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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. LepperGod on

      I just updated my pledge. I may seem a little dense but that was more paranoia than idiocy. unless its spelled out for me I try not to assume anything. and nick you spelled it out very well. thank you again.

    2. Kenny Ng on

      so is this the only way to get an Enforcer Sergeant, Medic, etc? Because its not in the faction starter. Does this mean that there will be other kinds of Enforcer soldiers possibly coming out?

    3. LepperGod on

      sweet! thank you nick. that was very helpful.

    4. Nick Johnson on

      Well if you buy 2 Enforcer Boosters you get 10 minis for $40. If you buy an Enforcer Bundle you get 30 minis (15 for the Enforcer and another 15 for any bundles that are unlocked or another Enforcer bundle) for $50.

    5. LepperGod on

      im sorry, i read through all of the comments and im still confused.

    6. LepperGod on

      i dont get this. can some explain?

      "To make the deal all the more sweeter, if you add-on any one Booster Bundle you can choose any second bundle FOR FREE! You can either pick two of the same Bundle or two different sets – the choice is yours!

      This deal effectively includes 6 Booster Packs at a price of under $10 per booster - bargain!

      if i buy two boosters it would be 40 dollars. im getting all of the additional models from the 1x enforcer specialists for free already. what makes this a good deal?

    7. Eric Carroll on

      just upped my pledge

    8. Sielle


      Only the $50 booster bundles are BOGOF. Which makes it a MUCH better deal than buying the $20 ones.

    9. Sielle

      @Jon, $20 for a single booster (which would be line 1 or 2). You do get 2 defenders, but they will be different poses.

      Keep in mind that it's $20 for one booster, or $50 for 6 boosters. If you chose two different factions, that's still a LOT more models for your money.

    10. Jon Larsen on

      Okay - so some questions over the enforcers thing. It's the only thing on the table...or getting there, so it's a good place to start.

      Thanks for the renders vs. concept art. However, all the painted guys--the "specialist" booster on the bottom [3rd] line are already included in the faction starter, right?

      So the only new guys are the "faction booster" lines 2 & 3?

      I like the shieldwall guy. How do we get just 1 faction booster? Is there any way to swap out duplicate models for other unique models in our pledges? I'm only in for skirmish - at a whiff of a unit game, sorry, just out.

    11. Missing avatar

      Paolo Trepiccione on

      Think I will wait until the individual boosters are available retail. Already spent too much on this project :)

    12. Missing avatar

      kesator007 on

      I'm quite confused.
      The goal is to reach 700k For the enforcers Bundle, but it is already up in the add-on section...??

      What am I missing?

      (Appart For my little grasp of english)

    13. Missing avatar

      Philip's Sock Puppet on

      These bundles ship Q2 of 2014. Says so in the graphic above, at the bottom under the last picture :-)

    14. james keatley on

      @Luke cheers thought that was the case

    15. Luke Howell-Williams on

      @james- $50 ones only

    16. Missing avatar

      Michael Denham on

      Woư, you've won me over! Excellent booster packs!!! Cheers Mantic.

    17. james keatley on

      So are the $20 boosters BOGOFA or is it only the $50 ones? Bit confused.

    18. Rich on

      So if I want to increase my pledge but pay the amount over two cards is that possible?

      I want to add approx $150 extra with scenery and then these boosters but I don't want to stick $400 plus on one card, is there a way for me to pay half on each card?

      I looked at pledging separately however I'd then need to buy another basic pledge before I started to put addons on and I really just wanted $50 scenery and these two boosters.

    19. Missing avatar

      David Porter on

      It says just below the graphic at the end of the update that they ship in Q2 2014

    20. Missing avatar

      Paolo Trepiccione on

      Haven't seen this asked yet:
      Are these boosters shipping in wave 1 this year?

    21. Torkel on

      Plague is my favorite faction here. (Probably mostly because they're the main antagonist, and they're aggressive... and they're sort of a new concept, to me at least.) And I hope that the mortar crew will be humans, like the other 3rd gens. I'd like having alternative races among the infected, but I would like those to be different and not among the regular 3rd gen soldiers. This consistency helps the faction with an identity imo. The infected teraton is super. He has a different position and purpose, he's out of the ordinary. My 2c anyways.

    22. New Hampshirizer on

      Hmm - I think my interest in the Plague booster will depend on whether the 3rd gens are going to be human or not. If the boosters have a lot of human 3rd gens similar to what's in the starters, I'm out. If Mantic are getting creative and making the mortar team some non-human 3rd gens, I could actually go for this. I guess the grenade gun guy will be another human, but the silhouettes on the mortar team are unclear enough for me to have hope.

    23. Jon Larsen on

      Once they're actually unlocked, it might be a cool deal for some.

      Doesn't do anything for me - I'm dabbling in all factions or going home. Don't need/want lots of any one action. $100 for everything...but w/dupes...just too steep for me. Still interested in seeing the next releases, but I'll pass. Sorry, $40 for 1/each, plus a bundle for the already seen specialists is more like it for me. Granted, those specialists alone were $27 IIRC. So I was hoping we'd get a bundle of those for 20 or less.

      Well, if you want more $ from me you'll need to figure out how to package these in more of a sampler style.

    24. TKC on

      @ Mantic

      I would suspect that there are quite a lot of people out there that are planning on getting a single faction starter for each faction, plus some extras, e.g. Strike Team (+ free Asterian) + Forge Fathers + Mats + Terrain + Mercenaries + Zombies.

      The problem for those people is that adding the booster bundles effectively means having an absolute tonne of specialists and very few standard troops in comparison - but adding on six individual faction boosters doesn't make any economic sense.

      While I can see not making the faction boosters BOGOF, how about buy two, get one free? That way people could spend $80 for six boosters (one of each, presuming all six are unlocked), instead of $150 for 18. Nowhere near as good a deal, but a much more balanced troops/specialists ratio for the models they would have.

      Don't get me wrong, It'd be great if everyone spent $700+ on this Kickstarter - by my calculations Assault Team + Expanded Universe + 6 Booster Bundles (+ Mats + Terrain + Mercenaries + Zombies) gives a nicely balanced force for every faction. However that's into the unaffordable range for most people.

      Even at buy two, get one free for the Faction Boosters, you're looking at a total spend of $400+ if you want one of each faction starter, booster and minor extras. I'd say that's a pretty reasonable pledge level - tending towards the high for the majority of people, but low enough that more people would be motivated to find the money.

    25. Missing avatar

      pcalvi on

      Love the medic. The shield needs a bit of a curve to it or something.

    26. Reorder on

      Thanks for that. It's what I figured but best to ask and know then not.

    27. Sielle

      Only Mantic knows for certain right now, but best guess is every 25k is going to be another Booster Bundle.

    28. Matthew Grove on

      So what levels unlock the other booster bundles? I can see making 700k, but if no other bundles are unlocked the two for one deal does not make too much of an incentive.

      I really like the medic figure.

    29. Sielle


      What you do is figure out the cost of all the Addons you want, then add that to your pledge amount while keeping your pledge selection the same. When the KS is over Mantic will send out a survey that you can state what addons the extra amount is for.

    30. Reorder on

      So I'm new to the KS scene...I pledged over the Strike Team I flesh out the details on Sunday after the KS ends for all the add-ons I want? Thanks.

    31. Jeffrey Spangle on

      Ahh. Wait...hurray! I have magnets!! Didn't get that from the description, Thx!!

    32. Jeffrey Spangle on

      Ahh. Wait...hurray! I have magnets!! Didn't get that from the description, Thx!!

    33. Sielle

      @Jeffrey, The model comes with both weapons. You'll have to chose which one you attach though, or go the magnet route to be able to switch between each game.

    34. Jeffrey Spangle on

      Just curious, if I opt into the bundle am I able to get both the incenderator and the burst laser for the Enforcers?

    35. Missing avatar

      PsychoticStorm on

      @ Vegabond

      There are female enforcers, with luck we might even see one!

    36. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ Michael - yes, if funding gets far enough.

      RE Medic - Enforcers need their boots on their ground, they can't afford to let a soldier die. They're in too short supply for that! There's not a whole legion of them waiting to drop down, each life is precious and essential to the survival of the whole team.

      From a gameplay point of view, you're not going to want one of your characters to die either.

    37. Vegabond on

      How about a female enforcer? Or are they some kind of genetically engineered male superior soldier clone?

    38. AoM on

      Any chance we can get a more dynamic pose to the Sergeant? It's a cool model, and I know you already have the painted one in the pictures, but he is in the standing-behind-someone-and-putting-two-in-their-head execution pose. The Energy Gauntlet is almost an afterthought with that pose.

    39. Angus McNicholl on

      @John... perhaps the medic is for treating rescued civilians or other biological assets?

    40. Missing avatar

      Liam Gregg on

      Plague will get the Teraton wonder what cool races the Regs get rules for my Judwan Medic would be awesome

    41. GrimDork on

      They are probably very expensive. I know they work for the council but the GCPS is run by super corporations so saving 80% of a fixable super soldier is probably worth it..

    42. Missing avatar

      Michael Dore on

      @ mantic

      Are there plans to make booster bundles for the two new factions?

    43. Missing avatar

      John binham on

      Also not entirely sold on why the enforcers need a medic. Anything that can't be treated by their suits is unlikely to be survivable and from the little I know of their fluff are they really the sort of team who will want slow their momentum by treating a comrade?

    44. Last Grimm on

      to me Its a scanner / injection system , and one of the coolest things ive seen on this KS :)

    45. Missing avatar

      David Porter on

      I agree on the medic.
      Why does the medic have a silly big glove? What exactly is he going to do with it? Could be not have a back pack instead, filled with medical supplies?

    46. Missing avatar

      John binham on

      Posted this on the wrong the look of the Rebs silhouettes but the enforcers are really starting to resemble a certain other company's stuff. The tool on the left arm of the medic for example...

    47. Craig Johnson on

      My poor wallet... Over the weekend I increased my pledge from the early bird Strike Team to Assault Team to double up on the minis for the original four factions. Now you offer these convenient and affordably priced upgrade packs as BOGOF? Well played, Mantic. Well played.

    48. Antony Spencer on

      @Jonathan - That's spot on.

    49. Michele Maritan on

      @Jonathan if i remember correctly the pledge level is already specified in the invoice and associated with your KS account, the survey is mostly for managing the add-ons.

    50. Sielle


      Also in the Survey you'll have to say which Booster Bundles you'll want, but all the details like that will be handled in either the Survey at the end or a Pledge Manager if Mantic decides to use one.