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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Akelarre on

      Hi What is Warden with Charge Glove is the same as Cyphers with Charge Glove

    2. Fabio Sans Picinin on

      It is not dead who in SG lies...

    3. Missing avatar

      Stephen Price on

      I kinda like the loincloth on the commando and if he is missing the loincloth let hope he isn't going 'commando'

    4. Missing avatar

      Pablo Rambla on

      Will there be a SG to include more scenery in strike? because I'd love to get 2 entire battlezones in it! :)

    5. Luke Howell-Williams on

      @Zoatibix- Revision! I knew there was something I had to do today! ;)

      Further maths is a pain in the arse. :(

    6. Matt Houghton on

      I want an army of nameless !!!

    7. Zoatibix on

      You know today my main PC is either virused or the registry is corrupt. The cat decided to pee directly into the PSU of my spare PC. I'm now on a creaky six year old laptop that runs Visual Studio very badly. I have an assignement deadline plus revision to get done. But this KS is really keeping my spirits up and putting a smile on my face. Cheers, Mantic! :0)

    8. Brian Blessed! on

      Using tentacles to throw things, great idea.

      I hope 'it' is posed more dynamically than John Doe he's looks a bit like squid trapped in somethings head lights.

    9. Luke Howell-Williams on

      @Craig- Join us, join us.... You know you want to! :-D

    10. Luke Howell-Williams on

      @Tristan- that'd be cool- it would give me something to buy before December! Though Jake has a lot on his plate already, so that will probably come in Deadzone season 2! ;)

    11. Craig Johnson on

      Oberon looks sweet! With FF and Asterian boosters coming, I just might give in and hit the $500 mark. Keep 'em coming, Mantic

    12. Luke Howell-Williams on

      @Mantic- Awesome!
      @Zoatibix- Don't worry the actual cyphers will have a variety of poses, but that's down to the sculptors not the concept artist, hence they are all on the same pose in the art! ;) [great name by the way! :)]

    13. Tristan Coulson on

      Just a thought but what about stretch goals to get Deadzone rules for Warpath models. I would like to use the Stormrage Veterans along with the Forge Guard.

    14. euansmith

      I've $50 - $100 ready to go for the Asterian and Forge Father Booster Bundles.

      I like that the Nameless is a hi-tech as the rest of the figures in this campaign, rather than some magic wielding c'thuloid.

    15. Robert on

      Codeman Oberon looks sinister... I like!

    16. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @Micheal - yes, both planned and coming soon (well soon if we keep going up at this rate) -
      fingers crossed!
      @Zoatibix - I think you will where this goes with the boosters
      @pikaraph - I don't know what you mean :)
      @blaster/@ Luke - sorry we have been caught out a little but we will post out to $900k as soon as the laptop with the art fires back into life (forgotten power cable!)

    17. Dan Morey on

      I think once we reach £810k we will have the following in the extended universe starters (compiled from previous updates:


      1 Asterian Commander
      5 Cyphers with Flux Rifle
      1 Cypher with Fission Beam
      2 Cyphers with Charge Glove
      1 Weapons Drone
      1 Weapon Drone with Fission Beam/Shield Generator options
      1 Black Talon
      1 Warden with Charge Glove

      Forge Fathers:

      1 Forge Father Huscarl
      3 Forge Guard with Hailstorm Rifles
      1 Forge Guard with Hailstorm Autocannon Heavy Weapon
      Inferno Drill
      5 Brokkrs
      1 Brokkr with Heat Cannon

      I think they are both looking very good, although the boosters will need to be something special (especially the FF as they are a little lacking in the specialists).

    18. scarletsquig on

      Blaster: See the text at the bottom, it says new faction boosters are coming after these goals.

    19. Missing avatar

      Michael Dore on

      @ mantic

      if we are looking for more stretch goals please tell me you have the reb and marauder special characters still planned.

    20. Zoatibix on

      @Luke H-W: Agreed. I'm in for the Aste's but slightly-different-Cypher-holding-different-gun-in-the-same-pose is getting a tad old. I'm thinking since these are remote presence devices that I'll have the 'operators' personalizing their unit via paint jobs but looking at the variation on Rebs/Marauders I do feel a little jealous of their variety. Hopefully the booster will bring that variety.

    21. pikaraph on

      Chtulhu Oberon ! Great !

    22. Denkstrum on

      Less Hulks, more ripper suits! :) like the new flamed commando though!

    23. BlasterCA on

      Right there with ya Luke!

      C'mon Mantic, droppin the ball by not having at least 2 new SGs posted. Really should see up to 900k. Don't slow this thing down by not keeping future SGs coming. We needed at least 3 new to have 4+ to look forward to at a time!

    24. JaegerNoon on

      Just upped my pledge!
      Reb faction booster HO!

    25. Luke Howell-Williams on

      And why didn't mantic do what they did last time and put the next SGs after these at the bottom as one liners? Surely with 37 hours left transparency is the best method? Anyway still a great update and can't wait for Oberon!

    26. Michele Maritan on

      Absolutely awesome pose on the Assault Commando, please dont' touch it it's perfect!
      The commando on the right is with the flamethrower right?

      Wicked Oberon. Love the hood (make it eagle-beak- pointed as in an obvious famous homage :D) and the fact that the spikes seems part of the suit with the hand tentacles going form inside the suit to around them (another nice homage to those assassins). Watch out with the mask, The eyes (mostly) and the position of the mouth tentacles (which alone is fine) reminds me a bit of a duck head.... A suggestion: since Nameless bodies (probably) consist mostly in tentacles from the neck down.... what about make some tentacles come out from ports on the back? Like some sort of short mantle, they coult complement nicely the figure and they would be useful for climbing, extra hands etcc.. An Assassin with a creed like this one could go well with some extra limb... :D

    27. Coops AKA Dale on

      Its a flamethrower all right! I jumped the gun a little

    28. Luke Howell-Williams on

      Yay! Oberon looks absolutely awesome!
      A pyro orx is cool, as is a fighty boss.

      However the FF and Asterian faction feel a bit rushed to me. Not as much variation in them as the other factions, just lots of repeat minis. Don't get me wrong I'll be taking both- but a bit more variety would have been nice.

    29. Alistair Graham on

      @Alex That might be a 'special weapon' of some kind? Maybe a flamethrower?

    30. Zoatibix on

      Will it take an hour to get to $810K? Possibly not.

      Really hope the 'new Faction Boosters' are the Asti/FF!

    31. Timothy McFadden

      If something gets added I would like it to be for free. 600 is my limit, so I can't swing any more fraction boosters. Not unless there is a buy 4 get two free type of deal.

    32. Coops AKA Dale on

      My bad. It says pyro!

    33. Coops AKA Dale on

      Codename oberon looks wicked. Stabby hands! Is it me or is there another normal commando in that marauder booster (far right)

    34. Missing avatar

      PsychoticStorm on

      Next Marauders faction booster?

      Smashed before you could update :p better get that new update sooner then.

      I like what I see but I find Forge Fathers too Brokkr heavy and I really do not like their non military, not really dressed nature, ok one or two, but now they are getting too many.

    35. Grant Scullard on

      Hopefully forge fathers and Asterians are boosted next ;-)

    36. Dan Morey on

      Can't wait to see the Asterian and Forge Father boosters, even if it will cost me another $50. :-)

    37. Krazus on

      awesome... what a milestone... and still more great things to look forwards too