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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Just Dave on

      @Joshua, looking forward to your feedback on the alpha rules, they should be interesting, plenty of time for a gameplay video again tweeks and articulate feedback from the fans are key to this and any kickstarter

    2. Tamás Lehoczky on

      @Heath: then I can tell you that you do really great job on these artworks, and I hope the sculptor will have an equally awesome job making these artworks into miniatures.

    3. Last Grimm on

      @Heath really impressed with the rebs there by far the best faction and its great to see new speices being introduced alongside the tried and tested races can u give any clues as to the yet to be seen concepts are more orginal races or if they already existing in the warpath background

    4. R2D2 on

      @ Heath - I said it earlier on the comment section.... Yndij is my favourite concept art of both this and Dreadball

    5. Panda Cult Games on

      @ Joel Heh, maybe if you beg Mantic enough! I could see you making it happen with one of those alt heads pretty easily though....

    6. Missing avatar

      Joel Lawson on

      Male rebel with a beanie.

      Please heath. If not i do it myself.....

    7. Panda Cult Games on

      Hey everyone! I'm the concept artist that worked on the Rebels. The feedback and love you guys are giving them is absolutely amazing. I have far too much fun designing all these aliens, not to mention some stuff you guys haven't seen yet! When I get the game, I plan on playing these guys myself. If you have any questions about the process of designing them, or just want to pick my brain, feel free to ask!

    8. ClanNatioy on

      It has nothing to do with being impatient. It is silly to put up a kickstarter and not have a video of gameplay ready to go. And at the very least the video should be up within the first week. It would be really annoying to watch a kickstarter for several weeks being excited by the idea of it and then after seeing a game play video towards the end of the campaign realize that the game isn't for you.

      Also I really hope the rules don't require too much tweaking and feedback. At this point the rules need to be well play tested and they should be able to put up a video of how the game plays without waiting from feed back from backers

    9. John

      I'm hoping the new minis will have different poses, as it helps not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from trying to figure out which miniature we're talking about. We've had that problem with Warhamster games ("No no, I was targeting that one over there." "Well, it looked like you pointed at that one...") and I'd prefer to avoid similar issues during Dead Zone games. Not sure how reasonable it'd be from a tooling perspective though...

    10. Just Dave on

      I think game play videos will be out soon, maybe after Jake reviews the feedback from the alpha rules, I think people have become inpatient for everything to happen at once, with 4 full weeks left of this kickstarter... they said these current videos are expanding information of the races in the base game, not gameplay

    11. Funkychef on

      @ Mantic - quick question about who's getting the free model when we hit this goal, is it really being added to Recon pledges as well? I'd think it's a great idea if it is, but they don't get a Reb's starter, be a nice individual model to have though :)

    12. Torkel on

      I picture the rebel drone being able to scout out crates, letting the rebel player peek at what's located there.

    13. Tamás Lehoczky on

      Well, the video was cool, but other than some artworks like alter heads and information that I predicted, and now glad to know, it's tad few to keep us entertained :) But it's a great milestone as the Yindij's quickly became my favourite alien race among the available rebels. And glad to have a third one for free.

      I think it will be a different sculpt, as three poses were shown for it on the artworks.

      And for Ronnie's sake, please include the Rebels in the Warpath Kickstarter! They really need plastic base infantry, and with the current look they can pass as basically any sci-fi game's rebels or militiamen, which is a very good thing from business point of view. And the aliens can give the necessary uniqueness of this faction. The human trooper alt heads are also very promising, I can't wait to put my hands on them (and I'd pledge for some additional hummies, but budget is tight).

    14. Chris Pearson on

      I would love to see a new Sorok added to the rebs too.

      Again hoping this is an alternate pose not a duplicate sculpt

    15. Last Grimm on

      The vifeos are for a bit more background insight to each faction and i think they are doing there job well ..long way to go yet in this ks so im sure there will be some more gameplay vids soons ..with the alpha rules only just put out i think its important to give them time to gather the feedback and get everything spot on

    16. Mark Gottlieb on

      I'm going to assume "Yindij" is pronounced "Indig..." as in "indigenous peoples"

    17. ClanNatioy on

      So far these videos have big a big let down. None of them really tell about how things actually play. I really hope they put up a video of a game in progress soon.

    18. Alistair Graham on

      Depending on how "Yindij" is pronounced, I really want to see one wearing a fedora.

      Come on mantic, make it happen!

    19. Missing avatar

      Charlie St Clair

      I don't think @Murrel l was complaining @Lee, just asking as I have asked. I'm happy with a dip but it would be nice if it is even slightly different. And the shorter goals are great!

    20. Last Grimm on

      At a 7.5k stretch i think assuming its a new scuplt and being added for free is a bit much @ Murrell lets be happy for another free figure at low stretch :)

    21. Dominique Dufour on

      Defenitly my favorite faction. And i agree, we need a second new Sorok figurine for this faction. And please again... Building and accessories sprues as Add-on too !

    22. Murrell

      I'd assume its a new sculpt not a repeat.

    23. Casper Ro on

      A Sorok would have made sence since we would have two of each alien (exept the teraton). A alt sculpt for the Sorok would be nice as a future SG. The firing pose is kinda cool in the concept art!

    24. Missing avatar

      David Porter on

      Surely if he us from a race if hunters he should have a sniper rifle of sorts???

    25. Last Grimm on

      Nice stretch again more bodies for the rebel cause ...

    26. Missing avatar

      PsychoticStorm on

      I was really expecting a Sorok cause the Yndij already had an alternative sculpt, I assume this is not a 3rd sculpt just an extra from the previous two right?