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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. CmdrKiley on

      Are there any plans to stat out these Dreadball MVPs for Deadzone?

      It would be cool to translate some of the MVP's special Dreadball abilitites into some equivalent Deadzone ability.

      There's many reasons a Dreadball star mgiht be found/caught on a quarentine zone. The MVP could be an objective or an active participant in the game.

      - Got left behind during the evacuations, and it's real important to get this MVP back into playing Dreadball .
      - Scavenging might be a hobby, as some of these are not to keen on observing the law.
      - A sympathizer for one of the factions
      - Their transport was experienced technical difficullties and was forced to land here.
      - Went back to get their Dreadball Tournement Trophy left behind before the evacuation.

    2. euansmith

      Cool beans!

    3. Kosongz on

      Wow! Thanks, Mantic.

    4. Adam Devitt on

      I want the Penny Arcade guy... So badly... Please?

    5. Adam

      I'm not interested in DB, but I love this mini. Great choice!

    6. QuestsofLegend on

      If we are able t choose, I would go for

      John Doe
      Number 88

      Purely as they are not dressed in sports gear, and I could use them as additional mercs if wanted.

    7. Fabio Sans Picinin on

      Cool. I loved the random part.

      I don't have Dreadball (never liked sport or racing games in any form) but it is cool to have 1 mini to use in a specific scenario. This remind me of the skeleton space marine on the throne in Space Hulk. The mini had no in game purpose, but it was so AWESOME...

    8. Adrian williams

      Can't have it all. Still, everything looks sweet and plays really well :)

    9. Jon Larsen on

      That John Doe is pretty amazingly painted! I can't remember seeing a fully painted one before, very nice.

      I hope I get a second via this route--then I can convert him into Jon Dough, the potbellied mercenary.

    10. Missing avatar

      Daniel Andersson on

      Please add booster packs for all factions, even Forge Fathers and Asterians, i want all my teams to be equal! :)

    11. Stephen K Lewis on

      Hell, a freebie is good enough. Sorry to hear that you may get a double of something you already have Adrian Williams, but, they could have said "we don't need to give them anything for breaking the DB goal, its of no relation to this KS." But you know, they did give us something. Be thankful

    12. Missing avatar

      kesator007 on

      Now we (or is it I) need brokkrs And forge Guard as add-ons...

    13. Shaggy on

      I'm made up about this! Great idea and an unexpected freeby as well, thankyou Mantic :)

    14. Tony Hopkins on

      This KS is rammed with exclusives and freebies, many of which were not stretch goals but milestones and rewards, including this one. I can totally understand if you end up with a figure you already have from another KS, but the vast majority won't be in your position. Either way, it's free, and if you end up with a double you might be able to convert your freebie with handcuffs or ropes etc. as a hostage :D

    15. Rich on

      Such an awesome idea, loving the random aspect :D

    16. Missing avatar

      Christopher Cobb

      Wow, brilliant and thanks.

    17. Adrian williams

      I love everything about backing Mantic kickerstarters until now. I, as a Dreadball backer, am very disappointed with this. I don't really want a figure I've already bought or been given from my DB backing. Such a huge goal to achieve and such a wasted opportunity to give backers something they would actually want rather than giving them a free gift designed only to make them go and buy another game! Sorry guys, but this a huge own goal in my book and a missed opportunity to give every backer something exclusive, like you did with BD and Coach Renton 

    18. Gavin (Gofur) Hunter on

      and the Chaos in me loves the random side, it'll be like a (insert winter festival of choice) present cos we don't know what's coming and its in December!!
      you are indeed full of the proverbial WIN.

    19. Plague Beast on

      it'll be whichever ones arent selling that well lol :P

    20. Richard on

      Woo cheers guys. And well done for getting past that milestone. :)

    21. Varian on

      I want a Ronnie :-D

    22. Robert Corrina on

      ok, that's freaking awesome

    23. Shay Neary on

      Thank you Mantic!

    24. JaegerNoon on

      I love you mantic

    25. Brian Blessed! on

      This is a good perk. It's also a plus to assault and suppression getting a greater variety of models. It's hard to complain about getting a £5 model for free.

    26. Paul Gibson

      Made too many then? Lols joke.

      I'll have another Buzzcut then.

    27. Luke Howell-Williams on

      YAY! Thanks mantic, will this be the same randomly chosen MVP for everyone? Or will it be completely luck of the draw?

    28. Tony Hopkins on

      Cheers fellas!