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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      M Rummler on

      The Iron ancestor with an inferno drill would be very fitting and quite awesome!

    2. Adam C. on

      +1 for drill please

    3. Missing avatar

      Stephen Sutton on

      One more for the Drill.


    4. Emery Calame on

      Mayeb he could have a harpoon/ grappling hook cannon and a winch so he could reel opponents in! Or just give him an industrial fire-axe type of thing for chopping through debris.

    5. Emery Calame on

      The thing is there is already an Iron Ancestor with a hammer in the Warpath line(in fact it was the original Iron Ancestor before the double gunned one) so another "sorta different" one with anotehr hammer really seems kind of ...a waste. I think giant vice-clamp style crusher claws, an arc cutter (if you can pull off it looking like an arc cutter), a big chainsaw bade (really more ORX territory), a mining style drill-bit/bore, or a penumatic piston ram are the way to go. I'd avoid the "power fist by any other name" route or anything like a tentacle that will be really fragile.

    6. Stephen on

      I like the hammer. Though I'd like to see what the drill looks like.

    7. Missing avatar

      Francisco J. Alonzo on

      Congratulations to Mantic for an excelent kickstarter campaign. I´ll reserve an space under the X´mas tree for this box, but i won´t be too mad if it gots delayed a few weeks into "bajada de Reyes" (January the 6th, in some countries of SAmerica) or even into my birthday on february. Please take your time and do the best job you can do to make this a beautiful product.
      Best Regards, from Perú. (yeah, I know, the courier is going to kill you. ;-)

    8. ray bans

      Flamer,drill combo for urban clearing of foliage or organics

    9. Monty Burnham on

      What is the "big one" to come??

    10. Deaven Randolph on

      ixnay on the ammerhay

    11. william bidleman on

      What about an accessory spruce containing a drill arm, piston-fist, heat cannon, heat hammer, and grenade launchers to mount on the back of shoulders.

    12. Missing avatar

      Gilbear on

      What about a big vice with a drill inside towards the back of the jaws?

    13. Emery Calame on

      Another possibility is to give it a huge claw with an arc cutter on the end.

    14. BlasterCA on

      Maybe wrecking ball, too.

    15. BlasterCA on

      Drill or piledriver type arm.

    16. Emery Calame on

      Instead of a drill or hammer have a big pneumatic piston ram sort of thing, a super combat jack-hammer chisel.

    17. Missing avatar

      Lachlan on

      ROCK DRILL! :)

    18. Rex Wall on


      (Sorry, the University of Oklahoma is my alma mater)

    19. Monty Burnham on

      How about some HORROR!!! Plague queen with tenticles!! Gnashy teeth! ! Lots of eyes!!

    20. Missing avatar

      scott beil on

      The whole Female Enforcer Sniper on foot and bike sounds so cool! How long till we get to see some concept art, very excited about it.I think I might have to add her to my list of things to add when I get the survey, by then I should have the extra money to add some more things.

    21. Luke Howell-Williams on

      @Torkel- tormented would be the word.... I never thought it'd come! and it did... :-)

    22. "DUMP" on

      @pineapple steak it is part of the fortifications
      "If we hit this goal we will sculpt and tool the Defense Line Upgrade Scenery Sprue and upgrade one of the 4 Fortifications Sprues in the Battlezones."
      So 1 Defense Line sprue and 3 standard fortification sprues

    23. Torkel on

      THERE IT IS! The demolition goblin you teased us with a week or two ago! Finallyyy :D
      Btw, aren't drills Veermyns forte? I think Veermyn might be offended (honored?) if stunties started copycat'ing their tech...

    24. Tristan Coulson on

      What about switching the arms round so you can also use it to make a Thor pattern Iron Ancestor as well.

    25. Luke Howell-Williams on

      goodnight mr shouty.

    26. Sannop2 on

      Way too much of the same thing in the last set of goals. So many special figs I am not adding any. Need something different.

    27. Troy Baker on

      +1 for Drill please.

      -1 for Shield (only Enforcer Defenders should have shields, and it feels too Warmachine in my humble opinion).

    28. Maledrakh

      +1 on this "A five pointed rock drill - so five squat conical drill bits arranged in a pentagram pointing slightly inwards. It can basically trap a target between the bits and drill them into mush."

    29. I like Shouting! Praise the Sun \[T]/ on

      :-) Luke finally got his wish. That's it for me I'm off to bed.

    30. Michele Maritan on

      @Doug - awesome idea

    31. Missing avatar

      Ed Snowdon

      Drill definitely would be sweet.

    32. André Buchheim on

      Ii think some molerockets are also nice for the ancestor.

    33. Doug on

      A five pointed rock drill - so five squat conical drill bits arranged in a pentagram pointing slightly inwards. It can basically trap a target between the bits and drill them into mush.

    34. Andrew Hayford

      Oooh...shield with the canon. That *would* be pretty sweet.

    35. Zoatibix on

      Big hammer! Drills are for orthodontists!

    36. slim chaney on

      I'd like him with a big ol' shield since he's set up for urban conflict. Riot police stylee!

    37. Joseph Figueroa on

      And just when i thought mantic had hit my pinnicle for FF love they throw this at me!
      oh well more money for mantic XD

    38. Angus McNicholl on

      What no concept art of the Enforcer Chick on the bike?

    39. Missing avatar

      TalonZahn on

      Better yet, why not put a peg in the back of the Hammer head / Drill / Wrecking Ball and add them all 3 to the sprue.

    40. Michele Maritan on

      Like the drillhammer combo. Must have Boomer.

    41. Missing avatar

      Andrew Tate on

      I'm liking the flail suggestions but shy of that I say hammer, what kind of enemy is going to sit still long enough for you to drill them? Or is he come kind of giant alien dentist?

    42. Missing avatar

      TalonZahn on

      How about a spiked wrecking ball hanging off a chain.

    43. euansmith

      Massive Force Gauntlet or Magma Mitten as this is a Forge Father.

    44. Dorthonion on

      Drill! Drill! Drill!
      We can always use a regular Iron Ancestor for Hammertime :)

    45. Andreu Albert Correa on

      Where's our female sniper concept art?