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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Crusher100 on

      what are those sensor bubbles around the figure? are they sculpetd too? what are they for?

    2. Ant Evans on

      @Matt you know far too much about that "subject" you sure your a civi ;)

      and when this goes live I'm gonna drive to Bristol with Lee and we can get it on!

    3. Ken McCoy on


    4. Matt Houghton on

      As for knife pose its fine, its a hold is used in spetsnaz knife training although the back of the blade is held along your fore arm this allows you to slash using the full weight of your body, this aids breaking bones and near decapitation with even a small combat blade. the other advantage of this hold is a normal blocking move to stop the knife is infective as it allows you to slash the blocking arm, then hook the blade around the defenders neck.

    5. Martin Dickson

      @James M Hewitt: I agree, my first thought on seeing the hair-do was "Screaming Eagles" (aka 101st Airborne Division); looks good.
      I don't think it makes him look anything much like that other company's scouts, beyond the parallels that are inevitable when making a miniature of a human ranger/recon/scout role soldier with futuristic gear.

    6. Missing avatar

      Paolo Trepiccione on

      A lot of knife enthusiasts...
      Wargaming is a peaceful hobby, honest.

    7. Stefan on

      @mantic, you might wanna rotate the knife 180degrees and also the blade end should be at his thumb., he is holding the sharp ens upwards. A knife is used differently, either to cut the juggular so the victim doenst make a sound od the slash upward to gut an do maximum dammage.

      constructive feedback. I love the figure

    8. Tony Hopkins on


      And it's FREEEEEEE

    9. "DUMP" on

      oh, andthe balde edge is facing outward using that style

    10. "DUMP" on

      Love the new model, his knife technique is actually quite valid. That grip is used for close in fighting, slashing to bleed out your opponent and using a back-handed pumping action to piston puncture wounds very rapidly over a wide area. Most effective against an enemy that has a longer reach as must get in tight, inside of thier range. Just remember,the winner in most knife fights is the one who makes it to the hospital.

    11. Daniel Cassidy

      Is there a forum where ye guys chat or is here good enuff, cos i just have a few questions
      1: Is dead zone going to lead to a redesign of warpath cos i like the rules so far in dead zone im mean they haven't reinveted the wheel but i like them in contrast i feel the mechanic of warpath is out dated.
      2: Are the armies here that arent massive in warpath going to get more attention after deadzone ala rebel army, plague army and asterians.
      Basically i've been looking for the game to take me away from the current large games which i just find dated and just poor. so i like the rebel army and the asterians as i like a bit of elf every now and then and the deadzone rule pack is interesting.
      3: As mentioned above for me its rebs and asters i have no love for plague, enforces, space orx or dwarves so after this kickstarter would anyone be interested in doing a swap with me your rebs for my enforcers or orx or plague

    12. David Kenny on

      @James/Mantic- did ye know that about the hair or get it from me this morning? If so I want a deisgn credit :P

    13. Adam Devitt on

      What happened to more Forge Fathers?

    14. Missing avatar

      PsychoticStorm on

      @James, well if you put it this way, yes, his attire makes sense I missed both of those tweet channels, next time you try this make sure more people find about them.

      Personally I would keep his legs too an advantage Powered Armour has is that it enhances both mobility and carrying power of the user essentially lifting itself, something it cannot do when its legs are not attached to the frame.

    15. Isidoro Acosta on

      As most of your latest work looks amazing and the background story is great too, lets just hope that the final model is that cool, i´m willing to put my paintbrushes to work... it will be a long wait till december.

    16. James M Hewitt - Needy Cat Games on

      If anything, the hair's a callback to the World War 2 US Paratroopers - (check out the picture on this Wikipedia page:

      Arguably, the Rule of Cool also applies.

    17. Andrew Kozma on

      I like the concept art (and the character) but I have one suggestion:

      Is it possible to make his gun look less like a regular gun and more like a needle gun (I, of course, want to call it a needler -- Star Frontiers again). I have no idea what that would look like, but I'd appreciate some variety in the weaponry, and the current gun for him looks, well, blah.

    18. Missing avatar

      Kevin Bates on

      If he's holding the knife point down like that the edge should be facing his elbow, not outwards. If he stabs something he will want to pull, not push, with the blade.

    19. Murray Dougill on

      Thanks James for the explaination.
      Still cant get the marine scout vibe out of my head =(
      Looks a nice figure though, will be happy to recieve it.

    20. Tristan Coulson on

      @ The Boulder when I read built in zoom function I just remembered Lister showing Kryten the Human built in zoom function. Move your head closer to the object.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Porter on

      The pose and design details look really good. This is a sweet render!

    22. MRiley on

      Well, the Mohawk will be the first thing to go on Space Bane when I get him - interesting concept, though.

    23. The Boulder on

      Cheers James! Makes a lot more sense now, great narrative. :)

      @Andrew - I think they work directly for the Council of Seven and are separate from the corporations?

    24. Missing avatar

      Daniel Andersson on

      It would be nice with the posibility to expand the Forge Father and Asterian starter sets to the same amount of models as the four original starter sets.

    25. Neil Collins on

      Love it! will he and all the other individual models (symmonds, mercs etc...) come with full stat cards like the models in the starter factions?

    26. Andrew Hayford

      The cool thing about a skirmish game, is we could actually have different factions of enforcers (maybe different corporations?). An enforcer unit that focused on stealth, lighter armor, quick strike tactics might be a cool counter to the normal Enforcer strike teams.

    27. James M Hewitt - Needy Cat Games on

      People who missed the pre-launch story campaign might not understand the story behind this model, so here's some background!

      Recon Unit N32-19 was dropped to Nexus Psi to investigate rumours of a Plague artefact. At this point, he would have been in standard Enforcer armour. He has a network of surveillance drones - his "Drone Cloud" - giving him a view of entire continent at once.
      Long story short, he found what he was looking for, alerted Corporation Central, and spent the rest of his time tracking down the Gen 1 that was rampaging about and killing things. Towards the end, when he was moving in to tag it for disposal by the incoming Enforcer patrol, he stripped down most of his armour so he could move more stealthily and make his way through the more easily. At this point, he pretty much assumed that the encounter would be the end for him, but didn't care as long as he completed his mission - which is why he wasn't worrying too much about how heavily armoured he was. Or about the rule regarding not showing your face in combat.

      His feed died, and most people assumed he was Plague food...

      The whole story can be followed on Twitter at @Recon_N32. It works best if you read it alongside @six_alpha (a.k.a. Dr Simmonds!) and @corp_central. Also, I'm sure he'll be the subject of at least one of the short stories in the compilation!

      Hope that makes a bit more sense of how he's dressed! :)

    28. Neil Shuck on

      Whilst I like the mini, being a scout version of a super-soldier that is bare-headed, having a mohawk and armed with a trench-knife - that's almost too close to another IP for comfort...

    29. Carl on

      Loving this model. The lack of a helmet works for me.

    30. Ian Loxam on

      Any chance of more marauder goodness? Love this model btw.

    31. thinkerman on

      Awesome - this is what its about :)

      Kick ass characters, heres hoping we get some more of the ladies in on the roadmap

      Nice one Mantic

    32. gavin on

      Absoloutely love this model. Really impressed

    33. Andrew Hayford

      He's a pathfinder, meant to stay in the field for long periods of time so lighter armor makes sense. I honestly would love to see this be an officer of a whole unit of these guys. I'm open to the concept changing...but don't have a problem with this guy.

    34. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    35. The Boulder on

      This is probably the first concept that I don't like. Where is his armour? Why are bits missing? Why would he not have a helmet that presumably has a HUD with all sorts of interesting info that could be useful or a built in zoom function?

    36. Missing avatar

      Mike Strefford

      Hope there is going to be a helmeted head option? otherwise i'm a little 'meh'!! Currently it just captures all the poor things about Mantic in one sculpt, lighterweight version of more heavily armoured troop, with a needle rifle, Combat knife as an absolutely key weapon...and just in case you had missed it, lets put a mohawked spacemarine scout head on it to make sure :(

      I like the rifle, I like the armour, i love the concept...but I'm not buying into Deadzone because I want to buy cheaper 'space marines', I'm buying into it because you've sold me that Mantic are moving on from their roots and building something different, then I see a figure like this and just want to bang my head against a wall!!

      I'm still loving almost everything else in the KS though :)

    37. Jeremey on

      Very cool... anxious to see what the road map looks like.

    38. Missing avatar

      John binham on

      Love it, my only question is with the enforcers being 3d rendered now that we have a bear faced one will they look a bit out of place next to the other races sculpts??

    39. Doug on

      Don't enforcers hide their faces to retain anonymity? Or has that changed now?

      Like the model though.

      And hurry up with that front page refresh because the fact that you're increasing the tile count so much is a BIG BIG deal that needs to be pimped like nothing... :p

    40. Missing avatar

      Charlie St Clair

      if im doing an Assault, will there be two of him for me?

    41. Chris Blackburn on

      Love N32 love that it is a semi-bare headed enforcer. And who doesnt love a mohawk on our favorite tough as nails super soldier?

    42. Robin Michael Breeden on

      I like the Mohawk very special forces... but I think the knife should be turned up an experienced knife fighter would never grip a knife that way.

    43. Adam Fair on

      Taxi Driver Bane, if that's a Mohawk rather than a mask! Looking pretty great - my only suggestion would be to have the knife/knife arm in a more purposeful position. His gun is down, his head is tilted to look at a target, and the knife is raised...but is not turned towards his target, or curved slightly down for a stabbing motion.

      I have to say that one I thing I really like about the Mantic circle base system is that it allows for more models to be in a leaping/running stance without making the basing join very fragile! Downside is that it's hard to have models in a very wide stance of course, but I've seen on some of the Dreadball minis you get around that by only having 1 leg fixed to the base, and the other overstepping one is glued on.

    44. Missing avatar

      David Porter on

      Pathfinder looks great...
      But is it safe to say that the fluff is changing in regards to the enforcers? Bare faces etc? I hope so
      Im really excited for this model

    45. Dirk Mayr on

      Hey he looks really good, very dynamic pose, but please remove the Iro. A more military hairdress would be much better.
      Are the drones playabale? will there be seperate models?
      Keep on sculpting ;)

    46. RobZilla on

      It's Bane in Space!

    47. Willem-Jan Bertram on

      Exciting stuff guys, thanks for giving us a peek into the rest of the campaign plans later today.

      Nice concept as well for the Pathfinder as well, really adds an extra edge to the Enforcers team!

    48. David on

      Hope there will be more terrain freebies.