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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Dominik Bastians on

      Blaine from Predator, the Guy with the Gatling-Gun

    2. Christopher Hoganson on

      In the immortal words of Duckie, "Blaine? His name is Blaine? That's not a name it's a major appliance!"

    3. Morten Wifstrand on

      Okay, so let me get this right..
      I've a pledge for 302$ at the moment, which is divided like this:
      Strike Team w/astr. 150$+5$ for shipping
      Enforcer Bundle (50$) which includes af BOGOF Plague bundle?
      Terrain for 50$
      Zombies 15$
      Chovar Psychic 10$
      Reb Kraaw 5$
      Marauder Hulk 12$
      And 2nd wave shipping 10$

      My question is then, do I pay for 2nd wave shipping or is that covered because of the Enforcer bundle coming 2nd wave, because I spend over some amount on 2nd??
      Sry for my english

    4. Missing avatar

      Lachlan on

      I really like the mortar - will enforcers & reds have access to it?

    5. Missing avatar

      Clay Beitel on

      I'm not saying the other races wouldn't have a name for them, I imagine they do for all the plague. I just think it is weird that everything else has been called " first generation " "second generation" " third generation with heavy machine guns" and the we have zombiton or terrorton. It just seems out of place. I want consistency, give them all nicknames or keep them with the generation variations

    6. Gavin (Gofur) Hunter on

      Blaine looks cool as!!

    7. Gavin (Gofur) Hunter on

      @cley I'm with you on the Stage 2T for the enforcer name of the TerroTon but the rebs and orx would have a nickname for it.

    8. Michele Maritan on

      Loving all the Plague specialist. Especially the mortar. Oh my, Blaine! Also, +1 on the Terrorton name

    9. john Ross on

      we have 71 hrs to go i hope we will see all the booster packs ??????? things seem to be slowing down in stead of speeding up ?

    10. Tony Hooper on

      Love the TERRORton.

      And the swarms are perfect. A mix of critters to show a mix of plagued beasties. I'd think only one change though. Replace one rat with a household pet (cat, rabbit, mini piggie) just to show what happens to cotton tail when the plague comes a knocking...

      Actually, now that I am thinking, perhaps make them as a sprue of critters that we can mix and match to our hearts content on the base, as opposed to the D&D blob route...

    11. Matt Houghton on

      I pitty the man who has to sculpt the swarm !!!

      I'm just interested in the mercs for them aliens

    12. Missing avatar

      Clay Beitel on

      I think the Infected Teraton could use a new name as well, since none of the other plague units have a nickname outside of the brain dead stage 3's. What if it was instead just a plague stage
      2-t or something? I'm getting this based on that the zombies are called stage 3-z.

      Also plague swarms and infected teratons are cool but what about infected Orx? Id like to see a heavier stage 3 based on them.

    13. Thomas Rose on

      I think "Tera-zom" would work.

    14. Missing avatar

      Liam Gregg on

      Plague Teraton messes with my Teraton heavy reb force loyalties of who to put down first...., well more to shoot and stab I guess

    15. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ Jon - no, this is a brand new sculpt.

      @ Rick - Terrorton over teraton?

      @ Ed - $8. We need to update the front page :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Ed Snowdon

      Am I missing something, or can you not add Wrath as an add-on?

    17. Pixel_Kitty on

      Blaine YES! his melee weapon needs to be wristblade/claw

    18. Missing avatar

      Pablo Rambla on

      Love the swarm, but I agree with the people who think that it would be better without the rats!

      go plague!

    19. Thorbolt on

      Like the rat swarm!

    20. Jon Larsen on

      Oh - and I really like your drawing with rats in it. If you take them out, can there be another tooth-some creature involved as opposed to just insects? To those who say it's easy to get [plague] rats...I say the same for insects. And I would guess that truly alien creatures are hard to get into something that tiny and (hopefully) intricate. I don't mind assembling it out of multiple pieces! Anything to avoid the blob-of-stuff-on-base phenomenon of the D&D minis prepaints.

    21. Missing avatar

      Christopher Cobb

      Cool reminds me of the Alien Assimilation Host KS, some very intriguing mini's here.

    22. Jon Larsen on

      So those 4 specialists that got unlocked earlier [for purchase] are all coming up again...and maybe w/a few friends as we unlock these boosters?

      Would you please offer a BOGO for the boosters in addition to the current the 2xbooster/1xadd-on bundle BOGO?

    23. Rick Marston on

      Sorry but zombieton is a terrible name... I'd have gone with Terror-ton.

    24. Bobby4th on

      I came to make the same comment amount getting Blaine. :)

    25. Jon Larsen on

      Is this the same Blain model as for dreadball?

    26. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ Paul - The Rebs and Marauders will get a two man weapons team. The Enforcers wouldn't use a fixed team like that, they're a surgical strike force, so they got the Enforcer Defenders instead. Two of them, in fact.

      @ Benjamin - you can get the contents of the specialists booster as individual models on the add-ons guide.

      @ William - we did get Blaine in via the DreadBall Kickstarter, using funds placed afterwards. We'd like to get him during this time!

    27. Chris Blackburn on

      Whoop missed out on the dreadball ks so glad to get the opportunity to get that cool looking Blaine figure.

    28. Paul F

      If the Plague have Mortars, should the Rebels or Enforcers also have that option?

    29. Zoatibix on

      Is he the sort of guy who needs rescuing?

    30. SimonHoward42 on

      So do we go for Blaine here as the MVP in the rescue scenario then?

    31. Zoatibix on

      Plague have got a nice balance between cartoony cuteness and weird virus victim going on. And a fondness for trench coats. Dying to see what the Marauder Faction Booster contains. Fingers crossed for more Asterian and FF goodness, too!

      Oh, and are we going to see some female Corporation types? The female dreadball team was pretty nicely done, IMO.

    32. Luke Howell-Williams on

      Ooh-rah! Blaine is looking awesome, as is everything else.
      And I think you may be right about getting Blaine for certain this time round! ;)

    33. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Nicholson

      Am I missing something or can you only get the specialist boosters through the booster bundle?

      I hope there is some sort of deal in that contains a faction booster and a specialist booster bundle. I want to at least get 1 of each model to try them out and then buy more if I like a certain booster.

    34. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Holt on

      @mantic - Seeing that we are still sub $700k and the booster bundles for the Rebs/Marauders are set to something beyond $740k...what happens if I get the BOGOF deal with the mindset of getting the Rebs? Will they no longer be an option since we didn't make their SG?

    35. william bidleman on


      I thought you included Blaine in the Dreadball kickstarter due to you getting the funds after the kickstarter??? Are we not getting him now???

    36. Eric Ylrac on

      I agree with the Plague swarm having a greater mix of alien critters opposed to the emphasis on the rats in the drawings.

    37. Torkel on

      We meet again, Blaine

    38. DaveC on

      Looking good glad to see Blaine again. Please go with the Plague swarm that has more alien critters and less (or no rats) rats are easy to get else where.

    39. Missing avatar

      PsychoticStorm on

      I have to say this, along the grenade launcher and Dr. Symmonds the swarm is one of the most intriguing things you have shown for plague, really charming.

      Yes, of course the plagued Teraton looks fantastic, but hey Teratons who does not love them?

    40. Sielle


      Perfect, just wanted to be sure. Thank you.

    41. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ Jason: Multiple copies :)

    42. Sielle


      For Blaine, is that 1 per pledge, or are Assault and Suppression going to be getting multiple copies of him?

    43. Zylar