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Deadzone is the sci-fi tabletop miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment.
4,306 backers pledged $1,216,482 to help bring this project to life.

Boom - stretch smashed! Now funding: Deluxe Gaming Mat!

Posted by Mantic Games (Creator)

Wow – stretch goal smashed! Thank you so much!

That’s the Enforcer with Assault Blade, alternate 2nd Gen, alternate Yndij and two extra sets of Ripper Suit Weapon arms thrown into the faction starters - how far we've come since Friday!

Right then, you know what we’re hunting next…

$300,000- Deluxe Deadzone Gaming Mat

In the sparsely populated planets of the far reaches of Corporation space, the settlements all tend towards a familiar look – built from the same prefab units that are supplied by Shensig Interplanetary to almost every colonist collective and security unit known to man. These boxy and utilitarian blocks are formed into storage units, barracks, workshops, offices, armories, labs, holding pens, and medi-centres with equal ease. They are the defining architectural wonder of the Corporation and are commonly what alien races assume to be the pinnacle of human achievement. They are a far cry from the architectural marvels of the Core. Read more on the blog.

Made from Manticanium (well, a similar material to what mouse mats are made from) this incredible single-sided 2'x2' gaming mat is non-slip and made of win – honestly, we’re a little in love with this material. Here's why:

- It rolls up.
- Doesn’t crease when it’s folded.
- Doesn’t slip off the table.
- It’s durable - you won’t get any tearing or fraying.
- Can be put down next to other mats to form a 4’x6’ or 4’x4’ gaming area.

If we hit this goal, we’ll be able to fund the Deluxe Gaming Mat and upgrade the paper mat to this shiny new version in the Strike Team ($150) package and up absolutely free!

The Deluxe Gaming Mat is also available in the add-ons and we have put together some awesome bundles for those of you who want to expand your gaming table to 4’x4’ or 6’x4’.

* If you want 4 or 6 mats without selecting the Strike Team reward level, simply purchase a single and a bundle of 3, or 2 bundles of 3.

A 6’x4’ Urban Warzone gaming table.

In addition, we have two alternative models from our Warpath range – the Enforcer Captain and the Marauder Warlord – to add on to your pledge at a special kickstarter rate. Check them out:

Leave us your comments below and please help us spread the word!


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    1. ✩Don E✩

      @Mantic, Thank You for taking care of your peeps and sharing all the good stuff with cool games, great freebies at attainable stretch goals and add-ons at affordable $$$. I recently started supporting projects through Kickstarter and therefore 1st time supporter of Mantic Games, Thnx for making it easy choice.

      (Removes the brown stuff from my nose)

      1. I have to say it again I'm loving that mat design, color theme, and xtra mat add-on idea, I just noticed the red stain on the mat after looking at it again. Who dropped the Ketchup on the mat? ;p
      I am agreeing with @Paul about possibly getting some alternate versions of the mats. This could definitely spur people into more add-ons. A possible suggestion is having one with more ketchup on it from both Human and Aliens as if displaying evidence of a bottleneck crossfire scenario/area. The color really stands out on the light colored mat.
      -One concern/question is because the mat is very light colored, "if" the mat is porous/spongy may easily stain. Will the mat endure a washer machine? I guess we can call this the aftermath of warfare.

      2. Additional Environment Sprues add-ons is a logical following step. Will the E.Sprues be able to construct multi-story structures (2-3+ levels)?

      3. I hope we can upgrade those Counters cause your cussing at me Mantic with those cardboard cut outs......Don't let it happen again.

    2. JMMelo on

      Thanks for including the Enforcer Captain! The one with deadzone is butt ugly :( How about a strech for an updated captain?

    3. Björn Magnusson on

      I don't know if this has been brought up but it would be cool to be able to buy a The Mantic Battle Foam Bag at a discount or something. I would love to have all my Deadzone stuff packed in to one of those.

    4. Paul on

      Yeah, I was aware of the need for the grid, and meant the designs.

    5. Adam John Skelton on

      @Mantic You're an evil, evil tease!!! lol

    6. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @Patrick / Adam - yeah, Adam's right, in that they're additional models, not replacements.
      @Adam - That certainly seems like a sensible plan, doesn't it... ;)
      @Jeremy - Never!
      @Murrell - I'll look into this and get back to you, I'm currently answering over breakfast so I don't have access to a mat. :)
      @Paul - I imagine different designs will be a stretch goal further down the line, but the square pattern will need to stay consistent as the rules are built around the grid. Check out game designer Jake Thornton's notes over here:

    7. Joseph Prozinski

      The mats look a lot like the playing mats put out by a lot of companies. I got an Android Netrunner mat as a prize a the Regional tournaments and the pictures of the mats here look to be made out of the same stuff.

    8. Paul on

      Hrm, seems my question from earlier never posted...Is there a plan to have alternate patterns on the mats? a 2x2 square would get repetitive on a 6x4 surface

    9. Murrell on

      Will these stain similar to mouse pads? Will there be anything to prevent the top layer from fraying at the edges?

    10. Jeremey on

      First Deadball and now this... arg! Stop making such awesome products... :)

      Looking forward to topping $300k!!

    11. Adam John Skelton on

      @Patrick Jones: Deadzone is part of the Warpath universe, thus the inclusion and the Warlord and Captain are models that you can get as extra models not replacements. Like it says "In addition, we have two alternative models from our Warpath range – the Enforcer Captain and the Marauder Warlord – to ***ADD*** on to your pledge at a special kickstarter rate." (Emphasis is mine) unless I'm WAY off base.

      @Mantic - Have to say, I hope the next Stretch goal will include the option to purchase extra scenery sprues as addons. More gaming surface requires more scenery one would suspect.

    12. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @ Patrick - that's correct. The models are interchangeable across both ranges pretty much, and some people asked for some extra variety :)

      @ mark_one - 2x2, though it should scale up nicely ;)

    13. Patrick Jones

      I'm just making sure I understand the alternative models here, as this is the first Mantic game I've bought into. The models are ones that already exist from the Warpath line, being offered here as substitutes for the similar models that are in the Deadzone starters, correct? (Maybe I'm too tired, but It took me awhile to come to that conclusion. I couldn't understand why Warpath models were being offered as part of this Kickstarter.)

    14. mark_one on

      Sweet really dont like the other captain this looks pretty good... now dead is to be played on what size table/mat?

    15. Darklord on

      Very cool guys, really impressive to get it as a freebie at Strike Team, I'm really feeling the value now, and there's still a way to go till the end! :-D

    16. Monty Burnham on

      Very excited for this game! My local game store carries some of your products. I will be running this down there on the weekends. I will send you photos.

    17. Matthew Wilkinson on

      Mats are looking good! You guys really need a gameplay video. Thank you!

    18. Leon on

      Lovely mat guys well done :)

    19. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @ Thomas - yep :)

      @ Angus - wow, thanks for your support!

    20. Mantic Games 16-time creator on

      @ Erasmus - the cost is prohibitive, so it's not possible without charging a lot for it.

      @ Fernando - sorry you're disappointed!

      @ Barzam - it's a metal fig that we'll do in plastic if enough are sold :)

      @ Cheetor - they are designed to be able to fit against another mat :)

    21. Erasmus MusicCentre on

      Could you not do a single 6x4 or 4x4 mat? Would be nice to have for Warpath/other popular tabletop games.

    22. Gavin Mutter on

      They said they may retool it if enough people go in for it. If not, it will just be as is. So I decided to toss my hat in and add $10 for it. Either way it is a great mini.

      And I can't wait to break $300k and get one of those mats. They look fantastic.

    23. Missing avatar

      Fernando Santos on

      no mat for us at recon level :( a bit dissapointing

    24. Barzam on

      So, is this just an add-on of the blister packed metal figures, or are we seeing restic versions released for the game?

    25. Paul Shorten on

      The mats look fantastic. Are the corners rounded? I assume not if they are intended to butt up to each other for larger games. Is the mat surface matt finish or eggshell (like a mouse mat)?

      Including the mats with Strike Team, rather than purely as an add-on is a cool move. More budget for me to spend on other bits and pieces... like more mats...

    26. Thomas Flannery on

      @The Inner Geek

      I'm asking about purchasing additionals. I'm a Strike Team backer so I know I get them free. But might want more cool sculpts to paint. :)

    27. New Hampshirizer on

      Ah, thank you, thank you for adding the Enforcer Captain deal. Eventually someone else would have gotten my money for that model; now that money goes into the kickstarter pool.
      Very smart, guys.

      As for the multiple mat add-ons: there's obvious demand for it. I would recommend, perhaps down the line, offering a higher discount to Strike Team pledges on these and other add-on items.

      Finally, it would help to come up with some alternate rules that make those larger mat set-ups playable in Deadzone. I'm interested in them and the photo sells them well, but I'm not going to buy something I can't use in the game.

    28. Angus McNicholl on

      In for a penny in for a pound... I have never committed so much cash to a single kickstarter before. But I'm loving these stretch goals. I got to get me some of those mats... great for all kings of urban gaming not just DeadZone ;)

    29. Justin Timothy on

      I wish that enforcer captain was in the box instead of the other one. 10.00 added!

    30. The Inner Geek on

      @Thomas Flannery, If you're asking about the just unlocked minis, they are added to the faction starters. Or are you asking about buying extras as an addon?

    31. The Inner Geek on

      Woot! More goodies....

    32. Thomas Flannery on

      @Mantic I'm guessing we will get the prices for the new unlocked minis in another update? Can't wait to get my hands on this game!