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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Catlion

      Some freebies would be nice for a change... it's been while ;)

    2. Joseph Figueroa on

      @Thomas The hellfather is also a merc and not an actual FF dedicated unit =P

    3. George

      @Joseph: exactly my point :) We can't get the package if they are not unlocked and at the current pace...seems unlikely, unless there is something to spice it up a bit :)

    4. Thomas Rose on

      I put in an extra $8 for the Helfather but I think Starnafall looks better.

    5. Joseph Figueroa on

      @George they are on the dowload list, also there is a bundle for all the named characters but we still have to unlock them :(

    6. George

      Is the stuntbot the same as chief radgrad? With three hours left, I think Jon Larson is right. Will take another freebie level to get past the stuntbot. Would be nice to be able to get the "all six named characters" bundle and a shame to end up only one character short.

      What happened to the Hellfather and Covar Psychic-I don't see them in the add on list anymore.

    7. Crimsonsun on

      Looking forward to the Chief as well as the stuntbot - I am sure my wallet and Mrs disagree though...

    8. Crimsonsun on

      @Tim mantic have said you can on several occasions so dont panic

    9. Jon Larsen on

      I hope the pilot is a stage one that's now grown so big and spiky he can no longer exit the vehicle...and has become ONE WITH IT!

    10. Missing avatar

      Timothey Adam on

      I'm assuming we'll be able to purchase the striders after the kickstarter too, I hope. I can't really up my pledge any more :(

    11. Andreu Albert Correa on

      @Jon Larsen, imagine for a moment a Dreadnought of the loyals, now imagine one of Nurgle. There you have it ;)

    12. Missing avatar

      Richard Hudson on

      @jon @nick
      I would say that it's pretty obvious the pilot is plagued- as nick said, 3rd gens can use tech

    13. Murrell

      Love the Yndij. Probably my second favorite Reb species (How could anything top the Teratons?)

    14. Ian Loxam on

      Ok the greenies getting good... although now ill need to add additional funds.

    15. Nick Zube on

      @Jon Larsen: I imagine that the pilot is infected by the Plague. A 3rd-gen probably has enough of its brain left to operate one.

    16. Yonan on

      Bjarg looks amazing.

    17. Nick Dodds on

      @Jon, maybe just the pilot gets plagued? Can't the stage 3's still use tech?

    18. Jon Larsen on

      If we want to really pump this, we'll need some final stretch goals that are 'freebies', then the massive fan-base we're building up here will be able to see the benefit of stretching their pledge now--plus those LEs!

    19. Michele Maritan on

      It's a Gundwarf! Holy awesome!

    20. Jon Larsen on

      @Mantic - what's the difference in striders then? How does the plague take over a machine??