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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. BlasterCA on

      "As for the ticket - we understand that not every stretch goal is for everyone, and that applies to the ticket as much as anyone else."

      I no longer care about the ticket. It's there, Those that can, will. Those that can't, won't.

      Just wanna make a point about this line of thought; Certainly not all SGs are for everyone, no doubt. But the free ones should certainly be for 99% of the people. Just sayin. I understand the thought. Plus that it was a throw in to break up the stretch. I just felt, in the begining, that it wasn't very well thought out. I hope that makes sense, on some level.

      Still, really am overall really happy with what I'm getting in all this. Assault, knowing that once I get my friends to play they'll wanna buy my extra factions. & I'll immediately have a good Deadzone group.

      Plenty of extras just for me. 200 minis, that are mine all mine! More if I buckle & spend that next $15 on plague zombies (to go from 40 extra to 80). Great terrain to add to my collection. Should just about round out my long held desire to have an industrial, terraforming terrain type table. Plus a new, online, gaming family.

      Granted,my bank account is gonna be hurtin for certain. Ya only live once though!

    2. George

      I don't see it hitting 1M in the next 10 hours, so the book is probably moot anyway. I am very appreciative that Mantic is willing to look at something different for those of us at the 750 level. How about the Mantic BF bag ;) ? Though not sure it will hold all the models I will be getting.

      As for the ticket, how about making it a choice thing...there must be something equivilant in cost to Mantic to the ticket. Extra rules, downloadable tutorials or something.

    3. Amenephis

      Well shoot Mantic, reading back over what I wrote I just plain feel bad. Sorry, it was the end of a long day at work. I really do love you guys, and have enjoyed all your Kickstarters. Do one for Warpath proper now! :D Put a couple new races in!

      In all seriousness it's just mostly that I really like the look of all these special characters and hope to be able to see them all!

    4. JaegerNoon on

      I love the ticket and would rather have it then an additional model unlocked for me to purchase. I cant believe so many people are whining so close to the end of the kickstarter.
      You have so much free stuff already and most of you have probably not upped your pledge in the last day anyway so what exactly are you complaining about? the free stuff is not the free stuff you want?
      I am remaining on a high! excited but the free stuff and most of all excited about this game! I think that's what important :)

    5. Murray Dougill on

      The ticket is a waste for me as well, being in Australia. Like others I would prefer it be another of the unique characters.

    6. Tasker on

      @Blaster Shelby... Aye, it would be great if those that have no use for it could trade the ticket in and put what small amount it's worth towards other stuff.

      As for Skype/Hangout... Nah think i'll pass.

    7. BlasterCA on

      Yes, it's trying to hold Mantic accountable for not being on it with their updates that's holding us back. Not the lack of updates themselves.

      & yes, whoever said the ticket & book were throw aways is right. I make it to 3 local 'cons a year. I'd be very surprised if the tiket wound up being good for anything in my locality (SF bay area, CA, USA). Even if by chance it is, my convention calendar is already full. Sell it? Uh yeah, I'm sure there's a big marjet. & $40 for a hardback 90% reprint of stuff I'm already getting for free at a $300+ pledge level? Let's see, what would I spend my next $40 on? Almost 80 plague zombies? A starter faction? Round up another $10 & get 2 more battlezones? Heck no,I'll spend it on a hardback version of stuff I'm already getting. The 2 charcaters are nice but, with the spacing, we'll never get to funding all the faction specific characters. So probably at least half the factions won't have a specific character. always nice to have loose ends!

      The ST upgrade to 2 full cw bz is nice. Never cared for DZ specific ammo crates. I have a ton of crates, barrels, boxes, etc already. (But two guys post for it every hour & it gets done...) So there's not really much that I'm excited about in the long, Long, LONG overdue 'road to $1m'.

      I was ready to be excited. I really was. I wanted to be excited! But the laggardness of the past 36 hours on Mantics end slowly tore away at me. & then the big reveal is;
      2 pay for them faction specific characters of which we won't see the rest of the characters.
      A shiny hardback book that's 90% reprinted material of stuff I'm getting for free already. Plus it's $40!
      Loot counters, oh boy, DZ specific crates. Crates to satisfy a couple guys who begged for them ad nauseum. Bfd!
      A Golden ticket! A ticket to nowhere, most likely. Hey Mantic, can I just get he cash value of "The Ticket"?
      The upgrade to 2 full cw bz is the on;ly SG that I feel is worthy of "The Road to A Million!".

      In the end, I'll be happy with what I'm getting. But I'll also be very annoyed at how badly such a very good thing ended. & I don't see any good excuse as to why it is ending so badly.

      @Mantic- You knw the feeling of reading a greta book only to see it completely fall apart in the llast chapter or so? The feeling of watching a great movie that ends spectacularly bad? Thanks!

    8. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @Mark - Yes indeed! We'll get a survey sent out to everyone and you'll be able to add extra funds :)
      @Luke - Yep, second wave :)
      @Julius - We're fairly confident we'll reach it! If we don't, we'll look at alternatives.
      @Rob - Some and some. We'll let you know as we unlock them!
      @Luke - Only 8 objectives per game. There will be 16 different interchangeable lids for the different objectives. So you'd choose 8 lids at random, attach them to your 8 crates, and away you go!
      @Elijah - Don't be too sure, anything can happen on the last day of a Kickstarter!

      As for the ticket - we understand that not every stretch goal is for everyone, and that applies to the ticket as much as anyone else. However, we'll also make sure your ticket gives you access to an exclusive web seminar (through Skype, or a Google Hangout, or something similar) with Ronnie and Jake, for anyone who can't make it to an event.

    9. Decayn on

      Add an event for us Eastern Canadians too!

    10. Strobie on

      So when will there be an event down under in Australia as I won't be going to any in UK or the US. unless this ticket is a plane ticket.

    11. Tasker on

      Love everything about this update except the ticket.

      I'm UK based and I still think it's a waste of space. Especially coming this late in the campaign.

    12. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      @ badula
      was planning on picking some up for the same use until I saw the goal lol

    13. Missing avatar

      scott beil on

      First, LOVE what you are doing! When it comes to adding to your order, will you be able to add to the order after the KICKSTARTER has ended? You know when the survey is sent can things be added to your order at that point, because I'm a little short till the end of this coming week?

    14. badula on

      Cano show more the insert mechanism on those boxes?
      I fear that if i'm the painter i'll be able to recognize each of them

    15. Missing avatar

      Mark Higgins on

      I'm with everyone else Mantic, for me living in Australia there is no benefit to the ticket and its a little bit of a kick in the teeth to your non UK or US backers.

      Please make it one of the mercenaries instead and add the ticket as a >$150 backer reward regardless of total KS funding or some other way of giving it out...

    16. Rurik Dahlberg on

      @ Luke, yep guess it is :-) I'm happy with almost everything else, but the ticket is a waste really. If anyone from the UK or US wants to organize a pool of donation on these I'll give away mine for free...

    17. Timothy McFadden

      You soulless bastards. You just had to make me give you more of my money for awesome projects now didn't you.

    18. Luke Howell-Williams on

      @Henrik- It is whining; but totally understandable and justifiable whining. ;)
      The ticket SG does seem very weak from mantic at this stage in the game.

    19. Missing avatar

      Xaltor on

      I think the ticket stretch goal should be changed to a new character. I am from Europe and will not going to use the ticket.

      Please Mantic listen to us. We are the supporters of your great new tabletop game.

    20. Stephen on

      Kish must be the equal-opportunity stretch goal.

    21. Rurik Dahlberg on

      This will come across as whining, but a ticket is no good for us not living in the UK or US. Heck, it'll cost me £200 just to get to Nottingham and back...

    22. Missing avatar

      Michael Dore on

      can we change the ticket stretch goal to one of those new characters please?

    23. Declan Pratt on

      People ask for more females, more plagued aliens and more spyhr, Mantic add Kish ;)

    24. Missing avatar

      Paolo Trepiccione on

      The hardcover book is tempting. I just got given a load of GW terrain so am debating maybe downgrading my terrain pledge and freeing up the money for the book and counters etc...
      Decisions, decisions...

    25. Luke Howell-Williams on

      @Matt- right ok thanks, I thought my test game was a bit full up on items! :-D
      I must be playing it wrong.

    26. Lachlan MacPherson on

      I must say as cool as everything looks the 'Ticket' stretch goal is a bit unfair to anyone that doesn't live in the US or the UK..

    27. Matt Gilbert on

      There are only 12 items in the alpha/beta scenarios and then they are not all used. 12 items would probably be too many at once in a normal game. Bigger games might need more of course.

    28. Torkel on

      I wanna know more about Kish! Looking slick

    29. Andrew McColl on

      I'd also like the option of swapping my ticket (if we make it that far) for something else. Sure, I've travelled to America from NZ for GenCon in the past, but I don't know if I would do the same for Adepticon, and Mantic's Open Day is, sadly, out of the question.

    30. Amenephis

      WHY would you put six character silhouettes there (clearly showing that the models have already been drawn and just need to be sculpted) but not even put them anywhere on the upcoming goals list? That just seems sort of silly, there's no way in the next eleven hours we're going to pick up THAT much money.

    31. Missing avatar

      Lachlan on

      LOVE IT (except the ticket which is useless to me)

      Looking forwar dto seeing the lion/porcupine/wookie thing!!

    32. Luke Howell-Williams on

      Wait, 8 crates- but don't we have 12 items per game?

      @Mantic- please explain why there are only 8 crates, have there been changes to the rules so we only need 8 crates now?

    33. Coops AKA Dale on

      Kish is awesome! Plague spyhr!

    34. Rob Gan on

      I assume the Asterian Named Character can only be used with Asterian gangs?

    35. Torkel on

      Do an event in Scandinavia and I'll cheer at the ticket SG :P

    36. Rob Gan on

      @Mantic - Are the named characters Kickstarter Exclusives, or will be available after the Kickstarter ends?

    37. Ian Loxam on

      Can we not see all the characters properly? I want to know if adding to my pledge to push for the marauder is worth it first.

    38. Judge Redd on

      I do think the extra scenario for getting to $1mil should have been included in the psi campaign book and the compendium rather than being a $40 extra I must buy.

    39. JaegerNoon on

      Aww come on lets hit $1,000,000! I want the collectors edition book! I want more scenery! I have upped my pldege! come on yer salty sea dogs! dig deep!

    40. Luke Howell-Williams on

      I really want that book! Come on people, this one HAS to go to $1million!

    41. Missing avatar

      Ralph on

      That ticket is pretty much worthless to me with those cons being so far away - Adepticon is 2,000 miles away, and not worth the $$ to simply get there for a free game. Any chance we could swap it out for a mini of some sort as option instead?

    42. Alistair Graham on

      Ah, there's the "Iron Man Pose" Enforcer that Ronnie was talking about ages ago! I was worried they'd forgotten about him.

    43. Missing avatar

      Julius Cheeser on

      If people pledge $750 and the book is not reached, will there be an alternative reward at all?

    44. Luke Howell-Williams on

      Will all these new characters be 2nd shipment?

    45. Mark Elster on

      I am completely lost with all the upgrades. Will there be an opportunity to add extras to your pledge once the ks ends?

    46. Ian Loxam on

      ill take a ticket off anyone not wanting theres :)

    47. Luke Howell-Williams on

      Oh dear! This is just too awesome.... I'm going to have to do some thinking.

    48. Missing avatar

      Pablo Rambla on

      not very exciting to me... I don't like a SG for a ticket I will never use (as in dreadball )It's like having a 25k sg for an add-on character with something in between to look like there is just a 15k gap...
      I'm disapointed with this final push... I hope the rest of the people aren't so there could be other sg in the horizon...

    49. Missing avatar

      PsychoticStorm on

      I am really hopeful of the silhouette I see next to Kish, tell me it is what I was hoping to see!

    50. Ian Loxam on

      ok the characters are exciting