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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. MIke Nutt on

      Love the terrain add ons, I'm torn between keeping my early bird $95 or moving to $95 terrain, strike, or even some of both :p

    2. Luke Howell-Williams on

      @Neil- both Jake and mantic have said that mechs and/or vehicles won't be introduced to Deadzone until they do the larger battlefields expansion. You may get some by the end of the KS but it will probably need to pick up the pace a bit for us to get far enough through the SGs...

    3. MISTER neil FLOOD on

      The scenery is all looking really cool but what I would like to see and would see me drastically increasing my pledge is MECHS, big robots with even bigger guns. Vehicles if you can. With the Mechs being done for Dreadball surely its just a case of weaponizing them.

    4. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @Vermonter - The two short stories (along with various other bits and pieces) were written by Mantic's resident web-monkey and Bear Wizard, a.k.a. James. He's also going to be doing one of the short stories in the compilation. Glad you like them!
      @Luke - Check the latest update for more info on sprues and Battlezone contents :)

    5. Luke Howell-Williams on

      Will the extra sprue for the core worlds battle zone give us two of each style , or 3 of the original sprue and 1 of the SG variety sprue?

      +1 on the claw damaged ruins from a 1st gen.
      I hope that all the ruins are ruined core world walls- I don't want half the tiles to not fit in with the current set an be useless.
      I will definitely be taking one or two of my battle zones as ruins, but I hope maybe down the line strike team may get a sprue or two of ruins added. ;)

    6. Sir Kalon Jacarl on

      Am I the only one who sees the devil dead original deadite in artwork in the lady doctor not a bad thing more awesome really

    7. New Hampshirizer on


      Why does that make me feel like we're watching a strip tease show? ;)

    8. New Hampshirizer on

      @Mantic - Speaking of authors, who's been writing the fluff we've been reading so far? I'm enjoying it.

    9. Missing avatar

      PsychoticStorm on

      @ mantic

      I am glad to heat this and eagerly wait to see the WIP shots, she and the grenadier are the first Plague artwork that intrigue me to the faction (oh and that teraton).

      I do not see something bad in Plague having Shambling horrors the mindless zombies you tease are a good excuse, but especially for her, I am expecting a tortured evil genius more prominent.

    10. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    11. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @PsychoticStorm - We'll do our best to strike the balance between shambling horror and tortured evil genius! One great thing about having an in-house sculptor working on her is that we should be able to get some work-in-progress shots quite easily, so watch this space.
      @RebelSam - You're welcome - and thanks!
      @Arthur K - Doubtful! The Mars Attacks license will be its own thing, an entirely standalone game. And it's not going to happen for quite a while yet!

    12. Tony Hopkins on

      I can see how the slightly pigeon-toed stance may suggest zombification to some, and how that in turn could suggest brainlessness, but I think it's easily interpreted that her body alone is twisted and ravaged while her mind is still sharp but more deadly.

    13. Arthur K on

      Will we see a Mars Attack cross over?

    14. RebelSam on

      Thanks for the answer guys! Glad I also did an add-on of Urban Skirmish so I could get the Landing Pad & Fortification sprues! They look fantastic! Good job Mantic! Keep up the good work!

    15. Missing avatar

      PsychoticStorm on

      @ mantic

      While I am delighted to hear you tighten your control around your sculptors, I am disappointed to hear she will look like the concept.

      She will be the first 3rd Gen that looks like a zombie and she is supposed to be your evil genius scientist....

    16. Missing avatar

      Brian Dyer on

      @Mantic - Thanks. More models for Christmas ;)

    17. Philip D'Hollander on

      @RebelSam: Core World only so far. If you want the other sets, they are available as add-on. You get six building sprues standard in Strike Team though, a nice deal. And perfect for some 'light' scenery.

    18. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @RebelSam - Currently Strike Team comes with Core Worlds sprues, but this may change.
      @Brian Dyer - Simmonds will be shipment 1. Our in-house sculptor is working on her at the moment, so we've got a lot of control over the sculpt to make sure it comes out just like Heath's excellent concept :-).

    19. RebelSam on

      I don't known if this has been answered before, but I pledged Strike Team which comes with a bunch of sprues. Which sprues come with the Strike Team level? Core World or do I get to choose?

    20. Missing avatar

      Brian Dyer on

      Will Simmonds be shipment 1 or shipment 2 though?

    21. Mike Davey on

      I was kind of hoping for the pseudo-Mayan temple look for the ruins, but I get where people are coming from. It makes a lot more sense to have ruined urban terrain, since it's an urban skirmish game, and it makes it a lot easier to mix and match with the other Battlezones.

      I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a future expansion where the Plague artifact is discovered and activated at an archaeological site deep within an alien jungle. I think it would probably work best as a stand alone expansion to the core game, rather than a Battlezone. You'd need both ruins and some sort of jungle terrain, as well as some weird alien animals that have succumbed to the Plague.

      With that said, if Mantic adds a "Weird Pseudo-Mayan Temple" to the Battlezones, it's definitely going in my order, jungle terrain and weird alien Plague beasts notwithstanding. :)

      I think you could do the "ancient temple" thing with all of the factions without changing motivations too much. The Corporation could have a bunch of mining/forestry or other projects in the area, or maybe it was one of those projects that actually discovered and set off the artifact. When the Plague hits, those people are evacuated and the Enforcers are sent in. Then the other factions hit to raid some resources, just like usual.

      +1 for claw marks on some of the tiles. It would give me a happy to have at least one tile with a big bite mark out of it.

    22. Philip D'Hollander on

      @Luke: don't worry... Sedition Wars did it too with the brilliant scientist (Doctor whats-her-name) who had a mini in the game as the good doctor (with child on her arm and flamer/gun in the other) and then an infested version of her, totally warped. So it's been done so many times that there is no intellectual property, nor is it a copy-paste of anything specific. :-)

    23. Luke Roberts on

      John Bobita,

      Gayle Simmonds actually reminds me of Dr Ariel hansen from Star Craft II: Wings of Liberty when she got infested (if you chose the wrong pathway in the campaign hehe!), i.e. see here:…

      @Mantic Games,

      You have to be careful not to just rip off Starcraft II with the Gayle Simmonds character drawing so many comparisons to Dr Ariel Hansen and her wonderful Infested form. Even so, there's a lot of scope hinted at with Deadzone and Gayle that Starcraft didn't go near so yeah. :)

    24. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    25. Philip D'Hollander on

      Excellent, I was also wondering what the 'ruins' would be... some ancient temple, maybe an old site where the plague/artifact was originally designed (thinking about Prometheus, the movie, as a prequel to the story of Deadzone here). But a blasted perimeter will do nicely. I second the suggestion to have at least one sprue with claw marks where something with nasty claws (first gen or second gen) overran the walls/barricades.

      Thinking about it, I would actually like a sort of ruined temple or ancient site with weird architecture to recon/clean up/recover as the story unfolds... send in the Enforcers to find some jey data on the Plague? add in some rebs and marauders who also want their hands on it... and then some Asterians trying to defend it or even nuke it from orbit to prevent anyone getting their hands on the data and develop it as a bio weapon! And then the Forge Fathers turns up too :-)

      Maybe Ruins will be a mix! If there are three sprues, then one could be blasted/clawed walls of a corp fortification, one could be an alien site in ruins and one could be Asterian or an abandoned outpost of the rebs or marauders...

      Many options and I look forward to all of them!!!

    26. euansmith

      I guess that the background states that only the most elitest of the elite can survive in the Deadzone; all others are Plague-fodder. Having said that; Dreadball Teams do give a nice bunch of unarmed, fleeing figures for use as technicians and scientists in scenarios.

      Roll on the Battle Zone, even if we have to wait until $550,000; quel dommage!

    27. Brian Blessed! on

      It will be interesting to see how the rebar somes out in the tiles.

      Bill Roy and I discussed a non military faction and Mantic pretty comprehensively shot us down.

    28. Dorthonion on

      Nice ruins teaser - I agree that the ruins have to be of Corporation structures, not some pseudo Mayan temple. Just a suggestion - instead of having all damaged sections showing bullet/blast/energy weapon damage, could some of them look like they were clawed or torn asunder by the First Generation beastie? Just an idea. Roll on pledging!

    29. Ranjith Jayasinghe on

      I don't think words can accurately convey how incredibly stoked I will be when Ruin Battlezones get unlocked! BRING ON THE TERRAIN MANTIC. BRING IT ALL ON!

    30. Adam Fair on

      Ah - good, I was worried that the ruins would be of a totally different style to the core worlds stuff (like an ancient alien temple or something)! As it stands, you can have the terrain included at Striker + fortifications + ruins to give a good amount of variation in the standard battlefield - standard buildings that may have had a wall shot out or a collapsed roof, or a hastily-erected gun emplacement on top of them.

    31. Missing avatar

      PsychoticStorm on

      I wouldn't mind an entire non military personnel faction to be honest, security officers and hastily trained scientists, with the odd military survivor/ deserter in them.

      That been said the Infected version looks like a mindless zombie, a more intelligent pose would be preferable.

      Damaged battlezone sounds good, will this be complete building or add on to make other battlezones damaged?

    32. Plague Beast on

      addition stretch goal ruins sprue???

    33. Alistair Graham on

      I wouldn't mind seeing a not-dead version of Gayle as an add-on at a later point.

    34. huntersblades on

      These next two goals personally do nothing for me so looking forward to seeing what's beyond.

    35. Torkel on

      uh oh! Ruins!