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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Steven Sweeney on

      Regarding the female Enforcer model, I have a couple of concerns. Without that model, we can choose to believe that under their armour there is a reasonable mix of males and female Enforcers going about their business, doing their job, and kicking ass. It makes sense, because what kind of paramilitary outfit is going to take smooth, angled high tech armour and put breast molds on the armour, the better to catch bullets and direct their ricochets upward, into the wearer's face? Or even allow snipers and such to pick out female soldiers by their armour, giving them an easier time picking out specific targets?

      So, please don't give us a female soldier by molding breasts to the model's armour. It's tacky, it looks silly, and it doesn't even make sense. It's pandering and it detracts from a company's model line-up.

      I would much prefer to see the model showing a woman with her helmet off holding a pair of binoculars or something. Make the model clearly female, but with the same style armour as all of the other models, please.

      Thank you!

    2. KevinR

      @Jeffery -- The bonus for $300 pledged was announced in Update #57 last Saturday, with several reminders:
      The bonuses for $400 and $500 pledged during the campaign were announced in Update #69 on Thursday:
      The bonus for $750 pledged during the campaign was a $1M stretch and was announced in Update #83 on Sunday:
      All four were also mentioned again in Update #92, minutes before the deadline.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jeffery Murphy on

      Well that sucks. I would have liked if they had let us know in advance about pledging a certain number.

    4. Murrell

      Maybe they'll see what additions they get during the survey and let us know if they are available during the second survey?

      Warzone added stuff in post KS

    5. Nicholas Vitek

      If they add the peacekeepers, ill be getting them in the pledge manager.

    6. TKC on

      "Spot us the nine K.


    7. Monty Burnham on

      Spot us the nine K.

    8. Michele Maritan on

      I don't see any reason Rebs could not share the corp strider... If we had 5 minutes more we would surely have smashed also the peacekeepers SG.

    9. Missing avatar

      David Burgos on

      Those peacekeepers should be set as an add-on. I think 4306 backers deserve it.
      Thanks Mantic and thanks all of you backers!!!

    10. Missing avatar

      scott beil on

      Over 1 Million 200 Thousand in absolutely amazing Mantic you guys are GREAT!!!!!

    11. BlasterCA on

      @Matthew O- Seeing as hiow the Rebs were one of the originals, there's no excuse for not keeping them on pace withthe others. Of course, we all knew that Enforcers would get lotsa love. But I hoped thatat least the originals would pretty much keep up. Hate seeing that the Rebs got left behind.

      I can see Asterians getting left behind. Came late to the party in the first place. But still, there shoulda been at least one SG fior them in the final 12 hours! Last real Ast SG was $860k...

    12. Dominik Bastians on

      I hope you can still get the Peacekeeper set. Because as you can see, all the backers have been effortless.

    13. Tasker on

      @Gilbear... Yes I backed it, but not to the extent that I put myself in debt over it and probably not to the extent that I would have done..

    14. Missing avatar

      Gilbear on

      I think we should get the Peacekeepers anyway - lots of folks can't pledge these last few minutes because of timezone differences... Bet they add them via the Pledge Manager tho! ;o)

    15. Missing avatar

      Reuben McCallum on

      Those of you bemoaning the Enforcer heavy stretch, you have to take into account that Mantic probably didn't plan on it going this far! So the extra stuff that's coming now is probably stuff the creatives have just sketched out as ideas. It's probably a mad scramble to find something to add. I'm sad the Hard Plastic Peacekeepers probably won't make it though.

    16. Tasker on

      Just as long as they don't pull a Wildcard. Because if it was the figures that tripped people into spending all that money in one go, then the figures better not be f-ugly.

    17. Nick Johnson on

      @Mantic, can you spot us the 15K for the Peacekeepers? We are totally good for it.

    18. Missing avatar

      Gilbear on

      @ Tasker:

      "Nothing to do with you", except that you supported it? ;op

    19. Torkel on

      Daniel D. is right. It is MUCH better for Mantic if you pledge right now. For at least 3 different reasons I can think of right now.

    20. Tasker on

      Oh I know the reasoning behnd it.

      How many are going to wake up tomorrow and go. "WTF have I done?"

      I just never expected Mantic to resort to those types of tactics.

      But it 'is' their Kickstarter so it's nothing to do with me at the end of the day.

    21. Missing avatar

      Andrew Tate on

      Come on Come on I'd do the 25k myself if I could afford it!!!

    22. BigNeily on

      20k in 10 mins for the peacekeepers come on peeps give more


      If I didn't already pledge 5k on other projects I'd be willing to spend more... as of now. 520 is my limit

    24. Keefie on

      @Blaster: I know, right? Considering how my main factions are those. Rebs and Asterians. It's been a disappointing countdown. Consistently seeing things pop up and waiting for something for them but nothing has come. Fair enough to not making everyone even but giving the enforcers everything they could dream of and leaving everyone else to rot is..Irksome.
      But it's been great, I'm trying not to let this sour it.

    25. Daniel D. on

      Tasker, Mantic is a business. They are having the pre-survey bonus to motivate people to commit to the add ons and help get more stretch goals. I

      Anyone's debt is that individuals responsibility. If you dont have the money, dont pledge that amount. If you miss out on a figure, oh well.

    26. Missing avatar

      Gilbear on

      Come on Mantic, don't do a "Spehs Mareens" with the Enforcers - give the other factions some love please! =0/

    27. Luke Howell-Williams on

      @Tasker- They need it now to hit the SGs! ;) Thankfully they didn't do a limited edition at $750- or I'd be broke right now... ;)

    28. BlasterCA on

      @Matthew O- Yeah, I think outta the original 4, Rebs got the least of it. Asterians are he ones that got the least of it overall though. I can't remember the last Asterian upgrade.

    29. Leonardo Poni on

      Guess no more freebies for this Ks.... Y_Y

    30. Keefie on

      Yeah, as a Rebs fan I'm not feeling the love at all in these latter hours.
      But people seem happy, so I'll be happy.
      C'est la vie~

    31. Tasker on

      I know you're probably sick of me saying it and this is the last time I promise. But I still think that having the 400 and 500 figures pre-survey only is a slightly shity thing to do.

      It promotes debt and you get the pledge manager money before the stuff is made and despatched anyway.

    32. Melanie Dawn McGreevey on

      This KS is gonna cost me soooooo much money! :(

    33. Luke Howell-Williams on

      OOOOH PEACEKEEPERS! Probably not enough time... but I'll give you $20 mantic. :)

    34. Erasmus MusicCentre on

      @warren it means you have to have pledged that amount before the Kickstarter ends tonight. You can't add on in the surveys and get these rewards

    35. Adam Fair on

      Pre-survey means by the end of this kickstarter!

    36. BlasterCA on

      Ending it with another Enforcers SG? Ugh, methinks you guys are playing favorites with them. My worst fears for this game are favoring some factions over others, GW style...

    37. Missing avatar

      Warren Sistrom

      Can I ask what does "pre-survey" mean on the veteran levels?