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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. araya barat juan ezequiel on

      We want Zzors.
      Mantis aliens oh yeah!

    2. Missing avatar

      Owen Blanking on

      loving the kickstarter cant wait to get to play the game, some whingers on here about price look at what your getting for $150. try getting the same from gw u might 2 - 3 big models, wyrd thats 4 crew boxes. Be happy with what your getting your not going to get it else where

    3. Dorthonion on

      Statistics - valueless if unqualified.
      Day one was atypical so better to be ignored. On most other days, hitting well overr $10k so the occasional slower day is not a huge problem but we would rather not have any. If this KS resembles any other I have backed or monitored (bar 1), the final 2-3 days are likely to be sleepless at the Mantic bunker as the numbers go mad. Dreadball and KOW were utterly bonkers. Great fun!

    4. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ Ben - the trending line on Kicktraq is a strange thing in that it it really just takes an average of the days so far and extrapolates. This includes the first day, which is so obviously top heavy that is throws the rest of the calculcation out. On the last day, the trending line will equal our total pretty much all day, raising as the total raises, so unfortunately it's not quite an accurate indicator of where the project will finish. That being said, it is fun to follow >:D

    5. Christian Schlumpberger on

      True, I thought about swapping factions too. Maybe there will be a huge black market in the Mantic forums after the campaign? :-)

    6. Ben Coleman on

      When the project started it was trending towards about $1.5 million. That has slowly eroded away. I know they couldn't give everything away for free, so why have not less updates, bigger goal gaps between them with more actual game content. Rather than goal for +$10k more unlocking yet more scenery, or tat from Army Painter or overpriced 3rd party accessories.

    7. Missing avatar

      Steve Weidner

      @Christian: Personally, I'm not looking for stuff for free. I just want to make sure that I actually want what I'm paying for. While I'm disappointed that we won't be able to swap out factions we don't want for ones we do (presently, renegade and enforcer for me, barring more scale information), I can understand the reasoning from a logistics and shipping cost perspective. That said, if there was an option to spend another $10 (or whatever) to cover shipping and be able to swap round 1 factions for later ones, it would go a long way towards keeping my money now. I also suspect it would get a lot more new backers.

    8. Christian Schlumpberger on

      @Ben Coleman:

      "At this rate it's not even going to go over $1 million."

      Sorry, but since when is 1 million a must-have? Kickstarters that reach 1 million are very rare and aiming so high would have been extremely optimistic from the start. Also: every kickstarter campaign tends to slow down in the middle. The initial week and the last days are always the most interesting parts of a campaign, so be a bit patient, there are still 19 days to come!

      I'm not too happy about paid add-ons either, but we have to keep things in perspective. There is no way Mantic could simply give away everything for free. In addition, if they did this, the campaign could only reach a higher funding by attracting more backers, but I'm fairly sure their number is limited, 2,579 is already fairly high.

      So let's just wait and see where we go from here and what the new factions will bring. I'm pretty sure we'll end up with about 800k, which is a very good result imho.

    9. Dorthonion on

      Ruins are the next planned Battlezone.
      I would not describe this as being in the Doldrums - Mantic Open Day was a distraction from the Kickstarter in some ways and may have had some net benefit BUT the staff were probably knackered with all the work that went into the run-up, running and clean-up afterwards (after all, Mantic are not a mega-Corporation).
      I would like to see the possibility of alternate pieces for the cannon mount but its fine if they come after the current KS - we cannot have everything all at once

    10. Ben Coleman on

      After such an amazing start this kickstarter is really in the doldrums now, treading water with so-so updates most of which are paid add-ons. Backers per-day slowly dropping off. Hopefully Mantic can come up with something to turn it around. At this rate it's not even going to go over $1 million.

    11. Murrell

      @Angelic_Scars - If you listen to Ronnies video he mentions "Overgrowth" and "Damaged" buildings. So maybe one of both are on secretly in the queue. Mantic also asked backers for their opinions after the bundles came out, so maybe they have a few varients they could do and were probing to see which ones they've already drawn up were being suggested.

      That's about all I know

      @Vermonter - Nice try ;) I really don't want to stir the hornets nest cause I can respect the request, but I know what most are really poking at.

    12. Angelic_Scars on

      Any hints on what the yet to be revealed terrain options are?

    13. Missing avatar

      Steve Weidner

      @Christopher: to my knowledge, there are no connections between Corvus Belli (makers of Infinity) and either I-Kore (originators of Void), Scotia-Grendel (current producers of Void, or most of it), or Urban Mammoth (makers of Urban War, plus the odd bits of Void)

      To the Mantic crew: I'd like to add that when I ask for female troopers, I'm talking about in the ranks of existing forces. I'm not talking about Escher mark 2. It was one thing in Dreadball, since the schtick worked with the whole team unity thing. Here, I think it would just be a cheap throwaway, and I thought you were trying *not* to be GW?

    14. Benjamin Junk on

      Please tell me the Covar will be made in clear, or see through plastic? It would make for quite a cool and unique figure. I do like the style of this new mercenary, original.

    15. New Hampshirizer on

      @Murrell - Where did you post your theory on why people are asking for female figs? You don't need to repeat it here, but I admit I'm curious.

    16. "DUMP" on

      Isn't Infinity an out growth or reboot of void? alot of themodels look similar

    17. Missing avatar

      Steve Weidner

      Given that photos of greens are out in the wild (check comments, update 32, if not elsewhere), is there any chance of getting official photos of them next to a ruler so we can tell how big these things will be?

      And while we're at it, I'm going to echo the call for more female models. I think Void did a phenomenal job of having women in the forces, with something like 40% representation, and very few single gender units. Sedition Wars did a great job of it (at least, on the human side) and Infinity seems to be making efforts at it (not counting the battle nuns, or the random bare midriffs... or the catgirl... or the... okay, nevermind Infinity). So why not show that women can kick ass too, and don't have to take the field in nothing but a battle armor bustier?

    18. Rand Chua TL on

      So many new things to look forward to.

    19. Murrell


    20. Missing avatar

      Lachlan on

      Loving the new Merc - and looking forward to seeing the new factions; they look like Forgefathers and Zzor to me??

    21. Murrell

      @John - Whilst I agree with the sentiment, we have been shown only 30k worth of stretch goals for add-ons after recieving 4 more models if pledging on the sweet spot.

      To the reaction by some an "over reaction" is quite under-stated, and considering the pledges have gotten rather stagnent today, is was doubly so an over reaction by the community at large.

      Now, Mantic may be advised that it might be intelligent to keep glimmers of "freebies" constantly dangling so folks know they are coming, but they have their game plan that they seem to be sticking to.

      $3 per mini is also an understatement as you aren't only getting minis. you are also getting $50 of scenic sprues, putting the minis at $2 a piece. It just seems people are really neglecting that they are getting other things outside the minis.

      Best thing to do is just stick it out and send thoughts directly to Mantic. Comments sections tend to be outspoken majority, so when sending personal messages, Mantic can see first hand how many people people are actually clamoring for what as opposed to sifting through the mess to see how much is repetitive.

    22. John Perkins on

      @Matt, For my calculations, this project is okay, on the border of being something greater. Neat concepts, nods to interesting IP's, good stuff, however recently most of the good stuff I have been shown requires considerable extra cash (a little lean prospect right now). I added early, and was assured that the "sweet spot" was at $150, where I should get "a good game with a little of everything else added on. I am not sure we are there yet. A familiar, tested game big box retailing with some neat scenery needs to be under $3 per model retail, or I am going to be second-guessing spending the cash. For a Kickstarter, with 6 months lead time (at least), I don't think it is unreasonable to be looking closer to $2 per mini, and/or a wealth of terrain to play the game as the designers intended (crowded battlefield). We will see if it gets better, and if it really does, maybe I can scrape together a little more for some of the goodies before they jump to retail prices.

    23. James on

      @Ray Bans- Yeah, that is all almost definitely in the pipe. All Mantic has to do is make updated remakes of previous popular games that have since been discontinued and they will have a steady stream of supplicants. Just avoid turning into Evil Empire and we have ourselves the making of a good game company. Which is why I'll continue to get pretty much everything they make.

    24. ray bans

      I want to see the race connected to the MVP Nameless as a Faction on this. Hell, I want to see them as an Army for Warpath, and Ships for a Space Fleet Game in the Warpath Universe.

      Lets see Nameless and his family.

    25. Missing avatar

      May Mau on

      – Chovar Mercenary - looks like a character from Valérian and Laureline

    26. Missing avatar

      Kevin Bates on

      Elf-bots inboooooooooound! So hyped.

    27. "DUMP" on

      Looks like stretch goals for addons are single mini's that some if not most are going to pass on and add no percieved value to thier set. they tend to be lower dollar amount stretch goals. Freebies tend to be much higher dollar amounts and include several models.

    28. James on

      Hopefully the next goal is some freebies. I feel left out. I skipped dreadball but the KoW KS was awesome last year. Tons of new stuff added at each stretch level with the option to buy even more (which I did) These last few days of Deadzone haven't been as exciting. Still looking forward to it though, the concept art for the models is boss.

    29. Matt Gilbert on

      @Adam - they can't give everything away or they lose money which defeats the entire point of getting funding...

    30. Last Grimm on

      Adam better than a 50k goal for a freebie ?

    31. Craig Johnson on

      Love the jellyfish merc! I'll admit I was thinking a Nameless merc when I first saw the teaser, but this is much cooler. Just goes to show that Mantic is able to come up with some excellent original concepts. After seeing that, I'm still unsure of how I feel about FF and Asterians. The Helfather is a cool idea and I would've been happy with him being the only FF in the game, especially when I look at the Plague and how little variety there is to that faction. Personally, I'd like to see more variety to the original factions before adding in new ones. I realize that new factions will draw in new backers and increase some current backers' pledges, but I'm hoping the focus won't shift to them and leave the original factions without any further support. I still hope to see more Plague mutations.

    32. Adam Devitt on

      Stretch goals we have to pay for? Come on Mantic

    33. Matt Gilbert on

      @John - Strike Team already contains over 50 miniatures. If you ignore everything else you get in it, those models are less than $3 each. I'd call that a sweet spot and I'm sure more will be added to it as we progress. There are still 3 weeks to go.

    34. Matt Gilbert on

      @Michael - those ideas for the Marauders just scream too much 40K to me. The Orx in the warpath universe are not so much like their 40K versions. I'd rather they didn't start to look like them.

      Some female 3rd gen plague would make sense, as would some plague victims from other races. There's no reason only human males would be affected (or is there....!)

      Hopefully we'll hit this next SG soon to get the new merc and then we can see what the new factions look like. I especially want to see the Asterian robots.

      I've got no issue with adding a couple more factions so long as the others still get added to along the way (or acknowledgement of how they will get fleshed out in future expansions).

    35. John Perkins on

      @Massimo, If I don't have enough of a faction to play, I won't play it. I am not big on proxy-ing over half my force. I am already seeing a lot of unlocks that don't add to the value of my (supposedly sweet-spot) pledge. To be fair, the lengths between goals are shorter than most, however I have a tough time supporting more deeply when I feel like a captive audience with ever more "beasts to feed".

    36. The Boulder on

      Ha ha ha! Well done, Ed Coleman. :D

    37. Murrell

      @Micheal - it'll be easier to raise funds to flesh out the starter factions if there are more factions available for people to add-on. The Diversity of the factions is still there, as you won't be able to use the entire starter in a game. So there is already a decent amount to vary your force with.

      I've given my opinion on what people are actually asking for when they are asking for females, so I'd rather not get into it. The Reb leader is a Female, and some of the Reb aliens are female.

      Vehicles aren't gonna happen until this thing develops past the 2' x 2' board. Not sure when that is gonna happen.

      Enforcers have "jump pack" capabilites from what I know already

      The Rebs already look like they operate how you describe. Not sure what the true issue is on that one.

      The 1st Gen is their "Queen". It could have very well been a woman. The plauge aren't about sexy curves and boobs, their about mutated muscle mass and boney exoskelotons. They virtually become genderless.

      Did you seriously just ask for a ME inspired merc after THIS update :P

      In general, you have to realize that at it's base, there needs to be a "basic" feel to some things as this is a game for "board gamers" to transition into. Just like Dreadball has it's basic level and then starts to get far more complex, this game will follow suit. It's an opportunity for you to get family and friends who traditionally hide from these sorts of games to get into them.

    38. Ed Coleman on

      I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favourite kickstarter on the Citidel.

    39. Terrax El Maestro on

      Wow, the Chovar Psychic must be huge, am i wrong?. Marauder Hulk 12 $, and it 10$ :O

    40. Crimsonsun on

      I also agree with Michael on filling out the factions more, though i think a lot of those will be accessed with extra 'add on/expansion' style rules. but there is some much more I would like to see done with the factions, as well as the new factions.

      Only thing I differ on is the more special characters - I would rather have generic mercenary types than set unique characters, but I guess thats just a personal taste thing.

    41. AWolenkaiser on

      Hanar un Dreadzone? I've just seen the rebs building a Citadel as main anti-corporation base. And love the concept.

    42. Missing avatar

      Michael Dore on

      As much as a new faction is a cool idea i think you need to flesh out the ones you already have. A couple of specialist on either side don't allow for much alteration of your forces on either side and to do this when there is still plenty of ideas for the sides. here is a list compiling a lot of those ideas.

      For all factions
      - female models
      - more molds and variations
      - more customization options
      - special characters (possibly with names)
      - Veichles

      - Jet pack troopers
      - Covert/stealth troops
      - Riot shield troops
      - Tactical support troops - with communication equipment - able to call in airstrikes
      - Commander characters
      - "mass effect" Shepherd special character

      - More human type troops some having special purpose
      - Partisans with Molotovs and grenades
      - medics
      - wall climbing alien troops
      - Farscape " Crichton and Eryn special characters
      - Speed bike troops
      - Assassin troops
      - Guerilla tactic troops (built around hit and run strategies)
      - Che Guervera style leader model

      - Plague queen character (similar to Zerg Queen Kerrigan)
      - Patient zero -Hideous origin of the plague
      - Plague Teraton
      - Plague aliens
      - Plague spreading creature (possibly thing with big stinger or face-hugger like)
      - Plague zombies/drones
      - exploding plague people
      - Mutations of the plague - Possibly Dead space inspired. more monstrous with spikes and tentacles.

      - special character dual wielding chainsaws
      - Pirate captain like commander
      - More goblin troops
      - Explosive experts - Goblins
      - Troops with laser cutters (melee troop)
      - flamethrower troops
      - berserkers
      - Hound master (give bonuses to the chainsaw dogs)
      - Dodgy mechanic character

      Mercenaries -
      - Alien characters that are possibly inspired by Mass effect
      - Samus inspired character

      This is just to mention a few of the ideas i recall from reading comments as well as my own ideas. Each faction should maintain its own style but also be balanced and should certainly have more variety of models than what we have currently.
      I would prefer that you develop these factions further before introducing more, and certainly make more special characters. I would put a hold on the scenery thing for the time being till weve fulfilled some of this.

    43. Crimsonsun on

      I am really liking the concept of the tentacled mercenary as its different and not main stream, though like someone else said I would be keen to see how this comes out in model form because I think its something that will either look amazing or awful with not much room in the middle. Also worried about how solid those appendages will be especially as they will be supporting it.

      I think you could draw some really good ideas for his biology by looking at jelly fish (Portuguese man of war) and squid/Octopus to get a 'real' feel to its otherworldly nature.

      New Fractions - Asterian's I am not that fussed by, but done right I could be convinced. Forge Fathers I really like the concept art ive seen for them in warpath so I am a lot more hopeful despite being one of the people that was glad when the squat homeworld got munched in 40k but saying that I am very worried about possible biker models which just makes me cringe..

      I would like to see some other factions get made as well, maybe nameless, def some robot type stuff, and some generic Mecenaries, but something a bit different would be cool - something evil but not swarm/mindless/low tech horde like but ultra advanced and old have come to reclaim the universe type... Maybe the plague are a bio weapon they have deployed and they come to harvest the infected systems after a set time. Not a species that are evil for any reason than they enjoy watching 'lesser' beings suffer, genetic experimentation, biological weapons etc.

      I would also 'Love' to see a bestiary, for random encounters/hazards and some big critters as well some light transports & mechs. but we shall see....

      I have already allocated money for 2 extra fractions and scenery to add in the last few days to my pledge, as I assumed they would not be just thrown into the kickstarter but with the amount of add ons coming out I am not sure it will be enough so I will need to see if I can magic some more together 'just in case'

    44. David Kenny on

      Yup- that shillouette is an Asterian droid. There are pics of it going round that were captured at the open day, its very sleek and fast looking, pretty menacing face. I don't think people will be disappointed with them. We build our robots to look vaguely like us- the asterians build theirs the same way!
      The other shadow is a FF most likely.

    45. Missing avatar

      Patrick G. Kelley on

      I don't think that's an Asterian. 1. The legs are not right, they look to bend at two joints and lead to a hoof or paw. 2. It's slouching. Asterians do not slouch. 3. I am seeing the large spike as mote of a tail than an armor spike.

      On another note; Can we get a stretch goal that adds the mercenaries on to pledges of, say recon or higher?

    46. Pixel_Kitty on

      Terraton and asterian robo-enforcer!

    47. Adam Sadler on

      I will be pretty bummed out if the Asterians are just robots with a single Asterian commander. I was looking forward to having a squad of Asterians in this game. If they are a bunch of robots, I won't be buying them. Looks like I'll have to keep waiting for right faction for me.

    48. Massimo Rolli on

      @ Mantic: it would be nice if you did like in DB. New Factions as add-ons but 1 free miniature at recon and 2 at Strike.
      Love the jellyfish. The more alien the better. Men in furry suits are boring and unrealistic.

    49. Missing avatar

      William Radetzky on

      So the Striker Level is now getting 9 sprues of scenery. Are they all the same or are they coming from the new sets unlocked? Or does pledge need to purchase these new scenery zones as add-ons?

    50. John Perkins on

      @Murell, Awesome.