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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Gorden Lake McGregor on

      I was giving this some thought on my lunch break, I'd also be interested to see a whole new faction introduced. A sect of religious zealots, Purifiers as a name, specializing in plasmas as a means of warfare. To "burn" the infection of the impure or infected out of the universe. It could be a whole new race altogether, or maybe an amalgamation of races that have decided to join this religion out of fear or hatred of the Plague.
      Heavy use of melee and plasma grenades. Fire charges. Heavy DMG output, medium armor rating, almost 0 range.
      Just a thought.

      With the idea being we level and progress our unit/units, more options for heroes. Either in a merc aspect where our individual character joins a faction and rolls with. Or an established hero for those who don't want to bother with full out customization.
      I'd definitely love to see some female mini's.
      Vehicles. Not sure how to incorporate them into small and fast play, but for those of us who live for campaigns and epic stories, these would be ideal.
      Plague variation ranks via the factions and ranks. A Gen2 spitter. Love the Alpha plague hound idea.

      Accessory sprues to really customize our min's with. Variant weapons or arm poses. Allowing us to make truly unique battles.

      I'd love to see everything suggested.

    2. Donal Behal on

      My 2 cents would be to include a few non-faction minis to be used as solo play or extra to any faction such as autoguns, sentry guns.

      Imagine having to send a crew of Rebs to blow up a Plague weapons depot undefended by the Plague faction as these are battling some other troops nearby. Unfortunatelly for the crew the place is reacked with traps and auto-sentry defenses.

      Could be a nice easier way to learn how to learn movement, troop activation, etc.

      I agree with some of the feedback received on alpha rules and activation points in a turn can make things work nicely.

      Other suggestions would include a 5th and 6th faction or compatibilty rules for creating a Warpath army.

      I am a sucker for more scenarios and would like to see a roleplaying game released in this universe.

    3. Glint on

      Previously I posted a comment on how I saw the different factions behaving in terms of gameplay.
      In short:
      Enforcers : cold, calm, clinical
      Plague : unstoppable horror
      Marauders : Messy, Loud, Violent
      Rebs : guerilla tactics.

      For that reason, the only side I can see using a flamer would be the Marauders. So I wholly support the call for a Marauder Pyro.

      For Enforcers, as has been mentioned, I would love to see a variant with a large riot shield that can act as cover for other Enforcers.

      For Plague I think a slimmer, sleeker, faster, more deadly (but easier to kill) Gen 1 would be just nasty (in a good way).

      For Rebs, perhaps the use of an Specialist Engineer that can lay down booby traps and mine fields in certain terrain features (use the grenade rules).

    4. Missing avatar

      Brad Myers on

      Orc Pyro! Needs more flames!

    5. Monty Burnham on

      Something realy creepy and non humanoid for the Plague. Like the Quatermas experiment.

    6. Xep on

      I hate auto completion . I was talking about real elite units. About female rebs and female asterians.
      We really need more aliens I'am in for everything there aside from space hamsters ...

    7. Xep on

      marauders =orcs with titts would just look funny/horrible
      Enforcers=we are not talking of a normal military unit. If you want to compare it to our reality=There are few units that allow females To join them. I only know the German ksk (allows females since 2001) and not a single one has passed the physical tests.
      And all of this in a military age were close combat is not that important.
      But I would love female revs and a lot female asterisks if we get them.

    8. gavin on

      There is no reason for not having female enforcers, not sure about maruders as im not sure if they even have male and females, female enforcers makes plenty of sense, as an ex army guy I knew plenty of women fitter and mentally tougher than some of the dudes I worked with.

    9. gavin on

      Plus 100 pixel kitty

    10. Pixel_Kitty on

      I wish for females of all races. even marauders.

      I also would like a survivors or freelancers faction. Effectively normal folks trying to get out of this place alive. maybe The Survivor could be a sort of leader-person for that.

      i am highly interested in xenomorph and predator expies, at the very least just because this scale doesn't have enough of those. and i like them a bunch. (i am aware galaxy defenders is doing them but i think their game pieces are more than a bit too tall for wargaming.)

    11. Xep on

      Please no Females for the sake of having some. I hate it when that happens.
      I hate the idea of female Marauders
      and i don't think they fit the theme of a super elite fighting force (enforcers)
      Having some for the Rebels would be great and fitting
      and Plague was already explained (all look the same)

    12. Murrell

      Shotguns are needed.

    13. Neoscream on

      Engineers for the other factions
      Fast pace figures like bikes and fliers
      More females for the Rebs
      A DreadBall (S4)/Deadzone crossover LE MVP/Mercenary character
      did I say ROBOTS and MECHA

    14. Garth Rice on

      @Vermonter Ah - sorry, I was referencing Jeremy Clarkson the Top Gear presenter. He's a somewhat eccentric car nut who has a tendency to put a very strong emphasis on the last few words of his descriptions.

    15. Barzam on

      @Mantic- Yes, Dr. Simmonds is exactly what I'm thinking. Sounds hopeful then that you guys are considering making some of those characters.

    16. Barzam on

      @atomic_top_hat - Yes, yes, YES! REB BROWN! Forget Brian Blessed, if this game needed any "celebrity," it's Reb Brown. Preferably in tattered Vietnam era fatiques, screaming, and firing an M-60 one handed. That would be the most badass mini ever.

    17. Terrax El Maestro on

      My suggestions:
      - Females in all factions (alien races included).
      - Robots, mechas and mechanoids (Enforcers and Rebs).
      - Goblin with "Sawthrower" XD
      - Psychic, or best: BIOTICS!
      - Plague berserxplosion creatures!

    18. Missing avatar

      super_crunch_bravo on

      Alt heads packs (Gas masks, shades, cyborg plates, different hats, different helmets)
      Upgrade packs (ammo, grenades, medi-packs, replacement limbs, extra weapons, other sci-fi stuff)
      Light Scout Vehicles (Light Tank Drone for enforcers, Hover Bike for Rebs, Fast Creeping Horror for Plague, Motorcycle with goblin sidecar for Marauders)
      Mechs (Spider-bot for Enforcers, Goblin mech for Marauders, Mutant Machine for Plague, abandoned Construction Robot with heart of gold for Rebs.)
      Female aliens (Some female Marauders would be cool)
      Marauder Engineer (Goblin who can build upgradeable sentries)
      Rogue Ref Bot special character just trying to get off world before she gets killed.
      Reb Special Character Reb Brown

    19. Rob Arcangeli on

      Another vote for a medic as well. Preferably Judwan who will work for all factions (though probably not plague) regardless.

      I would also vote for NO homages to other scifi/pop culture. I want Mantic and Deadzone/Warpath in particular to develop it's own world rather than seeing the crew of the not-Firefly battling not-Colonial Marines. Again.

    20. Adam Devitt on

      A TF2 style demo man for the rebs would also be amazing

    21. Adam Devitt on

      Simians would also be super cool, space monkeys are always cool...

    22. Adam Devitt on

      Forgefather and Veer-Myn starter(s)
      In the spirit of Dreadball, maybe some robots, either as bounty hunters or even as a whole starter

    23. Mick Cowley on

      Hows about a red wine n an exo skeleton a modified industrial unit a sort of "Ripley" sort of vide for the reds.

    24. Missing avatar

      Matthew Smith on

      What about 'the cure'? Not Robert Smith, but an item or character (character would be better) that for some reason is immune to the plague, even though they've been to ground zero during the initial outbreak and are doing their best to survive ever since... Someone all the factions would be keen to get hold of for all the right/ wrong reasons.

    25. Franz on

      Orc Pyro, plagueified Teraton and Rebs medic sounds damn' good to me. Just add a Corporation assassin or a shield-wielder marine and it would be perfect.

      Then it will be time to think of new hero for each faction, and I would be glad to see a Sarah Kerrigan-like one, on both human (Corpo) and plagueified form (do not forget the skeletal wings !)

    26. New Hampshirizer on

      @Murrell - Amen to all plague victims becoming genderless. I do not want plague figures with over-pronounced "feminine attributes".

    27. Murrell

      @Mantic - Great comment. I'm curious to know how many other people were flipping back and forth to cross-reference posts. I appreciate you also confirming what I've been saying about plague victims and they become genderless in a sense. The 1st Gen could have very well been a female human. The model doesn't have to look like the Queen of Blades

    28. New Hampshirizer on

      @ Garth Rice - I had to google and wikipedia "Clarkson", young feller, but just got "Kelly Clarkson". It's my generation or I'm just dense - who are you referring to?

    29. New Hampshirizer on

      @Jon Larsen - I tried pushing the non-biped thing for awhile; surprisingly, I got some push-back from some other pledgers who found the idea of a star-faring, non-bipedal race unrealistic on "scientific" grounds.

      I'd still love to see a non-bipedal Reb alien, so +1 to Jon on this. (The Sorok, in my view, don't quite fit that bill.)

      @Mantic - I do like the Sorok, though. I want to see a close-combat Swordspawn! Preferably one with blades in 3 different hands. There's no law (yet) that says the Sorok never hold things with their big hands/feet too. Monkeys have similar builds and frequently manipulate things with their feet. Even human martial artists know their legs and feet are more powerful weapons than their hands.

      With vehicles, weapons, and poses, the Sorok could really mix it up with unexpected hand / foot reversals and combinations, throwing off their opponents and gaining a unique visual dynamism. In these early days, it's there as an opportunity if you want it.

    30. Clive Weldon on

      +1 to the various calls for medics, what combat unit would not have a medic? Well yes, orcs, but at they're a stupid race anyway that's fine, Rebs & Enforcers would want them.
      Oh and as ever, more female models please (Not bikini babes, real females in all shapes and sizes please!),
      I'm painting Helga from DB KS as we speak to be one of my DB Guard/Keepers, great model! Similar over/undersized rebs would be cool for model variety.
      (Enforcers are gonna be pretty uniform, that goes with the territory, but rebs can be all shapes n sizes IMHO!)
      We're talking aliens here so androgenous/ambiguous sexes are fine too.

    31. Jon Larsen on


      Something with wings
      I'm an N7
      Oh yeah, also a certain Bounty Hunter... :)
      Non-bipedal aliens. Spawn, wheels, flip through Cosmic Encounter...

      Design Concept

      "Boss" monsters for cooperative play/solo mode
      Robot faction, and/or optional kit [communications that allows for special coordinated attks]
      Shotguns, something that CAN'T target a miniature, but is especially good at targeting a square

    32. Garth Rice on

      @Vermonter - Klarkash-Ton also sounds similar enough to Clarkson, which has given me the image of a Plagued Nameless dressed in denim and tweed emerging and in his own tongue announcing himself as the most warped being IN THE WORLD.

      It'd be nice to add some members of Blain's race to the Rebs, not sure in what capacity though, maybe as some kind of scout?

    33. Missing avatar

      Matt Johnson on

      I'd like to see an alien faction that considers the artifacts (that are causing the Plague) holy relics, and is determined to recover them and put down all the "unworthy" that have been corrupted by them. Naturally, they'd be extremely xenophobic, and would attack any other race on site. Seeing them as less technology focused, more psychic (you know, space magic) and ranged attackers.

      Basically pissed-off space elves

    34. Missing avatar

      qmpsjj on

      I would love to see a scout/infiltrator with a mine laying ability. it would be perfect for the rebels but could be enforcer option as well.

    35. New Hampshirizer on

      Easy story work-around for a 1st gen / Nameless Plague figure, introduced late in the campaign to put pledges over the top:

      Buried beneath the original outbreak site, dread Klarkash-Ton lay dreaming, undetected by the Corp forces who built their settlement atop his ancient temple site. When the Plague trap was sprung, its first victim was not the human fool who triggered it, but Klarkash-Ton himself, slumbering below.

      Rudely awakened, this ravenous harbinger has finally clawed its way to the surface. Its diseased mind roils with fevered inspiration, churning fell ancient secrets into new mysteries that even its own unmentionable brethren were never meant to know. Death has died for Plagued Klarkash-Ton, and as he erupts from the polluted soil his birth scream heralds the strangest off all Aeons . . .

      I think that's properly overwritten enough. ;)

      As a closer to the campaign, a 1st gen Nameless, with a sculpt to rival the current human 1st gen, could finish things out with a real bang.

      (And if you ever use the name "Klarkash-Ton" for any Nameless character it'd be hilariously cool. It was Lovecraft's joking pen-name for his friend and fellow writer, Clark Ashton Smith. As much as Lovecraft-lore has been mined and parodied to death, no company has used this name yet. It's fair game, guys.)

    36. Ironclad (Mick) on

      Was/is the terrain designed to work with magnets on the connectors allowing people to change their game each time they play? just thinking out loud. :)

      See you Saturday for much more probeing.......... Questions!!! get that mind out of the gutter. Hehe.

      Any chance of space cowboys? Not like the JK style btw. :P


    37. Eric Westphal on

      My top ten
      2. Dalek inspired "cleansing crew" droids
      3. Anything that can backfire on the user, causing dilemmas in weighing its use
      4. Z'Zor and Nameless
      5. More Abyssal Forge Fathers
      6. A mutant strain of plague, Plague player rolls for each model at beginning of turn to see if it has mutant strain, then +/- stats or spec rules for mutant strain
      7. Starbug wreck (Red Dwarf)
      8. Investigator themed model for Rebs, Think HellBlazer/Kolchak/ Call of Cthulhu character you don't want to play because he can read and is curious
      9.Mad Scientist attempting to weaponize plague
      10. Snake Plisskin style convict merc on a mission

    38. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      Wow. So many amazing ideas! We'll take note of them and see which ones are popular in the office...

      @James - Unfortunately, Orx are immune to the Plague (for reasons that may or may not become clear further down the line...) so Plague Orx are unlikely.
      @Heath - We're as excited as you are!
      @Murrell - Have faith, I'm sure Jake will make it work :) As for the fifth faction, more mercs, etc - keep watching!
      @Stuart - This is going to be a good week for you.
      @Chris - We've had a lot of thoughts about how to fit the Judwan in, seeing as how they're so popular! Medic seems like a sensible choice. (My "Judwan who got pushed too far and went a bit
      mental" idea wasn't anywhere near as well-received!)
      @Joshua - Goblins are famously keen on self-preservation, which is why they strap their explosives to Mawbeasts!
      @thinkerman - Vehicles and other detritus are definitely things we've considered ;)
      @Kevin - I hereby second your vote for Orx with jetpacks! :D
      @J Brown - I'm fairly certain the Plague affects all humans, regardless of age, gender, shoe size or underwear preference, in the same way. Who's to say the Plague models are all male? By the time you add on that much muscle mass and armour plating, I'd like anyone to hazard a guess...
      @Doug - I love the idea of a DreadBall glove being used to throw grenades!
      @Paraelix - No psychic humans in the Warpath universe, but that's not to say there might not be psychic aliens...
      @Rafa - The game will be totally playable with what you get in the box, but sprues will also be available as an add-on later this week! "Scientist" is not included at all levels; it's very much a level to itself, for people who are coming at Deadzone from a board game angle rather than a wargame angle. :)
      @Arnold - I don't think a Deadzone game is big enough for artillery!
      @Rand - I answered your questions on the main comments page :)
      @Heath - Awesome, but only if every game ends with him getting overwhelmed by his own creations.... Ahh, the hubris!
      @Barzam - Dr. Simmonds, I presume?
      @Arthur - Well, that's just ridiculous! :P
      @Neil - Is that "Brian Blessed, Rebel Leader", or was that two different ideas? ;)
      @Lee - Nice idea - we'll have to look into it!
      @Todd - The "kill 'em all" mission is only one of the many that are planned! The idea is that each faction has a deck of, say, ten missions; you draw randomly at the start of the game, and each player is racing to complete their secret mission. They'll be geared towards each faction, and they will involve all sorts of fun things.

      Right! That's another batch answered! Off to the messages... :)

      - James

    39. Missing avatar

      Gerhardus Klopper on

      Enforcer - I think they have most of everything already except a medic. They have a sniper, a heavy support, assault, engineer and riflemen. Possibly a captain with heavier range weapons might be a good idea, letting them put the bulk of their armour to use to stabilise it.

      Plague - 3rd gens can use guns, why not also armour?

      Rebels - I don't think they have an engineer. A new species that could be their tech specialists might be interesting for them.

      Marauders - Ditto for them. Someone has to make and fix their equipment.

    40. New Hampshirizer on

      @ Heath Foley - I'll swap out my mutated "Davros" Plague scientist to throw support behind your sci-fi Lich Plague scientist.

      Mad scientists are a cliche', sure, but they're too much damn fun to leave out entirely. Just one surely couldn't do any harm.

      Eventually, Mantic will be looking over whatever models are produced in this KS as fodder for stories set in the Warpath universe. Seeding in a few "characters" now, especially as independents / Mercs, is a nice way to facilitate that story-building later.

      And Heath's clearly a genius. Shouldn't you do everything he suggests anyway?

    41. Aaron Davies on

      An idea for each faction

      Enforcer - Assault with Jump Pack
      Marauder - Goblin Trappers - Able to trap a supply token so whoever goes after it gets a nasty surprise
      Rebs - Nameless Race. This could just be alot of fun
      Plauge - Plague spawn, what happens when the plague infection completely over-runs and changes a victim into a giant mindless blob of death.

    42. Andrew P on

      Game: objectives: newt esque survivor, alien artifact, computer consal, sentury guns, med consol, teleport consol, doors,
      Enforcer: female, flamethrower (for quarentine/urban suprised not included allready), automatic shotgun (maybe with disk ammo belts), hacker (ie enemy debuffer, area denial works well in grid games like dz)
      Plague: Different variations of aliens; flyer, lictor (wall climber with tongue to pull away victims), spitter, digger,
      Rebs; local militia with advanced deployment ect
      Orks; handers & mawbeast (beautiful models already available from KOW range no need to resculpt), rocket boys, gobos in exosuits,

    43. Missing avatar

      ElRafa on

      Minis look great. My only comment is some, particularly the Rebs and Enforcer commander, are "posing". A non dynamic combative pose would greatly distract to the realistic 3d game experience.
      My 2 cents...

    44. Zoltan Ward on

      A nice big tank....

    45. consectari on

      "a sentient scifi-lich"

      Ooooh, I've been looking for a good scifi lich for years!

    46. ray bans

      Mission Objects for a narrative campaign would be good

    47. Sean Quin on

      +1 for survivors or even a native merc who gives you bonuses at the start of games like hidden passages etc a la ratskin scouts in necromunda.
      A forward recon/scout character for the rebs would go well with their playstyle, would like to see more human reb soldiers aswell.

    48. Todd V. Ehrenfels on

      My personal thought would be for civilians of a variety of genders and races to be used as objectives in certain missions. Alternately objective objects. You are putting together a campaign book, after all, and having things other than "Murder the opposing faction" is a good way to elevate the game past the point of... well... "Murder the other faction."

    49. frostytaz on

      I do like the idea of crudely weaponised plague grenade/booby trap-sometng to give the infected a chance to spread/decomission non-plague players-the medic is a perfect in-built foil to that, but it would have to be priced high to include it. It'd need to be carefully included so as not to break the game too quickly-like turns to prime it, or blast cover save or SOmETHING to balance out. It'd be an easy inclusion for the starter sets- even a card or token might do the job if not a plastic rep.

    50. Gareth Davies on

      I'd be happy to see some more female characters/models in the game! Maybe some female enforcers, rebels (besides the commander model, who looks awesome) and even plague victims?
      And if you do make more, please give them decent armour! No chain mail bikinis!