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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Luke Howell-Williams on

      @Tony- Love that first idea for an alternate pose! I would really give the sense that she is still pretty smart and directing the other plagued to do her bidding.

    2. Tony Hopkins on

      I like the Simmonds pose as is, but if a new one is being considered how about a pointing/screaming pose like she's a body snatcher spotting a human?
      Or a pose like the Hulk on the Ed Norton movie poster. I know the second one is an odd idea considering she's not a muscle bound steroid freak, but it would be nice to see some pure malevolent rage coming from a relatively normal female frame. Admittedly the Hulk pose would not likely work with a gun, but I thought I'd share the idea anyway as it appealed to me so much :)

    3. Tony Hopkins on

      I initially saw the ruins and thought "oh, I would have preferred proper smashed tiles with gaping holes and plenty of partial tiles". However, after reading the comments from other backers I do share their opinion that the damage from the types of weapons in this game is unlikely to destroy the kind of materials the tiles are likely to be made of.

      (I would like to see a few tile fragments on the spruce though, as like SQUIG said it would allow more variation in our buildings, and I'm all about the construction)

    4. Missing avatar

      Michael Dore on

      as much as the new scenery is nice, I'm wanting more character miniatures and extras for our 2 new factions. please make that one of the next stretch goals.

    5. Robert Corrina on

      TAsker says: "DO NOT do to Simmonds what you did to Wildcard. If the Simmonds figure looks like an ugly chubby troll in a retarded pose, I will not be happy."
      and i +1 that. lets stop retarded sculpts, in our lifetime.

      also I may soon unlock the ability to read short stories.

    6. AoM on

      Regardless of whether the amount of damage goes up or down, I hope we get the layouts of all of the BattleZone sprues sometime before the end of the KS. I pledged Strike Team + Urban Battle, and I would like to know roughly what will be in each BattleZone so I can pick the right 4 for my Urban Battle. I had been thinking 2 Core, 1 Fortifications, and 1 Landing Pad. Now that the Ruins BattleZone is right around the corner, I'm not sure if I will want to switch one of those Core sets for Ruins, or if Ruins will take the place of the Landing Pad or Fortifications.

      I know there are almost 2 weeks left before this KS ends, so there is plenty of time for the layouts to get finalized and shown to us. I'm sure the larger size of the BattleZones (4 sprues of tiles) is already making people add more to their pledges. Knowing exactly what is in a set can only lead to more pledging. I just hope we see this 2 or 3 days before the KS ends so people have time to see it and adjust their pledges accordingly.

      +1 for pre-Plague Simmonds. Even if we don't get rules for her, she'd make a nice Rebs model or competition piece. Kickstarter Exclusive, perhaps?

    7. Adam John Skelton on

      @Mantic, not sure that having her hair tied up is appropriate. Hair doesn't stay tied up very well, so I'd suggest that it would make more sense for her hair to have fallen out of the bun depending on how long she's been plagued for, plus assuming that she struggled when she was turned it's entirely possible that her hair would be almost (if not completely) free of the bun. Just a thought. :)

    8. Tasker on

      Really loving those barricade concepts but as others have sait, It would be nice to have a few that are a little more beaten up.

      Also, just to restate what I said in a previous update...

      DO NOT do to Simmonds what you did to Wildcard. If the Simmonds figure looks like an ugly chubby troll in a retarded pose, I will not be happy.

    9. Torkel on

      The light damage on these ruins is also fitting for the small scale skirmish combats of this game. We got rifle bullets and the occasional missile or grenade causing damage. Not tank regiments and bombers ^^

    10. Murrell

      The nice thing about a 3 x 3 is you really have 8 different views and set-ups you can put each tile in for it to not look exactly like a tile that was moulded the same. So as long as they give you no more then 2 of each (in a perfect world, all 4 sprues will be different, but as long as there are 2 different sprues in the battlezone, I'll be content) you really could utilize a couple battlezones of these without it looking repetitive.

    11. John

      Count me in with the crowd that likes the ruined barricades as they're depicted. My take on Deadzone is that not everything has been obliterated with heavy weaponry, and there's enough remaining material to provide decent cover. There's also good customization potential for those backers that prefer a bit less cover with the ruins.

      I happen to like the artwork for Dr. Simmonds, but would prefer her final pose to be a bit more dynamic in miniature form. Would like to see the "before" miniature as well, to add some variety to Nexus Psi campaigns.

      A quick thought re: the ruined terrain... how will the rules work if an arm/extremity/appendage is the only thing visible?

    12. Missing avatar

      pcalvi on

      Seems there needs to be pieces with 50% damage to them.

    13. scarletsquig on

      The reason why I wanted open, bombed-out ruins is largely coming from a practical gaming perspective. If you have a fully-enclosed building you can't easily place minis on the floors inside, ruins allow for this, resulting in a much more dynamic gameplay experience with a good mix of cover and multiple levels that are easily accessible (if you have a 2-3 storey building you can't really place minis inside the ground floor without a lot of effort).

      There seems to be a lot of support for both light and heavy damage, though, so perhaps a good way to do both would be to produce lots of pieces like B in the diagram that have moderate damage, but can be easily cut apart along the diagonal to form two seperate heavily ruined pieces rather than one lightly damaged one?

    14. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ Joe - all of the sprues are the same size they just get different components. A Core World sprue is 6 tiles plus bits like multiple barricades and multiple half tiles.

      The ruined frame will get damaged walls, area cover, broken barricades etc, still making it approximately 6 tiles + bits.

    15. AoM on

      I'm also in the "less is more" camp for the ruins. Not everything that is in the middle of being damaged by a battle looks like Stalingrad or Berlin in the final days of the Third Reich. There are enough places to get "destroyed" terrain, and more than enough people who think SCI-FI TERRAIN = UTTERLY DESTROYED PILES OF RUBBLE. I really like the amount of damage shown on these barricades and hope that the walls and floors/ceilings see a similar level of damage, not more.

    16. Luke Howell-Williams on

      I think that they should all be ruined core world tiles- if you want ruined fortifications then they should be a separate set.

    17. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    18. Missing avatar

      qmpsjj on

      there is so much totally ruined terrain out there, there is no need for more in this project. the light damage is great and will add verity and lines of site to the buildings without limiting the tiles usefulness and a versatility.

    19. Luke Howell-Williams on

      I'm sure that is just a copy and paste error carried over from when mantic thought there would be 6 tiles per sprue! They now know that they can fit 8 per sprue.

    20. Orcsbain on

      Guys dont forget the concepts shown for the ruins are infact barracades not the walls. Also less damage is better, as its easy to hack apart your wall intact sections to show massive battle damage. where as "moderate damage is harder to make as you will get chipping and wiring showing through.

      Also another thing to note is that the "buildings" are a standard size because they are purpose built shipping containers that can then be re-purposed for accomodation and low level indrustrial and mercantile use. So they would be built from metal and not bricks and mortar or concrete (or whatever they have in the future). So ruins would be more of a "torn, melted,burnt out and blasted" look rather than a "chipped, cracked and rubble" affair.

      So the way that they would collapse and become ruinious would look different to a "normal" construction.


    21. Robert on

      Concept art looks like something I could do myself relatively easily. While these would save time... I'd prefer to get either Industril sprues or something a bit more damaged!

    22. Ropya on

      I second the question about the ruins being listed as having 6 tiles whereas core has 8.
      If thats the case, Id rather have core and 'ruin' some of them by hand since you would get more.

    23. Luke Howell-Williams on

      I agree with Scarletsquig, the concepts look cool but we need some properly collapsed walls and floors too.

    24. Robert Sturtz on

      I like the level of damage, sure I might 'enhance' a few but I'd like most to be fairly functional,

      Also I can easily imagine a campaign where you try to rescue the doc, if you do you get to use her for the rest of the campaign, if you don't she gets 'zombiefied' and you need to try to take her out...

      hmm 'zombified' enforcers, rebs etc might make for some interesting sculpts...

    25. Missing avatar

      qmpsjj on

      the holes look perfect. was thinking I had no interest in ruins but if they stay the way they look on the art I want some. nice job mantic.

    26. scarletsquig on

      From what I can tell, the designs for the ruins don't look "ruined" enough, by a long shot.

      They have a few bullet holes here and there and some denting, but other than that they are still fully-formed square/ rectangle shapes without any major collapse occurring on them.

      Ideally, it'd be better if a ruins sprue could be heavily ruined (see GW city of death ruins for an example, lots of ruins with half the tile missing from the top corner diagonally downwards), so that we can create ruins that don't have a roof/ corner ruins etc... at the moment the concept art looks too much like a copy of the core worlds sprues with a few holes in it rather than a properly ruined/ collapsed design of the sort where you don't have a roof and can put the figures on the floors inside.

      Just some thoughts, otherwise it's looking good, definitely keep the internal steel reinforcements and other interior detail that has been exposed, it'll help to make the edges more interesting.

    27. Missing avatar

      qmpsjj on

      I like the fact that the ruined tiles are just badly beat up, not half gone like a nuke hit them.

    28. Joe

      Do the ruined sprues really only have 6 tiles? The previous update said Core World sprues are getting 8 tiles now, I expected that be true for all.

    29. Missing avatar

      PsychoticStorm on

      Nice, lets see how Simmonds will turn out as a model.

      Will the ruins sprews be all damaged? and will they be versions of the existing ones/ future ones damaged or unique?

    30. The Boulder on

      I know this is a crazy idea, but what about an alternative timeline sculpt of Simmonds? Where she survives and joins the Rebs? :)

    31. ronzier mikael on

      Can't way to see Ruined BattleZone :-)
      I hope they could mix with the core battle zone tiles in order to build very interesting area

    32. Missing avatar

      Frank-Thomas Stormo on

      Great - need one of these to complement the other battlezones.

      You probably should post up a miniature related stretch as well, It's nice to have a goal for both backer groups (or two for those like me that want both minis and terrain)

    33. AGN1964 on

      Looks good.

      @Mantic, how about updating the front page? The Strike Team graphic shows 4 starter factions, shouldn't it 4 + 1? Quite the omission. Other little things too.