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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Victor Clinton Dieter Eichhorn on

      Just so i get this straight: the stretch goal unlocked the Helfather, but he is not a part of the pledge levels? You still have at add the +$8 regardless of what you have already pledged ? (Unlike the Survivor.)

    2. ross diggle on

      Just a question do the early bird strike teams also get the deluxe mats asit says strike team $150?

    3. Missing avatar

      William Mathis on

      Is the Helfather figure metal, resin, or plastic?

    4. Missing avatar

      qmpsjj on

      If you want to a desert or a jungle etc you can just add dots that are not to obvious at a glace but clear when they are what your looking for at the corners of each grid square. The other way would be to mark the corners with a small rock or something.

    5. Panda Cult Games on

      @ Butcher Yes! I love how he turned out. He was a bit of a struggle, just because I had never drawn a goblin, let alone a Mantic goblin before! I'm really proud of how he turned out :D

      @ Massimo Thanks again. A whole faction full of Teratons would be fun/terrifying to fight!

      @ David Delayed response, but yep, he's evil like Mantic said. And glad you like the sniper!

    6. Missing avatar

      Pejay on

      The Helfather is awesome! Please do more Abyssal Forgefathers!

      After all, there's lots of potential with Loki and his kids to draw inspiration from!

      And if possible, could you do all three heads? The unused ones would make excellent conversion bits for Abyssal FF squad leaders.

    7. Missing avatar

      Alfredo Garcia on

      Great figure!!!! It would be great to see more Helpals :)

    8. Jason McFarland on

      Sweet! That will definitely work for a heavy armor huscarl. More FF's please!

    9. ✩Don E✩

      Heldaddy looks uber awesome, it be cool to get additional arms with different poses/weapons/accessories for this character and other figures. Add-ons or stretch goals, No? Like that one big thingy that has an extra 2 thingies and does that thing that looks cool.

    10. Just Dave on

      @Damien, they can not give everything away, look at Ogre they will lose money on there KS when it finally comes out, this has been well balanced

    11. Just Dave on

      @James, it looks like he is an extra, short stretch goal, but well worth it

    12. Berger on

      ok - caved in and upgraded my pledge to the Strike Team! Really wanted the better mat - but for the extra few quid this is a better deal! And still 30 days to go! And I agree with Matt, Joseph and others - enclosed helm looks so cool!

    13. James Shields on

      Yes, this is what I've been waiting for... the Helfather gives us the first hint of what Forge Guard might look like, and so far I like what I'm seeing. Hoping for more Forge Fathers before too long.

      Is he an extra only, or is he included in Strike Team?

    14. Matt Houghton on

      enclosed helmet please...... that is all :)

    15. Damien Smith

      @Mantic Submitted for you to consider:

      The other guys who run Kickstarter campaigns in the same format you've adopted make Add-On Goals more exciting for those who have pledged by offering something extra if the stretch is met. A free zombie version of the model if we meet the goal. etc... You could do something like offering optional non-helmeted heads or weapons. Touches like this make it seem a little less like the goal is just the opportunitiy to give you more money. I know it's all just perspective. Maybe the deal is the $8 the figure costs and he will retail for $14 in the real world. I don't have a clue. I'm just voicing what makes me excited if a goal isn't a free addition.

      Really looking forward to the alpha rules today!

    16. Richard on

      @tom. You will have 2x4. Think you need the $55 for a 4x4 table buddy

    17. Tom Haswell

      Smartest "freebie" ever.... because it makes me raise my pledge by $20 to make a 4x4 table. That said, it's the best looking 4x4 table I've ever bought for $20!!! Keep up the great work!!!

    18. Joseph Prozinski

      I'm loving the Helfather, but please, please, please keep the fully enclosed helmet on. Yeah, that's right three pleases in there! The open faced ones just don't look good.

    19. Darklord on

      @John Austin, yes it does! :-D

    20. Jonathan Jones on

      More Mats and more Forge Fathers!

    21. Andrew Hayford

      And the Helfather is awesome.

    22. Andrew Hayford

      A series of branching narratives based on the winner and loser of each mission would be awesome.

    23. John Austin on

      Abyssal Forge Fathers for the win! I hope (like John Doe) that this fellah will be a taster of a bigger force. Would love to see an AFF army for Warpath!

      Doesn't the bearded head look a bit like Brian Blessed....?

    24. The Inner Geek on

      +1 for more mats... and +1 for a Teraton Faction.... and +1 for Namelss... hell, just +1 for everything, I've seen just about 0 bad ideas.

      As for desert tiles, if they were done as a normal mat but with dunes creeping into a once civilized area, it might work and still give an unobtrusive grid?

    25. Berger on

      Would love to see different terrain mats and scenery sprues - but how about offering the better quality mat to lower level pledgers as a stretch goal first? Either way - I really can't wait for this set! May have to up my pledge to get the quality mat, but the wife may need convincing first! Keep up the good work, Mantic!

    26. Nick Johnson on

      I was hoping for a gorilla with an BFG, but the Forge Father looks pretty sweet. Will he have a two head option, mask or no mask? And if you looking for a second round of factions I hope you consider The Nameless and Simians, because who doesn't want to see a macaque with a sniper rifle?

    27. Luke Howell-Williams on

      +1 for more uber incredible mouse mats! ;)
      I definitely think a desert one would look good the only worry is how you would make the grid pattern unobtrusive- it works for concrete slabs but it'll be considerably more tricky with a desert

    28. Missing avatar

      David Porter on

      Speaking of models needing friends... Any chance on some other goblin/stunts making an appearance for the marauders...? Goblin gunslinger, suicide stunt, stunt bot???

    29. Missing avatar

      David Porter on

      In that case I NEED to up my pledge and I NEED him to have friends- please please please!

    30. gavin on

      Would love different terrain matts and different faction terrain particularly asterians and forgefathers please

    31. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ David - He's as evil as the art portrays! A sinister agent of the ruling Forge Father class gone renegade...

    32. Missing avatar

      David Porter on

      Also thanks for the goblin sniper- it looks brilliant

    33. Missing avatar

      David Porter on

      @ Heath and @Mantic
      Is the Helfather as evil as the art portrays or is he a good old fashioned forge father?
      IMHO theres only one thing better than a dwarf in space- and thats an evil dwarf in space!

    34. Whitehorn - Krakon Games on

      Who is manufacturing those mats? I'd love to get a custom one made for this :D

    35. David Symonds on

      RE: new matt designs - parched desert or a heavily indystrial area would work well I feel. Maybe I've just become too attatched the fort defence game from Salute (soon to be open day too). An isolated out post fighting off continuous waves of plague....hmmm.

    36. Massimo Rolli on

      @ at Heath Foley: nice explanation. That quiets down my worries.
      And you deserve the compliment: you are the "art-daddy" of my favourite alien race ever.
      Boy, I just love Teratons. If Mantic is not making a Teraton faction I'll just houserule and convert one. ;)

    37. James 'Maz' Marsden on

      @Heath - that goblin sniper is the reason I pledged :)

    38. Mantic Games 17-time creator on

      @ Massimo + Kingledge + Donnie - the Helfather is an add-on for every pledge :)

      @ Daniel - don't worry about the broken images, they are just the add-on image that's already included in the update. The updates page was being difficult...

      @ Legione - Forge Fathers are coming >:D

      @ Craig - Manticanium >:D Seriously though, it's a similar material to what mouse mats are made from. It's awesome.

    39. Panda Cult Games on

      @ Massimo The idea was from Mantic, but I thought it was fantastic, and really enjoyed creating that design. I think the issue people are having is with the term "Brawler", it makes you think about a raggedy fist fighter who is as smart as a rock. This is just my opinion, but just because you engage in close combat doesn't your a brainless thug. I honestly would be scared out of my mind if the Teraton Brawler was real and coming after me...think about it, a massive creature with a genius level IQ that also knows how to fight? Oh, and he can teleport. I might as well just quit right then and there...Anyhow, thanks for the compliment, I appreciate it!

    40. Torkel on

      Additional mat designs are very interesting if they have a purpose. In fact, I'd be very excited about rules for different terrain features regardless of what you do with mat designs. Purely aesthetic design alternatives is less attractive. (I.e. inspiration for creating custom Deadzone landscape is good ^^)

      What feels more important, however, is a model sprue for counters (the weapon crates etc)! IMO

    41. Massimo Rolli on

      The Helfather looks awesome. Can you confirm he is an add-on for every pledge (and the survivor is free with strike instead).
      @ at Heath Foley: why the Teraton has been made a "brawler". Where the idea/input come from? It does sound quite different from the bg for the race in DB.
      Keep up the awesome job. ;)

    42. Björn Magnusson on

      Oh, I was hoping the Helfather guy would be a freebie. Well, I'll have time to think about it.

    43. Panda Cult Games on

      Hey guys!
      I'm one of the concept artists who is working on Deadzone. So far, I'm responsible for all of the Rebels, the Goblin Marksman, the Helfather, the Teraton Brawler, and a heap of other designs that you haven't seen...yet :D I've also done work on Dreadball (Teratons/Zee's/Cheerleaders/A few MVP's) and Kings of War (Basilean's/a few Heroes). I ended up backing this project myself, it just looked too damn fun not to.

      Anyhow, if you guys have any questions for me, or just want to pick my brain, feel free! I'll do my best to respond to them when I'm not buried in requests from Mantic or trying to finally get some sleep.

    44. Daniel Smith on

      Might just be pictures at my end but I cant seem to load up two of the images. As such I have no idea if this guy will be a paid stretch goal or an add on to my recon pledge, nor what the stretch goal is set for for him?



    45. Missing avatar

      kingledge on

      Core concept looks great - will he be available with Strike Team or add on only?

    46. Missing avatar

      John binham on

      Awesome just awesome, @mantic will abyssal firge farthers be a distinct race or is this guy a rouge pirate?

    47. Mystic Weasel on

      No need for alternate heads, the main concept is badass, very nice.

    48. Darklord on

      Oh yes I am very keen on additional mats, this would be especially important for those buying multiples.

    49. Troy Baker on

      (re: additional mat designs): Personally I'm quite keen on some variety in presentation among mats but would prefer not to have special rules for them.
      Having typed that a water feature with rules would be nice :)

    50. legione on

      Hello Mantic!
      would it be possible to have the forge fathers faction deck as next stretch goal?
      many players in my gaming group would love to be able to play with the forge fathers, if you can't make new ff miniature could you at least make the rules to play with them?