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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.

Urban Skirmish

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Wow – what a start to our Scenery Spectacular! We’re already chunking through the Early Bird Pledge Levels – looks like there are going to be some pretty densely covered wargames tables out there!

For those of you playing Deadzone or just looking to add a couple of buildings to your collection, we’ve now got a $50 add-on allowing you to pick up two BattleZones (9 Sprues) – that’s a total of 6 building sprues (36 Tiles), 2 Connector sprues and 1 Accessory sprue, containing barrels, crates, railings and more.

What can that make? Well…

The $50 add-on allows you to build the equivalent of two of these towers plus a completely enclosed 1 story building.

If you add that on to a pledge of Strike Team ($150) and up you have enough tiles to build the board featured at the end of our new video:

The board is made up of roughly 66 tiles - Strike Team ($150) plus Urban Skirmish ($50) gives you the same number - and don't forget that Strike Team is getting an extra Core Worlds Building Sprue if we hit our next stretch goal!

If that's not enough, with rumours of multiplayer and rules to play on a 4’x4’ board flying around as well, we can safely say that adding on the Urban Battle $95 scenery pack to a pledge of Strike Team ($150) will give you enough scenery to fill a 4'x4' board:

So, if you're looking at building something similar in size to the game board featured in the video, we'd recommend the Urban Skirmish Pack ($50) - if you're looking at something more densely packaged or want to build more impressive structures, we recommend the Urban Battle ($95) pack. Both kits offer all kinds of versatility, and we can't wait to unlock more BattleZones for you to choose from!

Thanks for supporting Deadzone!


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    1. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @Ben / Darren - Sorry for the confusion. "Core Buildings" was explained in the previous update ("Build it and they will come"). It's just what we're calling the current "basic" tile design. Future Battlezones will have different themes - the Landing Pad is the first example, it contains different sprue designs that you can use to build the landing pad or just add variety to your existing sprues.
      @Michael - nothing's set in stone! Sounds like a cool idea. :)
      @Noah - got it in one! Well, two, actually. ;)

    2. Missing avatar

      Noah Jones on

      @ben: thanks. i've decided i'm going to post it to each new update, because it keeps coming up...

    3. Ben Coleman on

      @Noah - In that one comment you've managed to do a better job of explaining it than Mantic have done in 26 updates. Well done and thanks.

    4. Rand Chua TL on

      I Hopping for stretch goals that give us backers additional building sprues & accessory sprue.
      As we all would need more of them some how.

    5. Missing avatar

      Noah Jones on

      again, please correct me if i'm wrong, mantic...

      as per update 24, now that we've hit $375,000, we’ll be getting a total of 5 sprues in recon (4 building sprues + 1 accessory sprue) and 7 sprues at strike team (6 building sprues + 1 accessory sprue) plus all of the connectors we need to assemble our buildings

    6. Missing avatar

      Noah Jones on

      @ben (and anyone else confused):
      i'm pretty sure this is how it works; mantic, please correct me if i'm wrong...

      TILE = a single 3"x3" or two 3"x1.5" piece(s) on a sprue

      BUILDING SPRUE = a sprue of, at this point, but subject to change, 6 tiles

      CONNECTOR SPRUE = a sprue of the different types of connectors which hold tiles together


      ACCESSORY SPRUE = a sprue of an as yet undetermined number of ladders, etc.

      as it stands, the packs offered, be they by pledge or add-on, appear to consist of some multiple of 2 battlezones (2 for $50, 4 for $95, 8 for $185 as add-ons, and 12 for $285 as a pledge level at this point), and every 2 battlezones appears to come w/a single accessory sprue (1 @ $50, 2 @ $95, 4 @ $185 and 6 @ $285).

      currently, there is only one type of battlezone, the COREWORLD BATTLEZONE. as the kickstarter progresses, we may unlock add'l types which may consist of a different configuration of sprues and/or new tile, accessory, and/or connector types. the first new battlezone they intend to fund - the landing pad battlezone - may offer a different style of tile than what we've seen, including angled/triangle tiles

    7. Michael on

      @Mantic: Are the other Battlezone themes already set? I would love to see a "Outer Rim World" Battlezone with buildings made of corrugated metal and other makeshift solutions. This will definitely draw in the whole Post-Apoc gaming community as well.

    8. Gavin Meakings on

      @Ben - "Core World Building Sprues" refer to the style of buildings shown in the photos and trailers. These are the standard sprues that come with the game.
      They will be introducing 3 different types of sprue (via stretch goals) for those who pledge for additional terrain so that they have a more varied playing field (as a 6x4 table of the same style will look a little dull).

    9. DAJ1974 on

      i agree with Ben here .. im starting to get really confused by this all?

    10. Ben Coleman on

      Jeffrey nails it. Suddenly its all about Battlezones where as before it was sprues. Also now Mantic have started referring to 'Core Building' sprues. No explanation as to what means. Is this something new/different/the same in relation to the other sprues we're getting? It's as if the person writing the updates has forgotten that rest of us aren't on the design team, and we have to piece it together like a puzzle

    11. Torkel on

      I'm pretty sure that the pledge levels on the right hand side cannot be changed. This is because, strictly speaking, people have agreed to pay for exactly what's written there. (It seems that Mantic has, with foresight, written the pledge levels relatively vaguely to account for this.)

    12. Missing avatar

      Mike Whitley on

      Make that $145 for 5 mats and the $50 terrain add on :-/ ad-on picture shows 5 mats not 3

    13. Missing avatar

      Mike Whitley on

      Just added $105 for 5 extra mats and the extra $50 terrain option. Great stuff !!!

    14. DaveC on

      Very good (very bad for my wallet) but very good :D

    15. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @ Mark - they can but you need to add $5 shipping.

      @ DaveC - that's right, there are no restrictions :)

    16. ExMudgunner on

      @Mantic, thanks for this--I'll be picking this up!

      I'll re-post part of what I put on an earlier thread:

      There's a few questions about what the Strike Team contains versus the new terrain-only pledges. Part of the confusion is due to the new terminology -- the pledges have a certain number of Battle Zones, but the Strike Team and other game pledges have a certain number of sprues. I know that we should all be able to do math, but the presence of connector and accessory sprues can be confusing and make direct comparisons difficult (for instance, of the 5/6 sprues in Strike Team, how many are connector sprues, or do we get a connector sprue for every three of those?).

      Can you re-write/re-structure the Strike Team and other game pledges so that each contains not "Sprues" but "Battle Zones"? i.e., Strike Team has 2 Battle Zones, etc.

      If there isn't yet enough sprues in a certain level to make a full Battle Zone, perhaps that could be a small Stretch Goal? :)

    17. Torkel on

      You can add to your pledge for as many add-ons as you like. That includes multiples of an add-on. (Keep in mind that you can only choose 1 Pledge Level from the right-hand side.) I assume that the post-kickstarter pledge manager will let you to choose exactly how many of each type of BattleZone you would like, assuming you choose to add money for scenery add-ons. Keep in mind that the sprues you get from Scientist, Recon, and Strike Team pledge levels will be of the "Core World" type.

    18. Missing avatar

      Steven Bice on

      @Chris L
      the update says that the 95$ urban battle pack added to the strike team pledge will be enough to cover a 4x4 table

    19. Missing avatar

      Mark Buckingham on

      @ Mantic - can someone pledge 50 dollars and get scenery only?

    20. DaveC on

      @Mantic I assume we can stack these Battlezone bundles in anyway we like so if we want a $50 and a $95 we can pledge $145 a pick both or let's say we go crazy a stack a $50 on a $280 for $320 and so on guess what I'm asking is there no restriction on the terrain we pledge for just add the relevant amount and we can pick multiples of a terrain level later?

    21. Chris Langevin

      @Torkel Berli
      Thanks for the reply. Doesnt seem like that much terrain, may have to invest in the Urban Skirmish add on then to really get a quality 2x2 going on. Makes me start to fear how much i would need once i am ready to expand to a 4x4. Wonder if there are any inexpensive MDF kits out there that will match up to these.

    22. Torkel on

      When the next stretch goal is hit (375k), the scenery included in Strike Team will equal that of the $50 "Urban Skirmish" add-on. That means Strike Team will have what they call two BattleZones (of the type "Core World"). Recon pledge level will have slightly less.

      (Please correct me if I'm wrong...)

    23. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @ Bolognesus - the Accessory Sprue isn't included in a BattleZone. 1 BattleZone is 3 Building Sprues + Connector Sprue. The Accessory Sprue is then bundled on top :)

    24. Chris Langevin

      The $50 add on, is this the same size as the 6 sprues we get in Strike Team Pledge ?

    25. Bolognesus on

      "6 building sprues (36 Tiles), 2 Connector sprues and 1 Accessory sprue" shouldn't two battlezones contain an accessory sprue each, for a total of ten instead of nine sprues?

    26. "DUMP" on

      @Ben Umm they list the components and include a graphical representation of what can be built how is that not clear?

    27. Joe

      Hi Ben, It might help Mantic if you could list some questions regarding what is not clear to you. I think this update made things pretty clear for me now, but it sounds like you still have questions.

    28. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @ Ben - what can we do to help?

    29. Ben Coleman on

      A lot of clarity is still missing IMO

    30. Last Grimm on

      Ben there not changes just another cheaper addon and abit more clarity on what makes what:)

    31. Luke Howell-Williams on

      Thanks for the quick addition! You may have done me out if another $50. ;)
      Must... Resist... Be... Stong... :)

    32. Ben Coleman on

      Guys - you are losing people. You need to make things a lot clearer. I'm thinking of pulling out until you stop making random changes

    33. Vegabond on

      Can we see an example of the terrain with a competitor's miniature or two next to it?

      I know my Dreadball minis are tiny compared to my WotC Star Wars figs. Thank you.

    34. RJ on

      Sweet! Things are getting epic!