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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Andrew P on

      Gee... Thanks mantic for giving me a FIGGIN STARTER as a freebee. To show my sincere appreciation I am even going to refrain from having a winge on the comments thread about a possible shipping cost if I choose a later delivery item.

    2. Fred Graves on

      I hope we get a stretch goal with some innocent/survivor figs and objectives. You could have a corporate executive or a scientist and a missions to either capture, rescue, or silence them before "X" happens.

    3. Rick Marston on

      So... can someone pledging at Scout pick Asterians of Forge Fathers? I know it gives 4 explicit options on the mainpage, but that was written before there were other factions...

    4. David Kenny on

      Mantic mentioned the plague 1st gen earlier- if you pick the plague as free faction you get the total in the starter set- that includes the 1st gen 'commander'. You don't get 3 of them, and you don't get an additional one if picking any other free faction.

      The caption was confusing but they ran out of time to edit it...

    5. Jon Larsen on

      @Patrick - that means there's ONE 1st Gen per EACH Plague starter you receive.

    6. Patrick Stangier on

      I don't think that is correct.

      Sorry, I am still confused about the 1st Gen Plague.
      Do you mean that we will get an additional 1st Gen Plague if we pick Plague as our free add-on Starter, ending a Strike Team pledge + free Plague Starter with 3 (three) 1st Gen Plague (1 included in Strike Team + 1 from the free Starter + 1 bonus) or is there no extra 1st Gen Plague included, meaning a Strike Team pledge + free Plague Starter would have a total of 2 (two) 1st Gen Plague (1 included in Strike Team + 1 from the free Starter)?

    7. Sir Kalon Jacarl on

      by that i mean an asterians or forge faction?

    8. Sir Kalon Jacarl on

      So I'd hafta pay ten or five if i wanted to add it to scout in uk just confused

    9. SimonHoward42 on

      @ All German and Austrian Pledgers, I am a native speaker so I sort of hope I understood them. $5 is required for shipping the first batch of figures. You only need to add an additional $5 to your pledge to cover the additional shipping if you choose FFs or Asterians which will be delivered at a later time. So if you choose any of the 1st 4 as you extra set of figures you would not pay anything more as it will be sent with the first shipment. Otherwise you pay a total of $10 for the 2 shipments.

    10. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ Jon - thanks for understanding and yeah, I really get how it sounds... definitely not blaming you guys! It's my fault I understand that :)

    11. Jon Larsen on

      Hey Mantic - you put your Plague 1gen caption in italics :) We GET that it's 'flavor text' and really means..."IF YOU pick Plague - this SHINY THING could be yours!!!"

      Thanks for the clarification! Don't blame us fans for feeling the need to question you. You so often come through with stuff that's 'too good to be true'...we just thought - well, maybe...

    12. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ ARN1964:

      Expanded Universe Factions

      You can choose the Asterians or Forge Fathers as your free faction of choice, both of which will get their respective specialists from now until the end of the campaign added free.

      As these factions weren’t part of our initial core factions, the Asterians and Forge Fathers will ship as part of a Second Shipment that will be delivered in Q2 2014.

      Because of this we ask that if you want one of these as your free faction please add on $10 for worldwide shipping - we'd love to be able to ship these post free but unfortunately we cannot control postage costs (you might therefore decide that the Expanded Universe Bundle below is a better deal for you, choice is yours!)

      Note that this will also cover any Shipment 2 shipping, so you only need to add it on once!

    13. Jon Larsen on

      I THINK I get it based on Mantic Games 2x posts...but it's such a strange price breakdown that I distrust my "getting it"...

      So, If I pick EU bundle and an EU starter w/my STRIKE TEAM...I pay 50 bucks. If instead I [as a completist], pick a free EU starter, and buy a $35 EU starter...I have to add $10 for I pay 45 bucks.

      What's so weird is that I'm getting 3 faction starters for $50, but 2 for $45. No brainer? Or massively confused??

    14. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      We've got an update coming up that explains the total amount of shipping you need to add for Shipment 1 and 2 :)

      RE Plague Faction - kickstarter locks the edit function 30 mins after the update has been posted. We cannot amend the post.

      This is what is included for passing the goal:

      $500,000 – Asterian and Forge Fathers Faction Starters

      If we hit this goal, we will be able to sculpt and tool the Expanded Universe Faction Starters – the Asterians and the Forge Fathers - and create their Faction Card decks.

      For the Asterians we will be able to sculpt: 1 Asterian Commander, 2 Cyphers with Flux Rifle, 2 Cyphers with Charge Glove and 1 Weapons Drone.

      For the Forge Fathers we will be able to sculpt: 1 Forge Father Huscarl, 3 Forge Guard with Hailstorm Rifles and 1 Forge Guard with Hailstorm Autocannon Heavy Weapon.

      To celebrate this goal we will add One Free Faction Starter Of Your Choice (Miniatures PLUS Faction Card Deck) to game pledges of Strike Team ($150)* and up.

      We will also add the digital rules for the Asterians and Forge Fathers to every pledge!

      * Note this does not include the One-Click Urban Battlefield or One-Click Urban Wargames Table Pledge Levels.

      I appreciate what you're saying but the 1st Gen Plague is not included free for hitting $500,000 - you get a second if you choose the Plague 1st Gen with your free Plague Faction if you choose it. I'm sorry for the confusion.

    15. AGN1964 on

      I'm sure this will be made clear in the future, but I am still at little confused:

      I'm Canadian, getting Strike Force, plus the asterian's for free:

      Edited quote: "If you choose ... the asterian ... as your free faction and you're ... Rest of World, please add a total of $5 shipping."

      I have already added $5 for shipping, being Canadian. I need to add a total of $5 for shipping, so it seems like I am golden. Honestly, expected that quote to say "please add an extra $5 for shipping."

    16. Vegabond on

      This is super nice of you, but really confusing too.

    17. Missing avatar

      Brian Dyer on

      Possibly flogging a dead horse here. I've paid $5 already for European postage. If I want to add a Forge Father starter do I pay $5 more or $10 more for a total of $15 postage?

    18. Matt Houghton on

      Hmm a little confused but sod it il add $10 to cover my ass for everything :) think il opt for the elves :)

    19. Sir Kalon Jacarl on

      if i pledged recon and add one asterian starter do i have to pay extra postage im in uk btw

    20. Adam Souza on

      I'm digging that Asterians are not willing to risk more of their lives than necessary when they have the technology to do otherwise.

      The only fiction that could make it better is that the drones are piloted by Asterians who are sitting at home piloting them by playing a video game.

    21. Missing avatar

      Mike Zhu on

      @Adam Good point. I did not think of that. Thanks!

    22. Adam Fair on

      @Mike - if you live in the US or UK, yes. But at that point, you might as well add $50 (rather than $45) to get the Expanded Universe bundle with free shipping, and then use your free starter on any faction to get doubles.

    23. Missing avatar

      Mike Zhu on

      So if I qualify for a free faction but I want to get one of each of the EU factions, do I just add $45 to my pledge?

    24. James 'Maz' Marsden on

      @ Mantic. Please let me know if i'm doing this correctly

      I'm in th UK

      I'm pledging at assault level

      I'm adding an asterian starter @$35

      now, if i'm correct, i can chose either an asterian or forge father starter as my free faction and i don't pay any extra for shipping.

    25. Rick Marston on

      I'm assuming not, but can people pledging for Scout select either of the EU factions for their Starter?

    26. Erasmus MusicCentre on

      @mantic it's true - the caption clearly states backers get a free 1st gen with whatever free starter they choose. There's no ambiguity. I understand that is not what was intintended, that is what it says. This really needs fixing if you don't want to lose lots of good will from current and future backers. The whole issue of how much shipping people need to add for the EU starters is already confusing enough without misleading advertising on top.

    27. Sam7001 on

      @Mantic I don't see how that pic/caption of the 1st gen plague could be taken as only being included IF we pic plague as the free faction.It would be good idea to remove the picture and caption and send out an update explaining we are not getting a free 1st gen plague model UNLESS we pic plague as the free faction. Even then it's confusing, because does that mean we get two additional 1st gen models (1 in the free faction and 1 extra because the caption)?

    28. Götz Kirchhauser on

      @ Christian - whatever you have to pay here is in addition, to what you already paid for shipping your initial pledge, because it's a different shipment. The wording on what has to be added to what is just very unclear. But maybe, that's just, because we're no native speakers...

    29. Götz Kirchhauser on

      @ Mantic - I also still dont get it. After your latest post I'm inclined to believe that I have to pay $40 if I select the Forge Fathers as my free addon and the Asterians on top of that. ($0 Forge Fathers, $35 Asterians, $5 Shipping to Germany) Correct?

    30. Phoon on

      Forget the bundle for a moment. If we choose a new faction for the free starter, then also buy the other new faction for $35, do we pay the $10 shipping? Is it $35 or $45?

    31. Christian Schlumpberger on

      @Mantic: Sorry, but I still don't get it...

      You said: "If you choose the Expanded Universe Bundle, an existing faction and you're in Europe or Rest of World, please add $5."

      Do these $5 come on top to the $5 that I already have to pay for shipping to Germany anyway? To be clear: Do I have to pay a total of $5 or $10 for shipping if I chose an existing force as my free starter and buy the EU-bundle on top?

      "If you choose the Expanded Universe Bundle, either the asterian or forge fathers as your free faction and you're in Europe or Rest of World, please add a total of $5 shipping."

      Same here... If I live in Germany, I already add $5. Do those $5 come on top?

      It's really quite confusing as I can't realls spot the difference between the two examples...

    32. Tristan Coulson on

      @ Doug I was meant to ask if the Huscarl would look similar enough to use as a thane. I know the Huscarl is the Hero in Warpath but in Forge Guard amour it has the same equipment from what I remember.

    33. JaegerNoon on

      How do i add the additional $10 for P&P?

    34. Arthur K on

      Just want to ask this for the sake of completeness, If you choose an existing faction for the free starter and you're in Europe or Rest of World, do you have to pay any extra?

      The EU Bundle is very tempting but $50 could buy me 80 Men-at-arms in the KOW 2nd survery and I don't have to pay $5 for shipping.

    35. james keatley on

      @Mantic: cheers for the clarification

    36. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      Just copied this across from the comments :)

      RE Plague in update - This is just a picture of a shiny model in the update with a caption but seems to have caused a little confusion from a few corners.

      To clarify the caption - which isn't part of the "what you get" section of the update - IF you pick a second Plague Faction Starter, you'd get the second 1st Gen. You will not get a second 1st Gen if you pick a different faction starter - you'd be getting two's of everything in that Faction Starter :)

      On shipping:
      - If you choose an Expanded Faction Starter as your free faction please add $10 shipping regardless of where you are in the world.

      *Shipping to UK and US*
      - If you choose to add an EU Bundle, you do not need to add shipping if you're in the UK or US.

      - If you are in the UK and US, add the EU Bundle and choose one of the new Faction Starters as your free one, you do not need to pay the $5 shipping for the second shipment as it's included in the bundle.

      *Shipping to Europe/Rest of World (e.g. Canada, Australia)*
      - If you choose the Expanded Universe Bundle, an existing faction and you're in Europe or Rest of World, please add $5. If you're in South America or Africa, please add $15 as these would need to be couriered.

      - If you choose the Expanded Universe Bundle, either the asterian or forge fathers as your free faction and you're in Europe or Rest of World, please add a total of $5 shipping. If you're in South America or Africa, please add $15 as these would need to be couriered.

      *Courier Shipping*
      - Regardless of where you are in the world, you can upgrade your second shipment to courier by adding a single postage payment of $15 instead of adding standard shipping noted above - this means that if you are in the EU or ROW you only need to add $15, not $5+$15 for your second shipment.

      Hope that clarifies things! Will be back in a bit in answer any questions and we'll add this to our update today.

    37. Dorthonion on

      Stunned... so much stuff! I need a bigger house

    38. Neoscream on

      Praetorian's origins have been answered. He is a Cipher.

    39. Missing avatar

      Carl Walmsley on

      Excellent. That's just the kind of free-stuff that gets my gaming juices flowing. Bring on the Forge Fathers!

    40. Patrick Stangier on

      Possible, but not how I read it. I view "worldwide shipping" as another term for "international shipping", in this case meaning non-UK or non-US shipping. But as I said that is my interpretation and Mantic will surely clear it up.

      I would also suggest that when a discussion includes shipping we don't shorten "Expanded Universe" to EU, otherwise it will cause confusion for people from the EU (European Union).

    41. Chris L

      @ Patrick - I believe it's free shipping if it's one of the original starter sets - Enforcers, Plague, Rebs, Marauders. If it's a EU Starter you choose as your free faction then it's $10 more.

    42. Patrick Stangier on

      The way I read the shipping is:

      - If you are from the US or UK there is no shipping to be paid.
      - If you are NOT from the US or UK and your pledge contains anything from the second shipment then you have to add $10 to your normal shipping (for normal shipping see ).

      Seems quite simple if it is handled this way, but I am sure Mantic will clear up any confusion soon.

      I also would like to know if that second 1st Generation Plague is regardless of faction choice for the free starter.

    43. Craig Johnson on

      Ok, while I wasn't keen on the FF and Asterians in DZ at first, I'll admit they're well done. I like the concept of a single Asterians commander with a squad of robots to minimize contact with the Plague. Plus, it's hard to pass up two starters for $50 which would negate the shipping cost as well. Pledge is going up. *throws more money at Mantic.

    44. AGN1964 on

      @Mantic, How much is ROW (specifically Canada) shipping for the Expanded Universe Faction Starters bundle?

      I see $10 for the free "expansion starter" and $5 for Strike team.

      Extra shipping for an extra shipment seems reasonable.

    45. Chris L

      Thanks Mantic. Okay, here's how I understand shipping for a pledge:

      If I pledged Suppression Team (3X Strike Team) and choose my 3 free EU Starters (1 for each Strike Team), I would add $10 for shipping.

      Now, if I up my pledge to include another EU Starter to even out my forces (e.g. I pick 2 Asterians and 1 Forge Fathers for my free teams so I'd pick another Forge Father EU faction starter), I would ONLY pay $35 for the Starter Set and no longer need to add $10 for shipping (per the note under "Adding an Expanded Universe Faction Starter" - "Note that each of these bundles includes free UK and US shipping."

      To summarize to scenarios:

      Only original Suppression Team Pledge: $430 + $10 Shipping (for 3 Free EU Faction Starters) = $440.

      Original Suppression Team Pledge + EU Asterian Starter Set: $430 + $35 = $465


      Oh, and again, Great Update Guys!

    46. Arthur K on

      Just to be clear, if your pick the existing factions and live outside of UK and US you don't need to pay anything right?

    47. Murrell

      @James - yes. If that is the only thing you get in a second shipment, then you gotta pay the ten just so they fund a seperate shipment

    48. james keatley on

      So just to be clear, im in the Uk, have ordered the strike team and want a FF starter bundle as my free bundle. I have to add $10 for shipping? Can you confirm this Mantic?

    49. Thomas Rose on

      The Forge Guard looks great. They are my free faction.

      The Asterians look pretty cool as well.

    50. Chris on

      Forge fathers ...drool... Take my money!!!