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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.


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      Saintly_construct on

      I think the Zom rules should've been part of the guide and not its own milestone. There's plenty of goodies out there that would be more enticing (IMO).

    2. Missing avatar

      iDog on

      I really like that Mortis figure. I have no idea how he's used in Warpath, but I'd love some odd rule like when he enters a DZ cube, D8/2 zombies arise (from the corpses already littering the DZ). All attacks affect the zombies before hitting Mortis.

    3. Missing avatar

      David Porter on

      Yes just 're read it lol

    4. Last Grimm on

      Rich , best thing to do with any shipping concerns is message them direct , they can deal with your own situation more :) David zombies are wave 2

    5. Missing avatar

      David Porter on

      Will the zombies ship with everything else or be in shipment 2?

    6. Rich on

      Could we possibly get a bit more of a breakdown on the shipping costs?

      I've backed Strike Team and added $10 for the compendium, do I need to pay extra shipping as I believe the 5th Faction is 2nd Wave? If so, do I need to add $10 extra for free shipping, or is it $20 because the compendium is 1st wave?

      Sorry first time backing a Kickstarter and probably a silly question :)

    7. Missing avatar


      Matt if you see that link I posted you will see plastic is not as expensive as you thought and well within the scope of this KS...

    8. Missing avatar

      Barry Gingell on

      Thanks for the info :)

    9. Luke Howell-Williams on

      @Barry- They are planning to put out a bundle, but I hope they make them available separately, some people won't want all 4. The more choices the more money they will reap from add ons

    10. Missing avatar

      Barry Gingell on

      Some of the extra models have vanished from the front page and the add on link? Does that mean there are no longer available? I am referring to the fella with wings, the enforcer with the big weapon, the ogre dude and zombie with the grenade launcher.

    11. Plague Beast on

      how about some alien zombies too :)

    12. BlasterCA on

      How about $25 for 40 zombies as an option too? We're all gonna need loads& lotsa zombies! :-)

    13. Luke Howell-Williams on

      Yay, already sitting at over $300 so I'll be getting the book free! :)
      And I've gotta get some more of those zombies, less than $1/model is incredible.

    14. Commander Panda on

      The book looks awesome, I must have it! *Ups Pledge*
      Zombies - good fun, not my cup of tea personally but I can see utility and gaming potential in them. What I really want are Zombie Forge Fathers!
      "When mining goes bad..."
      This would not only be awesome, but add fluff for the Forge Fathers to turn up and crush every one!

    15. Dorthonion on

      Wakshaani more or less already said what I have on the main comments - 2 female variants on the zombie sprue please!

    16. Götz Kirchhauser on

      @ Arthur K - just get over $ 20 in addons and second wave shipment is free...

    17. Angus McNicholl on

      Cool, I'm already a DeadZone Veteran! Looking forward to hitting these stretch goals.

    18. Mark Cunningham

      The Concept art of the Plague Zombies are great, really like the idea of the Corporation Zombie, a female Zombie would fit in great as well and balance out the Zombie hordes.

    19. Matt Gilbert on

      @Chris - tooling hard plastic is very very expensive. You only do it if 1. You can do it yourself for a drastically reduced price (e.g. GW) and/or 2. You know you will sell thousands of the finished sprue just to break even. Sure everyone would prefer everything in polystyrene but most of the time it just isn't practical or economically viable.

    20. Missing avatar

      Liam Gregg on

      Does this mean Zombie Hero Mortis will be getting rules? (Its a shame he doesn't at the moment)
      I'd like to think he could lead them almost like a Queen Bee and a mission to make it through the Horde to take him out would be great.

    21. Crusher100 on

      Just to confirm...

      If my total pledge is 300USD or more the printed book will come for free?

      I am thinking in to increase the pledge but I am not sure if the maps to play will require 4x4 or 2x4 or just the initial 2x2. Mantic can you provide more information about the size of playing are in order to confirm if going from 2x2 to 4x4 is optional for multiplayer games or even it will apply to 1vs1. Maybe as per the rules it will be a bigger are... please some light on this!

      I love the Zombies sculpts but I have already a bunch of them from Zombicide (40+) so not sure with this option. Indeed I rather prefer more figs options than going into Zombies....

    22. Last Grimm on

      Just add that 15$ for 20 figures is really top value and the KoW zombies are awesome

    23. Crusher100 on

      How many zombies will be required for the zombie rules?

    24. Last Grimm on

      Arthur there 2nd wave shipping :)

    25. Arthur K on

      One more question, will zombie be a first wave release or second wave release? I am not paying $5 shipping for a $15 purchase.

    26. Paul Bannon on

      @ Mantic does this mean the sci fi zombies will be designed with the same joints as the current fantasy zombie/ghouls? please say yes

    27. Wakshaani

      Well, a sprue holds five zombies. We see three. My hope is:
      A) Corporation Trooper
      B) Civilian
      C) Scientist
      D) Female Civilian
      E) Female Scientist
      Boom, five different models, some nice diversity, everybody's happy. :)

    28. Kenn Mejer on

      So to mention this again:
      Enforcers get the Recon, Plague get Simmonds, but where are the special characters for Rebs and Marauders? Will it not upset the game balance that only 2 of the 4 core factions get a special character?
      Please make sure to include specials for the 2 factions that are missing it asap instead of favorizing plague with even even more more zombs.
      Trust me, im a fan of zombs, just as much as any guy here, but i cant help feeling the rebs and marauders are being discarded atm....

    29. Rand Chua TL on

      Female looking zombies spruce too pls.

    30. Arthur K on

      If just putting goggle on the ghoul will mean they can afford to give us more free stuff i am all for that.

    31. Barzam on

      Zombies?! Oh hell yeah! Pledge updated! You guys sure know how to brighten my day.

    32. Missing avatar


      Note if you could move the other models from restic to hard plastic I and I am sure many others would become a lot more keen...

    33. Missing avatar


      At last, hard plastic. When even a small company can do it (ok troublemaker I think designed the plastic scenery sprues for this) at very low cost it is hard to see why we can't have more.

    34. Craig Johnson on

      Oh...hell...yeah! I've been kicking around the idea of upgrading to Assault Team for extra minis and scenery and this update makes it a go. Love the fantasy zombies and the concept art for these look pretty sweet. My wallet is gonna hate me, but I'll have to pick up at least a couple of extra boxes. Keep the awesomeness coming!

    35. Missing avatar

      Alexander Schaberg on

      Hey there! I've got a question regarding that "second shipment". If I have already pleadged for Strike Team, including 5 $ Shipment, do I need to add any shipment costs for getting the Zombies (given that the stretch goal is broken - although it's propably overrun next time I read here^^) ? As I'm not interested in Forgefathers or any race other than those already included from the beginning, this really puzzles me.

    36. Scott Hewitt

      Nice to see so much awesomeness coming down the pipeline.

      Add another vote for leaner looking Plague Zombies. Being able to swap in parts from KoW Zombies and Warpath Corp troops would be a great bonus.

    37. DaveC on

      Now there's a good idea bob - if there's space on the sprue maybe throw on 3 helmeted heads for Dreadball :) and maybe a shoulder pad or 2 that can be added over the clothing.

    38. Torkel on

      ... is the best update so far!
      Zombie rules, zombie models, compendium(!) with all the good stuff (Include the short stories there as well? please! :D).
      But oh you are mean to wallets. This will require drastic actions. That might include consulting grandma. You never cease being a child in need of toys in grandmas eyes ^_^ (or anyone elses I guess...)

    39. The Other One on

      @Mantic +1 to John's suggestion for 'co-op.vs the Zombies' mode!

    40. John

      C - oooo - l

      On a side note - it'd be an awesome way to add value to the game, and possibly draw more backers, if there were a survival/cooperative rule set as well, so that 2+ players could work together against a zombie horde. Possible scenarios could include rescuing a survivor, finding a particular item, escaping from a ravaged city, etc.

    41. The Other One on

      Space Zombies? Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy :D (pity my screaming wallet)

    42. Erasmus MusicCentre on

      @mantic can we get a $100 dollar hardback limited edition of the book, with a dust jacket? I hear they're all the rage...

    43. Scott "KillaMini's" Myers

      Hell yes Zombies. Love it. Not to look a gifthorse in the mouth but... it would be nice if you could tool a second sprue as well, to give more variety. That way people would be more willing to order multiple sets of 20 to create a real Horde that doesn't look too repetitive. Possibly a stretch later down the road but I'm thinking with your existing KOW Zombie tools you could come up with something.
      I've already got a few homebrewed scenarios in mind to utilize the Zombie theme.
      Great Job guys, this looks like it will become not only a game but personal Love of mine by the time it's through.

    44. Bob Hambleton on

      Hmmm. You say zombie civilian, scientist and corporation trooper. I see zombie striker, jack and guard. Just saying :)

    45. Richard Clark on

      Zombies look great and the book sounds like a must. I'm busy this weekend, my pregnant wife is being induced first thing in the morning, so I'm leaving it to you guys to get these goals unlocked by next time I check in. Don't let me down.

    46. Alistair Graham on

      Great job on this latest set of stretch goals! The setup for the book is just perfect as well.

    47. Robert on

      @mantic to maximise zombie pledgers, get as much info down on them as possible!

    48. New Hampshirizer on

      Hold on a minute:

      "the alien with a face full of tentacles"

      Is this a hint that we may in fact be getting a Nameless figure? Excellent!

    49. Sielle

      @Vermonter, The Zombies are 3rd Gens though. They just lost their minds during the process.

    50. Sielle

      @Tristan, it's been confirmed that it will at least come in a PDF as well.