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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. euansmith

      My working week is over and I get home to discover there is more options for my Booster Bundle purchase and I'm getting two special figures for free; cool. Thanks for running another great Kickstarter, Mantic.

    2. David Smith on

      Seems like an aweful amount of fuss over a couple of models :/ It's not like not having them will effect your game at all.

    3. LepperGod on

      It only makes since that if you pledge more you get more. I personally cant afford to pledge higher than 200 dollars. I also realize that mantic is a game company for the masses. unlike other game companies that charge an arm and a leg for their products mantic has always offered a quality product at an affordable price. they are giving away so much in this kickstarter that I can't complain if they throw in some gimmicks to get higher level pledgers, in fact, I hope they do more--the more people pledge the more frees stuff I get.

    4. Christopher Hoffman

      Over two models? Personally I am ok with it and am sticking to under 300ish.

    5. Tasker on

      I should point out. I could easily have spent over $500 between the the kickstarter and the pledge manager. Not sure I want to now out of principle.

    6. Tasker on

      So not only are they Kickstarter exclusive, but they're rich exclusive too?

      Taking the piss.

      I'm giving serious thought to canceling my pledge altogether now.

    7. Missing avatar

      ElRafa on

      Booster pack noted as shipping Q2 2014. Does the current price include shipping? Will some specialist minis be available in the first batch, say the Enforcer flamer or plague GL. tks

    8. Marian Bohacik on

      Can we also buy the Specialist Booster alone? Now it's included in BOGOF only, or as separate minis.

    9. Sielle


      You are correct.

    10. mister c on

      Yay, a Zora!!

    11. Plague Beast on

      im assuming the 4 for three is on the $20 boosters and the bogof is still the $50 boosters?

    12. Rich on


      Thanks bud, have done so now :)

    13. Ian Loxam on

      So the hulks in the marauder pack? Hmmm now it's worthwhile. Cancel hulk upgrade to booster.
      Shame it wasn't buy 1 get 1 half price as I hopped for as I don't want all 4.

    14. Aaron Tunney on

      Love the missile launcher rebel. :)

    15. Sielle


      Perhaps send Mantic a message and talk to them about it. It couldn't hurt and they may have a solution for you.

    16. Rich on

      Happy to add another 200$ to get those but I want to spread it over two cards, is there any way to do this or am I stuck with adding it via paypal at the end and not getting the exclusives?

    17. Sielle


      Unknown so far, all that's been mentioned is what's in the Update above (KS-Exclusive and only for the Pre-Survey amount).

    18. Missing avatar

      Ralph on

      So, are the $400/$500 kickstarter exclusive miniatures ACTUALLY kickstarter exclusives, or are they going to have the same disclaimer as the other "exclusives" - "* Kickstarter Exclusive - only available on Kickstarter, conventions or free through the Mantic Points Scheme", and still be available to people who don't drop that much money?

    19. "DUMP" on

      Ok time to stir the pot....

      Are the first wave specilaists going to be part of the Faction booster deal (ie missles, engineer, sniper, 2 sentry drones. etc. etc.) so buy 3 sets of 1st wave specialists get 1 free? Will they even offer them as a seperate set?

    20. Tony Pecorelli on

      @ Jason - Thanks, I suspected that might be the case. Shame on me for not reading the comments. :)

    21. Sielle


      That is correct, and it has to be an amount pledged before the end of the kickstarter, not including what you add after the fact through the survey/pledge manager.

      They're doing this to try to get people to pledge now rather than waiting for the surveys to go out and just adding in the amount then.

    22. Sielle

      @David Sharp,

      They need to add 2 more Specialists to the Asterians and Forge Fathers before they can do a Booster Bundle. I'd expect the first Booster Bundle to be around 845k give or take.

    23. Sielle


      That free Gen 1 they were showing was only if you picked Plague as your free faction, as in referencing that it came with a Gen 1. It got cleared up in the comments that day.

      So if you're over $500 and you only have 1 Plague starter set, you'll have 2 Gen 1 models.

    24. Missing avatar

      david sharp on

      What about the Asterians and Forge Fathers booster bundles, im an all six or none for balance kind of guy, any chance of a target to throw more money at? (im already in deep man (590) I just need to be pushed a little more to risk my home, and possibly a big push to risk my marriage)

    25. Ry Aziz on

      Pledge! Pledge you glorious fiends. I want that Reb booster box.

    26. Crimsonsun on

      So I am in for a little over $300 myself (as long as we hit all four faction bundle stretches), which has tapped me out for what I can spare on monday morning, but I am going in with someone else but wont know what he is putting in until 10-12hours time - Which is when I will up my pledge, and find out which exclusive sculpts (if any) we get... I hate this not knowing its nearly as bad as having to wait until december for my goodies to arrive...

    27. Tony Pecorelli on

      I'm using Update #37 for reference in the question for my last comment.

    28. Buzzsaw on

      Wait, so just to be clear, there will be a KS exclusive 1st gen Plague model and an exclusive Rebel commander, but they will not be purchasable during the campaign, only if you pledge $4-500?

      That seems a little restrictive...

      I'd gladly buy such things, but given the Kings of War campaign, $400 is a lot of faith...

    29. Tony Pecorelli on

      Excellent update! I'm already in for over $500 so thanks for the extras! So if I'm remembering my updates correctly, for anyone in ST over $500 gets 3 1st Gens?

    30. Missing avatar

      Clay Beitel on

      Pretty certain the buy 3 get the fourth applies to the 20 dollar packs that contain the new models. They are add ons at the bottom of the main page.

    31. Missing avatar

      CrazyB on

      A Booster bundle is composed of 2 faction boosters + 1 specialist booster. now t his makes perfect sense.

    32. Sielle


      The reason a lot of people wanted the new deal as well, as they didn't want to double up on models, they just wanted at least 1 of every new model to come out. Hence the deal on the Faction Boosters.

    33. Sielle


      You're confusing the Faction Boosters, and the Booster Bundles.

      You're right about the Booster Bundles (15 models each) being BOGOF.

      The Faction Boosters are the first 5 models in each Booster Bundle for $20 Each. So it's buy 3 Faction Boosters for $60 and get the 4th for free.

      $50 for 30 models
      $60 for 20 models (but you get the models from 4 factions, not just 2)

    34. Missing avatar

      CrazyB on

      Can you explain the way buying Booster Bundles work? I'm under the impression that if you buy a $50 booster bundle you get a second one. This means if I want 1 booster of each faction, $100 would get me it($50 for enforcer and I get plague free, $50 for marauder and I get reb free) so why would paying $150 for 3 and then getting a 4th one throw in be a better deal? or is it buying 3, gets you 7 booster bundles (3 booster bundles each coming with a free booster bundle + an extra booster bundle for buying 3 for a total of 7?) I don't think I'm fully understanding this.

    35. Scott Hewitt

      Great news! The Rebs have a theme song now!!…

      (Also, if you put the loader's eyes at the end of his..uh..lobes, it would explain why he's loading instead of firing)

    36. Tim Jones on

      Great news on the boosts! Many thanks :)

    37. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    38. Emery Calame on

      If the other boosters don't unlock then I'll get more scenery or go Assault team. Then I'll spend my leftovers on 3rd gen plague troopers.Or I'll just get all Enforcers and have 16 of those shield and shotgun guys.

    39. Missing avatar

      super_crunch_bravo on

      Okay mantic, you can't keep us hanging like this. Who is the shark gentlemen?

    40. Craig Johnson on

      Guess I'll up my pledge in anticipation of getting all of the booster bundles unlocked and taking me over the $400 mark. Must resist temptation to spend $500. Keep the awesomeness coming, Mantic. Lets see if you can break my willpower. ;-)

    41. Jeremey on

      Yay!! Tokens are in, looks like another $20 down the tubes....

    42. Missing avatar


      Surely the rebs could use the mortar as well?


      OMG really... I gotta pledge $500 to get both custom minis.... fine! Have it your way

    44. Rand Chua TL on

      Hope to see a grand picture of all the stuff would would get.

    45. GrumpyOldMan201 on

      I'm in for all booster bundles, but would love to see a trooper boost added in to balance out all the specialists.

    46. ✩Don E✩

      First of all Mantic thanks for this fantastic game and all the energy and efforts that Mantic (& their Families) is putting to develop such a spectacular game. I think the pledges $$$ speak for themselves how enthusiastic we are about this game. We all look forward to the hands on finished game.

      I share the same Question as Adam Johnson regarding the Faction boosters. I recently upped my pledge an extra $100 to purchase all faction boosters. Hypothetically speaking what will happen though should we NOT reach the final Faction Booster goal? Will there be an eventual release of the 4th booster at a later time after the campaign or before pre-survey?

      @Backers don't bother replying I prefer to hear from Mantic than read mere speculation from backers :p

    47. Brian Blessed! on

      @ Pixel Kitty

      I think the point of them is to get people to pledge higher.

    48. Tony Hopkins on

      +1 for freebie at $600 :D
      Cracking update!

    49. TKC on

      Where I stand on the Faction Boosters:
      - 4-for-3 is OK I guess, but doesn't cater for those also wanting Asterians and Forge Fathers, but just one of each faction booster.
      - For balance reasons, I'll either be buying boosters for all six factions, or none. It would be nice to see the last two unlocked before the end.

    50. Stephen on

      You guys are outstanding, giving us exactly what we want.