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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Coops AKA Dale on

      Course its not ideal, however if we don't get one card per model its a good solution. I dont think its ever been addressed as to exactly how many cards for troops per faction we get. I think jake said on quirkworthy it was a standard 52 card sized deck, 12 of which were battlecards and some for secret missions, im just not sure

    2. Daniel Cassidy

      yeah i just thought it was worth a try uno shipping to the one landmass and all

    3. Jamie Howard on

      @Alex yeah agreed colour photo copying would work - just not ideal

    4. Shaggy on

      Northern Ireland is part of the UK, the Republic of Ireland is not and is therefore classed as international shipping.

    5. Daniel Cassidy

      oh one more thing when you put out the next update could you let us know what we need to achieve to get the rebs booster pack cos that will really affect my pledge

    6. Daniel Cassidy

      ok just out of curiousity in terms of shipping is northern ireland considered in the UK cos i live in ireland and just wondering it you can ship it to the north for free surely you can ship to the south for free just curious

    7. Adam Fair on

      @Paolo - 2 reasons I think:

      1) The Judwan are almost supernaturally agile and in tune with their bodies. Assassins need to move quickly and silently and kill their target before they have a chance to react.

      2) More importantly, the Judwan are known universally as total pacifists! This would afford him a level of trust not afforded to any other species, and make it much easier to infiltrate. That said, this was possibly before he had a few kilos of metal surgically grafted to him...

    8. Robin Lees

      I'm suprised there isn't an initiative counter (handed over at the end of the round- if the last player to move a model has it in their possesion)

    9. Luke Howell-Williams on

      @Paolo- Good point actually!
      To be fair to the council of 7, he seems to have proven them right- he's one bad ass mofo, so they must have known the judwan had some useful abilities! :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Paolo Trepiccione on

      I really like Wrath. He has an almost Sith feel to his look. I have to ask though: from the fluff that accompanies him, is there a reason they wanted to make a Judwan go assassin? Do they possess superior physical traits or something. Seems like a lot of effort...

    11. Jeremey on

      I was on the fence about the Zombies till this update... I really wish something would come out that sucked so I didn't want to add it onto my pledge... :)

      Just upped my pledge...

    12. Coops AKA Dale on

      If its a card per type then thats what colour photocopiers were made for. Its what ill be doing if thats the case

    13. Yonan on

      Thanks for the answer, hopefully they do them.

    14. Matt Gilbert on

      @Ian - see Mantic's comment below

      "We couldn't squeeze the activation counters in this set. We may do another set with them in.
      We want to do faction specific ones :)"

    15. Yonan on

      I noticed models are marked with "activation counters" in the demo, but they aren't part of the acrylic set. Shouldn't they be? Marking things with dice isn't ideal when there's a token set designed for the game that could do it.

    16. Matt Gilbert on

      @Jamie - it's each type of model, not a card per model although I agree that a card per model could help with tracking activations and possibly help keep the table free of "counter-clutter".

    17. Jamie Howard on

      Really enjoyed the gameplay video, I love the simple Mantic dice style and how easy it is to understand.

      Does each model in a team come with a card or just each 'type' of model ? I just believe that for clarity of activation that it would help and as I think already suggested you could 'tap' the card itself to show that a guy has been activated in a turn, it would also clear up the battlefield as looking at the counters for ammo etc THEN ones to show suppressed, injured blah blah it will get cluttered quite quickly.

    18. Rand Chua TL on

      Anyone got do a pledge manager spread sheet to help getting the correct item with price?

    19. "DUMP" on

      I checked on litko and that number of counters is around $25 US for thier stock counters so looks like a 20-35%+ disount for custom counters

    20. Missing avatar

      Allan on

      Great video!

      Thanks for posting some game play video for us. I have read through the rules but the gameplay video helped to cement them in my mind :)

    21. Luke Howell-Williams on

      Just finished watching the video, and I'm really impressed! James' voice over was very insightful and the pop-up stat and order cards were a great help! I'm looking forward to the next part, YouTube willing. ;)

    22. Luke Howell-Williams on

      Yay! Counters. Had kind of thought it would be an upgrade to the base game, I guess I don't know what acrylics cost though! It's still nice to have the option available.
      One thing though, 6 wound counters seems a bit on the low side. I'll defer to your better judgement though mantic- I suspect you know what your doing... ;)

      With us approaching the end of the KS are we going to get more stretch goals soon? To continue only giving one SG when the last was hit stops people having lots to get exited about.

    23. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    24. David Kenny on

      @Andrew that's a good idea actually, means the board wont get over cluttered either. Combine magic with DZ, tapping this to blaze away with my heavy rifle :P

    25. Lucas Ray on

      Pretty please adds lots of extra heads that don't have hair.

    26. Missing avatar

      david sharp on

      @mantic: Jake, just watched the video and noticed an open manhole cover on the printed mat - is there any chance that things like this could be incorporated into the rules, say as an alternative deployment point, perhaps one side could 'own the sewer' in a scenarios and use it as a mid game entry point for reinforcements, in a none scenario game perhaps players could roll off to 'own the sewer'. Possibly even a roll of some kind to see if the reinforcements even arrive at all. It would be a simple matter to have manhole counters so they could be placed on the board at strategic locations so you would not be tied to the one printed on the board. You could even expand the battle-ground with other 3'x3' printed overlay squares of street hazards, slippery leaks from burst pipes (slowing down movement), exposed live' electrical cables making combat harder on that square (perhaps -1 combat dice as you avoid a shock) weak spots in the floor (that can open into gaping chasms to fall in to (due to earthquakes or mining or something)) and I'm sure there are loads more that could be added, making the deadzone itself dangerous let alone its inhabitants.

    27. Aaron Switzer on

      @Ray If a unit moves into a square with an item and no enemies it can pick the item up as part of the move action.

    28. Missing avatar

      Ray on

      Was anyone else wondering how the 2nd Enforcer in the 1st turn took 3 short actions? Move + Search Crate + Blaze Away. Or did I miss a card getting played?

    29. David Kenny on

      Thanks for the info on the activation counters Mantic, will they be part of the card counters?

    30. Missing avatar

      Shawn Humphrey on

      What catches my attention is that one of the corporate troopers zombies is female. Nice!

    31. Adrian williams

      I would like to see the counters as an kickstarter exclusove as i would be more tempted to buy them. They do look great but if not, i am going to wait to see what the counters are like first when they turn up

    32. Missing avatar

      Scott Lafferty on

      How many building sprues were used for the scenery in this video?

    33. Last Grimm on

      Good job on the video ,followed everything ok ....spielberg lookout !!!!!!!

    34. David Smith on

      sorry, didn't see the goals before now and this.

    35. Tristan Coulson on

      @Richard Seem weird Don't seem to get sound on other You tube videos now. But the sound on solitaire still works so will have to look into later.

    36. Alejandro Kondrasky on

      Warpath : Awesome!
      Thanks for the Gameplay video also, it will be nice if also the Strike Team ( or some other reasonable pledge level ) will get the acrylic counters like it was in the Dreadball KS, any possibility for that ?

    37. Richard on

      Tristan. I've just watched on an iPad and sound was fine for me

      Looks good, didn't really need a video. I've tested it by reading, looking into the game by visiting Jakes blog and rolling some dice. I'm still keeping my large investment ;)

    38. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ Michael - the card counters in Deadzone are the spec we intended for DreadBall, at least twice the thickness.

      Acrylic counters are an upgrade and too expensive to throw in free!

      @ Tony + Matt - it wasn't included in the Beta for simplicity's sake.

    39. Tony Pecorelli on

      @ Matt - That's what I thought, too.

      @ David S - Technically it's 5k above the faction booster stretch goal.

    40. Michael 'Jonah' Rees on

      Agree with David Smith, a bit poor that we have to pay for the counters which look like they'll be very useful in the game. I really hope that the cardboard counters included in the game aren't as poor quality as the Dreadball ones.

    41. Tristan Coulson on

      Couldn't hear anything and the subtitle option didn't really help as I'm pretty sure you were not saying didn't match up. At 42 seconds it says "Part of Part of the uh... rockman wait longer".

    42. QuestsofLegend on

      Those zombies are looking sweeter all the time, definitely buying some extras.

    43. Matt Gilbert on

      Hasn't Berserk been removed from the game?

    44. Götz Kirchhauser on

      @David Smith - Well, there's a couple stretch goals in between...

    45. Jason McFarland on

      Still not feeling the rules of the game at all, video confirmed that. There's just something about this game that isn't pulling me in. I'm in with a buddy for the models, and they so far look spectacular, and I love seeing the Plague get some Warpath love (which is I'm in for the models). But the gameplay just isn't hitting with me, sorry.

    46. The Inner Geek on

      @David Symonds, Thanks! That's what I was looking for. It looks like you could mix and match a few to add variety. The torsos may work better than the legs though.

    47. David Smith on

      That's disappointing, an extra 40K just to get acrylic counters that we have to pay for.

    48. Daniel Cassidy

      the sound was quite bad but in general looks like fast play so good to see