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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
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    1. Paul F

      If we have a choice, I personally prefer the kneeling sniper sculpt.

    2. Jon Larsen on

      @Mantic - I'd most like to hear what sculpts will be duplicate. You say "there will be multiple sculpts per faction". Well, that seems pretty obvious! I'm guessing a goblin is different than a Yndij, Teraton, or Mawbeast...

      So, what will be the SAME? You've got 4 commandos - they use the same concept art...but that might just be for convenience. Afterall, the two mawbeasts are sl. different. There's a "ranged" and "combat" suit...implying they'll be a different leg/torso mold...BUT as an addon there's only 1 SKU, and this makes it sound like they'll be identical but for the arms. Obviously I'd like everything to be unique--and not only that but multipart w/interchangeable parts allowing for great customization and many poses. It would totally rock to hear some confirmation on this.

    3. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    4. jsmulan on

      Me I LOVE the happy dance pose, it adds so much character and personality to the model.

    5. Scott "KillaMini's" Myers

      Not too crazy about the the standing alternate sculpt concept. What's he running from battle?

    6. New Hampshirizer on

      @ Mantic - Cool, I missed the chainsaw somehow.

      And speaking as someone who usually doesn't favor Orx, the Goblin Gunslinger has its hooks in me already. Glad to hear it's on your list! I hope this particular Goblin won't suffer Orx fools gladly.

    7. Missing avatar

      David Porter on

      I am the goblin pioneer! The more goblins (stunts) the better!
      Just remember, they don't HAVE to be awful shots, rubbish in close combat or have the leadership of a wet paper bag... up- end the stereotype. Push the boundaries!

    8. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ Euan - there are multiple sculpts per faction :)

      @ Luke - the arms are separated at the soldier, so you'll be able to pose them how you want.

      @ Vermonter - this stretch gives you an alternate goblin pose, meaning you get two poses. Not really an issue!

      1) We've taken the flame thrower off because we want to do a Commando Pyro. The chainsaw is already included ;)

      2) Goblin Gunslinger is on the list ;)

    9. Rand Chua TL on

      Yay more minis.

    10. New Hampshirizer on

      @Mantic -

      1. Please release more alternate ripper arms, like the depicted flame thrower and chainsaw arm, and sculpt those arms facing forwards as if towards an opponent. Even releasing alternate posed versions of the currently available arms would add a lot of visual variety, particularly to the Warpath ranks these units will eventually be featured in.

      Seriously, the ripper suits are too much fun. Why stop at 2 sets of arms?

      2. Goblin Gunslinger Hero / Merc - This idea isn't mine at all, but I've seen the notion batted about on the Comments section and wanted to support it.

      I'd love to see a deadly, cool as nails Goblin who won't take garbage from Orx. A hero that goes against the Goblin stereotype would be hilarious and fun to play. Not that any figure should be a direct homage, but I'm thinking a Cad Bane type personality here. The guy could be a bandito legend that downtrodden Goblins jealously whisper around campfires when massive Orx backs are turned. Tons of good story potential there.

      Like the Helfather, he'd make a great Merc, adding characterful spice to an existing faction without changing the identity of the starter pack force.

      Regardless, I'm liking the Goblin Snipers. Keep up the great work guys!

    11. Vegabond on

      Are goblin snipers horrible shots (like stunts)? The one is jumping up and down because it rolled a 6, ahem I mean an 8.

    12. New Hampshirizer on

      @Chris, Simon, Gareth, Lee, Everybody - Seems to me there's a good chance you'll get both. This stretch goal means you'll be getting 2 total goblin snipers at Strike Team, which could mean you get one in each pose.

      @Mantic - Please clarify the pose issue here - don't want to put words in your mouth.

    13. Funkychef on

      Chris, somehow I think it's something I'd expect from a goblin after getting any hit ;-)

    14. Luke Howell-Williams on

      Or riding a bomb dog! ;)

    15. Luke Howell-Williams on

      I'm liking the look of the concepts for the ripper suits- though the pose of that wip is still bothering me.

      I'm a bit disappointed that goblins seemed to only be allowed to function as snipers, I think there is a role for a goblin as a stealthy saboteur! Or maybe as a support role: either an engineer or a medic.

    16. Chris Pearson on

      I kinda like the dancing position too. Something I imagine a goblin sniper doing after he gets a headshot

    17. The Inner Geek on

      I like the dancing goblin sniper. You can snipe the enemy and have a dance off with the same mini... Corp just got served!

    18. Missing avatar

      Simon Riley on

      Kneeling posse by a mile - though I'd not be too disappointed if a the dancing pose showed up in a future stretch goal

    19. Gareth Davies on

      I'm gonna go against the grain here and say I want to see that jumping around pose done for the Goblin sniper!

    20. Last Grimm on

      +1 for the kneeling pose

    21. Missing avatar

      Lachlan on

      I really hope you go with the kneeling (or laying down?) & shooting sniper - dancing is not usually a snipers best position :-P

      Actually a Marauder in a 'tech' ghillie suit would be damn funny!

    22. euansmith

      Are the Rebel and Marauder troops single sculpts or are there multiple different sculpts for each faction?

    23. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ Funkychef + Murrell... sigh! At least we can amend this one. Sorry for the error guys!

    24. Murrell

      Well you booboo'd twice. Lots like recon is getting a goblin and Yndij haha : P

    25. Funkychef on

      And again with the mistake about who gets the next stretch goal model, no mauraders in recon ;-)