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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Sannop2 on

      More add on figs... Peacekeepers in armor.... Wrong direction folks. Was ready to add money but not for the things you are adding.

    2. Dominik Bastians on

      A Goblin with dynamite would have been enough for me :)

    3. Dominik Bastians on

      Nevertheless, it is very cool.

    4. Dominik Bastians on

      Although I have it read, but why only arms?

    5. Dominik Bastians on

      Get the Marauder no additional model for the starter?

    6. Vegabond on

      Does the free book at $750 include the pledge level too?

    7. Magnus Lindström on

      Hopefully Chief Radgrad stays closer to his concept then the ripper suits did.

      And WOOOOO! Stuntbot is in!

    8. Missing avatar

      Mark Day on

      come on, pledge, pledge, pledge. I want my extra 3rd gen infected XD

    9. Monty Burnham on

      I to would rather see the special characters finished off before the stunt bot.

    10. john Ross on

      come on mantic how about some more freebeeeesss out of 100k pledged all you have given us is a see the team and accessory sprew every thing else if you wont it by it come on give a little bit

    11. Missing avatar

      Gilbear on

      Why not add an extra Marauder to the Faction Booster Bundle instead?? ;0)

    12. Aiming_high on

      Well that or the forge fathers bike! :~)

    13. Aiming_high on

      The Marauder commando sergeant would be amazing into the starters, it looks like it should be great looking.

    14. Jon Larsen on

      Well, no real good reason to duplicate troop SCULPTS on the sprue just cuz you've got the [for enforcers at least] renders. If you can confirm this is coolios like a female rebel, alt pose warden, etc, etc....I'll be pushing pretty hard to add on to grab this one! More cool freebies to close us up please! ;)

    15. Luke Howell-Williams on

      @Vermonter, +1 to that.

    16. Missing avatar

      Gilbear on

      I'd like the Rippers to look like the concept art (and also Radgrad) - the renders we saw of the Rippers earlier looked very poor by comparison.

      Otherwise, Yay! Go Mantic + Backers! =o3

    17. Morten Wifstrand on

      I would rather have Chief Radgrad before the Goblin Stunbot..
      Why not just a commando in the Marauder starter??

    18. New Hampshirizer on

      Would Radgrad be based at all on the existing Marauder Ripper suit sculpts? And would he therefore perpetuate their poor posing?

      I could see pledging for Radgrad, but only if the sculpt will be 100% original, and more on the order of Marauder Hulk bulkiness than the current Ripper suit size.

    19. George

      So, that is 14 models per faction (except the poor Orx)? 60k is a lot in a minute or two more than 3 hours. Any thoughts on another Veteran level?

    20. Coops AKA Dale on

      Hang on... starnafall. Beard + orbital drop equals wings equivalent....
      The brians will love you mantic!

    21. Luke Howell-Williams on

      5 new sculpts for $20K? I doubt it...

      $60K for Chief Radgrad seems a looong way off with just over 3 hours left, but I really hope he sneaks in- the Orx need some more love. [Though they did just get a whopping 'stuntbot' sized chunk o' love that'll leave Orx fans feeling all warm and fuzzy for a while! ;)]

    22. Bidge Graham on

      Apologies accepted over the Orx. We can't have everything right.
      PS You are just about to hit the combined total of both KoW and Dreadball on Kickstarter.

    23. Leonardo Poni on

      finally some freebies, thank you Mantic!

    24. Missing avatar

      Papa on

      Thumbs down for adding nothing to the Orx...

    25. Grant Scullard on

      Marauders character is essential really.... extra humans in the rebs is good.. fingers crossed.. DIVE!

    26. Missing avatar

      Ed Snowdon

      I'm going to be very sad if the KS ends with all factions except Maruaders getting a Special Character.

    27. Brian Blessed! on

      + 1 PS

      I'd much rather see new sculpts

    28. Luke Howell-Williams on

      WooHoo for more free stuff for the faction starters! Thanks mantic!

    29. Matt Gilbert on

      The Marauders don't get another model?

    30. Missing avatar

      PsychoticStorm on

      Will these be additional sculpts?

    31. Luke Howell-Williams on

      I thought Bjarg was at $180K?

    32. Tony Pecorelli on

      Love the addition of the extra troopers! It makes me glad I stayed at ST.