comes out?
      I'm in for as much as I can be at the moment so I want to get all the wave 1 stuff first, and then add anything I didn't get on in the second shipment. (Gotta catch 'em all, right?!)

    38. Krazus on

      Looks really nice, very juicy update.

      1. boots, im not arsed, this is only one of a few, if some of the others have boots cool, I like a mix.
      2. hands do appear to be a lot bigger than normal.
      3. upper body does seem out of proportion to legs.
      4. the smaller nose suits this model, but for some reason the size of the ears seems out... go figure.

      All in all Mr Mantic, a lovely WIP. just needs a few tweaks :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Steve Richard Garcia on

      the hand is just about prefect to put a spare pistol in :)

    40. Last Grimm on

      Looking very nice !!! , agree its suppose to me more mutated plague than a standard zombie so this fits in well , good to see them armed as well ..... any chance they could make it into 1st shipment ?? beers on me if they can

    41. Missing avatar

      Steve Richard Garcia on

      very nice!
      I like it very much, dont change a thing.

      my two cents on some of the comments I've seen so far.
      the whole boot thing...guys its the plague, he's mutated...he's feet outgrow his boots.
      the feet rip though the boots.
      same to be said about he's general body shape having longer limbs etc etc.

    42. Matt Price on

      I love these zombie dudes. Great idea.

      I would have a chat with your modelers and sculptors. From a lot of the photos for Kings of War as well, there's been an "arm creep" where the arms on your minis look like they've been growing. Some of this is on purpose, with the werewolves and ogres looking like incredible hulks, but some is just weird, like the sisters of battle and their orangutan arms. It's not nice looking, I'd also recommend dialing it back some.

    43. Missing avatar

      Spartan Baby Inspector on

      In general it looks good, you may have a real cross-genre and multi-game winner here. However, to do so they need some work:
      1. They need boots,
      2. The torso/arms/hands need to be proportional to the legs, and
      3. Lose the random spikes

      If Mantic can make these as a truly generic near future or sci-fi zombie, they could be used in any number of other games.

    44. Missing avatar

      Amit Acharya on

      Looks amazing, but have to agree with some of the other comments made here...
      1) Upper torso is too big compared to legs, although it is plausible the plague infection exaggerates normal anatomy in the fiction/fluff side of things
      2) Hand are way too big ... folks look at your own hands compare to your head (I mean they can be a little larger because of aforementioned reason, but it is noticeable ... comical maybe
      3) What happened to his boots? Clearly this zombie is in some sort of environmental suit, got infected - managed to keep his gloves but apparently the plague not only turns you into a mindless flesh hungry monstrosity but also makes you footwear adverse? Really?

      Excellent renders, a few tweaks here and there and Mantic's Deadzone will be sublime!

    45. Missing avatar

      ElRafa on

      Nice. Will these be in the 1st batch?
      Thanks for the great effort guys!

    46. Missing avatar

      charles kline on

      love the sculpt, especially since they are not just walking half rotten corpses. This miniature could be suffering from mutation, vampirism, demonic possession, or whatever horrible transformation one can imagine on their own tabletop. Clawed hands and feet are great.

    47. Missing avatar

      Cristian Bayer on

      I think this sculpt looks great. I look forward to seeing more. Thanks for the update, I've been missing them since the KickStarter ended.

    48. Isidoro Acosta on

      Really great 3d model, if the final zombies look like this I will need quite a lot of them.

    49. scarletsquig on

      One minor critique: The nose and ears are too small.

      It's forgiveable on this sculpt because it's a mutant zombie, but they're too small on the KoW men-at-arms too, so this is an ongoing valid point of critique to offer your 3d sculpting guys with regards to facial anatomy.

      As for the boots, maybe some with, some without, some half-with, half-without like this one.. variety is good! Overall, the sculpt looks great. :)

    50. consectari on

      I understand the whole "Plague" explaination for not having boots. I just don't think they look right without the boots.
      These guys didn't mutate nearly as much as the armed 3rd gens. Who says their feet mutated enough to destroy a pair of boots. In the case of the scientists, you're likely talking about rubber boots and in the case of the soldiers, combat boots. I think there's equal justification for them still having their boots.
      I think it will improve marketability to non-Deadzone customers if they have boots.