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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Alan Humphrey on

      Where can i find all the background stories? Please help.

    2. Luke Roberts on

      I asked for clarrification of what the strike team scenery is classed as and in relation to this scenery kickstarter goal, and the below sums it all up nicely and officially:

      >> Mantic Games
      Sunday May 19 2013, 2:43am EST

      Hi Luke,

      Thanks for getting in touch and supporting Deadzone!!

      Strike Team scenery isn't classified as or referred to as BattleZones, only a number of Core World sprues (plus connectors and accessory sprues) at this moment in time.

      Strike Team will be getting 2 additional scenery sprues added before the campaign is out, but does not get the bonus sprue from the stretch goal. That is for the scenery pledge levels and add-ons.

      Hope that clarifies things :)



    3. Sir Kalon Jacarl on

      i wish those on scout like me got things like coop game pack or even a free special charcter, would've upped my bid more but skint nevermind........

    4. Missing avatar

      Paolo Trepiccione on

      Zombies and more ladies!

    5. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ Neil - Recon gets Doctor Symonds included free >:D

    6. Orcsbain on

      Simmonds is DEAD?! NOOOoooooooooooo

      nice mini though.


    7. James M Hewitt - Needy Cat Games on

      Simmonds will definitely be featuring heavily in at least one of the short stories in the compilation, and that will re-tell what happened through the Twitter promo campaign while adding some new detail. In theory, at least!

    8. Martin Dickson

      More females across factions -- mixed gender forces as a standard perhaps -- would incidentally help to further differentiate Mantic from... that other company.:)

    9. Andrew Hayford

      Now that would be awesome.

    10. Alejandro Kondrasky on

      Talking about females, i remember a very important one for the Rebs : Teraton Females!
      Those are bigger and even more brutal than their male counter parts right ? Probably bigger than a 1 Gen Plague ?

    11. Alejandro Kondrasky on

      Ok not many cases, but some like Wild Card

    12. Alejandro Kondrasky on

      @Tasker +1

      @Mantic Same here, try to stick to the concept art that you show to us, which generally looks stunningly good but in many cases is not being transcribed into the actual model.

    13. Rurik Dahlberg on

      Love the idea of Dr Simmonds! Make her freaking awesome!

    14. Andrew Hayford

      +1 for more females across all the factions. Female orx and goblins would be pretty awesome and isn't really something that has been done much. More female plague! Maybe some fast jumping melee units with bone blades for arms....or just some female versions of the regular infected. Female elves and female dwarves would be awesome. I really like the variety a simple mix of genders can bring to a unit/force.

    15. Tasker on


      Please for the love of God, don't do to Simmonds what you did to Wildcard.

      The concept for Wildcard was awesome but the figure was a piece of crap.

    16. John

      Second Jeremey H's suggestion. It'd be great to have before (Enforcers?) and after (Plague) options for Dr. Simmonds. That way an alternate Nexus Psi scenario could be incorporated whereby the Enforcers or Rebs have to rescue her in time.

    17. Jeremey on

      Is there a pre-outbreak Doctor Simmonds available? I'd love to have the before and after, maybe a scenario where role is made each turn to see if she mutates.

    18. Last Grimm on

      Neil , recon will getting a freebie at 520 stretch goal , doctor simmonds free with pledges of recon and above , excluding terrain pledges .. hope that helps

    19. Keith on

      @ Mantic - What format will the digital short story compilation be in? i.e. will I be able to read it on my Kindle?

      4 great stretch goals in a row well done!

    20. Neil Collins on

      @mantic - can you tell me when recon will get another freebie?

    21. Aldermac

      An idea. How about including all the background stories that people are talking about, like Simmonds, in with the story compilations.

    22. Missing avatar

      Daniel Andersson on

      It would be nice the new two starter sets could be expanded to include the same amount of models as the four first ones.

    23. Missing avatar

      iDog on

      I kind of can't believe I'm typing this, esp. considering what a cheapskate I am, but I would've paid $5 for a KS/con-exclusive female plague character. I love getting free stuff, but I don't mind paying for some cool stuff to help make sure we get to a point that we can get more free stuff.

    24. Craig Johnson on

      Thinking I might switch to Assault Team if for nothing more than twice the scenery. Will still grab a set of each of the unlocked bate zones.

      The concept art for the doctor is amazing. Nice addition for the Plague. How about some Gen 4 Plague zombies? The bodies of the slain rise up in a mockery of their former life.

      Keep up the great work, Mantic!

    25. John

      As a Strike Team backer, I'm all for add't terrain options for the Terrain-only backers as they're an important part of this campaign. Might also tempt me to kicking in another $50 at some point ;) Waiting to see what happens first with another KS campaign before adding more to this one.

      As for Dr. Simmonds - the artwork rocks and I can't wait to see her rendered in mini form. Also like the idea of the Plague retaining some/most semblance of their former intelligence. That'd make them far more dangerous adversaries than something that mindlessly shambles around groaning "braaaaiiiiinnnnnsssss..." all day.

      For the short stories - I'm ambivalent about those. No offense to the authors, but I'll probably take a pass on those. I'd rather use the stretch goal for another mini or add-ons, but if other backers are enthusiastic about them I don't want to deprive them of something that'll add more to the back story. If anything, I'd rather see them incorporated with the core rulebook as sidebars or to add to the universe's history.

    26. Jesper B. Fuglsang on

      Just saw this update and.... DAMN MANTIC....... I‘m feeling the love....

      I was amazed at how much extra we got back in the db kickstarter, but this is almost crazy.... thank you so much..... now take some more of my money!!!

    27. Alien Cat of Doom(Raging ETs) on

      @Philip Just sacrifice your keyboard to the Dark Plague Gods, and you can get a new one!

    28. Philip D'Hollander on

      Silly keyboard!!!

      As a terrain backer, all I can say is: I LOVE MANTIC!

      But now comes that point where I'm consider Strike Team + the 4 battlezones upgrade... Thank you Mantic, you'll make a believer (and customer for the game too) out of me yet!!!

    29. Philip D'Hollander on

      As a terrain backer, all I c

    30. Last Grimm on

      @Adam doesnt come across that your demanding or anything ..... to add to Caspers comment or a thankyou ....

    31. Alien Cat of Doom(Raging ETs) on

      ... I was trying to figure out if I was going to lower my pledge and just pick up some basic things... but with Dr. Simmonds, I can't reduce, reuse, or recycle. I may actually up it! *Shakes fist at Mantic* Darn you Hanz Brix! *Said like Kim Jung Il*

    32. Casper Ro on

      @ Adam
      Could you atleast ad "would you kindly" or "please"? ;)

    33. Casper Ro on

      Excellent news! This is getting irresistble!

    34. Rex Wall on

      Whatever you do, please don't pull a bait and switch like you did with KoW cat cavalry.

    35. Tony Hopkins on

      As a 'scenery guy' I'm definitely feeling some love now :D and presenting the freebies in amounts of extra tiles is a smart move which is bound to draw in some fence sitters and those from other gaming systems. Bring on the new backers!
      Messed-up Zombie-Lady looks awesome, and I'll definitely be searching for the background story for her now. Good work on her being a freebie too!
      More stories is always good, and a nice short SG to keep the momentum going :)
      Is it December yet?

    36. Adam Devitt on

      And more terrain sprues for Strike Team!

    37. Adam Devitt on

      Give us another free starter and make specialists for those 2 groups

    38. ExMudgunner on

      @Mantic Thanks for the clarification. I've got no problem with terrain-only pledges getting some love!

    39. New Hampshirizer on

      @Luke Roberts - No, Justin's correct. Mantic says above: "So, what does that mean for our SCENERY PLEDGE LEVELS and add-ons?"

      That makes it clear that other pledge levels such as Strike Team will not be getting a bonus sprue this time.

      And as a Strike Team backer, I'm perfectly fine with that, and think we all should be. The Terrain-only pledgers are really helping this campaign, and it's only right that they get some exclusive bonuses too. I hope they get a lot more of them, even if Strike Team doesn't share in them, either. But I'd be very surprised if Strike Team has seen it's last sprue stretch goal upgrade, anyway.

    40. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    41. Luke Roberts on

      @Justin reid,

      Your reasoning is great until you go back and read about how the scenery sprues are chosen for the strike team pledge based on the battlezones themselves, and that we can choose 2 battlezone tile sets. It's a few updates back now, there was some mention at update #30 but before that also.

    42. Missing avatar

      Michael Dore on

      awesome more character models please!!!

    43. Luke Howell-Williams on

      @DaveC- I'll check it out, thanks! :)

    44. DaveC on

      @Luke you can read some of it on Twitter

    45. David Symonds on

      Tch! Looks nothing like me!

      Seriously speaking, the update could only be more awesome if it had sprinkles on top. Everybody is getting something awesome, and it really pushed the terrain pledges. Great job, Mantic.

    46. Luke Howell-Williams on

      I completely missed all the pre KS background/intro stuff too, it'd be great to get links to where I can find it.
      And great work mantic, 3 SGs that are all exciting and very generous! Keep it up. ;)

    47. Last Grimm on

      Just to help clarify for all the strike team doesnt get the +1 sprue at 510 stretch goal , but will be getting more added at a later date , 510 is for the terrain pledges and add on bundles ( which are now a great deal ) but at 520 ...... free figure for recon and above yay !!!

    48. Alejandro Kondrasky on

      @PsychoticStorm +1 to that

    49. Missing avatar

      PsychoticStorm on

      Congratulation on your 500k milestone, I quite like what I see, but, I would really like to see Dr. Simmonds in a less zombie pose, to fit her background.